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Painting Tips in Mission Canyon, CA; Should I Paint Every One of My Interior Walls White?

Painting Tips in Mission Canyon, CA; Should I Paint Every One of My Interior Walls White?

Your house should reflect who you are and what you want to accomplish in terms of décor. Most people spend time picking out the right furniture, paintings and other décor to show off their style. The canvas that you have to work with are the walls in your house. The walls and other surfaces in your home should be given thought when you paint or have them installed. The color that you choose for your walls is something that you need to take into account. You want to make sure that you choose a color that you can decorate around and that you will still love. One of the trends that are big and quite popular is to go with white and have a white room or even the whole home white. This is a huge deal if you are choosing to have white walls in your home so you want to make sure that you consider what comes with it.

McKay’s Painting Lists Best White Paint for Interior Walls

Many Shades of White Paint: One of the things you may not realize is that there is not just one white paint color. You will have to look through a sea of white paint chips to choose the one that you want. Some of them may come off bright while others have a warmer tone. Some of them have a blue hue when exposed to light and others can be dulled by the same kind of light. You want to make sure that you do plenty of research and use some samples that you can put on a wall and watch over a few days to see what it does when it interacts through the day. The white that you choose should have the finish that you want no matter what time of day.
Wall Preparation Before Painting: When you are ready to paint any wall in the house you have to take some time to prepare the space. This means move things away from the wall and to correct any holes and other blemishes before the paint begins. When you choose to use white on your walls the final product is not forgiving in any way. Even the smallest dry wall patch that has a very small unevenness will show. The white paint shows off so many blemishes that you need to be even more prepared before the paint has been applied. That is why the repair work and the drywall repair is done by a professional.
How Lighting Affects White Paint: Another thing that you need to consider when you paint your walls white is what light will work best in the space. The best light that you can use is natural lighting and that is why allowing the windows to expose light is necessary. Many rooms lack enough natural light and that is why you need to use lighting fixtures. You want to make sure that you check what lights and bulbs do to the space when they are used. They may change the color too much which is why you need to try a few options.

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McKay’s Painting can come out to prepare your home to be painted a beautiful white color. Call us today to meet with our expert painters.

What Color Should a Ceiling Be Painted in Montecito, CA? Textured Paint Ideas & More

What Color Should a Ceiling Be Painted in Montecito, CA? Textured Paint Ideas & More

The ceiling in a room is often considered a “fifth wall” that can make a difference in the way the room looks when you decide to paint it. Painting a ceiling is a newer trend that is gaining popularity because it’s so versatile. There are different ways you can paint this “fifth wall”.

Ceiling Paint Color & Design Ideas

1. Painting Stripes on Ceiling. Using thick stripes on the ceiling will draw attention up along the length of the room and makes the room look longer. It also gives a vintage feel to the room that is classic and can be modernized at any time with a different color. Experiment with colors to get the look you want.
2. Bold Ceiling Color Combination. You can balance a room with vivid orange or primary blue that compliments other design elements in the room, like shelves or throw pillows. You can also use trim to create an unexpected break in color. This looks great in children rooms when you use primary colors.
3. Muted Ceiling Colors. For a blended look, you can add a bit of white paint to the color on the walls to paint the ceiling. This gives an ombre look that is popular right now. Subtle variations in color creates a blended effect that is cozy. It also looks fluid with gradual color changes.
4. Dark Painted Ceilings in Small Rooms. Is the space you’re painting small? You might think that painting the ceiling will just make it feel smaller, but if you paint it a dark color, you’ll actually make it seem bigger. For an even larger feel, paint the walls the same color as the ceiling. The effect will be greater in rooms that have low ceilings.
5. Elegance Ceiling Color Design. When you paint a ceiling a blue/gray color and the walls a slightly lighter color, you can create an air of elegance. Just make sure the colors complement each other. For an added touch you can add trim and hang a light fixture, perhaps a chandelier. You can get a reverse ombre look with a clean line of color change.
6. Colorful Ceiling Designs. You don’t have to stick with basic blocks and variations of color. You can paint a wallpaper design to get you the look of wallpaper without all the mess that comes with putting it up. You can create a majestic, open feel when the pattern is extended to the ceiling. The walls will look like they extend all the way through the ceiling and make the room look taller too.

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Painting your ceiling might just be the design element you’re missing. You can add color or design for a new look or repaint the color that’s there already for a fresh look. If you do paint it make sure you touch up the walls in the room, so the room will look cohesive and clean. If you need more advice on painting your ceiling, give McKay’s Painting a call. We can provide you with a consultation to help you design your perfect space.

What is the Most Popular Paint Color for Kitchen Cabinets in Carpinteria, CA? White & Neutral

What is the Most Popular Paint Color for Kitchen Cabinets in Carpinteria, CA? White & Neutral

In an effort to offer some more color and creativity to the kitchen, many homeowners are breaking away from the traditional white and neutral colored cabinets. While these remain the most popular, it doesn’t mean they are your only choice. To create a certain look, most experts recommend people use 3-5 colors, the three minimum include the primary color, accent color, and trim work color. Painting the cabinets something other than white is an excellent approach to bring more style into your kitchen’s décor. Making the cabinets a focal point is your goal. Bearing this in mind, we at McKay’s Painting would like to share some of the top colors trending for kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinetry Paint Color Combination Trends

Velvet Cake Red: The fiery cabinets with silver hardware is especially striking as it provides energy and a jazzy aspect to stainless steel and white accent kitchen.
Sunset Orange: In a marble or white subdued environment, a rather attractive look is a magnificently done orange cabinetry. To really make the orange cabinets exceptional and unique in your kitchen, a rich finish and an efficient application is the way to go.
Soft Gray: A rather tranquil statement is the classic muted gray cabinets. Paired with vibrant colors like lemon yellow or mosaics for a playful look as the muted grays are very diverse and can be easily incorporated into industrial chic, country charm, urban sophistication.
Onyx: With class and sophistication, black is a timeless classic. You can bring more brightness to the kitchens when you pair up onyx with silver or even brass hardware and in other scenarios with glass inset doors. In the rest of the kitchen a sandy color will really make the onyx cabinets stunning.
Muted Eggplant: Tends to be more sophisticated than a dusted violet, the eggplant is an incredible choice for smaller kitchens. Brighten the muted tone with warm metal accents, creamy options, or off-whites form inspirational atmospheres.
Deep Blue: For an amazing look, the normally unorthodox choice for cabinetry is a bold blue but if correctly. For the kitchen’s overall look use white trim and a lighter blue variation in different places.
Cottage Blue: This soft blue is natural and calming hue, that can make your environment charming for your culinary arts. Pair this pale blue with a pale cream, a dusty sage, or a soft buttery yellow in addition to the charming use of wood to really compliment the kitchen.
Cactus Green: Today’s trend is tomorrow’s classic as the fun choice for your kitchen cabinets is the increasingly popular dusty green. This pistachio green captures the atmosphere to influence your guest’s mood to feel welcome and peaceful. For a really powerful sophisticated feel, Whites for a splash of clean, wood accents, as well as dark trim really makes a statement.
Buttery Yellow: Kitchen is the place that provides the food and energizes, emphasize the mood with a soft yellow that stimulates happiness. Whit is an exceptional color to use for contrast, whether it is the primary, accent, or other trim work.
Brushed Teal: To make your cabinets be an eye-popping and intensify the kitchen, the muted teals. Use a version that has a hint of gray in the mix if you want to tone it down a notch. A remarkable contrast is with a classic white shade for the primary color.

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No matter what color cabinets and/or kitchen you want painted in your home, McKay’s Painting is your leading experts to ensure the job gets done right. Contact us today!

Guide to Proper Order of Interior Painting in Mussel Shoals, CA; Ceiling, Trim, Cut Ins & Walls

Guide to Proper Order of Interior Painting in Mussel Shoals, CA; Ceiling, Walls & Trim

When it comes to doing a full painting project, and the whole room needs to be painted including the ceiling, trim and walls, you may wonder where to start. When it comes to painting an entire room there is a proper order to follow that ensures the project will go smoothly. Professional painters always follow the same order to ensure a quality finish. McKay’s Painting will share in what order to paint each surface and why.

How to Paint a Room Professionally

Step 1. Paint Ceilings: When the ceiling needs to be painted and is included in the rest of the painting project, you will want to start with the ceiling. Painting a ceiling is the most difficult to control as dripping and splattering can ruin a fresh paint job. Due to the lack of control, ceilings should always be painted first.
This way if dripping or splattering occurs; you can clean and remove the unwanted paint without ruining the previous painting project.
Step 2. Paint Trim: Before you begin painting the walls and after you’ve completed the ceiling you will want to do all of your trim work next. Trim can be rather tricky and sometimes can get on the walls. Most people will save the trim for last, but they often find they can get paint on their freshly painted walls. To avoid ruining the walls, professional painters will always do trim work before they paint the walls.
Step 3. Paint the Cut-Ins: The last detail painting job before you begin painting the walls is painting the cut-ins. The cut-ins are the edges or corners where the walls, ceiling and floor or trim meets. The edges can be difficult since all of the trim and ceiling painting has been completed. You don’t want to ruin your hard work doing the cut-ins. If you are doing your own painting it is strongly recommended you use painter tape to protect the edges of the painted ceiling and trim. This way you are less likely to accidentally get paint on your previous work. After you get all of the cut-in work done you can move on to painting the walls.
Step 4. Painting the Walls: Now that the ceiling, trim and cut-ins are painted you now can begin painting the wall. Keep the painter tape on until the very end and all of the paint is dry. Always start at the top of the wall and work your way half way down and then go across. Once the top half is painted, paint the bottom half. Again, start at the top going down and work to the side. For a clean finish make sure to always do two coats.
Step 5. Unwrap and Clean Up: After all of the painting has finished drying, you can clean up and remove all of the tape. Don’t just rip the tape off. Instead, use a utility knife and run it across the edge of the tape and paint. Often the tape will peel some of the paint off when it is removed. By cutting the edge first, it will help the tape peel off without taking any paint with it.

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When needing professional interior or exterior painting services, contact McKay’s Painting. We provide many quality services. To schedule our services, contact McKay’s Painting today.

Water Damage Restoration Do’s & Don’ts in Santa Barbara, CA; Replacing Drywall & More

Water Damage Restoration Do’s & Don’ts in Santa Barbara, CA; Replacing Drywall & More

Water damage can happen at any time and most of it happens through accidents in the home, not from the weather. Water that causes damage can be clean or polluted, depending on the source. To protect your health and safety, it’s important to know the source of the damage when you take any steps to clean it up.

Water Damage Disaster

Water leaks can result in clean water damage, but it can also cause chemical and biological pollution. Proper cleanup and remediation are necessary regardless of what caused the leak, otherwise, the water damage can turn into mold or rot. What cause water damage in a home can be caused by hot water heaters, washing machines, shower pans and clogged plumbing. There are leaks that are easy to spot right away, while others are slow and can lead to infestation of mold. The Environmental Protection Agency warns that mold growth can start within 48 hours even if the materials are dried. Water damage needs to be taken care or as soon as possible. The damage can be devastating if it’s not taken care of right away. There are things you can do as a homeowner that will help and others that can cause more damage.

Do’s of Emergency Water Damage Restoration

This first priority is to stop the source of the leak, if you can. Then you need to remove as much of the water as you can by mopping and blotting the affected area. Wipe down any furniture affected by the water and place aluminum foil between wet carpet and legs of furniture. Air out furniture cushions and lift drapes off the floor. Remove area rugs and other items that have become wet. If it’s warm out, turn the air conditioner on and open doors and windows for maximum ventilation. Use fans and dehumidifiers.

Don’ts of Water Damage Restoration

Do not use your vacuum cleaner to remove excess water. Do not use electrical appliances if you are standing on wet surfaces. Using them can damage them and pose a shock hazard. Do not try and cleanup water that has been contaminated by sewer water. Do not use newspaper on surfaces that are wet because the ink can transfer. Do not lift carpet that is tacked down without the help of professionals. Do not go into areas of the home that have sagging ceilings. Do not wait to call in the professionals because waiting will just lead to more damage. Flood water carries harmful bacteria and microbes with it. Sometimes you can tell, sometimes you can’t. That’s why it’s important to leave the clean up to professionals.

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After you have cleaned up the water and dried all of the wet surfaces, it’s likely you’ll need to replace drywall. McKay’s Painting can not only replace your damaged drywall, but we can mud, texture and paint it as well. Contact us for all your painting related needs.

Best Interior & Exterior Paint Colors to Increase Home Value & Sell a House in Agoura Hills, CA

Best Interior & Exterior Paint Colors to Increase Home Value & Sell a House in Agoura Hills, CA

When a homeowner begins repainting their home it is a minor investment that can help renew the look of your home. Where repainting is a more affordable solution when a home needs a makeover, you still want your investment to return in equal or even profits. The paint color can add to or remove from the value of a home. If you plan to sell or even refinance your home and you want to make sure you get the most value out of your home, you will want to remove certain colors. McKay’s Painting will share what colors you should avoid and which can decrease the value of a home. We will provide a few alternative colors which can help add value.

How Much do Exterior Paint Colors Increase Home Value?

When painting outside your home, avoid using brown colors. Yes, brown colors seem to be very popular. However, feedback from real estate records show brown homes don’t sell, and those that do, the homes are selling for $2,000 less than value. The alternative? Consider using “Greige” which is a mix of gray and beige or other similar hues. Homes with greige or gray hues seem to sell faster and even for more. For doors and other exterior accents, consider using navy blues and dark gray hues. This combination is making a major impact on the housing market.

Most Popular Wall Color for Kitchens

A common color mistake when it comes to kitchens is yellow. Light yellow hues are seen in more and more kitchens. However, even though yellow kitchens seem to be popular they too are reducing the value of a home as much as $800. To increase the value, when painting a kitchen the winning colors are blues and grays. Gray and blue look great with yellow accents or even white. By using blue and gray hues some home values has increased almost $1,800 and boost the rate of sales.

Bathroom Colors for Return on Investment

Many people consider white as a “clean color” and often paint bathrooms white to make it feel cleaner and bigger in some cases. Where white is often a good choice for a bathroom, most buyers don’t like it very much. For many buyers, they state a white bathroom looks dull and have stated how they will most likely paint if they buy it. Because of this, white bathrooms can deter buyers or reduce the value of the home. If you want to lure buyers and make an interesting bathroom, use powder blues such as periwinkle. The light blues can make smaller bathrooms look bigger, brighter and more interesting. Such colors can increase the value.

Bedrooms Colors for Home Staging

Bedrooms, especially little girls’ rooms should never be painted pink. Yes, it is the color of choice for girls and many homeowners will paint the girl’s room light pink or an antique rose color. However, if you wish to increase the value of the home, avoid using pinks, especially in bedrooms. Blues with white trim seem to be the buyer’s choice and by using blue hues, it can help increase the value and draw buyers.

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When making the investment to repaint your home, consider the return value, and make sure you break even if not increase the value of your home when painting. For professional painting services, contact McKay’s Painting and schedule our services today.

Is Painting Safe While Pregnant in Thousand Oaks, CA? Paint Toxicity, Ventilation for Dust & More

Is Painting Safe While Pregnant in Thousand Oaks, CA? Paint Toxicity, Ventilation for Dust & More

Are you expecting a child? Congratulations! Bringing a baby into your family is such a special experience. There are so many things that need to be done before your baby is born. One thing that you will need to do is getting your nursery all put together for your little bundle of joy. You may have heard that you should not paint when you are pregnant. Is that true? McKays Painting has done the research for you on this so that you do not have to wonder about whether or not you should attempt painting yourself.

Paint Toxicity

There are three different categories of paint for you to know about: latex, oil, and enamel. It is extremely hard to determine the degree of toxicity during pregnancy because there is not a current method of measuring actual exposure. Research does show that the likelihood of paint toxicity depends on how long you are exposed to the paint and what kind of chemicals and solvents are in the paint.

Avoid Exposure to Lead Paint Dust

If you are painting areas of your home you will want to avoid lead based paint. Lead based paint was commonly used prior to the 1970s. Modern paint does not typically contain lead. You can get lead poisoning if you are removing old paint that has lead in it though. If your painting job requires you to scrape and sand old paint that may contain lead you will want to avoid that completely. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has proven that exposure to lead paint increases the likelihood of lead poisoning and mental retardation. McKays Painting definitely recommends that you avoid doing this part of the job yourself.

Safety Equipment & Ventilation when Painting

Some pregnant women work in industries where painting is a large part of their job. If you are consistently exposed to paints and solvents at your job there are some concerns. To protect yourself at work you should wear protective clothing and have effective ventilation in your workspace to help reduce the level of exposure and potential risk to the baby.

Spray Painting While Pregnant

With the increase of do it yourself blogs and reality television shows repurposing furniture is a popular choice among expecting parents. Many times these projects are completed with spray paint. If you are considering spray painting any of your furniture to give it a fresh look for your nursery you will definitely want to have someone else do the dirty work. The mist created when you are spray painting can be inhaled and cause issues for you or the baby.

Can I Paint During Pregnancy?

If you decide to tackle any of the painting projects yourself there are some precautions you should take. Talk to your health care provider before beginning a painting project. Your doctor can help explain some of the pregnancy and birth defect risks that can happen from exposure to paint. If you do paint, wear protective clothing, masks, and keep the area ventilated. If your paint contains solvents such as ethylene glycol and biocides etc you will want to have someone else do the painting. Water colors, acrylic, and tempera paints are all much safer choices for you when you are pregnant. Overall it is indeed recommended that you only paint when you are pregnant in small amounts.

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Hiring someone to come out and tackle getting your nursery ready or meet any of your other painting needs for you when you are pregnant is the safest option. Give McKay’s Painting a call today and we can come out and help your family prepare for your new addition!

Fire & Smoke Damage in Camarillo, CA; Hire Pros to Replace Drywall & Apply New Texture & Paint

Fire & Smoke Damage in Camarillo, CA; Hire Pros to Replace Drywall & Apply New Texture & Paint

When your home suffers fire damage it can be a devastating experience. The damage that a fire can cause to a home can be hard to get over and hard to repair. Luckily, there are steps you can take to give the process a kick start. However, there are things you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to the fire restoration process. McKay’s Painting offers helpful tips below.

What to Do After a House Fire

The first thing you should do is a call professionals. The next thing you should do is have the utilities turned off until it can be determined if these systems were damaged during the fire. Now it’s time to vacuum the furniture. While the professionals will take care of the entire process, you can do a first pass for more success. Use a vacuum cleaner that has a brush attachment to remove soot. You can then cover your furniture with plastic until the professionals start so remaining soot won’t seep deeper into the upholstery. The carpets floors and countertops are next. Use the vacuum cleaner on your carpets for an immediate improvement and to prevent soot from getting deeper into the fibers. Hard floors and countertops should have soot wiped off as soon as possible to prevent staining. Since the utilities are off you need to check the appliances. Empty the fridge and freezer and leave the door open to avoid mold growth. Drain your hot water heater because fluids can freeze in pipes during the winter months. Make sure you take care of your pets because the soot and smoke remaining in the home can be dangerous for them.

What Not to Do After a House Fire

Do not use your HVAC system or any electronics after your home has suffered a fire. Turning the air conditioner, heater or electronics on can cause more damage. Do not clean the walls or your clothing either. Do not eat any food that was in the home during the fire. Chances are good that it’s not safe because of smoke, soot and other contaminants in the air from when the fire was put out. The contaminants from the extinguishing process will leave a powder behind. Do not wipe it up. The professionals will do it as part of the restoration process.

Fire Damage Restoration Services & More in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills & Santa Barbara California

Most importantly, never enter your home after a fire until the fire department or local officials have cleared it. These do’s and don’ts will help prevent any further damage and get the cleaning process started. As tempting as it might be to dive in and get started, the best thing you can do is hire the services of professionals. McKay’s Painting has the knowledge, tools and experience to replace damaged drywall and apply new texture and paint to restore your walls and ceilings to like new quickly. Give us a call today.