Can You Repair a Termite Infested & Dry Rot Damaged Wood Deck or Porch in Ojai, CA?

For those with a deck, nothing is worse than hearing the word termites or dry rot. Both dry rot and termites can be the end of your home’s deck. Even with dedicated care and maintenance, termites and dry rot can destroy your deck. When both dry rot or termites begin to damage your deck, it can be saved as long as the homeowner can act quickly enough. McKay’s Painting will share what it takes to save a deck from termites and dry rot damage.

What are the First Signs of Termites?

The first step in battling termites is being able to identify signs of their activity. There are different species of termites and each has their own set of behaviors. However, there are some general signs you will want to watch out for. One sign of termite activity is sawdust. When you see small piles of sawdust, then you know this is often termite waste. Termites also create tunnels either inside the wood or mud tunnels along the outside. You can often see the mud tunnels spreading out like veins along the ground and side of a deck. You may even find small holes throughout the deck. When termites feast on the inside of the wood, they leave a very thin layer along the outside that you can easily break.

How Do You Repair Wood After Termite Damage?

When you have signs of termite activity on your deck, you will need to first treat the termite infestation. Once the termites are gone, you then have to repair the damage. Depending on the extent of the damage, sometimes the damaged piece of the deck will need to be removed and replaced with fresh materials. Small damages can be filled and patched, depending on the material. Wood will not always look great patched. However some patch repairs are possible. It is important to know when to replace the termite damaged material. The safety and integrity of the deck will depend on a strong structure. To ensure the termite damage is properly repaired, you can always seek the aid of a professional service.

What Does Dry Rot Damage Look Like?

Dry rot, when it develops in your wooden materials of the deck, often look like wood splintering. Some people will mistake dry rot for water damage. Water damaged wood is when the wood becomes weak and soggy. Like dry rot, water damaged wood is an equal problem that needs to be dealt with. When wood develops dry rot there are different ways to repair the wood. Depending on the purpose of the wood, the wood might be saved with re-hydration. Once they dry out, floor boards can be hydrated and refinished. However, if the dry rot is too severe, the wood has become too brittle and it is now a safety hazard. It is important to determine the integrity of the wood and determine if it is safer to remove and replace the piece.

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Both dry rot and termite damage can occur in some of the most challenging of places. Sometimes major work will need to be done to reach the site of the damage. If you find you need help repairing dry rot or termite damage on your deck, contact McKay’s Painting. We provide deck services and more.

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