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How to Avoid & Fix Painting Mistakes on the Walls of Your Agoura Hills, CA Home

How to Avoid & Fix Painting Mistakes on the Walls of Your Agoura Hills, CA Home

When you are ready to update or make a change to your house there are lots of options. You can start with a fresh paint of coat on the walls to give the best canvas for the rest of the décor. You want to make sure that when you are ready to paint the walls that you are well prepared. The work that is needed to paint a wall and to make it look good is not for everyone. You should have some expertise in the field or at the very least you want to avoid some of the mistakes that many people make. When you make these mistakes you won’t get the outcome that you were hoping. It can also lead to damage to other areas of the house. It also can end up costing you more money when you have to pay to have it fixed. The best bet is to make sure that you do what you can to avoid making the mistakes in the first place.

McKay’s Painting Offers Tips to Avoid Wall Painting Errors Such as Clumping, Lines, Splatter & More

Misuse Of Painters Tape: When you do not have the expertise and the tools to paint the walls in the house you will use what most people use to get the best finish. The most commonly used tool to help homeowners get a professional finish is painters tape. This is so that you can get those crisp straight lines that you are likely used to. The tape is usually used to cover areas that you don’t want the paint to hit. This can be trim work, baseboard, light switches and the ceiling. The problem is that if you do not know how to use the tape you can cause damage to the paint. The tape is not something that you want to put up, paint around then let it sit there. The paint will dry onto the tape and when you pull it off the paint will tear away from the wall. The tape should be carefully pulled and removed as soon as possible and when the paint is still wet.
Skipping Wall Preparation Before Painting: When you get too excited about painting the walls in the house you might skip some of the steps. The problem is that if you skip steps the paint finish will not be what you want. You want to make sure that the walls are prepped which includes filling in any holes and dents in the wall. You also want to make sure that you use a primer on the wall before you apply the paint. If you don’t the paint that you apply will dry and look different than what you were expecting. Be sure that the walls are prepared as well as primed before you start painting with your final color.
Wrong Paint Calculator: When you start a painting project you want to get to the store and choose the best color for your space. The problem is that most homeowners will not purchase enough paint to get through the entire job. When you go back to get more it could be from a different batch and that will not match up perfectly to the paint that you bought at a previous time. You want to make sure that you are very accurate when purchasing the paint for the space so that you will get a smooth and even finish in the house.

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McKay’s Painting can come out and paint your house so that you do not have to worry about making any mistakes. Call us today!

Commercial Painting; New Paint for Brand Identity of Your Company in Thousand Oaks, CA

Commercial Painting; New Paint for Brand Identity of Your Company in Thousand Oaks, CA

When you open a business or change up your company image often you will want to have the business locations repainted to match. Retail centers, restaurants, service providers all have buildings where they operate their business. The color outside and inside can help brand your company’s image which helps customers and clients remember your business. For example, when you think of Best Buy you will immediately think of the yellow and blue. When you want to create an image for your company, color matters. McKay’s Painting will share how painting the inside and outside of your business buildings help brand and create an image for your business.

Logo & Building Combinations

What does the business or company logo or website design have to do with your business image? When painting your office, restaurant, or retail center you will want the website and logo design to work with the outside and inside paint colors. If you sit and think about the major companies, both their website and company logo colors are worked with or into the paint design of the business locations. This is not saying you have to use the same colors as your logo in the building. However, if you have a company logo that is yellow with black letters, then use a complementary color like blue. If you have bright pink or red in a logo you most certainly don’t want to use it as a primary color within the building. Avoid bright or blinding color as the primary color. However to help tie the logo color with the paint design of the building, you can use those colors as accent colors.

Paint Colors for Commercial Buildings

Depending on the nature of your company you will often have a service or business area where the customers and clients will wait, shop, or be serviced. You might also have an employee area such as offices, rest rooms, break rooms or storage areas. You will want to paint your company’s color for clients and customers. However, you don’t have to have the entire building painted in your companies colors. For employees or staff areas you can use other colors that are better suited for a productive environment. White with accent colors, light greens, blues and grays are good color choices for employee work areas and often don’t interfere with your company’s image or brand.

Tips to Choose Paint Colors for Your Business Premises

When design your company’s logo and over all color scheme, you will want to make sure to do your research. Again, you may not want to use the same colors found in the company logo, but you will want to find a complementary color(s) that can be used for both the outside and inside of your building as well as your website. Using the same colors for your building and website helps create a strong image of your company. Consistency is essential when building your company’s brand or image.

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If you are opening a new business or are changing the image of your company and need painting services, McKay’s Painting provides quality commercial painting services. We paint exterior and interior surfaces and can help create your company’s image. For professional painting service contact McKay’s Painting today.

Power Washing of Concrete Driveways & Sidewalks, Wood Decks, Siding & More in Camarillo, CA

Power Washing of Concrete Driveways & Sidewalks, Wood Decks, Siding & More in Camarillo, CA

It seems that at the end of a long winter most people are looking forward to the spring weather. The spring weather is sought after so that you can spend more time outdoors and enjoy the nice weather. The time spent outside is something that can help get people into a better mood and it also brings to light how the winter has effected the home and property. After the winter months have gone by the home has usually been left to the elements and when you finally start to spend time outside you notice the mess that has been left behind. You want to make sure that you know what options you have to clean the home and the other areas that are surrounding.

McKay’s Painting Outlines Benefits of Pressure Cleaning Your Home, Deck, Driveway & More

Pros of Pressure Washing Home’s Exterior: If you take some pride in your home you likely have a cleaning schedule to wash the counters, floors, bathrooms and even sweep the porch. The problem is that the exterior of the house will become dirty and covered with debris if it is not cleaned as well. You might be wondering how you can clean the outside of your home. This is where pressure washing comes into play. You can call out a professional pressure washing company that is able to clean the exterior of your home. You may be surprised to see the actual color of the house once all the dirt and debris has been knocked off the house! You can have the pressure washing done if you have stucco, siding or any other type of home exterior.
How to Clean Driveway & Walkways with Pressure Washer: One area of the home that you want to make sure you keep clean is the driveway. This is where you will pull your vehicle and other people will pull their cars. This can leave tire tracks, oil and other debris from your car. You want to make sure that these are all cleaned off the cement to keep up with the look and curb appeal of the home. This can be done when you have a pressure washing company out to clean the cement.
Remove Stains By Pressure Washing Patios & Decks: One of the main areas that people love to hang out and enjoy when the weather is nice, is the patio and the deck. This is a great place to host a dinner or sit outside for a visit with friends. After a long winter the patio and deck can be covered with dirt and debris that includes leaves, twigs and even pests. The great thing about cleaning your deck and patio with a pressure washer is that they can clean these areas and take care of any pests that might be hanging out in the corners of your patio. This not only cleans the area but it also helps it become safer for when your family are enjoying time outside.

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McKay’s Painting can come to your home and schedule to clean the exterior of your house with pressure washing. Call us today!

How to Style a Deck in Westlake Village, CA; Clean, Sand, Stain, Refinish, Restore & More

How to Style a Deck in Westlake Village, CA; Clean, Sand, Stain, Refinish, Restore & More

One of the benefits to living in the San Fernando Valley is the beautiful weather that we get to enjoy year round. While other parts of the country are suffering from severe winter storms we are lucky to be able to enjoy an extremely mild winter season. During the summer we do not get as hot as other areas tend to either. With this gorgeous weather many people want to be outside as often as possible. Many homes have decks on their property so that they can go outside and enjoy themselves. Some people have amazing decks on their property that just do not get used that often. Many times homeowners are not using their decks because they have not found a way to make it fit their individual style and tastes. If you are one of the people fortunate enough to have a deck have you truly made it your own yet? If not, McKay’s Painting has some ideas for you on how to do that.

Choose Comfortable Outdoor Patio Furniture

One simple way to make your deck truly be a display of who you are is through your patio furniture. Patio furniture comes in so many different colors and styles that if you look hard enough you are bound to find the set that truly speaks to your soul. If you have already invested in a patio set that you just do not love consider changing up the pillows and cushions. There are thousands of outdoor fabrics that you can choose from. You can find pillows ready to buy or you can purchase material and have your pillows custom made. When you can go out and sit outside with patio furniture that you just love you are more likely to spend more time out on your deck.

Decorate Plants Around Deck

Another way to personalize your deck is by incorporating different plants into it. If you have a green thumb you may want to plan an herb garden or some tomato plants on your deck. There are all sorts of different containers that you can plant a garden in. If you do not want a garden of herbs and vegetables add some flowers in. You can add in color and flair by choosing just the right flowers and plants for your style.

Pros of Outdoor Rugs on Wood Decks

You can turn your deck into an outdoor room by adding an outdoor rug to your deck. Outdoor rugs are made out of more durable material than indoor rugs so make sure that you are paying attention when you are purchasing your rug. With all of the different options out there for outdoor rug you should be able to find just the right color combination for your rug.

Exterior Deck Lighting

Lighting is a great way to make your deck have the feel that you want it to have. There are so many different lighting options to choose from these days. You can purchase solar panel lights or lights that have to be plugged into an electrical outlet. You can buy lights that you string from above or lights that light your deck down low. Lights also come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

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If you spend all of your time and energy to personalize your deck you will want to be out there enjoying it more frequently. When you are out there you may notice that your deck is in desperate need of some refinishing or restoration. McKay’s Painting can come out and help you get your deck looking as good as new so that you can fully enjoy it on every level. Contact us today!

How to Paint Exterior Wood Siding and Trim in Newbury Park, CA; Prep, Strip, Sand & More

How to Paint Exterior Wood Siding and Trim in Newbury Park, CA; Prep, Strip, Sand & More

A number of homes have wood siding and/or have wood trim on the exterior. Wood material used on the outside of a home often requires frequent maintenance to ensure the wood’s integrity. Wood that is exposed to external elements often need to be repainted to ensure the wood is protected. If your home has wood siding and/or wood trim it may be time to repaint the wood. Repainting wood isn’t as simple as repainting interior walls or solid surfaces. There are extra steps to ensure the wood is properly taken care of and protected. McKay’s Painting will share the steps one should take when repainting exterior wood.

Preparing Painting Wood for Repainting

When you need to repaint wood siding or trim you will want to first make sure there is no dust or dirt on the surface of the wood. Use a hose to rinse the wood surface down and let it dry. If the wood was painted or stained you will most likely need to strip the previous paint or stain off the wood. Over time, paint and stain can flake or bubble off and create spots where the wood is completely exposed. You will want to remove the old sealer or paint to make sure the new sealer goes on correctly. You will want to make sure the wood is free of dirt before you apply the stripper.

Stripping & Sanding Exterior Wood

After the surface has been rinsed clean and is relatively dry, you will want to apply the paint or stain stripper. Make sure to wear protective gloves and long sleeves as well as protective eye wear if you are applying the stripper. The stripper can injure eyes and burn the skin. Apply the stripper and allow the allotted time for the stripper to break down the paint or stain. Once the stripper has had time to break down the paint, stain or sealer use a scraper to remove the loose pieces. Once the loose pieces are scraped off, sand down the wood. When sanding wood it is important to go with the grain of the wood. Depending on the wood’s condition (for example the wood surface is rough and has cracks) you may need to use a low grain sand paper first. Once the rough surface feels smooth use a high grain sand paper to finish it off and get a super smooth surface.

Stain or Paint Exterior Wood

Once the wood has been sanded down and is now smooth you can repaint or stain the wood. Make sure to use a quality exterior paint or stain and sealer. Wood must be protected against the elements which is why it is important to paint or stain the wood. Stain will have a more natural looking wood than painted wood. Stain come in many colors and often you will need to put the sealer on top of the stain or make sure you get an exterior sealer/stain combo. When painting the wood you will want to either prime the wood first or get a paint that is a primer/paint combo. Priming the wood is essential if you want to properly protect the wood.

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When your home needs exterior painting done and you have wood siding or trim you can seek out professional assistance. McKay’s Painting provides quality painting services for interior and exterior as well as residential and commercial buildings. To schedule our services, contact McKay’s Painting today.

Safe, Kid Friendly Paint for Kids & Pets in Ojai, CA; No VOC, Washable & Best Colors

Safe, Kid Friendly Paint for Kids & Pets in Ojai, CA; No VOC, Washable & Best Colors

When planning a painting project many people are concern about their children and/or pets being exposed to toxic paint. Another concern is which paint is best for kids and pets, as in which paint is easier to clean, and maintain. The types of paint and colors can help when it comes to having kids and pets in your home. McKay’s Painting will help answer some of the common questions about which type of paints are safe, and easily maintained for a home with young children and pets.

Non-Toxic Eco Friendly Paint; No or Low VOC

If you have decided it is time to repaint your home and you have pets or young children living with you, it is natural to be concerned over their well-being. When choosing a paint, and you want it to be safe for your kids or pets you will want one that has a low VOC rating, which is a Volatile Organic Compound paint. Most paint has VOC which releases fumes into the air unit it dries. Since your pets can’t tell you when the paint bothers their lungs nor can your infant or young children, it is recommended to use a low VOC paint. Low VOC paints doesn’t emit a lot of odors and it has less fumes that is released into the air.

Washable Paint

If you are looking for a paint that makes cleaning up behind your kids and pets easier, then a semi-gloss finish is recommended. Semi-gloss finishes are easily cleaned and they wipe down without smearing. Areas where there is a lot of activity from kids and pets should always be painted with a semi-gloss paint. Not only is it easier to clean semi-gloss finishes, they also help protect the walls from dirt and even seal out moisture that can occur from spills or rough play time.

Best Paint Color for Children & Pets

It is natural to want non-toxic paint when you undergo a painting project and of course, maintaining clean walls is another major consideration. However, most people never consider how picking the right color can also help make life easier around pets and kids. For example, you may want to avoid white. White walls will clearly show every hand print and dirt from various sources. Textured walls also holds on to the dust and dirt which can be easily seen. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to paint the walls with a brown hue either. However, they do make a good candidate as you will want to consider what color will hold up against the abuse from your kids or pets. Other color recommendations are grays, and yellows which help keep walls looking cleaner.

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When repainting a home that is filled with little ones and pets, consider how to make your life easier for you and safer for them. To help reduce odors from fresh paint you can open windows if there is any additional concerns. When you need help painting your home while you watch over you pets or young children, consider a professional painting service. McKay’s Painting can ensure safe and quality painting services and more. Contact McKay’s Painting and schedule our services today.