America’s Sherwin Williams Paint Company in Thousand Oaks, CA; Quality Ingredients & More

America’s Sherwin Williams Paint Company in Thousand Oaks, CA; Quality Ingredients & More

The Sherwin-Williams Company, also known as “America’s Paint Company”, is the largest producer of paints, varnishes and specialty coatings in the United States. It all started back in 1866, when Henry Sherwin used his entire life savings of $2,000 to join the Truman Dunham Company of Ohio. When the original partnership dissolved four years later, Sherwin organized a paint company with new partners, Edward P. Williams and A. T. Osborn. It was named the Sherwin-Williams & Company. In the 1870s, ingredients needed to be purchased and mixed into paint every day. There were individual retailers that sold ready-mixed paints in a few popular colors but were only available during the spring when painting was usually done. The oil and pigment had to be ground together to form a paste that was thinned with more oil, thinners and dryers. The containers also had to be purchased to hold the paint. These paints also needed to be stirred constantly so the pigment wouldn’t sink to the bottom of the containers. They also needed to be used very quickly, otherwise the paint would dry out quickly.

Sherwin Williams Paint (SWP)

In 1877, Sherwin-Williams & Company created the first patented paint can that allowed paints to be used over a longer period of time. New products continued to be developed during the 1880s and they developed their first paint formula at the beginning of the decade. It took two years of testing under the Osborn label to introduce Sherwin-Williams Paint (SWP). This paint was the first mixed paint to gain considerable public acceptance. Sherwin-Williams has always been committed to finding and developing new markets for paint products.

Paint Quality & Ingredients

The quality of paint you use makes a difference. Paint is an investment in time, money and labor. The best way to get a high-quality, long-lasting finish, is to spend a little extra. So, what exactly does quality mean when it comes to paint and what are the benefits?
Prime Paint Pigments. There are prime pigments that give color and hide and extender pigments that add bulk to the paint that can add value when it comes to color. Better paints have better pigments and more of them for easier application, more durability and better color retention.
Paint Binders. The type quality and amount of binders in paint will affect everything from the stain resistance and gloss to adhesion and crack resistance. Better paints have better binders for adhesion and will last longer. There will be less cracking, blistering and peeling.
Liquids in Paint. The liquid in paint doesn’t do anything for performance but works to get the paint from the can to the surface. Better paints have a greater ratio of solids- pigments and binders- to liquids.
Paint Additives. These are the ingredients that give paint a benefit that it may not otherwise have. Better paints may contain mildewcides to prevent mildew, rheology modifiers for better hide through coating and leveling, dispersing agents so pigments will be evenly distributed and preservatives to prevent spoiling.

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You can expect to get six years out of a lower grade paint that costs $20 a gallon, and 25 years with a high-quality paint that costs $35 a gallon. Contact McKay’s Painting for your next painting project. One brand of paint we prefer to use is Sherwin-Williams for results you’ll love!

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