Can Smelling Paint Fumes Be Harmful to Babies? What is the Safest Paint for Small Children in Oxnard, CA?

Painting is one of the best ways to dramatically change the look of your home without any major renovations. If you are interested in painting portions of your home but have a baby in the house, you may be wondering if you should use a special paint to ensure the safety of your little one. There are definitely some paints that are safer for babies than others. McKay’s Painting is here to talk about what type of paint is going to be safest to use in your home when you have a baby.

Is All Paint Baby Safe?

When it comes to choosing the right paint to safely paint your home while a baby is in the space, you need to choose a paint that has little to no VOCs. You want to find paint that is non-toxic to have a safe environment for your baby. Anytime you are starting a painting project, you need to know what the painting process should look like and follow health and safety guidelines to ensure your baby isn’t put in harm’s way.

Can Smelling Paint Fumes Be Harmful to Babies?

The danger that comes with painting is the fumes that are breathed during the process. This is why you want to choose paint that doesn’t have an odor when you have a baby. Paint fumes are dangerous for babies because they don’t have lungs that are as developed as yours are. Even when you have chosen paint that has no odor, it can be dangerous for your baby to be in the space while the paint is drying. Some of the side effects that they can experience in a space where paint is in the drying process includes:
– Eye irritation
– Headaches
– Vision issues
– Nausea
– Rashes and other skin irritations

When Can Baby Sleep or Go Into a Freshly Painted Room?

The best way to avoid any of these side effects with your baby is to wait to bring them into any rooms that have been recently painted. If you are using a zero VOC paint, it is okay to bring a baby into the space within a few hours of painting. It is important to note that bringing the baby into the space and having the baby sleep in the space are two different things. To be on the safe side, you shouldn’t have a baby sleep in a newly painted room for 48 hours after painting. It can be difficult to ensure your child is safe when they are asleep.

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