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Do I Need to Prime Before Painting Walls in Westlake Village, CA? When is it Not Necessary?

Do I Need to Prime Before Painting Walls in Westlake Village, CA? When is it Not Necessary?

When you are looking to start upgrading your house a great place to start is the walls in the house. The walls in your house take on wear and tear much like the rest of the house. That is why they will need some updating with a fresh coat of paint. There is a lot that goes into painting the walls in your house. The paint that you choose has to be chosen based on several aspects. One happens to be the color that you were going for or a scheme that meets the design you want. The color is really only a part of the product because you want to also look at the finish that you want as well. Some paint has a matte finish that is flat all the way to a high gloss that is quite shiny. It is important to know what each are and what the pros and cons are. Once you are ready to have your home painted the preparation is important. You need to make sure any damage that is done to the walls is repaired so that the finish is clean and smooth. The preparation also includes taping off the areas that are not going to get paint on them. The other way that you want to prepare for paint on your walls is to prime the walls. This is a part of the process that people are not sure if they need or not.

McKay’s Painting Outlines when to Use Primer on the Walls

Is There Existing Paint on the Walls?: One of the ways you can judge if you need to have primer added to your walls before they are painted can be if the walls have paint on them already. If you have a wall that is made of drywall and has not been painted yet you want to make sure that you have it primed first. The drywall is like a sponge and will soak up your paint and that will leave an uneven finish on the walls. If you have a wood wall that is bare and has yet to be painted you also want to lay down a primer. This is because you want to make sure the wood does not soak the paint up either. The primer is a way to cover the exposed material so that is not able to soak up the color that you want to apply to the walls. If your walls have paint the primer may not be required.
Painting Over Dark Colors on Walls: Colors come and go with trends and some people use them. That means that when painting with black or red paint was really big, you may have gone all the way with it. Maybe you have a teen that chose their own color and it is a deep dark blue. Now that you want to paint over these walls and you want to move with the trend to a lighter option you may need to use a primer. These colors are ones that will and can bleed through the new color or have an impact on the final look of the new color. The primer will help to cover it so that the new color has a layer to dry on smoothly.
When Paint Primer is Not Necessary: When you are painting a room that is in good shape and the color that underneath is not dark you can paint over the top. The best way to know for sure that you are not in need of primer is to talk to a professional about what is needed and what you are expecting with the outcome.

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McKay’s Painting has the ability to paint over any type of surface from wood, brick, drywall to plaster. Call us today to see what is needed to prepare the walls in your home.

2019 Paint Colors of the Year in Newbury Park, CA; Pantone, Sherwin Williams, Behr & More

2019 Paint Colors of the Year in Newbury Park, CA; Pantone, Sherwin Williams, Behr & More

The overall color we choose for our home’s paint scheme sets the tone and ambiance for those who live there or are visiting. Colors impact our moods and set the theme for our furniture, wall décor and other decorations. Whether it’s the color of your car, your favorite shade of lipstick, or your favorite pair of shoes, colors have a way of making a bold statement. Shoe color can be a much simpler task to choose than a whole home. One needs to draw inspiration when the time comes to update the color in our homes. Where does one turn to gather helpful insight for their next home improvement project? Look no more! We have gathered information from the World’s leading color experts to bring to you the trendiest colors of the upcoming 2019 year!

Pantone Color of the Year 2019; Living Coral Pink

Pantone Inc. is the World’s preeminent source for the trendiest colors of the year and the primary provider of color systems. Each year they assemble a committee that is set apart to choose the Color of the Year. This committee critiques the world of design, art, travel, lifestyles and socio-economic conditions to draw inspiration from. Spring/Summer 2019’s color trend from Pantone is determined to be LOVE! These vibrant hues of red and pink are pleasing to the eyes. They can be arranged in complex color arrangements for eye popping visualization.

Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color of the Year; Cavern Clay Brown

Sherwin-Williams is one of the World’s leading paint suppliers, providing only the highest quality of paint in the industry they are a force to be reckoned with. They have presented their upcoming color of the year to be Cavern Clay SW 7701! Described as a warm terracotta color with warm, ancient, elemental roots, Cavern Clay brings the soul of the American Southwest to present a modern desert feel. It’s a warm, inviting, earthy hue works fabulously in a welcoming dining room or in the kitchen paired with colorful tiles.

Behr Paint’s 2019 Color of the Year; Blueprint Blue

This year’s trend begins with a color known as Blueprint s470-5. This cool blue works flawlessly to calm your mood and set the tone. Use it as an accent wall, for trim, on walls or on ceilings. No matter where you decide to add this calming color, all who see it will admire its beauty.

PPG Paints 2019 Color of the Year; Night Watch Green

PPG Paints has chosen a rich, luxurious shade of green that promotes a feeling of lush greenery and the healing power of nature. Night Watch 9PPG1145-7 works effortlessly in custom color schemes for all kinds of businesses and residences. Feel closure to your inner animal and closer to nature with this jaw dropping shade of green.

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So, which color will you choose? Each of these admirable choices come with their own custom color palettes. So, whether you’re looking to spruce up one room, or your whole home, McKay’s Painting is up to date with all of the latest painting trends. From color schemes to the latest designs we can accommodate all of you needs, big or small. Give us a call if you have questions or to schedule your home’s makeover using the latest and greatest color schemes for 2019!

Girls, Boys & Gender Neutral Playroom Paint Color Schemes & Decorating Ideas in Ojai, CA

Girls, Boys & Gender Neutral Playroom Paint Color Schemes & Decorating Ideas in Ojai, CA

You do not have to sacrifice style for your kids’ playroom. Many homeowners will keep a playroom basic, either dark or white and little to no accessories, allowing the toys to be the accessories. Having a playroom can be more playful, fun, and stimulating to the senses. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to share some ideas to make your playroom more unique and have style.

Playroom Paint Colors for Girls

Playroom exclusive for girls can have a feminine touch. Glitter is an all-time favorite among little girls. Including it in the paint for your walls can provide some inspiration for fairy or princess playtime. Paint your selected color on the walls and while it is wet, gently toss thick, crafting glitter from top to bottom and let dry. For a less glitter, you can blow some glitter onto the walls or use a fan.

Playroom Paint Color Schemes for Boys

A creative option for parents who want to create a dream room for exclusive boys is a racetrack room. Most boys are partial, at least for a phase, to fast cars. A painted racetrack looping and curving up and down the wall might be the perfect option for your racer. An intricate accent wall or make a track which bends around the entire room are a few options, allowing your little boys to do laps for hours.

Bright or Pastel Playroom Paint Colors

Creativity and imagination is encouraged frequently with bright colors. Whether you implement with the accessories or painting, it can make your playroom more exciting, playful and unique. For decades, children have loved playing under the parachute for a playtime activity, as they hide and play beneath the parachute. On the ceiling, paint the parachute; this adds color to room without it being overwhelming. At the center point of the ceiling, paint tringles out in red, green, yellow, and blue, or in pastel colors. This application particularly looks amazing in a square room with a raised ceiling.

Chalkboard Paint Wall

A wall is often nothing more to a child than a blank canvas, and hand a kid some chalk, you can have quite a few hours of authorized wall scribbles. Chalkboard paint can offer creative opportunities for your little one, without the damage. Chalkboard paint on an accent wall or add white wainscoting with a chair rail along the lower third of the wall to separate the space, keeping the chalkboard paint. Keep in mind that the chalkboard is offered in other colors besides black as well. In any application, this will give your kids a chance to write, draw and color their own creative masterpieces and the wall and when the fun is over, an eraser will make for quick cleanup.

Gender Neutral Children’s Playroom Murals

The murals can be gender neutral and the rest of your home beautifully will blend well, and murals can never be wrong.

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With so many options, you can have an exciting playroom with the many commodities to make your kids happier and your home run smoother. Call McKay’s Painting today to have our experts paint your playroom with quality and efficiency.

When to Repair or Replace Vinyl Siding in Ventura, CA? Cracks, Wood Rot, Water Damage & More

When to Repair or Replace Vinyl Siding in Ventura, CA? Cracks, Wood Rot, Water Damage & More

The siding on your home plays an important part in the structure of your home. It protects it from water, air, dirt and pests all year long. When sections of your home’s siding is damaged, it can cause problems. Should you repair or replace damaged siding? It’s a quick fix to just patch up a rotten or broken area, but it’s not always the most beneficial solution.

When Replacing Vinyl Siding a Good Investment?

1. Eliminate siding maintenance work. As soon as you start replacing pieces of siding, know that it won’t be the last. Areas of wood that are rotting will start to affect healthy wood. This will result in constant repairs. As siding gets older it needs sanding and refinishing to keep the wood healthy. Vinyl siding eliminates these issues and the only maintenance required is a spray with the garden hose or power washing.
2. Improve energy efficiency. Damaged areas of siding allow air to flow into your home. If it’s summer, it will be warm air, in the winter, cold air. When this happens, the result will be higher energy costs. Vinyl siding is a great option to eliminate this issue. Your energy bills will come down and your home will be a more comfortable place to live any time of the year.
3. Increase curb appeal and home value. Vinyl siding can look just like wood and can last for years. You can sit back and watch your neighbor continue to repair areas of his siding and yours will look as good as it did the day it was installed. There are also style and color options that allow you to change the color of it if you like.

Signs You Need Siding Repair

Repair is a popular choice because it’s fast and costs less, but it may not be the answer. Repairs are recommended when you notice cracking and chipping. These are usually easily repaired, or a single panel of siding can be done at low-cost. Minor mold issues can be repaired if it’s removed quickly and you’ve fixed what’s causing it. Dents aren’t problematic but can be repaired. Loose panels can also be repaired and/or replaced.

When to Replace Vinyl Siding

Most of the time repairs can meet your needs, but there are times that repairable issues will eventually lead to replacement. Any kind of rot is a clear indication that siding is starting to fail. When maintenance starts happening more than once a year, this is also a sign you need replacement. As is when your siding gets faded from the sun and you’re not happy with the way it looks. Newer siding options can improve visual appeal, protect your home better and even save you money in energy costs.

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Do you want a professional’s input to help you decide if it’s time to repair or replace your siding? Contact McKay’s Painting for help. We can repair your current siding and do it well, but if you decide to replace, we can do that too. Give us a call today to go over all your options.

What to Expect when Working with an Interior Designer in Calabasas, CA; Wow Factor & More

What to Expect when Working with an Interior Designer in Calabasas, CA; Wow Factor & More

We all want to live in a home that brings us joy and comfort. We want it to look fantastic and reflect our style and personality. On top of that, we want it to be functional too. Does this sound impossible?? It’s not! Hiring an interior designer provides you with a space that is carefully explored, planned and designed by a professional. Many people get intimidated with the idea of hiring a professional to come into their home and the thought the cost might concerning.

Pros of Hiring an Interior Designer

1. Interior designers save money. Hiring a designer prevents design decisions that can be costly. Have you ever had to paint a room three or four times to get the right color? Have you ever bought a piece of furniture only to discover it was too big once you got it home? These mistakes can add up. You can pay the designer’s fee and avoid these mistakes. Designers also know how to get exactly what you want on any budget and you will know where every penny goes.
2. Interior designers save time. Your time is precious. A professional interior designer will not only save you money it will save you time. They are trained as to what needs to be done and when. They can also predict obstacles that may come up and know how to deal with them.
3. Interior designers give a professional assessment. When you hire someone trained in interior design, you will have a plan of action right from the start. This is what they went to school for and have had experience doing. They can spot things you will miss. Art and science come together with interior design and professionals know how to balance them.
4. Interior designers are a qualified liaison. There are other parties involved when you design your home. Interior designers know how to work with the lighting, furnishing and architecture. This is critical in saving time and money and getting you exactly what you envision. An interior designer will address all issues at the appropriate time.
5. You will get better contacts and resources when hiring an interior designer. Good resources can be hard to find. When you hire a professional, you’ll have someone that already works in the field of home improvement. In other words, they have connections. Contractors they’ve worked with and trust will be used in your home. These resources will give you the space you want that is unique to you, rather than what everyone buys at the big box stores.
6. Interior designers give your house a wow factor. Who doesn’t want a wow factor? Interior designers are trained to see the overall picture that can be hard for homeowners to envision. They can think outside the box and pay attention to every detail, giving you a home that is one-of-a-kind. Doing it on your own leaves you stuck trying to deal with all the elements that come with home design. Hiring a designer gives you a home that looks put together, is beautiful and best of all, functional.

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If you need an interior designer, contact McKay’s Painting. We offer full interior design services that will wow anyone that comes to visit. Contact us for a consultation today!

How to Clean Painted Walls Without Removing Paint or Leaving Streaks in Moorpark, CA

How to Clean Painted Walls Without Removing Paint or Leaving Streaks in Moorpark, CA

Most people have a list of chores that they need to have done throughout the week and the month. You want to make sure you take care of the cleaning because the more you miss them the harder it will be the next time. One area of the house that you want to make sure does not get skipped are the walls. The walls in your home may seem clean but if you grab a painting or picture off the wall that has been there a while you might change your mind. There are lots of dirt, debris and grime that can be on the walls that will make them look dirty and dingy. If you are trying to clean the walls in your home you want to make sure that you use the right method so that you do not damage the paint.

McKay’s Painting Lists How to Wash & Clean Painted Walls & Ceilings

Vacuum Walls & Ceilings: The first thing you can do to treat dust and grime on your walls is to use the vacuum. The vacuum is a great versatile tool that is not just for your carpets anymore. You can use the hose attachment with a brush so that you can run the hose up and down the wall. This is a great way to get rid of the loose dirt that would otherwise be ground into the wall. It is a good idea to give this task some time so that you don’t skip around and miss large areas of the wall.
Type of Paint Finish on Walls: Now that you have cleaned the wall with the vacuum you need to determine what kind of paint finish in on your walls. There are many finishes that you could have and there are some that are easier to clean while other can be quite difficult. If you have a gloss or semi gloss be glad that you have a finish that is easier to clean and can take a good scrubbing. If you chose an eggshell or a matte finish you will need to be much more careful when cleaning any dirt and grime off the wall. The problem is that any aggressive scrubbing can take the paint right off the wall leaving you with a bare and uneven spot.
How to Clean Painted Walls Without Leaving Streaks: You want to make a cleaner that is not harsh and not abrasive for your walls. The simplest option that is easy to make and replace is to use a bowl and add warm water and drop a teaspoon of dish soap to the bowl. This liquid can be used to clean all the walls. Be sure that you have a towel on the ground to protect the floor underneath in case there is dripping during the cleaning process. You want to use a cloth and wash the walls with the cleaner that you made. Then follow up each area with a clean cloth that has been dipped in clean cold water only. This is to remove the residue that the soap may be leaving behind. This will help to stop streaking when the walls dry.

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Best Paint Finish & Color Ideas for Your Laundry Room or Front Entrance Mudroom in Oxnard, CA

Best Paint Finish & Color Ideas for Your Laundry Room or Front Entrance Mudroom in Oxnard, CA

These days, homes are being designed with mudrooms as more and more homeowners find they are essential to help reduce the amount of dirt that gets tracked through the home and find it’s a great place for coats, shoes and hats. As you begin to repaint your home to make it more your own, you may have a load of ideas on how you want each room to look. When it comes to the mudroom, some people may be looking for some inspiration. McKay’s Painting would like share a few color and paint themes that are prefect for mudrooms.

Mudroom Paint Considerations

When determining what paint colors to use in a mudroom, you may want to look at the space of the room. Next are there any additional features that can be painted. Will you want to use a single color or add accent colors? Most important of all, what colors are you drawn to? A mudroom is often the first room you enter inside your home. It can set a mood each time you enter your home. Lastly, what is the full purpose of the mudroom? Basically, it is a room you enter from outside to help prevent bringing in dirt and other elements from outside into your home. However, it can also serve more than just one purpose. Some homes combine the mudroom with a laundry room. With these considerations in mind, you can begin choosing your color and type of paint.

Types of Paint for Mudroom

When picking paint, the type matters when it comes to a room’s location or purpose. Mudrooms are intended to be the barrier between the outside and the rest of your home. Mudrooms often get dirty as dirt and other stains gets everywhere. You may find you will need to wipe the walls down and clean them often. Because mudroom walls may require the need to be cleaned often, consider using a latex paint that is gloss, semi-gloss, or satin. These types of paint can be cleaned often and are easier to take care of.

Popular Mudroom Paint Colors

When choosing a color, in the end it will be up to the personal preference of the homeowner and their personality. Colors have a way of affecting each person differently. For example, red colors can bring out aggression in some people, while the same red colors can make some people feel warmth and adds an inviting feel. Greens and brown are often associated with nature. Some love it while other people think green and brown colors look dirty and they never feel like their home is clean. Basically colors affect people differently which is why not all home are painted with the same colors. It can be hard to recommend certain colors since everybody sees colors differently. However, if colors can be recommended, then know that mudrooms look well with lighter colors. Light yellows and even oranges add an inviting feel and warmth to a mud room and is a great transition color from outside to inside. Blues, greens, and browns also work well for mudrooms. When the room gets dirty, these colors help blend in the mess, which reduces the need for frequent cleaning.

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McKay’s Painting hopes you love the look when designing and painting your mudroom. We also hope we were able to give some helpful pointers. For professional painting services, contact McKay’s Painting today.

Can You Paint or Wallpaper Over Painted or Textured Wallpaper in Isla Vista, CA or is Stripping Needed?

Can You Paint or Wallpaper Over Painted or Textured Wallpaper in Isla Vista, CA or is Stripping Needed?

As you look around your home there are many different projects that you might be thinking about getting underway. Some projects you probably know exactly what the next step is and you just need to get started. Other projects you may not be sure where to even start. If you have wallpaper in any of the rooms in your house that you do not want any more you may not know what you want to do next. There are many different options for you to consider to give your wallpapered walls a new look.

Can You Wallpaper Over Painted or Textured Wallpaper?

If your wallpaper is old and outdated you may just want to hang new wallpaper on top of it. In the last several years there has been a resurgence in wallpaper design. There are tons of trendy options on the market right now for wallpaper choices. If you want to skip the step of stripping your old wallpaper, it is an option. There are several steps that you will want to take to get your walls ready. Remove any nails that may be in your wall. Then wash your walls down with a solution of warm water and dish detergent. Let it dry completely. If any pieces of the existing wallpaper has bubbled or peeled you can use a utility knife to cut away those pieces. You can repair the indentations in the wall with nail hole filler. Once you are down with that you can put the wallpaper on like normal.

Painting Over Wallpaper

Another option is to paint over your wallpaper. If your wallpaper is in good condition and is still glued firmly onto your wall in all places, painting over your wallpaper is an option. If you decide to paint over it you will need to take time to prep the wall before you begin painting. First you will want to add some adhesive to any loose parts of wallpaper and glue it back down. Then add a thin line of clear caulking around the perimeter of your wall. This is an important step because it will help seal the edges of the wallpaper and keep the paper from peeling once you have painted. If your wallpaper is textured you will need to apply a thin coat of joint compound onto the wallpaper. This will help smooth the texture so it will not show through your paint. If your wallpaper is not textured you can skip this step. Next you will sand down the seams of the wallpaper so that you do not see them after you are done painting. You will need to apply a primer to the wallpaper before you paint the color you have chosen.

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The last option is to strip the wallpaper. If your wallpaper is torn, peeling, ripped, or bubbling this will be the option you should choose. Trying to paint or wallpaper over your wallpaper if it is in bad condition will not look very nice. Stripping wallpaper is a tedious process that can make even the most patient of homeowners go crazy! To remove wallpaper you will need to score, soak, and scrape the wallpaper repeatedly until it is all off. Most people dread this process. If you have decided to strip your wallpaper and do not want to do it yourself give McKays Painting a call. We provide wallpaper removal services that will help you stay sane.

Cool & Warm Paint Colors to Make a Room Look Bigger, Brighter & More Inviting in Goleta, CA

Cool & Warm Paint Colors to Make a Room Look Bigger, Brighter & More Inviting in Goleta, CA

When you are ready to take on a home project a great place to start is the canvas of your home. The main part of the canvas of your home are the walls. The walls and the color of them are a huge part of the look of the home and that is why you should take time in choosing the right paint. The color that you choose really is chosen with what you want to accomplish. There are arrays of color that each have a story to tell. Once you have a great fresh color on the walls you can start to really bring the room together. Before you are stuck on a particular set of colors it is important to decide if you want cool tones or warm tones. They are really the two main types and they are what will give feeling to the space.

Cool VS Warm Paint Coors in Interior Design

Cool Paint Colors: If you choose cool colors they are the ones that will remind you of water, ice and even grass. These are all things that feel cool and when you paint your home these colors it will often open the space and even make it feel expanded. They are not the colors that you want to have in your home if you are looking to have a warm look to a particular space.
Warm Paint Colors: Another area of color that you can choose from are warmer colors. These are colors that will remind you of the sun and fire. When you are in a room that has these warmer tones you will more invited and more comfortable. It makes a space have a cozy feel and makes you feel happy to be there. The warmer colors are a great option for a home that is looking to invite some comfort in the space.

McKay’s Painting Outlines what Paint Colors Will Offer an Inviting Look to Your Space

Warm Yellow Paint Color: The first color that you can choose to show off an inviting space are the yellows. You don’t have to splash the bright yellow on the walls but even choosing a subtle yellow is a great way to go. Many people are choosing to use a soft butter yellow which is gentle enough but it will still give you that inviting and warming feeling.
Shades of Orange Paint: You can also go a little further into the warm tones by using an orange toned color for your home. The oranges are what is in fire and when it is in the wall it will bring the warmness into the room as well. You can look into the darker and more burnt oranges or even the soft orange if you don’t want to go too bold.
Tones of Brown Paint Color: You also can choose to use browns that are a part of the warm tones. They are the earth and when you think of the warm ground under your feet you feel comfortable and invited. You can go with browns that are dark and deep or even the tans that many people love.

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McKay’s Painting has superior equipment, experience and ability to come and paint the interior of your home to create the warm inviting look that you want. Call us today to meet with one of our experts.