Can I Paint My Bathroom in the Winter in Ventura, CA? Preparations Before Painting Walls, Trim & More

Homes are always subject to improvements; there is always something that needs to be repaired and many folks can find aspects to upgrade or simply change around the house. During the cold winter months, the interior is the best place to start as opposed to the exterior. One of the most needed areas for attention is the bathroom. Because of the constant use and exposure to moisture, bathrooms can use painting every so often. Considering that, we at McKay’s Painting would like to discuss painting the interior of your bathroom for one of your winter home improvement projects.

Preparations Before Painting

To ensure the paint goes on smoothly, the first priority is prepping the walls. First, spackle any holes that need filling. After it is dry, smooth the surface. Wipe down the walls with a damp cloth to remove any dust and cobwebs; be sure to remove any of the spots. Remove all of the light switch plates and outlet covers. Remove the trimming and baseboards and tape off the appropriate areas. Be sure to protect all other areas such as flooring, countertops and etcetera with plastic covers.

Best Paint for Bathroom Walls & Ceilings

Where bathrooms are concerned; they are typically smaller in square footage. Lighter colors used for the primary color is optimal as it will help make the space look bigger and if you are partial to dark colors, opt to use them as accent pieces or even the ceiling if you want to break from the traditional white. No matter which color you choose, you do have a choice of sheen as well that includes; matte, semi-gloss, or high-gloss Bathrooms optimize on high-gloss as not only does it conceal the minor imperfections, but it also camouflage the moisture in the bathrooms and resists staining. Additionally, consider paint that is mildew resistant.

Paint the Trim, Ceiling and then Walls

If you are painting any of the baseboards, door trim, or molding, paint those first and focus on the details and lines for clean and crisp surfaces. As they dry you can move into bathroom; if you are painting the ceiling, start their and work your way down. Try to maintain a wet edge to avoid the lines as you paint and don’t forget to hit it with a 2nd coat.

Let Paint Dry Between Coats

Before using the bathroom, allow the paint to completely dry. Moisture; including humidity from hot showers or baths is paints worse nightmare. Ensure you allowed time for the drying. You can expedite the process by setting up some portable fans.

Finishing Touches

After it is dry, replace baseboards and trim and remove the tape and plastic coverings. If you really want to spruce it up, replace the floor mats, shower curtains, and even the accessories and fixtures to completely give your bathroom a whole new look.

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Painting can be time consuming and a physical strain for some, if you are looking for a winter project to complete but need assistance, call in the experts of McKay’s Painting and our specialists will get your bathroom completely painted quickly and efficiently.

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