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What is a Cool Paint Color Scheme & How Do Cool Colors or Neutrals with Undertones Make You Feel in Camarillo, CA?

Colors on half the color wheel, consisting of the blues, greens, purples and various combinations are cool colors. There are many different benefits to painting your home with a cool palette, such as how they make you feel. For example, cool colors tend to subdue and slow breathing, lower blood pressure and body temperature, relax…

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What Do I Need to Know Before Painting a Bathroom in Oxnard, CA? Mold Resistant Paint, Sheen & More

It can add substantial resale value as well beyond just boosting aesthetic appeal in fact. Consistently yielding the highest return on investment of almost any other update you can make, improvements made to kitchens and bathrooms including interior paint. There is little margin for error, and you really need to know your paint when it…

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Can Interior Paint Be Used as Exterior Paint & Vice Versa in Ojai, CA? Painting Pigments, Resins, Solvents & Additives

Each has a different purpose, while interior and exterior paint enhance the beauty of our homes. Many people do not know there is a difference between exterior and interior paint. Generally, interior paint provides stain-resistant properties that allow regular cleaning without causing damage, whereas good exterior paint will withstand weather conditions and resists fading, mold,…

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What Should You Not Do While Painting Interior Walls in Simi Valley, CA? Skip Primer, Use Painters Tape Wrong & More

One simple and cost-effective way to change and/or brighten a room is painting the walls. Whether it is the same color or a different one, the dynamics and style of a room is instantly transformed with some paint. When doing the project themselves and today, there are a few mistakes that people make that can…

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What Paint Colors Reflect Sunlight the Best & Make a North, East, South or West Room Look Brighter in Camarillo, CA?

When it comes to choosing paint for the inside of your home, there are many considerations besides the color. You want to make sure the paint you select maximizes the ambience and overall presentation of the inside of your home. The color palettes you opt to use can be impacted by the natural or artificial…

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