Calming Bedroom Color Schemes in Montecito, CA; Light Blue, Soft Gray Paint Colors & More

Calming Bedroom Color Schemes in Montecito, CA; Light Blue, Soft Gray Paint Colors & More

The bedroom is a place that most people want to go to finish off their day. Nothing is better than falling in your bed after a long day and getting a good night of sleep. There are several things that go into a room that is comfortable and soothing to be in. You obviously have to spend some effort in picking the right bed. This is the area that you want to be comfortable and the size and style of the bed can make all the difference. The other aspect also has to be the color of the walls in the room as well. There are some colors that bring a level of good feelings to the room. If you choose a color that is very loud it might end up leaving you awake in bed all night. Getting the right calming color is the way to surround yourself with colors that are great in a bedroom.

McKay’s Painting Lists Colors You Can Paint Your Bedroom to Get a Calming Effect

Blue Gray Bedroom Paint Color: Some people think that the only way to accomplish a calm look is to use extreme neutral colors such as white. That is just not true and you can even use one of the most used colors in the last five years. A grey color with a blue tone is a great way to get a modern look to a room and still have a very calm effect. If you are nervous that this color is too much for the room you can use a second color that is lighter on the ceiling and use wood accents around the room.
Soft Grey Paint Colors for Bedroom: This is a great color for someone that wants to still utilize the grey color but has some apprehension about going too dark. A soft grey paint color is very calming and is a great option for a room that was white. White is great in some spaces but can end up being too stark for a room. It can make it feel cold and uninviting which is not calming at all. The soft grey is a great alternative to white walls.
Ice Blue Paint Colors for Bedrooms: If you don’t love the look of grey and want to stay in the same general family then an ice blue is perfect. The area that many people go to relax is out in nature. That is why an ice blue color is a great way to get that same effect in your house. The ice blue is a way to mimic the color of a beautiful clear sky. You can use this color as well on your ceilings to extend the feeling all the way to the top.
Neutral Green Bedroom Color Schemes: Another way to bring the outside in a room is to use neutral green. This is a shade of green that is more on the side of sage and can fit in many design ideas. Green also mimics the outside and that is why it is a great color to use on your walls.

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