Best Room Paint Colors for Autism & Sensory Processing Disorders in Your Santa Ynez, CA Home

Many accompanying diagnosis to children and adults alike that experience sensory sensitivity including autism. No matter why a person has sensory sensitivity, processing the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes can be challenging, and ensuring the environment is helpful can help reduce the overload. Colors and lights can impact the sensory overload and having the interior of the home painted to help in pleasing colors can better calm and soothe. Neutral tones, like grays and tan along with greens and blues as well as pastels are recommended by industry experts for those that have sensory issues in addition to avoiding intense and bright colors as well as avoiding fluorescent lighting. For those with sensory sensitivity in mind, we at McKay’s Painting would like to share interior painting options to provide a more peaceful environment.

Painting a Sensory Room in Blues & Greens

Children with sensory sensitivity generally do well in muted tones of blue and green according to the research performed by leading specialists. Due to these colors having shorter wavelengths compared to brighter colors, they do not create as much stimulation in the brain. To help avoid the chaos that is created in the brain and help children sensory issues find a more soothing atmosphere, stick to the softer hues of blue and green. Helping kids with sensory sensitivity avoid the bright colors can reduce the overstimulation, which also helps them better to process the rest of their environment and better recognize physical features, places and events.

Neutrals for Color Sensitivity

It is fairly common for kids that experience sensory sensitivity to be drawn to artistic exploration. Without having any overstimulating, the sensory-sensitive side, the kids can easily draw, paint, and craft in the neutral environment. The sensory sensitive child can grow artistically with little to no sensory overload during the artsy exploration without the agitation of the influence of the room’s environment.

Pastel Sensory Room Wall Paint Colors

To help parents of sensory-sensitive children create a thriving home environment, there are several organizations that consists of occupational therapists that devote their time and expertise. These specialists encourage parents to paint their child’s room in pastel colors and use dark shades on the windows. When kids with sensory sensitivity problems become overstimulated, they need to know they have they have safe, soothing environment to retreat to. A sensory-friendly room of pastel colors is created for a better sleep habits and an inner peace for children.

Sensory Processing Disorder Colors to Avoid

In addition to bright color paints, children with sensory disorders need to avoid bright and fluorescent lighting. Headaches and eye issues are experienced with mainstream children, those with sensory issues often lose the ability to focus and pay attention as the fluorescent lighting are likely to become overwhelmed and disoriented in addition to the common side effects. Look for LED and natural light alternatives to provide a better environment.

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