Accent Wall Design Ideas in Los Olivos, CA; Rules of Thumb, Color Combinations, How to Choose Walls & More

Thinking about giving the interior of your home a fresh new look? Your walls are a blank canvas and a great place to start if you are thinking about updating the inside of your home. You will have some decisions to make regarding your new color palette and you may even want to consider adding an accent wall. According to home makeover experts, accent walls are fast becoming a popular design choice and not only add to the beauty of your space, they can also add to the value. The knowledgeable experts at McKay’s Painting have provided the following tips to help you get the best out of your accent wall.

Accent Wall Rules of Thumb

First order of business is to determine your needs, for example does your interior need a fresh a coat of paint or are you looking for a little extra pizazz? Accent walls are a great focal point for a number of spaces, think your hallway or master suite, but they don’t necessarily work in every area of the home. Why? Because accent walls work best in small rooms by adding the illusion of space making the room appear larger than it is, or to draw the eye to a certain spot in the room say a beautiful piece of artwork. In a nut shell, if you are considering adding an accent wall and you have an open floor plan that lacks architectural details you may want to just opt for a fresh coat of paint in your favorite color instead.

Think Small Accent Walls for Big Results

Accent walls can be big, bold, and dynamic and the smaller the wall the more successful they are working within your space. Keep in mind that an accent wall is called an accent wall for a reason and the general rule of thumb is to select the smallest wall in the room, preferably one that has some architectural interest for example a mantle or fireplace. You can also select a wall that will act like a backdrop and highlight particular items within the room for example that gorgeous sapphire blue sofa and chairs you simply had to have. Selecting a smaller wall as your accent wall will allow the wall to pop rather than overwhelm your space. Other options for accent walls include walls that are recessed, kitchens with cabinetry, living areas with a wall that opens up to a stairway, or a bathroom with a recessed wall around the vanity mirror. All of these scenarios offer the perfect canvas for an inviting and beautiful accent wall.

Accent Wall Color Combinations

Now that you have decided on a wall, the next step is selecting a paint color. If you have a color in mind, grab some paint chips and don’t be afraid to select some bolder shades. Compare the paint chips with your existing wall paint color and don’t forget to compare them with your floor, furniture, curtains, and other soft furnishings to ensure that you create a cohesive look. Once you have decided on the perfect color for your accent wall, your McKay’s Painting professional will take care of the rest.

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