Accent Wall Rules in Solis, CA; Can You Paint 2 Accent Walls? How to Choose Color Combinations & More

Accent walls have been almost a standard touch for designing a room. To help you focus attention to certain areas of the room, an accent wall designed in the space is often utilized. It can make an otherwise clinical and bare room feel cozier and more inviting or even a small room seem larger. With the beneficial design of the accent wall playing into the room’s style, there are a few secrets you should know about the accent wall when you go to paint it.We at McKay’s Painting would like to share some tips for painting the accent wall.

Accent Wall Focal Point Ideas

Bring more attention to feature décor elements, such as a fireplace or a wall of framed photographs and bring more distinctions with a wall back drop that offers specific colors, patterns and/or designs. If you do not have one, but wish to create one, you can place a large mirror, piece of art, or many smaller photographs grouped together with a perfectly painted accent wall.

Painting an Accent Wall in Odd Shaped Rooms

You may be able to even out the space by turning the right wall into an accent wall should you have a room that is awkward in shape. Make colors or designs used in the furniture in the room really pop with an accent wall. Be cautious however, the wrong wall chosen, or the wrong color can have a negative impact.

Dark Accent Wall Paint Colors

For a larger, cozier feel. A very large room often feels cold, where some other rooms can be too small. You can make the space feel cozier by selecting a darker but complementary color for an accent wall. An accent wall in a lighter color can give you that look for a very small room and you want to make it appear larger.

Light Accent Wall Color Combinations

Plenty of natural light in a light-colored room will create an airy, bright, relaxed atmosphere. With the accent wall, you do not have to commit to an all-over light color. Choosing a light color for the accent wall and darker for the others will offer the same affect.

Textured Accent Wall

Immediately make a textured element in the room, like a stone fireplace, the main focal point of the room. Becoming the star attraction, a beautifully textured element is created with an elegantly done accent wall.

How to Choose an Accent Wall

Choosing the accent wall can be easy when an obvious choice is presented, such as having an ornate large bed against a wall. Bringing attention to the beautiful furnishings or architectural features can help select the right accent wall. You might want to consider incorporating a design onto the wall, though a wall painted in a solid color can be ideal for a wall that is already home to a large focal point. Offer an elegant appearance with a subtle design with matte and high-gloss versions of the same color as well.

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At the end of the day, there are no rules you have to follow. You can have two accent walls in a room if you like, in whatever color combinations you choose! No matter what you decide for your accent walls, call in the experts of McKay’s Painting for quality painting services.

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