Black Interior Doors in Carpinteria, CA; White or Other Paint Color Trim, Gloss or Satin & More

Black Interior Doors in Carpinteria, CA; White or Other Paint Color Trim, Gloss or Satin & More

You may have noticed a trend lately of interior doors being painted black. Black doors are all over pinterest, DIY websites, and remodeling television shows. For years on end, interior doors have been painted white. If you buy a new home you are not typically even given a choice of what color you would like your interior doors, they just come white. Are you one of the homeowners considering painting your interior doors black? If so, we have some great reasons for you to think about while making your decision.

Black Doors with White Trim

Even stock doors look classy when they are painted black. The pop of black in contrast to lighter walls can be quite stunning. Walking down a hallway with black interior doors is not just a simple run of the mill walk down a hallway. You will definitely remember walking down a hallway line with black doors. Black doors, white trim, and grey paint is an extremely combination right now in interior decorating.

Painting Interior Doors Black Gloss or Satin

The finish is totally personal preference. Satin paint shows less imperfections while gloss or semi gloss paint is more difficult to paint with perfect results so it’s definitely better to hire a professional painter than try to do it yourself. Gloss or semi gloss is easier to clean and reflects more light..

Painting Interior Doors Black Enhances Decor & Views

When your doors are painted black they enhance black accents that are in the room. If you have black somewhere in your room, a black door will repeat the color and make the space feel more cohesive. Black décor items will instantly stand out more with black interior doors. Just as pictures are framed to make the picture even more beautiful, black interior doors can frame in views in your home. Black doors with windows in them that look on the outdoors instantly frame the beauty of the greenery outside. Interior doors with windows can help frame the room that they look in on as well. Black doors at the end of a long hallway mark a destination. Black doors are like the punctuation mark at the end of a sentence. Another advantage to black interior doors is that they can help fill voids in the room. If you have a fireplace that is unlit most of the time or a television that is off most of the time, a black door will help mitigate the impact of those black voids so that they are not as noticeable. Many different flooring options can be enhanced with black interior doors. Part of the beauty of black doors is that they can accentuate light or dark flooring. If you have lower ceilings, black doors can help make your ceiling look taller. The contrast of the dark door with the lighter walls draws the eye up and makes the ceiling look higher. This will make your rooms look bigger.

Black Paint Doesn’t Show Fingerprints

If you have children one of the largest benefits can be that black doors do not show fingerprints. Even the cleanest of children and adults can leave black fingerprints on the doors. When you have white doors these fingerprints can be the bane of your existence, but with a black door you will not even notice the fingerprints there at all.

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After reading this you may have decided that black interior doors are the perfect fit for your home. Make sure that you select high quality paint. Doors are frequently used and will benefit from high quality paint. Black paint can show flaws if not painted with care. We recommend hiring a professional painter for this job. Give McKay’s Painting a call so that we can come out and give you a quote for all your painting needs.

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