Can You Use Paintable Caulk on Exterior of El Rio, CA House? How Do You Use Caulk to Paint Straight Lines & More

When you’re painting your home, it can give you a transformation unlike any other at a price that fits into virtually any budget. If you’re taking the time to paint your home, you want it to look professional. This can be difficult when you don’t have the experience that professionals have. They also have tools that you probably don’t, that are helpful. One thing you can use to give you those crisp lines and finished look is paintable caulk. McKay’s Painting is here to talk about paintable caulk and how you can use it to get that look you’re after.

Caulk Before Painting

It is extremely tempting to skip the caulking process when you are painting a room. However, skipping this step can leave you with an unfished look that is far from professional looking. This step will cost you a bit more but will be well worth the time and money in the long run. All of the seams and joints in your home should be caulked before you start painting. If you bought trim that is already painted, you may think that caulking isn’t necessary; you are wrong.

Where to Use Paintable Caulk

If you are using paintable caulk for a project, it should be one that is indoors. The caulk isn’t durable enough for outdoor purposes. When working outside, you should opt for silicone-based caulk for a more durable application. Paintable caulk will end up cracking and that would defeat the purpose.

Getting Crisp Lines with Caulk

Another way that paintable caulk is undervalued is when you are working to get crisp, clean lines. You can first apply the painter’s tape where you would like the line. Make sure it is straight. Once you have put it right where you want it, you can put a thin layer of paintable caulk over the edge of the tape. This will completely seal off the tape and not allow any paint to seep under its edge. Once you have painted the surface, you can remove the tape and will be left with a line that is straight and crisp. It is the best way to paint any stripe patterns or to paint transitions from one room to another where a wall isn’t a distinguishable marker between the two.

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