Answers to Exterior House Painting Questions in Newbury Park, CA; Best Time to Paint & More

Answers to Exterior House Painting Questions in Newbury Park, CA; Best Time to Paint & More

When you are ready to start updating the look of your house weather will usually play a huge role in when it happens. The warmer the weather the more likely people will feel motivated to make some changes. Warm weather and more sunshine makes your body and mind think that there is more time and that means those home projects might make the list. One way to make a big change to your home’s interior and exterior is a fresh coat of paint. Even if you don’t make a huge change in the actual color the fresh look and feel of paint makes a huge impact. When you want to paint the exterior of your home most people realize that it is a huge undertaking and will have a few questions. The questions seem to be the same with most homeowners.

McKay’s Painting Answers Some Common Questions About Exterior House Painting

Best Time to Paint House Exterior: One of the most common questions people ask is when is the best time to paint your home. That is really a two part question. One is when in terms of the condition of the existing paint. If your paint is starting to chip, crack and peel you want to have your home painted right away. These areas of damage will actually cause damage to the under portion of the home as well. The second part is what time of year is best. This is a little harder to say because it has a lot to do with weather. The best time of year to generally to have your home painted is in the spring or fall but it has more to do with the weather during the days that you plan it. You want to avoid days that have wind blowing so that debris does not stick to your wet paint. You also want to avoid direct sunlight during the drying process so that is will cure properly.
Steps to Painting a House Exterior: When you are ready to have your home painted most people want to know what actually will be happening. It is a good question because some of the work might seem slow going because it is prep work. The house needs to be cleaned off and any repairs to stucco or siding done first. Then the house can be primed which will give a good even starting point. This is the best way to get the finished color that you wanted. After that has been done the home will be taped off and painted with the color that you chose.
How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors: This is a great question and it all boils down to what you want? You will be choosing a color that best suits the look that you want your home to give off. You also want to be sure that you find out if you are restricted in any way based on where you live. Some homes are part of a homeowners association that has a list of colors that are acceptable. The other problem that you might run into is if you have a historic home that should stay within the colors of that time period.

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