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Best Room Paint Colors for Autism & Sensory Processing Disorders in Your Santa Ynez, CA Home

Many accompanying diagnosis to children and adults alike that experience sensory sensitivity including autism. No matter why a person has sensory sensitivity, processing the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes can be challenging, and ensuring the environment is helpful can help reduce the overload. Colors and lights can impact the sensory overload and having the interior…

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Benefits of Paint Primer in Santa Barbara, CA; Improves Adhesion of Paint, Helps Cover Dark Colors & More

Primer is always brought up when it comes time to paint. Many service industry experts always include it in the process and encourage DIY painters that primer is essential. Prior to you applying the paint color you have planned, primer is the first coating of lightly colored paint that goes over the surface. Where some…

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Prep & Painting of Interior Wood Stair Treads, Risers, Staircase Walls & Landing in Ballard, CA

Painting projects are commonly scheduled in homes for maintenance or aesthetics. With the many benefits interior painting has to offer, many homeowners will choose to take on the project to give a room a face lift. However, one key design element often overlooked is the stairway in the plans. Stairways are a functional part of…

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