Best & Most Tranquil Paint Color Ideas for Bedroom Walls in Your Ventura CA Home

Best & Most Tranquil Paint Color Ideas for Bedroom Walls in Your Ventura CA Home

As our daily lives become more and more hectic and demanding, we seem to get less and less sleep. If more sleep is not an option in your busy schedule, you can at least enhance the quality of sleep you do have time for. Dream in color – resting, soothing color. The interior color of your Ventura bedroom should be calming and relaxing. It is where we unwind and rest at the end of a long day and where we awake to face the new days tasks and challenges. Hiring professional, licensed painters like McKay’s Painting contractors can help transform your bedroom into the personal retreat you crave. Not only can our color consultants help you choose the right colors, we are expert at interior residential house painting and all of the preparation and finishing work necessary to give you the bedroom of your dreams! If you need interior decorating and design services, call McKay’s Painting!

McKay’s Painting Offers Paint Color Choices that are Perfect for Where Your Sleep!

Blue Bedroom Paint Colors. A proven stress reducer, blue is ideal for the bedroom. Cool and soothing blues are a natural choice. In traditional bedrooms, slightly deeper shades of blue create a stately backdrop for antiques, artwork and classic furnishings. There are also plenty of muted and pale tones of blue that create a softer look for those who do not want a dark color on their walls. Softer blue shades look great with brown accents and deep blue and navy can be paired with white for a crisp, nautical look. Blue and green can also be used together to create a cool, soothing feel. Or try choosing a tint or shade that leans toward gray for a quiet fashion statement.
Green Paint Colors for Bedrooms. A great color for bedrooms because it has elements of both warm and cool. There is also a wide range of tints from which you can choose. Pale sage green for example imparts a sense of peace and serenity to your sleeping place. It signals your brain that it is time to shut off or at least wind down for the day.
Best Lavender Paint Color for Bedrooms. An appealing option is very light lavender. For the best nights rest, choose a tint so soft that it almost defies precise color description! Is it purple, grey, brown or smoky blue? Whatever you want it to be!
Most Popular Beige Paint Color. With a deep, buttery undertone is a peaceful hue for the bedroom. But stay away from anything nearing bright, lemony yellows that might just keep you awake!
Very Light Gray Paint Color. A fantastic choice. It provides a great backdrop for fabrics and furniture, plus it provides the color simplicity your mind craves at the end of a hectic day.
Red Paint Color Schemes. If red is your favorite color, you can use it in the bedroom but use caution. Red stimulates, and too much of it can be overwhelming and loud rather than quiet and relaxing. Try choosing a muted tint or using red on just one wall, preferably behind your headboard or on a wall that has large windows to break up the intense color. The same tips hold true for orange. Softer shades will be more relaxing and conducive to sleep.

Complementary Paint Color Schemes

If your Ventura CA master bedroom includes a bathroom and a dressing or sitting area, you will want to plan your colors for all of those spaces as a whole, rather than separate, distinct areas. That does not mean the paint colors in your bedroom and bathroom need to be the same, but they should complement one another. Picking up accent colors in one room and incorporating those colors into the other will create a unified look that will turn your bedroom into a personal suite. We know that choosing colors can be very intimidating, not to mention trying to do the preparation and painting yourself. McKay’s Painting are full service painting contractors serving Ventura California and surrounding areas. We will prep your bedroom to ensure paint is only applied where you want it – on your ceiling and walls and not on your furnishings, carpet and flooring. We are experts at cutting in too and are experienced in the best paint and techniques to suit your project.

Wallpaper Installation, Stripping & Removal

Perhaps you want to add some wallpaper – McKay’s Painting also offers wallpaper installation. And call us if you currently have wallpaper you want to get rid of, as McKay’s offer wallpaper stripping and removal services too.

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You spend up to a third of your life in your bedroom (for some of us just a quarter). But by choosing the right color scheme (and painting contractor to implement it), you’ll be able to sleep restfully through all of it! Contact us today to makeover your home!

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