Do Colors have a Psychological Effect on Us in Mission Hills, CA? Warm & Cool Paint Color Schemes & More

Our homes are our proud and joy. We love to decorate our homes with meticulous tender, love and care. Painting our rooms certain colors mostly accentuates our own tastes. What we don’t know how these colors affect us psychologically. McKay’s Painting would like to expound on the psychology of colors, and how they influence our…

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Is Eco-Friendly Paint Worth it in Toro Canyon, CA? Low or Zero VOC, Efficient Paint Application & More

A good mass of the population has accepted the fact that the earth is in dire need of some changes, and are willing to do their part whenever possible to conserve the resources. Recycling, reducing the use of automobile use, utilizing reusable grocery bags, and many other things that contribute, are all being executed. No…

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