Benefits of Painting Commercial Business Building Exterior During Closure in Isla Vista, CA; Increase Property Value & More

With this current pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus, a number of non-essential businesses are closing their doors. As we unify as a country to fight against further contamination many business are closed, but they are certainly not dead. During this time of temporary closure, many businesses have an opportunity to do some invasive building maintenance. One of them is painting. Painting is invasive and often needs to be done during off hours. However, the entire building can receive a fresh coat of paint during this time of temporary closure. McKay’s Painting will cover the number of benefits of repainting your business right now.

Paint Business Premises to Boost Morale

As more than half the country is out of work, it is important for businesses that are temporarily closed to help boost morale. When a business undergoes repainting, it helps the employees see that the business is certainly not gone, and a place waits for them when they are open again. Many offices sent their employees to work from home. When they return they can return to a freshly painted office. The new paint and possible color can symbolize a fresh start and the promise of a healthy clean work environment.

An Exterior Paint Job Will Attract Customers

When a business is repainted it is proven to attract new customers. Essentially, a business and even smaller businesses such as restaurants, repainting the building can help show customers that they are still open. Additionally, it will grab the attention of people who see that the business that is currently closed is showing that they are still around and waiting for the day of reopening. The new paint will make people feel like they have more to offer. A fresh and often new color of paint is a great way to advertise.

Commercial Building Maintenance

Another major benefit of painting your business is to protect the building itself. Painting is an essential maintenance operation that helps to protect the inside and outside of the building. Painting protects walls from mold, pests and weathering. When the business building hasn’t been painted in over 5 to 8 years it is time for a fresh coat of paint. To properly care for the building it should be repainted at least every 10 years or sooner. During this time of temporary closure, it is a great opportunity to have this basic maintenance done.

Painting Increases Property Value

When painting the business building, the building is properly maintained and therefore it also increases the value of the property. The business value can also increase as it will attract clients or customers. When you paint the inside and outside of the building you are investing in the building’s care and attracting more business. Together they can increase the value.

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There are many benefits of repainting a business building. Especially during this time where many buildings are empty, and many more people are staying home, now is a great time to schedule professional painting services to revive your business and company. If you see want to take advantage of this temporary time of closure and want your business building repainted, contact McKay’s Painting. We provide interior and exterior painting and more. Contact McKay’s Painting today.

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