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Deck Designs in Goleta, CA; Ground or Multi Level, Elevated or Free Standing Decks & More

Deck Designs in Goleta, CA; Ground or Multi Level, Elevated or Free Standing Decks & More

Being outdoors is good for your body and soul. For years studies have shown that being outside improves mental and physical health. Being outdoors helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms. Studies have also shown that lower blood pressure and a longer lifespan are benefits of spending more time outdoors as well. If you enjoy spending time outdoors or would like to start spending more time outdoors to reap the benefits mentioned above you may be considering have a patio or deck built on your property.

Deck Material & Construction Options

There are tons of different options out there for you to consider when building a patio or deck. Today we will focus on the different types of deck options. The first thing you will need to decide is where you want your deck to be built. Here are some options for you do consider:
Ground Level Deck: A ground level deck extends from your home’s main level floors space. It is attached to your home and typically has an entrance to your home from the deck.
Multi Level Deck: You do not have to keep your deck to just one level. If your home is multi-level it can be fun to have your deck be multi-level as well. You can pinpoint specialty areas on each different level. One level for dining, another for relaxing, etc.
Elevated Deck: Elevated decks will give your family access to the outdoors from the second story of your home. Since the deck is higher it may even give you a spectacular view to enjoy while relaxing out on your deck.
Free Standing Deck: Decks do not have to be attached to your home. Free-standing decks allow you to use space in your yard that maybe isn’t being utilized much right now. These decks can add depth to larger yards.
Wrap Around Deck: Similar to a wraparound porch, wraparound decks can include more than one side of your home in the design. Wraparound decks can include some areas that are larger as well. This is an excellent way to extend the living space of your house.
Once you decide what kind of deck you are going to be building you will need to decide what kind of design you would like to incorporate into your deck. Every house has a unique style that suits the home and the homeowners. You will want to make sure that you build a deck that complements your style and design preferences.
Modern Deck: Modern decks have a natural, uncomplicated look. Frequently the design will include a few unique accents that are beautiful.
Coastal Deck: A coastal style deck will make you feel like you are right on the beach whenever you are sitting out on your deck. This style of design is meant to feel fun and comfortable.
Traditional Deck: A more traditional deck will have warm hues embedded in the design area. There is typically plenty of room for dinner parties in this style of deck. If you love to host more elegant events this could be an excellent decision for your design.
Classic Deck: If you want your deck to feel relaxing and inviting a classic design might be the right for you. Class decks will frequently feature natural wood with predominant railings.
Rustic Deck: People with simple, organic design preferences may be drawn to a more rustic design. Rustic decks usually feature uncomplicated furnishings and have plenty of open space on them.
Contemporary Deck: If you love the contemporary look you can definitely draw that you onto your deck. Clean lines and smooth look and feel will be what you are going for if you want a more modern look.

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No matter what type of deck you are thinking about McKay’s Painting can help you design and build a deck cover that will satisfy your preferences as well as refinish and restore your deck when the time comes. Give us a call today!

Choosing Baseboard Trim Styles in Hope Ranch, CA; Heights, Materials, Paint Colors & More

Choosing Baseboard Trim Styles in Hope Ranch, CA; Heights, Materials, Paint Colors & More

If you are in the process of remodeling your home you may be shopping baseboards now or in the future. Baseboards can make such a statement in your home that you want to be well educated before deciding which style to choose for your home.

Baseboard Height

One of the first questions that most people have when it comes to selecting baseboards is how tall should my baseboards be. Experts recommend that if you have an 8-foot wall you keep your baseboards between three and five inches tall. You can increase your baseboard height to five to seven inches if you have a 10-foot ceiling.

Baseboard Material

Once you have decided how tall you think you want your baseboards you need to decide what material you want them made of. The four primary materials that baseboards are made of are primed medium density fiberboard (MDF), prime pine, pine, and oak. MDF comes pre-primed with an even consistency. It is easy to paint whatever color you select. You do normally need to put a few coats on it. Primed pine is naturally wood-based and also comes pre-primed. Pine baseboards can be painted, stained, or just painted with a clear coat. Oak baseboards can be clear coated, stained, or varnished. Oak is the most tried-and-true traditional hardwood molding material.

Baseboard Molding Styles

Your next decision will be what style of baseboard you want to choose. Today there are many different options for baseboard styles on the market. The functionality of the baseboards is all the same so you are simply making this decision based on what you feel like will go with the style of your house the best.
• Traditional baseboards have been around for years. Different variations are available. You truly can’t go wrong choosing a traditional baseboard.
• Country style baseboards are a popular choice. Country style baseboards are typically taller and are frequently paired with a quart-round to help emphasize the depth of the baseboard. They are simple but stunning.
• Victorian style baseboards have maintained their popularity for years as well. This style is known for the more intricate details on the baseboard. They can help your house look sophisticated.
• The Craftsman style helps express lines with the curvature in it. You will definitely notice a Craftsman baseboard in your house. They are not subtle and can help make quite the statement if that is what you are looking for.
• The last style we will highlight today is the modern style baseboard. This style is sleek, elegant, and smooth.

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Your last choice when selecting baseboards will be what color you want to paint them. If you choose a pine or oak baseboard you may choose to just put a clear coat on top of it to let the natural grain of the wood stand out. You may be thinking “I just want to paint them white” but there are tons of different shades of white to choose from. Bright white, soft white, cream, and ivory are just some of the options that you will have to select from. If you would like to see some samples of the different types of baseboards available give McKay’s Painting a call today. Sometimes seeing the baseboard in your home will help you make your decision. We can show your options and give you a quote for installation. Contact us today!

Checklist for Exterior Painting Work in Summerland, CA; Preparing Wood Roof Trim & More

Checklist for Exterior Painting Work in Summerland, CA; Preparing Wood Roof Trim & More

When your home needs to be repainted to help protect the various surfaces of your home’s exterior, or you need to give your home a makeover, you will want to make sure you are ready. There are many types of surfaces on the exterior of a home. To have a beautiful and clean looking home, you will want to make sure you properly go through and paint each surface. McKay’s Painting will share a check list as well as how to paint and prepare the various surface materials found on most home exteriors.

Preparing Wood Roof Trim & Fascia for Painting

The wood trim that hangs down from the roof is essential to your roof’s structure. Often the protective paint dries and cracks which make the home look aged. During an exterior painting protect, the fascia or the trim should be repainted. However, never paint over old paint that is peeling, or splitting. You will need to remove the old paint. Start by stripping and removing the old paint. You may even need to it sand down. Removing the dried out decaying wood and replace it. Once the wood trim is clean you can begin painting it.

Repainting Exterior Door & Window Trim

Other accent trim work such as window trim and door trim should also be stripped, then sanded before repainting. By sanding and removing the old paint you give the trim a fresher and cleaner look. This also helps find any imperfections that need repair in the trim. While you are working around the door and window trim, look for gaps around the edges of the framing. This would be the perfect time to reseal before repainting.

Tips for Painting Siding

Homes that have siding should also be painted. Siding comes in many types of material and most don’t need extra prep work. However, if the siding is wood, once again strip the old finish and sand before repainting. Concrete or fiber glass siding material shouldn’t require extra steps and can be repainted directly over the original finish.

Pressure Wash for Paint Prep

Stucco home’s exterior walls don’t usually require any major prep work. You will need to wash the walls and remove all of the dirt. Often professionals will use a pressure washing machine and wash the entire exterior of the house. In order for the paint to stick to the wall and without causing bubbling or dirty looking paint, all of the dirt and debris will need to be washed off. Once the exterior walls are washed and dry, they can be painted. Professionals often prefer to use a paint spray versus a roller for exterior walls for two reasons. One is that it is more efficient and the other is it goes on cleaner. Due to the rougher surfaces of exterior walls, the sprayer provides a much cleaner coat of paint.

Painting Doors & Shutters

When painting the exterior of your home, don’t omit the doors, including garage doors, and any other exterior accents like shutters. You can read many articles on painting doors and how to create a dramatic entrance to your home. Like the rest of your home, the door and other accents will also need to be cleaned. Wooden materials should be stripped, sanded and refinished for a new and very clean finish.

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When you want the exterior of your home repainted, it can be a major hassle. If you need assistance you can always call the professionals. McKay’s Painting provides exterior painting and can completely renew your home. Contact McKay’s Painting today.

How to Clean Walls with Flat Latex or Oil Based Paint without Removing it in Mission Canyon, CA

How to Clean Walls with Flat Latex or Oil Based Paint without Removing it in Mission Canyon, CA

After taking the time and money to repaint a room, you’ll notice it can complete revitalize your home and bring you a sense of pleasure. However, it doesn’t take much time at all before little one’s run crayons, leave fingerprints, or splash juice all over your walls. There are a number of scenarios which can stain or dirty up your freshly painted walls. It doesn’t usually take too much time to quickly wipe down a wall. However, depending on the type of paint you have, you can ruin your paint job just as quickly. It is important to know how to clean a wall after it has been painted. McKay’s Painting will cover the different types of paint and how to properly clean your painted walls or ceilings.

How to Tell what Kind of Paint is on the Wall

There are two major types of paint: Latex and Oil Based paint. Each comes in a variety of sheens or finishes. You will first need to determine which type of paint was used on your wall before you begin cleaning. If you recently painted your home, you probably know which type of paint was used. If not, then one way to test the wall to determine if it is latex or oil base is by using a Q-tip soaked in Rubbing Alcohol. In a small discrete area, rub the alcohol on the wall. If the paint comes off, it is a Latex paint and not oil.

How to Clean Stains from Latex Painted Walls

For basic maintenance cleaning of latex painted walls, you can use either a multi-purpose cleaner diluted with warm water or liquid dish soap. If you use dish soap, mix 4 cups of warm water with 1 tsp. of liquid dish soap in a small bucket. Also have a second bucket with clean cold water. With both buckets at your side and a soft sponge in each, you can begin cleaning your walls. Start with the soap mixture and squeeze most of the water out of the sponge so it is just damp. Wipe the wall one small section at a time. Follow up with the clean water and sponge to rinse and wipe the soapy residue off of the wall. Continue until your walls are clean. For tougher stains you may need to make a cleaning paste. Start by use baking soda and water. Make a pasty mixture with the two ingredients. With a non-abrasive cleaning pad, gently rub the paste on the stains. As the stain dissolves, use clean water to wipe the areas clean. It also a good idea to use a dry cloth to remove the water. You never want water setting too long on paint.

Cleaning Stains from Walls with Oil Based Paint

Oil based paints are very hardy and can be cleaned with different types of cleaner. To keep it simple, you can use the same cleaning solution and methods as latex. However, you are also free to use a vinegar and water based cleaner. Whichever mixture you choose, remember to wash with the cleaner, then rinse and dry. For stubborn stains you can use Borax mixed with water and with a scrubbing pad dip and clean the stain. Make sure you rinse thoroughly as the Borax is very acidic.

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When cleaning your home’s walls it important not to damage the paint. Follow this basic cleaning guide to preserve you home’s paint. For all of your painting needs contact McKay’s Painting today!

Exterior Painting Mistakes to Avoid in Montecito, CA; Skipping Surface Preparation & More

Exterior Painting Mistakes to Avoid in Montecito, CA; Skipping Surface Preparation & More

The outside of your house is something you want to make sure that you keep looking good. It is the first thing that people see as they come down the street to your home. It is a major part of the curb appeal of your house and you want to make sure that it says what you want people to think about you. The paint on the house will need to be updated and repainted occasionally to be sure it is in good shape. If the paint on your house is not good it will affect your curb appeal but it will also cause damage to the structure materials underneath. You may choose to have your home painted for several reasons. One of them being that the paint is chipped, cracked or damaged. The other can be that you want to update the color and the look of the exterior of your house. No matter why you are painting the house, there are some mistakes you want to avoid.

McKay’s Painting Outlines Mistakes to Avoid when Painting Your Home Exterior

Skipping Surface Preparation Before Painting: Some people think that you can start painting right over top of the current paint that is on the house. This is a huge mistake that you can make when you want to paint your house. The preparation that you do to the home before the paint will make the end result either look amazing or terrible. You want to make sure that you clean the exterior of the house as well as make any repairs. The repairs might be to the siding, stucco or other material that is used on your homes exterior. You also want to make sure that you remove any chipped or damaged paint and sand it down. It is best to take your time to prepare the house so that the finish product is smooth and clean.
Uneven Paint Finish: When you are ready to paint your house you might think that handing out the rollers to everyone is a great idea. The issue is that when this happens you will get an uneven finish. That is because you are not working in a pattern and ensuring that the paint is being placed on the walls in a smooth even coat. The best thing that you can do is to start painting the house from the top and work your way down. The paint can start to drip down the wall and as you move down you can fix any spots that might not be even or smooth.
Painting in Hot, Rainy & Windy Weather: The weather channel is your friend when you want to start a painting job. The weather needs to be perfect when you are ready to paint your house. Wind, rain and cold weather is not always the best option. These are all elements that could ruin your painting project and set you back. Be sure that you are confident with the forecast before you take on a painting project.

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McKay’s Painting can help to choose the best paint color for you and ensure that the finished product is something that you will be happy with. Call us today to meet with one of our expert painters.

Black Interior Doors in Carpinteria, CA; White or Other Paint Color Trim, Gloss or Satin & More

Black Interior Doors in Carpinteria, CA; White or Other Paint Color Trim, Gloss or Satin & More

You may have noticed a trend lately of interior doors being painted black. Black doors are all over pinterest, DIY websites, and remodeling television shows. For years on end, interior doors have been painted white. If you buy a new home you are not typically even given a choice of what color you would like your interior doors, they just come white. Are you one of the homeowners considering painting your interior doors black? If so, we have some great reasons for you to think about while making your decision.

Black Doors with White Trim

Even stock doors look classy when they are painted black. The pop of black in contrast to lighter walls can be quite stunning. Walking down a hallway with black interior doors is not just a simple run of the mill walk down a hallway. You will definitely remember walking down a hallway line with black doors. Black doors, white trim, and grey paint is an extremely combination right now in interior decorating.

Painting Interior Doors Black Gloss or Satin

The finish is totally personal preference. Satin paint shows less imperfections while gloss or semi gloss paint is more difficult to paint with perfect results so it’s definitely better to hire a professional painter than try to do it yourself. Gloss or semi gloss is easier to clean and reflects more light..

Painting Interior Doors Black Enhances Decor & Views

When your doors are painted black they enhance black accents that are in the room. If you have black somewhere in your room, a black door will repeat the color and make the space feel more cohesive. Black décor items will instantly stand out more with black interior doors. Just as pictures are framed to make the picture even more beautiful, black interior doors can frame in views in your home. Black doors with windows in them that look on the outdoors instantly frame the beauty of the greenery outside. Interior doors with windows can help frame the room that they look in on as well. Black doors at the end of a long hallway mark a destination. Black doors are like the punctuation mark at the end of a sentence. Another advantage to black interior doors is that they can help fill voids in the room. If you have a fireplace that is unlit most of the time or a television that is off most of the time, a black door will help mitigate the impact of those black voids so that they are not as noticeable. Many different flooring options can be enhanced with black interior doors. Part of the beauty of black doors is that they can accentuate light or dark flooring. If you have lower ceilings, black doors can help make your ceiling look taller. The contrast of the dark door with the lighter walls draws the eye up and makes the ceiling look higher. This will make your rooms look bigger.

Black Paint Doesn’t Show Fingerprints

If you have children one of the largest benefits can be that black doors do not show fingerprints. Even the cleanest of children and adults can leave black fingerprints on the doors. When you have white doors these fingerprints can be the bane of your existence, but with a black door you will not even notice the fingerprints there at all.

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After reading this you may have decided that black interior doors are the perfect fit for your home. Make sure that you select high quality paint. Doors are frequently used and will benefit from high quality paint. Black paint can show flaws if not painted with care. We recommend hiring a professional painter for this job. Give McKay’s Painting a call so that we can come out and give you a quote for all your painting needs.

Red Paint & Color Theory Painting in Mussel Shoals, CA; Ideas for Dining, Workout Rooms & More

Red Paint & Color Theory Painting in Mussel Shoals, CA; Ideas for Dining, Workout Rooms & More

Red is a beautiful color that can make a room pop with elegance, while at other times it can ruin a room and makes it completely undesirable to be in. Red is an interesting color that can be amazing in one setting and trouble in another. Many interior specialists have their own color theory about reds and have put together a compilation of red in the various rooms of a home or commercial setting. McKay’s Painting would like to share some of the theories about red as well as the best and worst places to use it.

Red Paint in a Business Office or Other Commercial Setting

Red paint in professional or commercial settings, such as offices or meeting rooms, is often painted red. Red is supposed to help create energy and awareness. However, too much red can also provoke anger or aggression in a work environment. If red is to be used in a professional or commercial setting, it is recommended to use red as an accent wall. Avoid too much red or it could affect the mood of the employees.

Red Paint Colors for Dining Rooms & Kitchens

Red color has been known to affect a person’s appetite. This can help aid those that battle with a weight problem or who are trying to lose weight. However, this can also create picky eaters or make picky eaters worse. If red is used in a kitchen, it is recommended to use a light red color, or again, red can make a great accent wall.

Red Living Room Ideas

Red can add a lot of warmth in a room, especially larger rooms like living rooms. Red living rooms can be a big hit. However, some people are sensitive and the color can create certain moods. Red is known to create energy, anger, or aggression. It can also be numbing to some. Red usually works well if you have a strong accent color or duel color going on. Red also works okay in larger rooms. For smaller living rooms, avoid using red or use red as an accent.

Red Children’s Bedroom

Red in a kid’s room never works out well. Most rooms are too small for such a strong color and many claim it is hard to get their kids to bed due the energy of the color. If you want to use red in your kid’s room, avoid using too much. Consider using red for an accent color.

Red Workout Room, Fitness Center & Home Gym

Need a little help getting the blood pumping during your work outs? Then red is your color. Many fitness centers will use red and black a lot because red helps provide energy and determination for those fitness fans. If you have a room dedicated for your workout space, then use red colors.

Red Bathrooms

Many have seen some very elegant red bathrooms. However, in general, most designers will strongly discourage using red in bathrooms. Bathrooms are too small for reds, even for accents. Most will recommend using softer, lighter colors in bathrooms. They feel clean and make the room feel bigger.

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Red is a troublesome color. It either works very well or just seems like trouble. It is recommended that reds make a far better accent color versus a primary color. However, with the right blend of colors and lighting, you can make reds work. If you need help repainting your home or commercial center, then contact McKay’s Painting today!

What Causes Drywall Damage in Santa Barbara, CA? Water Damage, House Settling & More

What Causes Drywall Damage in Santa Barbara, CA? Water Damage, House Settling & More

It is important for someone to take care of their house. What your home looks like and how you feel while your there can create a suitable environment. You want to be sure that you take time to update and repair areas of your house that might be in need of work. This can be updating your appliances or furniture. It can also be updating the paint color on your walls or the trim. These can make a large impact on the house when you make these changes. The problem that you might find when you choose to have your home painted is that the drywall may need repair first. If you don’t have a nice clean solid surface to paint the outcome will not be what you want. That is why it is important to take time to repair any damage whether it is large or small on the drywall. There are many reasons that your drywall can become damaged.

McKay’s Painting Lists Some of the Ways Drywall Can Get Holes, Crack, Dents or Other Damage

Normal Drywall Wear & Tear: One of the most common ways that your drywall can be damaged is from your daily every day life. You might be moving a piece of furniture into a room where you hit a wall. This can leave a dent, ding or hole in the wall. Another way that your drywall can be damaged is simply hanging your favorite painting or a set of shelves. These will require you to drill or nail a hole in the wall to hang it. When you choose to rearrange these items the holes will still be there. Lastly a little bit of rough playing can end with a hole in the wall. These are all reasons that your wall may need to have a drywall patch. You want to make sure that these problems are repaired before you have your walls paint touched up or repainted.
Drywall Water Damage: Another reason that people will need to have their drywall repaired is when they have been the victim of water damage. There can be a large storm that floods your home or a leak in the roof or a pipe that has burst. These are all common ways that a home can be flooded and the drywall might be damaged. If your drywall has been damaged from water you want to have it removed right away. The moisture will allow things such mold and mildew to grow. These are growths that are bad for your health and can end up making you sick. The drywall that have become wet will be taken out so that once the area has been dried out new drywall can be put back up.
Drywall Cracks from House Settling Foundation Problems: Another less common problem that people have is with their foundation. This does not mean that it won’t happen so knowing what to look for is a good idea. You may start to notice that you have running cracks in the interior and even exterior walls. The cracks can start small and slowly increase as the foundation settles. This may be a sign that there is a problem with the foundation that needs repaired along with the drywall cracks.
Other Damage to Drywall: From popping nails and loosened joint tape to dented corner bead and impact from accidents; there are many ways drywall can be damaged. The good news is that it can always be repaired or replaced.

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McKay’s Painting has the ability to make repairs to your drywall that may have been damaged. Call us today to meet with one of our experts.

How to Paint an Open Concept Floor Plan Different Color Schemes in Agoura Hills, CA

How to Paint an Open Concept Floor Plan Different Color Schemes in Agoura Hills, CA

More modern homes are being designed with an “Open Floor Plan.” This makes living spaces feel bigger and more open. However, most new homes are painted white, providing the homeowner the ability to change the color of their home. One major problem occurs with open floor plan homes and that is using diverse colors. Often there are little dividers inside the home that break up the living room from the kitchen and/or dining room. These floor plans can pose a challenge for those who like to use multiple colors. However, the key is using the right color that helps separate each room while connecting them together. If you want to use more color and help separate each space by using different colors, then McKay’s Painting will share some of the best color palettes used to separate and connect large open floor plan homes.

Open Floor Plan Paint Color Ideas

Paint Color Selections: When you’re painting an open floor plan area, never use more than three to five colors for the entire space. When picking your three to five colors, follow this basic rule. Start by using a white or light color. One or two colors should be a neutral color, and the other colors should be supporting colors. It is recommended to stick with family color groups that also are similar in intensity. Following this basic rule will provide a cohesive yet diverse color palette.
Neutral Paint Color: When you hear neutral, many assume boring but that is not the case. Neutral colors will help add texture and patterns that can make the space more interesting. Choosing a white or light color for your neutral background color will ensure the area feels more open and bigger and provide diversity. With the neutral areas come some opportunities. Neutral areas are a perfect time to use a color accent such as a red brick fireplace or large colorful painting. Again accents with help add more texture.
Accent Paint Colors: In your color palette you will want to add accent colors, especially next to a neutral wall. For your accent colors you will want bold where it pops out. You can use the accent in many ways. You can paint an accent wall or use a feature in the home, such as a fireplace, home décor, or even a living wall, which is a planter mounted on the wall to provide a pop of green and gives life to a room.
Using Three Paint Color Palettes: In large open floor plan homes you have the opportunity to use multiple colors. It is recommended that you use at least three colors, if not five, in open floor plan homes. You want to use each color to draw attention to different features or architectural details in the home. One color should be used for all of the trim work that blends with all of the other colors used in the area. The second color should be for the walls which can vary from each “room” or area you wish to separate and the third a color for the ceilings. The trim and ceiling color should be used in all of the open floor plan areas, with diverse color to separate each room. When separating the rooms with color, use the same tone of color and complementary colors. For example, gray is a neutral color but looks great next to blues, yellows, purples and even reds.

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There are many ways you can paint open floor plans and still bring color into your home. Once you determine you color palette, contact McKay’s Painting to help paint your home and add your own personality. To schedule our services, contact McKay’s Painting today!