Best Exterior Paint Colors for Selling a House in Los Alamos, CA; from Off White to Sable Brown

When it comes time to painting the exterior of the home to attract the buyers, finding the right color combination and colors can be challenging. Many colors you like may not be the best choice. Typically, neutrals and softer colors are the best options. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to share the top choices for the exterior paint’s color when you are looking to sell a home.

Off White Exterior Colors

People’s perception of your house is often decided based on the paint of the exterior according to experts. A traditional look can be exceptional attractive to buyers where adorning the brick’s façade is a lighter shade and providing a subtle contrast, the cream-colored entryway and greige shutters preserve the classic look.

Yellow House

Immediately, a soft yellow offers happiness. However, to better attract the buyers it is essential to stick with a paler shade. Where a brighter tone can be tempting to offer more cheer, they can be overwhelming, a softer shade will get the same result, especially with white or soft lavender accents.

Light Blue House Exterior Color Schemes

Fresh color combinations like a light blue and deep aqua can enhance architectural elements. Contrast with a white or more subtly with tranquil backdrop for shutters and doors in bright Blue Metal.

Gray Exterior House Paint Ideas

Gray is increasingly trending. Consider a soft gray primary color, dark gray roofing, and white trim work.

Taupe Exterior House Colors

Another neutral trend is taupe, and a very popular choice for exterior paints. It helps keep the safety of neutral while adding a hint of finesse. Putty also works if you want to add warmth to the taupe color.

Blue Gray Exterior House Paint Colors

With a nautical serene feeling, the deep blue grays are another attraction for home buyers especially paired with white trim that really compliments the look.

Wheat Paint Color

Somewhere between a white and close to yellow, the wheat is warm but clean. Match it well dark browns and/or blue-gray for accent colors compliments the glow of a well-kept, lush, green lawn.

Custom White Color

White offers a timeless appeal and one with creamy yellow undertones can give it the warmth. Compliment the white with dark-colored trim for a stunning result that appeals to the buyers’ market.

Sable Brown Siding Color

Colors that are dark and earthy makes a solid statement, and this growing trend is likely to stay according the experts. Compliment the bolder option that makes the curb appeal stand out with reds, whites, or blacks.

Lighthouse Red House

Having a traditional, yet fresh approach, the lighthouse red has a cheery display. Unlike other exterior colors, this hue pops against any background, no matter if the house nestled in a cluster of trees or has a clean, broad sky to outline the landscape.

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Ultimately, no matter which color you choose, the goal is to make it fresh and appealing to the buyers. With the right color, you need the right professionals to ensure the paint is applied correctly for a superior outcome. Call McKay’s Painting and let our qualified team of specialists get your exterior painting project completed in a timely manner and with premium result.

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