Best Interior Paint Colors When Staging & Selling a House in Mussel Shoals, CA

Best Interior Paint Colors When Staging & Selling a House in Mussel Shoals, CA

When you decide to put your home on the market you’ll do all you can to make it stand out from the crowd. There’s the trick of baking fresh cookies before an open house or brewing a pot of coffee. You may spruce up the landscaping, maybe plant some pretty flowers to make your home more attractive. These tactics can all help make your house feel like a potential home to buyers. There is one trick that might work better than the others. Refreshing your interior paint can do wonders for your home but don’t just slap on a paint product haphazardly. Doing it strategically and with the right colors will always maximize your return.

Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

Choose neutral paint colors. Now this doesn’t mean that you need to go with white. Try a color that sits on the warmer side of neutral, and putting resale aside, it’s also an extremely populate paint trend. Try to choose a color that isn’t cold or boring, but has the feel of a clean slate to any potential buyers. This allows the buyer to transform or customize it or simply leave it the way it is.
Prioritize spaces to be painted. Always paint any surfaces that are tired or worn first but if all the surfaces to be painted are in the same condition then it’s smart to give the bathrooms and the kitchens top priority. These are the rooms that buyers will view most critically. A family room that looks less than perfect will be tolerated buy a prospective buyer but if the kitchen or bathrooms look dated or feel dingy it can send buyers in another direction.
Paint all the shelves and cabinets. Professional cabinet painting can do wonders for your kitchen or bathroom. It’s a low-cost way to totally transform the room and can bring a warm and fresh style to the space that will work in your favor. Don’t forget to paint your entertainment center and any built-in shelving too!
Use professional painters. Hiring experts to do the job will save you time and energy. This is an added bonus if you’re moving and will guarantee a finish that is marketable. Getting a few friends over to your place to quickly throw a coat of paint on the walls probably won’t do your home justice and won’t show buyers the professional touch they’re looking for.

How Can Paint Colors Affect Resale of Homes?

Sellers need to consider how paint colors can affect the selling price of their home. They also need to consider the shades that are more likely to raise the selling price. The real estate website Zillow looked at pictures from 50,000 home sales across the country to analyze how colors in rooms correlated with selling prices. They concluded that some colors helped buyers make a premium of $5,000 on the sale of their home. Soothing colors for bedrooms worked best, neutrals for living rooms, shades of purple for dining rooms, tans like oatmeal and beige were found to be best for bathrooms and yellow kitchens yielded a better selling price.

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