Best Neutral Interior Paint Colors for Your Family in Piru, CA & Ways to Add Color to a Room By Painting Walls & More

There are many options when it comes to painting the inside of your home. With the plethora of colors and the assortment of combinations, many people often have a hard time finding the right color in their home. Thinking about the personality of your family is one of the best ways to decide on paint colors for your home. Often, when that painting is a reflection of who you are, people generally feel more comfortable. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to further elaborate on how to better match the interior painting with your family’s personality.

House Painting Interior Designs & Colors

For your connected spaces, industry professionals and interior designers nearly always recommend using a neutral color for the walls. In an open-concept home, this typically includes your main hallway, foyer, living room, and often the kitchen or dining room. Neutral colors do not have to mean the room will be boring and bland either. With these spaces being painted with neutral colors, it provides the perfect backdrop for all kinds of personalizing colors and details. The common neutrals used in homes include tan, white, beige, and gray, however, the right undertones provide neutrals in shades of yellows, light blues, and greens that can also function as neutral-ish options. Below are a few considerations for selecting the neutrals color.

Best Neutral Paint Colors for Your Family

Tans & Beiges. These are among the popular neutrals. With a calming stability to them, tans and beiges have a bit of an earthy feel. Though stylish, these colors are not overly showy.
Gray & Greiges. Ideal for modern homes, the gray and grieges, which is a gray and beige hybrid. It compliments stainless steel or chrome, technology and promotes professionalism.
White. With a sense of airiness and crispness, white optimizes the minimalism. It provides stark contrasts and clear lines, especially when paired with strong colors. A timeless combination of classic and modern, white is clean and fresh.
Yellow. Inspiring creativity and positive energy, yellow is an energetic and cheerful color.
Blue. Giving a sense of tranquility, a cool oasis, blue is always associated with water and sky. Blue is an easygoing and natural colors that is also comforting and welcoming.
Green. To the cast of neutral and neutral-ish paint colors, green is a recent addition. Becoming popular for its soothing, organic feel, sage is green is a specific option being used. With just a hint of non-conformity or off-beat newness, it is natural and pleasant.

Ways to Add Color to a Room

Below are a few ideas to help you get the color added with the neutral backdrop you have created.
Accent Walls: By implementing an accent wall, make your rooms really burst with color and personality. Create a focal point in the room by selecting a bold, energetic color that brings balance to the room. With an artistic edge, you can add be spicy, moody, and energetic.
Ceiling Paint: You do not have to stick with the traditional white color. You can choose a different color that adds a splash of color or keep it neutral with a light or darker color. Just ensure the color picked doesn’t clash with the wall or floor colors.
Trim Paint: Where it is common for people to paint the trim white, some are loving the look of black or gray trim with white walls. However, any complimentary colors can be used to paint the trim.

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