Can You Paint Over Water Damage in Thousand Oaks, CA? Repair Drywall, Mold Prevention, Primer & More

Paint can protect your walls and other surfaces. Paint is used to bring color and protect the walls and ceiling, but can you paint over water damaged areas? This is a common question asked to painters. Paint does add a protective layer over the walls and when one paints over water damage, the stain disappears and the wall looks fresh and new. However, that water damaged wall is still there. To better know if or when to paint over water damage, McKay’s Painting will share more about water damaged walls and if it is safe to paint over it.

Check for Water Damage

Before you make the decision to paint over water damage on the walls or on the ceiling, you will need to evaluate the water damage. First, what caused the water damage? Is it an ongoing problem? If there was a leak inside the wall. The leak will need to be repaired. Often this will involve cutting into the wall or ceiling. Was the water exposure a single time event such as a roof leak or an appliance malfunctioned? If you only have a mild water stain, and the drywall isn’t bulging or breaking apart, you can usually paint over the water stain. However, if the drywall absorbed so much moisture that it is now breaking apart or the drywall is soft or bulging out, you will need to remove the water damaged section and patch in a new piece of drywall.

Mold Prevention

If the drywall isn’t compromised and you decide to paint over the water damage, you will want to take steps in cleaning and treating the wall with a bleaching agent. Mold can set in behind the paint and lead to a number of problems with both the drywall and the paint. You will need to make sure the wall is cleaned and wiped down with bleach. Before painting the wall, you will want to make sure it is dry. You may want to place fans in front of the water stain and wait 24 to 48 hours before you paint the wall.

Primer & Paint

When painting over water damage, you will want to use a primer on the wall first. A primer is a stronger type of paint that seals and better protects the wall. Before painting the wall, you will want to use a primer first to ensure the paint doesn’t bubble or peel off. Additionally, the primer will help protect the now weaker part of the wall that has been damaged.

Drywall Repair

In the end, if the water damage was simply too bad to paint over it, you will need the drywall repaired. If you have never cut out and patched in a new piece of drywall before, it is worth seeking out a professional service. A professional drywall repair service can remove the damaged sections of the drywall and put in and patch in new drywall. They can then repaint without anyone ever knowing that the wall was ever repaired. It can be very hard to repair drywall without noticing the patchwork. With the help of a professional, you will have a clean repair and a beautiful home.

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