What Can You Do with the Remaining Paint After Painting in San Fernando, CA? Faux Finishes, Accent Walls & More

After completing an interior painting project many homeowners find that they have a lot paint left over. Where it is always good to keep a small amount for touchups, keeping multiple gallons can be of better use than taking up space in the garage where spiders will just guard it. Instead, consider other creative uses…

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Is it Better to Stain a Deck or Paint it in Calabasas, CA? Cost, Natural Look, Color Choices, Longevity & More

Whether you have an older deck that needs some maintenance, or installing a brand-new deck, they are commonly stained or painted to not only offer beauty but to protect it from the elements as well. When it comes to finishing the deck with stain or paint, many homeowners are indecisive. It generally comes down to…

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Why is Hiring a Professional Painter to Clean, Prep & Paint the Exterior of Your House so Important in Burbank, CA?

To instantly provide a facelift for your home and make it look clean and new, a fresh paint on the exterior of your home will do the trick. It seems everything deteriorates within a short period, unfortunately. When the house looks in desperate need of repainting, it appears dirty and faded. This will happen more…

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