Best Time, Temperature & Weather for Interior & Exterior Painting in Thousand Oaks, CA

When you find your home is in need of a fresh coat of paint, you may wonder if now is a good time. During the fall and winter the temperatures drop which can affect the paint. When painting in the fall or winter there are a few considerations before you get started. As painting in fall and winter is possible, you still want to make sure your project turns out great. McKay’s Painting will share what to consider when painting during the fall or winter season.

What Temperature is it Too Cold to Paint?

When painting outside or inside it is recommended that you never paint when temperatures are lower than 50 degrees. In most cases it is better to never paint below 60 degrees for proper drying and curing of the paint. In Santa Barbara, California, the temperatures usually stay fairly warm all year long. However, between December through February, temperatures can be around 65 degrees during the day with night dropping to as low as 45 degrees. Due to the nighttime temperatures you will want to be cautious.

Early is the Best Time to Paint

Painting indoors can be easily be done all year round as climate control is in most of our homes. When painting outside during the fall and winter season, you will want to make sure you get an early start. When painting the exterior of your home, in addition of getting an early start, you should stop painting about midday to allow the paint time to dry before the lower temperatures arrive. As a result, exterior house painting can take a few days depending on how many coats are needed and of course, the size of the home. It is best to pick one wall or section of the home at a time to prevent overlapping or producing darker paint seams. However, a large enough painting crew can often get the exterior of a home painted very quickly. To beat the clock, it pays to seek professional help.

Why Can’t You Paint when it Rains or is Windy?

Another major consideration when painting in fall or winter is the weather. Windy days are never good for painting regardless of the season. The wind can blow dirt, leaves and debris on the wet paint. Needless to say, when this occurs the paint job can be completely ruined. Next, never paint on cloudy or rainy days as the paint is slow to dry while it is exposed to high levels of humidity. The added humidity can cause the paint to dry slower and the paint won’t properly bond when drying. When planning to repaint the outside of the home, check the weather forecast. You will want at least three to four days of sun and very little wind.

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When painting the exterior of the home during the winter or fall season, it often pays to seek a professional painting service. Professional painters can form large enough crews to get the painting done in a timely fashion and ensure a quality finish. Where Santa Barbara, California stays rather warm, even in the winter season, exterior and interior house painting can occur all year long. For quality interior or exterior painting services of residential or commercial properties, contact McKay’s Painting and schedule our services today.

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