Best Gray Paint Color for Your Ojai, CA Living Room, Bedroom & More Facing North or South

Best Gray Paint Color for Your Ojai, CA Living Room, Bedroom & More Facing North or South

If you are searching for ideas on how to remodel your home, you have probably come across a million options with gray paint. Gray is a hot decorating color right now! So you can just say “I have decided on gray paint” and head right to the store and simply pick one out right? WRONG! Gray paint has many different hues and undertones that you will need to factor into your decision.

View Paint Color Swatches in the Rooms of Your Home

You will want to make sure that you browse color swatches. Most lines of paint will have tons of different options for gray paint. Take the swatches home and evaluate them while sitting in the room(s) that you want to paint gray.
As you sit in your home and try to decide on a shade of gray, take the natural light in your house into consideration. First you will want to look at how much natural light comes in your room and which direction the light comes from. The gray shade will look either cooler or warmer depending on the direction of the light.

Best Gray Paint Color for Rooms Facing North

Northern light is cool while southern light is warm. The cool northern light creates a bluish hue while the warm southern light creates a golden hue. Western and eastern light changes throughout the day as the sun moves through the sky so you don’t need to base your decision on those lights as much as northern and southern lights. Interior decorators say that rooms that face north can be tough to decorate. The cool northern lights can make your room feel cold and icy. If you want to warm up your room, choose a gray with a brown undertone. Greige is a popular new color for a yellow or beige based gray. Greige paint will help make your room warmer. Grey paints with blue or green tones will make your room feel colder in a room facing north.

How Do Southern Lights Affect Gray Paint Colors?

As much as decorating a room with northern light can be challenging, room with southern light area pleasure! The light in southern facing rooms lets you use grey paint with warm or cool undertones. Personal preference will come into play more when you are picking gray for a southern facing room. Pale tones will make your room feel light and spacious. Grays with lavender undertones will appear softer and more feminine. Blue or green grays act more neutral. If you want a warm feeling room, pick a grey with brown or red undertones.

Test Paint Samples on Walls

Once you have narrowed down what type of undertone you want with your grey paint, you will want to select a few colors to test. Buying test sample pots is always an excellent idea! The sample paint pots are inexpensive. Buy several colors of paint pots and paint swatches of them next to each other on your wall. Look at the swatches at different times of day to see how it looks in different lights. Being able to sit with your options for a few days on your wall typically makes consumers feel more confident about their color choice.

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