Best Bathroom Paint Colors in Meiners Oaks, CA; Taupe, Gray, Blue, Parchment, Seafoam Green & More

Is it time to repaint your home’s bathrooms? It is easy to make the decision to paint the bathroom but it can be hard to decide which color to paint it. When painting a bathroom you will want to make sure you find the right color that you both love and will enjoy for years to come. McKay’s Painting has a few suggestions of some colors that will never fall out of fashion and that you may love to use in your bathroom.

Taupe Bathroom

If you want more of a neutral color, one suggestion is Taupe. Taupe is a brown grayish color that is soft and works well with all types of bathroom fixtures. For those who also like to change out bathroom linens, shower curtains, and bathroom mats, again taupe is a neutral color that allows you to be flexible in your bathroom’s features. When repainting you home’s bathroom, consider looking at the various taupe hues and see if it is a match for you.

Gray Bathroom Walls

One of the highest trending colors over the past few years to present, is gray. Gray is another neutral color that adds a timeless charm to a bathroom. For bathrooms with metal or black faucets or other hardware, grays look fantastic. Additionally, when using gray on the wall you are free to pick almost any accent color for your shower curtain, towels, and bathmats. Gray looks great with blues, purples, reds, and yellows. When you use a gray hue you will have more accent options as well as jumping into the latest trend. When selecting a paint color, also consider a gray hue for you bathrooms.

Popular Parchment Bathroom Color

Parchment is a lovely buttery white color that brings warmth to smaller bathrooms. Parchment is a great choice for half-size bathrooms with no natural lighting. Parchment can help as it makes the bathroom feel open, yet it also brings a touch of color that mimics natural light. When using parchment hues it is recommended to use bright accent colors to help make the color pop more. Parchment is a great bathroom color that you may also wish to consider especially if you have a smaller bathroom.

Seafoam Green Bathroom Decorating

Green, particularly seafoam green, is a relaxing color that simulates a spa. For those who love soaking and relaxing in the bathtub, the color of the bathroom can greatly help set the mod. Green colors are known for relaxing influences. When using seafoam green hues, some recommended accents are white, navy blue, or dark gray to really make the color pop. For those who want a spa feeling in their bathroom, seafoam greens are highly recommended.

Blue Grey Bathroom Decor

A timeless classic that will never die are the bluish gray hues. Blues with that gray undertone is super relaxing and brings a classic charm to any bathroom. Blueish-grays look great with any type of faucet or hardware and looks particularly great with yellow accents. If you want a stunning bathroom, look at the blues with gray undertones for you bathroom and see if it might be what you want in your home.

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You will find thousands of colors of paint to choose from which can make it difficult to imagine the right color for your bathroom. When you do find the right color (or need help finding it) and desire professional painting services, contact McKay’s Painting!

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