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How to Tell if Deck Wood is Rotten in Camarillo, CA & How to Treat Brown & White Dry Rot

How to Tell if Deck Wood is Rotten in Camarillo, CA & How to Treat Brown & White Dry Rot

Most people that have wood decks enjoy spending hours outdoors utilizing them. Decks are perfect for so many different things. People love breathing in the fresh air while they sit on their decks and spend time with family, entertain guests, or spend some solo time outdoors. One concern with wood decks is the wood becoming dry rotted. McKay’s Painting wants to make sure you know what dry rot is, what the signs are, and what to do about it so that you can keep your wood deck functioning properly so you can continue to use yours.

What is Wood Dry Rot?

The first thing we need to talk about is what exactly dry rot is. Dry rot is a fungus that can cause mildew, mold, staining, or decay in wood. The micro-organisms in the fungus make the wood brittle and vulnerable by removing the cellulose from the wood. The fungus grows when it has heat, moisture, dirt, and a dark place to grow. If where you live has hot, humid summers or wet, foggy winters your wood deck could be the perfect target for decay caused by dry rot. Once dry rot starts it can spread and cost excessive damage that is costly to repair.

Brown & White Dry Rot

There are two different types of dry rot. Brown and white rot can both cause damage to wood. Of the two types of dry rot brown rot is the most serious. Brown rot typically affects softwoods. Brown rot can grow when the wood is wet and if there is high humidity in the area. White rot can only occur is the wood is actually wet. Both hardwood and softwood can be affected by white rot.

Early Signs of Wood Rot

We recommend that you check your wood deck regularly for signs of dry rot. Dry rot frequently appears grayish in color. It can cover the surface of the wood in long sheets of mold. Your wood could also start to look dark and decayed. Brown rot can give your wood a mottled checkerboard appearance. If it keeps growing it can turn your wood into powder. White rot can cause the wood to break along the grain of the wood. Sometimes people mistake pest infestation and dry rot for each other. Both pest infestation and dry rot have symptoms that can look similar to each other. You need to make sure that you have a proper diagnosis in order to properly treat your wood deck. McKay’s Painting can come out and perform a dry rot inspection of your home to help make a proper diagnosis.

How to Treat Dry Rot

If you do have dry rot you will want to replace the infected pieces of wood on your deck. Simply replacing the wood does not mean that your wood deck is safe. There is a reason that the dry rot started to grow. It is important to find where the problem started so you can prevent it from happening again. You will want to look for plumbing leaks; inspect your gutter system; examine the grade of yard to prevent water from collecting on your property; and make sure that your sprinkler system is hitting the correct areas and not causing over-saturation on your property. We also recommend sealing your wood deck to help preserve the wood and keep the moisture out.

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McKay’s Painting hope this information has helped you understand more about dry rot and the danger it can present to your wood deck. If you have any concerns about your wood deck being infested with dry rot please give McKays Painting a call. We can come out and help restore your wood deck so that you can continue to enjoy spending time on it!

Corporate Business Office Paint Colors, Design & Decorating Ideas in Westlake Village, CA

Corporate Business Office Paint Colors, Design & Decorating Ideas in Westlake Village, CA

There is a lot a business owner must think about when running a successful company. Often they are not thinking about paint. However, the way the office looks can have an effect on your business. The more clean the office looks, the more it can help productivity and customer retention. When picking paint, there are a few considerations other than color you will want to know about to help ensure your office stays looking clean and orderly. McKay’s Painting will share the top four considerations when choosing paint for your office or commercial building.

How to Choose what Kind of Paint to Use

If your business or office has a lot of foot traffic, you will want to choose a durable type of paint that can withstand the high traffic. For painting walls, it is recommended you use a high quality semi-gloss paint. Semi-gloss is easy to keep clean. Other paints that are more flat contain more pores which can lead to chipping or bubbling paint. Semi-gloss can also hide imperfections in the wall, which can help make the office look clean and better kept. If you host business meetings with clients it is important that your walls look clean. Cheap paint reveals flaws and develop bubbling and chipping. To help ensure your office stays looking amazing it is recommended you use a semi-gloss paint.

Keep House & Apartment Walls Clean

As stated previously, you will want to keep the walls clean. Some paint will wash away over time and areas that require frequent cleaning should use a durable paint. However, if walls are kept clean and spills or stains are cleaned as they occur, this can prevent paint erosion. If you leave dirt, stains or smudges to be cleaned later, then more scrubbing is involved. To put it bluntly, scrubbing is bad for any type of paint. If you want to ensure your walls stay looking clean and prevent unsightly damage to the paint, make sure you clean the walls as stains occur. Additionally, avoid using chemicals. Most stains should be removed by water.

Maintain Touch Up Paint

Touch ups eventually are a must. Touch ups are tricky since paint slowly loses water over time. This means the color will never match up. As touch ups are needed do it quickly to maintain the wall’s color. It your touch up paint is over five years old, consider repainting your walls. Touch up becomes impossible when paint ages and can be difficult to match the same color. This is why offices and commercial buildings should consider repainting their walls every five years to maintain the wall and keep the office looking clean and well kept.

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If you want your office building to look perfect then use a professional painting contractor to handle your painting, repainting and touch ups. We can better maintain the wall, trim and other surfaces. We can also help you find which paint suits your business and its needs. If your office or commercial business need professional painting services, contact McKay’s Painting. We provide many service that can ensure your business looks clean and professional. Contact McKay’s Painting to schedule our services today!

Japanese Zen Interior Design Definition, Concept & Principles in Newbury Park, CA

Japanese Zen Interior Design Definition, Concept & Principles in Newbury Park, CA

Focusing on the specific elements helps you accomplish any interior design. You need to utilize the colors most importantly when your goal is to achieve a definite interior design. Your personal touch should always be included to customize the look and make it unique. A growing trend in California homes, the Japanese Zen interior style is a great way to bring calmness and peace into a home. Today, McKay’s Painting would like to help you create the Japanese Zen style by offering some advice to achieve your goal.

Zen Interior Design Concept & Principles

The key components for the Japanese Zen interior design are recreating the interior design to reflect balance, harmony, and relaxation. Avoiding the distractions and focusing on meditation is what Japanese Zen is about. There are no set of rules to accomplish the Zen interior design, but pure lines, minimalism, and simplicity are all the basic guidelines. The point of Zen in your home is to create an atmosphere that offsets the stress and hassles of life. To help you get started on your Japanese Zen goals, we have compiled some helpful suggestions.
Furniture: Shun the complicated details and excess ornamentation with your furnishings, the Zen-style furniture is characterized by simple and clear lines. The furniture being made from natural materials should be of top quality. The closet doors, cupboards, and chests of drawers and other storage pieces should be painted to match or blend the interior walls.
Plants: You can never go wrong with the house plants, and Japanese Zen is all about plants. For easy care and maintenance, consider native plants.
Fabrics: For the curtains, upholstery rugs, and other fabric applications, look for natural and light coloring. When it comes to Zen design is to include wool, linen, or bunting wool and match them with the rest of the room an essential component is to reduce noise and blocking air draft, as well as providing a sensation of intimacy.
Lighting: Ambient lighting is for nature-inspired lighting or candle lights to replace the harsh florescent lights that ultimately create a calming and relaxing environment. Place the lighting in different areas to control the intensity. Avoid projecting a strong direct light and mix up the light sources with floor lamp, a lamp set, and indirect light.
Paint Colors: Soft and natural variations of green, white, gray, as well as pale colors like beige or a very light pink helps bring the Japanese Zen style to life. With the power to induce a sense of relaxation and calmness, these colors are ideal. Furniture, walls, and floors are equally important for the visual continuity between these elements and chromatic harmony brings it all together. When you are putting the color scheme, you can use the above-mentioned colors for primary, accents, trim work. Though you want to add your own flare, avoid flashy, harsh, and bold colors, or if you must, it should be toned to a minimal.

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Call McKay’s Painting today if you are looking to paint the inside of your California home with Japanese Zen inspirations and we will ensure quality and efficiency. Contact us today!

How to Make Exterior Paint Last Longer in Ojai, CA; Apply Primer, Reduce Humidity & More

How to Make Exterior Paint Last Longer in Ojai, CA; Apply Primer, Reduce Humidity & More

At some point the painted surfaces will flake, peel, crack and blister as no painted surface can last forever. Once you find the perfect color, most want it to last as long possible and even with routine maintenance and care, the paint will eventually succumb to the wear of time. The exterior paint is especially vulnerable being exposed to the sun’s rays, extreme weather conditions, humidity, dry spells, and other outdoor elements such as pollution, microbe growth, pest activities, and so on. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to share the decaying paint symptoms as well as a few tips to extend the paint.

Choose a Flexible Paint

Flexibility allows paint to breathe. For maximum flexibility, consider paint with 100% acrylic resin. The lesser flexibility, the quicker the deterioration, such as that from oil-based paints with limited flexibility. Under the stress of the different weather conditions a too few, thin coats, will have a tendency to crack under the stress, where too many heavy coats will fall apart from the weight. The durability of paint is greatly impacted by the weather and temperature changes. Because it lacks a solid surface to properly attach paint cannot adhere to weathered wood. Sanding or stripping the wood to remove the 1st layer of decay can help the paint better adhere to the surface properly, making it last longer.

Importance of Paint Primer

Resulting in poor quality results, skipping the primer, which too many people are guilty of, will also prevent the paint from lasting. To really helps the lifespan of your paint, choose the right primer for the circumstances.

Test Old Paint

To see if the old paint is in the condition to be primed and painted, you can perform a simply patch test. Firmly stick a strip of duct tape to the surface of the old paint and rip it off. If the paint remains intact, it is in good condition and can be primed and repainted. However, if flakes or chunks rip off onto the duct tape, it will need to be stripped first before primer and paint can be applied.

Reduce Humidity Levels when Painting

Paint can potentially blister and peel when it is exposed to excessive moisture/humidity. You can use dehumidifiers to remove the humidity from the space before painting. If exhaust vents or leaks are contributing to high levels of humidity, be sure to do the repairs. Once the paint is on you do not want it to succumb to humid conditions.

Wash Off Mildew Before Painting

Another mistake that people are making is painting over dirt, mildew, and other microbe growth. Should mildew or other microbe growth be present, be sure to wash it off with 1-part bleach and 3-parts bleach. Let it dry completely before priming and painting.

Avoid Exterior Painting in the Sun & Rain

During the first 24 hours paint is drying, intense heat can cause it to blister. When painting the exterior of your home, follow the sun around the house and avoid painting when temperatures are extreme. If you decide to tackle the exterior painting job on your own, in the early morning paint the south side, around noon get the west finished, followed by the north and east sides of the structure later in the in the day. This will help prevent the blistering from occurring as the paint dries. Paint will pucker within 48 hours if the surface is wet or it rains before is thoroughly dry. Never paint wet surfaces and if rain is in the forecast, wait it out. Finally, ensure that the paint you selected is appropriate for the indoor/outdoor use and for the climate typical in your area. Paint will last longer when use in ideal circumstances.

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To ensure your painting project is done correctly, call McKay’s Painting and let our experts get the project done efficiently!

Painting or Staining the Front Yard Fence to Enhance Curb Appeal & More in Ventura, CA

Painting or Staining the Front Yard Fence to Enhance Curb Appeal & More in Ventura, CA

In reference to how people perceive your home as they travel passed it on the street, is known as curb appeal. The home’s overall curb appeal can be a lot more dynamic with a front yard fence. There are a few things to consider when the front fence is due for a fresh coat of paint or finish and today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to elaborate somewhat on those considerations.

Yard & Fence Color Combinations

Tying in the fence’s aesthetics with your landscaping is one of the major factors and deciding if the fence should blend or standout with the flowers and vegetation are also important. Whether your home is modern or traditional will also influence your decision and how you expect the overall look of your home to be. Avoid brown, green, and any other color that belongs to the flowers if you really want to make your garden be the primary focus. You can make your home and landscaping seem larger with the use of dark colors, while letting the landscape design be the focus. Where it is not necessarily a bad thing, keep in mind that lighter colors can potentially make the exterior of your home and the yard look smaller.

Wood Fence Paint & Stain Colors

White: You can never go wrong with white, it is a classic and especially fits with a traditional home and style. “The house with a white picket fence” is often the perfect image of a home and when there is existing white trim on the home’s exterior trim work, the white fencing creates a cohesive look. The flowers and plants will look brighter and the colors will dazzle the passersby.
Natural Wood Stain: For those that prefer the simple and natural looks, a stain instead of paint is also an option. Stain comes in a variety of shades, and ranges in so many different colors from clear to dark brown. Staining is optimal for homes that have natural or rustic styles.
Gray: Gray is a safe neutral color that you simply cannot go wrong and getting paired with a everything from an edgy modern style fence to a classic picket fences makes gray especially versatile. Not to mention because there are gray paints or gray stains options, you have a plethora of choices. a stain allows the natural wood grain to show through while offering some color where paint will provide a solid color that does not show off the natural wood.
Blue: Always fun is a blue fence that adds more color to your landscape. Should your home be painted gray, beige, white, pale colors, or other light neutral tones, your home can be visually striking and really standout in a subtle, yet positive way.
Black: Black, not being as intense as some people think, offer neutrality. Black can help modernize your landscaping with more edge that what lighter colors offer. Your plants, trees, and flowers will have the opportunity to stand out as black makes for the perfect backdrop. Both colors and texture are enhanced with a black fence.

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Whether you like these options or prefer one of your own ideas for your Southern California home, McKay’s Painting is ready to paint your fence efficiently and quickly. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

How to Prevent Mold After Water Damage in Calabasas, CA; Drywall Replacement & More

How to Prevent Mold After Water Damage in Calabasas, CA; Drywall Replacement & More

When you experience water damage in your home, you’ll want to get things back to normal as quickly as possible and it takes more than a bucket and mop to clean it up. The faster you take care of it, the better because dangerous consequences await you if you take too long.

Effects of a House Flood & Other Water Damage

It doesn’t take long for mold to start growing. If the home doesn’t get ventilated and dehumidified properly, you’ll have a problem on your hands. To ensure you won’t have these issues in the future, you need to add anti-microbial agents to the restoration process. Professionals will be able to locate any areas that are more susceptible to spores. Wood needs to be dried thoroughly to avoid wood rot. There are other materials that were used to build your home that can suffer damage. Laminate can separate from the surface if it’s exposed to water for too long. The best way to avoid any damage is to remove water as quickly as possible. Mold growth is associated with health problems. Fresh water is bad enough, but black or gray water can add fungi to the problem along with dangerous microorganisms.

Water Damage Category Types

Chances are that water damage recovery isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. Water damage is cause by three different types of water
• Clean water (Category 1)
• Gray water (Category 2)
• Black water (Category 3)
Dealing with gray or black water need to be handled differently and definitely needs the professionals. While it’s easy to determine where the leaky or broken pipe is, it’s much harder to see the damage that is hidden behind the walls. This damage is typically much more extensive than what you can see. It’s critical to find all sources of moisture and dry them to prevent mold. Water damage restoration methods will be different depending on the material and what’s behind those materials. Drywall can be salvaged but only if it’s done quickly. Moisture meters will be used to assess the structural integrity and to check how the drying process is going. Flood cuts will be made if there is insulation, weep holes if there isn’t and staggered cuts will be used if it’s a firewall. All flooring material will need to be dealt with.

Water Damage Restoration Services in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills & Santa Barbara California

Most people assume that opening the windows after you’ve found moisture is the best thing to do to. This will dry it faster, right? If your home is ventilated mechanically, the system will need constant pressure levels to function properly. Extra coolness or heat and humidity can actually interfere with the drying process. One air mover will be needed for every 15 – 25 square feet of flooring, but more may be needed depending on the moisture levels. It’s crucial to ensure everything is completely dry before it gets put back together, to avoid problems. Regardless of the water damage you’ve experienced, it’s best to contact professionals. This is the best way to avoid secondary problems. McKay’s Painting offers water damage restoration services including drywall replacement, texturing and painting. Give us a call today!

How Much Can Interior Touch Up Painting Increase Your Home Value in Moorpark, CA

How Much Can Interior Touch Up Painting Increase Your Home Value in Moorpark, CA

When you are looking around your house and want to find a way to spruce up the look there are several things that you can do. You can take some time to tidy up and update some of the décor. You can also use paint to make some changes to your house that will make a big impact. Paint is something that people often overlook but it should be sought after when trying to make an update to your house. New paint on your walls can not only make the house look fresh but it will also make the room looks cleaner as well. If you want to use paint to make some changes to your house but you’re not ready to take on painting an entire room there are some options for you.

McKay’s Painting Lists Ways You Can Use Touch Up Paint to Update & Freshen Up Your House

Touch Up Paint Trim: One of the areas of the house that might end up needing to be touched up is the trim work around your house. The trim around your house happens to be placed around doors, windows and of course would include your baseboard and your crown molding. These also happen to be protruding out past the main area of the wall. That also means that they are more prone to being bumped into and damaged. That is why when you start to look for areas of paint that are chipped or dented it often will include these pieces of trim. That is why it is a good idea to use some time to have your trim touched up with paint. This fresh trim will help to rebalance out the room and create smooth and neat lines that make the room much more appealing.
Re-Paint Or Touch Up Doors: If you want to make an impact on the look of the house you can also paint the doors. The doors are part of the house that are being touched, pushed open and much more. They are the main moving part and is the access to the room. That is why they are prone to be damaged. You can repaint them completely to leave a nice clean look or you can at least touch up the areas of the door that are in need.
Touch Up Paint in the Bathroom: One of the rooms in the house that gets beat up is the bathroom. You might be wondering how but it is true. The room is constantly being filled with moisture and heat then cooled and dried back down. This can be hard on the paint that is on the walls and cause them to start to blister. It would be a great room to touch up the paint or at least repaint the space.
Paint Wall Corners & Edges: Another area of the house that can use a bit of touch up are the edges of the walls and the corners. This is the parts of the wall that exist between two rooms and has no door. The edge often has a metal corner and on top of that is the paint. The paint can easily be chipped off these areas which is why you want to have them touched up.

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McKay’s Painting offers services to meet all your painting needs from touching up the walls to whole house painting. Call us today to have an expert painter sent to your house.

Why You Should Have the Interior of Your Oxnard, CA House Painted Before You Move In

Why You Should Have the Interior of Your Oxnard, CA House Painted Before You Move In

When you are ready to move from one place to the next the process can be difficult. The move is only part of the process because you have to also have to find a place to live and try to settle in. The moving process includes packing and getting your new house set up. You want to make sure that you make some solid plans about what needs to be done before you get to the new house. This will help to alleviate the anxiety over what has to be done. One aspect of moving is what you want to have done to the new house before you arrive. Many people will choose to have the house cleaned and it is a good time to make any changes. If you want to change the paint colors in the house it is always better to do it before you move any of your belongings in the house.

McKay’s Painting Outlines Why You Should Paint Before Moving Into New House

Easy Wall & Ceiling Painting: When you want to paint a house you need to make sure that you first choose the right color then get the painting started. The painting process can be done without causing too much of a mess if it is done right but you still need to clear the space. The process includes taking down all décor from the walls and of course moving all the furniture from the room. When you decide that you will paint the house before you move in it will be much easier. The painter will be able to come in the house and cover the floors and tape off anything that is not being painted and get the job going.
Painting Before Moving Saves You Time: If you know that you are going to be painting the house when you arrive it is best to make plans to do it before you move in. Of course it is easier but it also will save you a lot of time. If you move in first you then have to take time to move all the furniture and décor. This also will be causing you to wait to get from room to room. You will need to let one room dry before you move the things back in. then you can start on the next room. This will end up causing the painting project to be extended. You can call out a professional to come out and paint the house before you are scheduled to move your items in.
Painting First Protects Furniture & Belongings: When you paint before you move in you know that you only have to worry about the floors and the trim, windows and doors. These can all be taped off and secured before you start the process. If you have all your personal belongings in the house when you paint it can become messier. You also will be putting your items at risk of being damaged.

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McKay’s Painting can come to your home and do all the interior and exterior painting before you move in. Call us today to schedule your move in date to have your house painted.

How to Choose Different Paint Colors & Schemes for Open Floor Plans in Isla Vista, CA

How to Choose Different Paint Colors & Schemes for Open Floor Plans in Isla Vista, CA

Homes have been built with open floor plans for some time now. It brings everyone together from the various living spaces in addition to the other benefits it offers. The open floor plan is designed to create a spaciousness by melding the rooms together; offering increased comfort and help the home feel more welcoming and cheerful. However, the biggest challenge for homeowners is to select a color palette that can smoothly transition from one room to another when the walls are no longer an element to divide the rooms up. The problem is too little colors makes the home boring and too many colors can be overwhelming. With that in mind, we at McKay’s Painting would like to offer suggestions to help you paint your California open floor plan.

Open Floor Plan Paint Color Scheme Ideas

1) Designate 3-5 paint colors. For the entire space of the open floor plan, commit to only 3-5 colors. This a vital tactic that can ensure there is balance. White or a light color variation should be one color, select one or two colors from the neutral family, and one or two colors as supporting colors. Select colors from the same family or colors that share the same intensity to maintain a cohesive color scheme.
2) Neutral paint palette. Neutrals do not need to be boring in your open floor space. If you want to add spice, implementing texture or patterns is an optimal solution. A great background color for an open floor plan a simple white color or a neutral color to give you more options with contrasting colors as well as the textures and patterns or to let a unique ceiling design or intriguing backsplash be the focal point.
3) Paint color accents. A white or otherwise neutrally painted room gives you more versatility to paint the accents with colors. Bold architectural focal points or the interesting angles and corners can be painted bold colors let the color be more eye popping. In areas where there is a natural stop and start point, is where you can transition into another room and offer variations of the contrasting or bold accent colors.
4) Paint tone variations. An attractive display is letting too much of one color flood the space. to add dimension or transition from one space to another in the open plan living space, utilize the tone on tone technique.
5) Let the architecture and furnishings complete the look. To help enhance the space’s overall style, do not underestimate the use of the furniture or architecture. For instance, a bookcase placed in the right spot can break up a long wall that gives you more room for altering the colors. Another example is to let the kitchen cabinets tie two rooms together. Also, take advantage of the ceiling beams to provide a natural transition and slightly alter the color from room to room. For a unique blend, the molding can also be resource to break the colors up. Furniture can offer exciting colors and patterns to neutral backgrounds as well. Throw pillows can play a role in adding whimsical coloring. An area rug to your open floor plan will help add colors without too much change as the rooms transition. Pay attention the flooring coloration, your furniture and accessories along with the architecture to enhance the rooms in an open floor plan.

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For assistance painting your open floor Southern California home, call the elite specialists of McKay’s Painting and let our experts ensure the job is done right.