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How to Repair Peeling Paint in Santa Ynez, CA; Remove Before Priming & Painting & More

In California we can get high humidity throughout the year and for extended periods of tome. High humidity can have its effects throughout the home including your home’s paint. Painted surfaces will often develop small sections of peeling paint. Paint will begin to crack, and peel or turn inwards during periods of prolonged humidity. This…

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Solvang, CA; Latex or Oil Based Paints? Brush or Spray Paint & More

When it comes to refinishing your home’s kitchen cabinets, more and more people are choosing to paint them versus staining them. Many people love the solid color which means the kitchen looks more unified and clean. When refinishing your cabinets with paint there are a number of things to consider to ensure you get the…

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Neutral Paint Colors in Interior Design in Santa Maria, CA; Backdrop, Accent Wall Focal Point & More

Working with neutrals is often a failsafe. When people are uncertain as to what they like, know they are selling, or simply want more versatility with their décor options, neutral colors are typically used. Neutrals are whites, blacks, browns, creams, beige’s, grays, and other options that are not necessarily traditional, but introduced into the mix.…

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