Best Way to Paint Vinyl or Wood Shutters in Ventura, CA; Cleaning, Priming, Painting & More

Best Way to Paint Vinyl or Wood Shutters in Ventura, CA; Cleaning, Priming, Painting & More

The exterior of your house will need some upkeep as well as repair to keep it looking its very best. If you want the house to go above and beyond the standard you need to take care of the small details. Most homes have accents that need to be painted to show off all the character that it is intended to have. These are features such as trim work around the windows and doors and even shutters as well. The shutters are a huge part of the design and décor and when they are overlooked they will lose their character. Some people just have the shutters painted over with the same color as the main exterior. This washes them out instead of making them stand out. When you are ready to update the color of your shutters you need to ensure that the work is done the right way.

How to Paint Wood Shutters

Paint Shutter Preparation: The first and really most important part of painting your shutters is to have them prepared properly. You need to take time to look over each and every one and make a list of repairs that are needed. The shutters are often made of wood and over time the wood can deteriorate and start to break down. If you notice they are chipping and splintering then you need to make some repairs. The wood shutters need to be sanded down and the paint that was on them scraped down before the new coat is able to be applied. The nicely sanded down shutters will lend well to the new color being applied well and smooth. You also need to make sure that the shutters are cleared from mold and mildew which can be done with pressure washing or cleaning with a cloth. Be sure that all the shutters are in good condition before you start the painting.
Prime Shutters: The next step when you are ready to paint a wood shutter is to have the wood primed. This will prepare the surface so that it will not soak up the paint. When you skip priming the wood, the paint will not dry evenly because it will start to soak in deeper in some areas. The primer can be brushed or sprayed on. The primer will also help to protect the wood from potential water damage.
Choose the Right Paint Color: The process of choosing the right color for your home is important. You want something that not only you like but that will fit the décor of the house itself. The right color that fits your homes character and the rest of the color of the house will allow it to stand out. If you have a period specific home you can talk to a professional about what colors were specific to that era.

Painting Vinyl Shutters

Similar to wood shutters, before painting, vinyl shutters must be cleaned first. You can scrub them with detergent mixed with water to remove dirt, chalking and other debris. Next rinse and dry before painting with a high quality exterior acrylic latex paint. When selecting a new paint color, try to choose a lighter color as selecting a darker color may result in the vinyl shutters absorbing more heat than intended which may cause warping.

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