Can You Paint the Outside Exterior of Your House at the End of Summer & Early Fall in Sherman Village, CA?

As the summer is coming to end, many homeowners are still wanting the exterior of the home painted and wonder if they missed the opportunity. Though there are optimal times of year to paint the outside of your home, you can pain it any time of year, in Greater Ventura, California, there may be just extra steps and care involved. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to discuss getting the exterior of your home painted.

Best Time to Paint Outside of House

Into the early days of fall and the warm and dry months of summer are the best times to paint a house exterior. It is a good idea to note that the window of time where it is ideal for painting is coming to an end if you are planning to paint the exterior of your house. When the weather gets colder, painting in the cool air can be problematic for a few reasons. If you live in a region that gets extremely cold, paint can freeze and temperatures below freezing can ruin it. When it is applied, the way the paint dries depend on the weather and the temperature. It can cause warping, bubbling, or uneven paint application, the paint may not apply appropriately to the exterior of the house if the weather isn’t right. Many of the tools and materials that you need other than paint may not work in cold weather as well.

Can You Do Exterior Painting in the Fall & Winter in California?

In California, most don’t consider the best season to paint our homes until we realize that we really need it since the weather is so even and nice. When painting the exterior of your home in California, there a few guidelines as follows.
1) You need to consider weather when you start an outdoor paint project, even in California since weather plays an important part.
2) The paint won’t dry properly if it is too wet.
3) The paint can dry too fast and uneven, causing lap marks, if it is too hot or sunny. Lap marks are where you can see the application of paint.
4) Excessive wind can cause the paint to dry to quickly or worse, it could blow dirt into your wet paint.
5) It may not be a deal breaker if planned correctly, though winter is the rainiest season in California. You can get your work done timely and with a better price since winter tends to be a slower season. Prepare for delays if a sudden storm erupts, however.
6) In most of Southern California, it is a bit hot and sunny for this time to be ideal, even though summer seems to be a good time.
7) In Southern California seems is at the end of winter or beginning of spring, the best time to start an outdoor painting project. There is less rain, usually less wind, and there is also less direct sunlight.
Though we typically do not have to be concerned about snowy environments, colder weather still needs to be considered. When planning the exterior painting, make sure to follow the weather forecast and plan accordingly.

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