Can Dry Rot Spread in Moorpark, CA & How Does it Differ from Wet? Causes, Early Signs & Treatment

Can Dry Rot Spread in Moorpark, CA & How Does it Differ from Wet? Causes, Early Signs & Treatment

Do you have a home that has wood used in the exterior? Even if you don’t have wood paneling on the outside of the house there is often wood in use. There is wood usually used for the eaves of the home, around windows as a decorative treatment, decks and under the home as well. The wood is a great structural material but it needs some work and upkeep. You need to be sure to have the wood sealed or treated and inspected on a regular basis. These are all ways to keep your wood from become damaged and staying strong and sturdy. You want to keep your home in good condition and that is why knowing about dry rot and what you can do to prevent it is a great idea.

McKays Painting Explains What Dry Rot is & What Can Be Done Do to Prevent & Repair it

What is Dry Rot?: Dry rot may not seem like such a bad thing but it is a very serious issue. The rot occurs when the wood is infected with a fungus that breaks down the wood. The cellulose is being digested by this fungus and that will cause the strength of the wood to diminish. The required equation is actually moisture in an area that is lacking in ventilation. These two things make the perfect storm for that wood eating fungus to exist. The wood will start to dissolve down and turn a browner color. It can happen to the wood that is behind stucco, siding and paint. All dry rot needs is to have access to the wood from a small hole or gap. Dry rot is something that can occur in any area and to old or new wood alike.
What Causes Dry Rot?: The ingredients are fairly simple and can happen under many circumstances. This can be when you have leaking gutters that is getting in a gap or soaking the eaves. It can be caused from rain water that is not being routed to a location that is away from the base of your home. You need to be more aware of areas that may happen to have water or moisture that is allowed to sit.
Wet Rot Turn VS Dry Rot?: Since you need moisture to get dry rot, what is wet rot? The rot outcome is really going to end up being the same. The moisture that is needed for the rot to be wet is more than 50% moisture. Wet rot is still going to cause the wood to be eaten away but the look of the rot will be different. Dry rot looks like cotton where wet rot looks saturated with moisture.
Dry Rot Treatment: If you are concerned about dry rot be sure to have your home inspected. You need to have the source of the dry rot repaired. Then the wood that has been damaged has to be removed and replaced. There is not a way to salvage wood that has been dry rotted away.

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