Best Paint Brands for Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets in Hope Ranch, CA; Dunn Edwards & More

Best Paint Brands for Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets in Hope Ranch, CA; Dunn Edwards & More

To help renew the look of your bathroom and kitchen, you can always repaint the walls and cabinets. When painting cabinets it takes a few extra considerations for a few reasons. You want a paint that will give the cabinet a beautiful color and shine. At the same time, the paint needs to be durable so the paint doesn’t smudge or wear away from hand and water exposure. This is why you want to find a paint that is the designed for or works best on cabinets. McKay’s Painting will share some of the best types of paint to use for cabinets.

Dunn Edwards – Aristoshield Eggshell

Aristoshield is an ultra-premium ultra-low VOC enamel formulated with advanced water-based urethane alkyd technology that provides an oil like finish. Dunn Edwards offers this paint which is well suited for high end residential, commercial, and industrial projects where durability and superior performance are needed on cabinets and other surfaces.

Farrow & Ball – Full Gloss Paint

Farrow & Ball is a great brand for cabinets that provides a beautiful mirror like finish. Farrow & Ball provides about 132 colors and is designed for wooden furniture and cabinets. It also provides a great protective finish that makes wiping water or other liquids away without disturbing the paint or wood. The high gloss is great for making cabinets look shiny and stand out, but most importantly it can withstand interactions. This paint is hard to find and only recently has been sold here in the States. Some major paint suppliers are beginning to carry this brand of paint but it is not found everywhere.

Benjamin Moore – Advance Interior Paint Satin

This paint product is also highly recommended, especially if you’re looking for a silky solid or smooth look to your cabinets. For those who want a touch of shine, then consider using the semi-gloss. With over 3500 color options you can create the perfect color theme for your kitchen or bathrooms. Benjamin Moore paint looks great and is also durable and prefect for cabinets. Benjamin Moore is a well established brand in the U.S. and can be found in most painting and hardware stores.

Valspar – Cabinet Enamel Semi-Gloss Latex Interior Paint

When looking for oil based paint, Valspar is another recommended brand for cabinets. Valspar is widely distributed through the U.S. It is also easily cleaned up. Do keep in mind this product is considered oil based paint and is only found in quarters. However for bathroom and smaller cabinet sections, a quarter goes a long way.

Rust-Oleum – Cabinet Transformations

Designed to completely renew your home cabinets, Rust-Oleum is a complete cabinet kit that colors and protects cabinets. One perk for using this product is that it removes much of the work by bypassing the need to strip and sand down the cabinets. After two coats (bonding and glazing) you have all new cabinets. This product is designed to be hardy.

Behr – Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel

Another widely distributed brand is Behr. This product is designed to create a durable surface that may require frequent cleaning or washing such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets. One of the most affordable brands, this product also comes in a wide variety of colors providing plenty of choices.

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If you’re planning to refinish your home cabinets with paint, these are some of the top recommended paint brands that are best for cabinets. If you find you need help renewing your home cabinets, McKay’s Painting can help. If you’re ready to begin your painting protect and want help, contact McKay’s Painting and schedule our services today.

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