Best Treatment for Old Wood Deck in Buellton, CA; Resurfacing, Refinishing, Restoring & More

When the weather is nice outside and warm, many people choose to use the outdoors more. This might be activities such as swimming, hiking and barbecues but there is much more. Now that it is warmed up the space outside your home such as a deck will be utilized even more. Nothing is better than getting your meal prepared and eating out on the deck. The problem can be that after a long winter and cool spring the deck may have seen better days. The deck is not something that you want to continue to use if it is worn or damaged. The longer that it takes to have it repaired the more damage you will find. If you want to avoid having to replace the deck too early it is a good idea to understand the signs that it needs your attention. McKay’s Painting outlines what to look for when determining when refinishing your deck is necessary.

Deck Seal is Weathered & Worn Down

One of the early signs that you have a problem with your deck is just the overall look of the deck. When you go out to see the deck you want to look at the color and the finish of the wood that was used. If you start to see that the deck has lost the finish that you love, it could be time to have it refinished. The professional will come out and sand down the deck so that it can be refinished and bring back the glory that the deck was before. Then you can continue to enjoy the deck during the rest of the season.

Cracks in Wood Deck Boards

Another problem you might start to see is with the wood planks and how well they are holding up. The wood that was used is often cut to size as well as shaped to fit the space. Then the pieces are placed together and affixed to the deck. The wood that is used has usually been sealed in some way but that does not mean that water and moisture will not make it in. The moisture can cause the wood to swell and then to crack or split. When the wood has gotten moisture in it there can be splitting that will require the wood to be refinished.

Stains on Deck

Through the life of the deck you want to be able to use it and enjoy it. The use of the deck can lead to over time there being stains. If you have people that are eating and drinking on the deck it can start to leave stains. If you have plants, tables and other furniture on the deck it can leave spots from where they were placed on the deck. When you start to see that the deck is stained and has spots from use you want to call out a professional to look at refinishing the deck. The refinishing process can bring the wood back to a clean and beautiful finish and give you more time with your deck.

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