Best Paint Color Schemes & Interior Designs for Hotel Lobby Areas in Santa Barbara, CA

Best Paint Color Schemes & Interior Designs for Hotel Lobby Areas in Santa Barbara, CA

The lobby of your hotel is the first thing your customers see as they step in through the doors. You want this area to really take their breath away. Seems like a lot of pressure to get the colors right! McKay’s Painting is here to share some tips for getting the paint colors right in your lobby so your guests are wowed as they walk in the doors.

Hotel Lobby Design Ideas

One of the very first steps you will make when choosing paint colors for your hotel lobby, is choosing the theme or design. Maybe you don’t want the lobby to have a theme and want to choose a more neutral pallet. Some hotel owners may want to wow their customers with a Vegas style or oasis theme. Possibilities are endless, so have fun with this process.

How Small is Your Hotel Reception Area?

The size of your lobby will play a key role in the paint colors you choose for the space. For those that have a small lobby, you will benefit from choosing lighter paint colors to help the space feel open and airy. If you have a large lobby, you may want to choose richer, darker colors that will help the space feel grounded.

Consider Other Design Elements in the Lobby

Choose paint colors that will accentuate the other design elements in the room. For those that have a dazzling water feature, play off of it with your paint colors. Make the lobby feel like an oasis using blues, greens and sandy tones. Your hotel might be more rustic and have a lot of natural wood in the lobby. Choose organic colors that will bring the outdoors in and give your hotel a unique vibe.

Don’t Forget that Lighting Affects Paint Colors

Lighting plays a huge role in choosing paint colors. Because of metamerism, during different times of the day, color looks drastically different. Natural and artificial lighting make colors look different as well. Before choosing the paint, look at samples at different times of the day and in natural as well as artificial light, so you know you are choosing the right color.

Paint Color Palettes that Flow with Adjoining Rooms

You more than likely have several rooms that need to flow together such as banquet rooms, dining areas, exercise rooms and more. Choose a color that can flow throughout the entire hotel so your building doesn’t feel choppy.

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Choosing the perfect colors for your hotel lobby takes vision. Sometimes it is hard to capture that all on your own. The experts at McKay’s Painting offer color consultants that can help you pinpoint the perfect colors and design of your hotel lobby so that it takes your breath away every time you enter it. We will take the stress out of picking the perfect design for your lobby so you can enjoy the process completely. Call us today for more information about our color consulting and painting services.

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