Are Baseboards Necessary in Calabasas, CA? Tips for Choosing Trim Material, Styles, Height & More

January is the month that is known for goal setting. The new year is the perfect time to reevaluate all of the different areas of your life and see what changes you want to make this year. As people determine what their goals are, one area that is very common for people to set goals in is home improvements. They make goals to finish up projects that they have started in the past or to start new ones. If you have some home improvement projects on your list of goals this year you may be getting ready to choose baseboards for your home. Today McKay’s Painting wants to give you some things to consider as your select your baseboards.

Are Baseboards Necessary?

First let’s talk about why we even install baseboards in the first place. Many people believe that baseboards are simply ornamental. While they can provide a decorative statement they also serve some necessary functions. Baseboards help protect your plaster walls. The bottom part of your walls really take a beating from shoes and vacuums. Installing baseboards helps your wall from being damaged as your family simply goes about their daily life.

Baseboard Material

Now that you know what baseboards do, you are ready to start thinking about what you want for your home. You will need to decide what kind of material you want your baseboards to be. Many people choose wood baseboards because they are extremely durable. Medium density fiberboard, commonly referred to as MDF, is a composite material that are used to make baseboards. MDF is less expensive than wood baseboards and more resistant to mold and mildew. You can also purchase vinyl baseboards. Vinyl baseboards are not very costly but they are not as aesthetically pleasing as the other options.

Baseboard Styles

Once you have decided what kind of material you are going to use you will want to decide what kind of baseboard style you want. Years ago there were not tons of options when it came to baseboard styles. Now there are many styles on the market. You will want to decide what type of style you are going for in your home. A home that is very modern will need a much different type of baseboard than a traditional style home. McKay’s Painting recommends that you visit your local home improvement store or search online to see some of the styles that you can choose from.

Baseboard Height

Next you will need to think about how tall you want your baseboards to be. This choice may be largely determined by your budget. The taller the baseboard is the more it will cost to purchase. Taller baseboards make a stunning statement in your home.

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After you know what type of baseboard you want to purchase you will want to have McKay’s Painting come out and measure your home. We can help you accurately measure the linear square footage of the area that you are installing baseboards in. Then we will come out and install it as soon as it gets here. We know that you are going to love your new baseboards when the project is finished. Contact us today!

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