2020 Trends for Interior House Paint Colors in Westlake Village, CA; Modern Monochromatic, Warm Pastel Palette & More

No matter if it’s a bold accent wall or an unexpected painted ceiling, color has significant power to transform a room. Quite a few are attracted to a number of variations and some prefer neutrals, others love bold, and there are so many combinations, people can be overwhelmed with the options when it comes to the right paint for the inside of your home. With this in mind, we at McKay’s Painting would like to share a few of the trends projected for 2020.

Modern Bold Monochromatic Paint Colors

When it comes to pale monochromatic, there is no need. For harmonious solutions that offer elegance and personality, colors include options such as cobalt blue and Kelly green among others.

Dusty Teal Paint Color

Dusty teal is becoming a new fan-favorite among designers and homeowners alike. Pairing it with amazing neutrals, like white oak and birch being paired with peach, camel, navy, rust, and pale wood, and many other colors is a hot trend. Simultaneously feelings of deep and calming are produced.

Warm Pastel Color Palette

Many pastels are hugely popular, with added warmth and earthy undertones and they gravitate these warm, earthy shade. The overall color palette is a mixture of both spring and autumnal colors.

Moody Tones

Quite a few people prefer timeless over trendy when it comes to paint. When it comes to colors that have been unexpectedly popular, with more classic neutral’s preferences, many are definitely seeing a trend toward rich, moody hues. Among the top colors that are showing more interests deeper, moodier colors a rich green shade.

Organic Paint Shades

The last decade filled was defined with cool color palette and that is fading away, and the towards warmer, more organic tones is replacing it. In place of cool grays and blues neutral and tones is increasing in popularity this year.

White & Black

High-contrast black and white are preferred in bold patterns as a dynamic duo. The emotional response is immediate with the look that remains timeless.

Green, Gray & Blue Paint Color Trend

Changing based on the time of day and light in the room are the rich, saturated blue, green, and gray colors that are being embraced. This effect rapidly creates a mysterious, sensual, and interesting space.

Earthy Paint Shades

Becoming less popular, the cool tones that have dominated for so many years are being replaced with the green, chocolate brown, wine, and yellow ochre are the new shades. The warm and natural colors replacing neutral on the sofa or walls is a prime example.

Greens, Rich Jewel Paint Colors & Blues

Accented with a touch of opulence, 2020 is starting the new decade with deeper, bolder colors being true to the ‘Roaring 20s’ fashion. Replacing the all-white kitchens and gray, and solid gray is the nature-inspired greens and blues to rich jewel tones and take more design risks.

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Ultimately, you do not have to follow the masses where these are just a few of the projecting trending colors for 2020. A specialist can help you find something right for you and your home in addition to ensure quality painting, always select a color theme that you will enjoy if you need assistance. Contact McKay’s Painting and let consult you with interior painting project.

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