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America’s Sherwin Williams Paint Company in Thousand Oaks, CA; Quality Ingredients & More

America’s Sherwin Williams Paint Company in Thousand Oaks, CA; Quality Ingredients & More

The Sherwin-Williams Company, also known as “America’s Paint Company”, is the largest producer of paints, varnishes and specialty coatings in the United States. It all started back in 1866, when Henry Sherwin used his entire life savings of $2,000 to join the Truman Dunham Company of Ohio. When the original partnership dissolved four years later, Sherwin organized a paint company with new partners, Edward P. Williams and A. T. Osborn. It was named the Sherwin-Williams & Company. In the 1870s, ingredients needed to be purchased and mixed into paint every day. There were individual retailers that sold ready-mixed paints in a few popular colors but were only available during the spring when painting was usually done. The oil and pigment had to be ground together to form a paste that was thinned with more oil, thinners and dryers. The containers also had to be purchased to hold the paint. These paints also needed to be stirred constantly so the pigment wouldn’t sink to the bottom of the containers. They also needed to be used very quickly, otherwise the paint would dry out quickly.

Sherwin Williams Paint (SWP)

In 1877, Sherwin-Williams & Company created the first patented paint can that allowed paints to be used over a longer period of time. New products continued to be developed during the 1880s and they developed their first paint formula at the beginning of the decade. It took two years of testing under the Osborn label to introduce Sherwin-Williams Paint (SWP). This paint was the first mixed paint to gain considerable public acceptance. Sherwin-Williams has always been committed to finding and developing new markets for paint products.

Paint Quality & Ingredients

The quality of paint you use makes a difference. Paint is an investment in time, money and labor. The best way to get a high-quality, long-lasting finish, is to spend a little extra. So, what exactly does quality mean when it comes to paint and what are the benefits?
Prime Paint Pigments. There are prime pigments that give color and hide and extender pigments that add bulk to the paint that can add value when it comes to color. Better paints have better pigments and more of them for easier application, more durability and better color retention.
Paint Binders. The type quality and amount of binders in paint will affect everything from the stain resistance and gloss to adhesion and crack resistance. Better paints have better binders for adhesion and will last longer. There will be less cracking, blistering and peeling.
Liquids in Paint. The liquid in paint doesn’t do anything for performance but works to get the paint from the can to the surface. Better paints have a greater ratio of solids- pigments and binders- to liquids.
Paint Additives. These are the ingredients that give paint a benefit that it may not otherwise have. Better paints may contain mildewcides to prevent mildew, rheology modifiers for better hide through coating and leveling, dispersing agents so pigments will be evenly distributed and preservatives to prevent spoiling.

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You can expect to get six years out of a lower grade paint that costs $20 a gallon, and 25 years with a high-quality paint that costs $35 a gallon. Contact McKay’s Painting for your next painting project. One brand of paint we prefer to use is Sherwin-Williams for results you’ll love!

Dunn Edwards; LEED Certified, Offering VOC Free & Eco Friendly Paint in Camarillo, CA

Dunn Edwards; LEED Certified, Offering VOC Free & Eco Friendly Paint in Camarillo, CA

One main concern people have as they get ready to paint their homes is the effects of the paint they are using on the environment. There is a lot of focus on environmentally friendly products out there as people are becoming more and more aware of the consequences that come from not taking care of the earth we live on. McKay’s Painting is proud to say that Dunn Edwards is one of our preferred brands, and they are very conscious of making their paint as eco-friendly as possible.

Keeping Paint Green Since the Beginning

“Going Green” is a motto that has been important to Dunn Edwards long before it was ever the popular thing to do. They have always perfected their high performance paint with the health of the environment as well as their customers in mind. Dunn Edwards has always led the way in producing environmentally conscious products and is constantly looking to improve.

LEED Certified

Ever since 1993, many businesses have been working towards getting LEED certified. To achieve this goal a building has to abide by environmental laws & regulations, occupancy scenarios and building permanence. The owner also has to be transparent about their energy and water use. Dunn Edwards is proud to say they have been LEED Gold Certified and work very diligently to ensure their manufacturing plant stays that way.

Making Paint as Safe as Possible

At Dunn Edwards, it is important that the paint they make is as safe for their customers as possible. Many water-based paint has a chemical called Ethylene Glycol in it which has been deemed a toxic air contaminant and a hazardous air pollutant. In 1983, Dunn Edwards was the first to replace this hazardous chemical with propylene glycol which has been said to be safe by the FDA. You can trust that our paint is EG free because we make sure to label it that way.

Zero VOC Paint

Another way that Dunn Edwards strives to produce safe paint is the elimination of VOCs. VOCs are solvents that are released into the air when the paint is applied to the surface. These strong odors are harmful to your overall health and shouldn’t be inhaled. At Dunn Edwards, we can truly say that we have eliminated VOCs from our paint. Even the colorants that are used contain no VOCs. Just another way that Dunn Edwards has turned into one of the leading eco-friendly paints on the market.

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At McKay’s Painting, we know how important it is to take care of the world we live is as well as provide excellent painting services to our customers. This is why we are proud to say that one of our preferred brands is Dunn Edwards. With this high quality, safe paint and our extensive training and experience, you can count on superior painting results anytime you call on us to help you paint your home or business. Whether you need interior or exterior painting done, we are the right company for you. Call us today!

How to Paint a Metal or Fiberglass Front Door Without Brush Marks in Westlake Village, CA

How to Paint a Metal or Fiberglass Front Door Without Brush Marks in Westlake Village, CA

When you are looking to make an impact on the entry point of your house you have several options. You can make sure that the trim is nice and neat. You can also make sure that the lighting around the front as well as leading up to the door is bright to invite your visitors. You also want to make sure that you are happy with your front door. You can always go out and buy a new door to make an impact but you don’t have to. You can actually take the door that you have already and paint it to get a new fresh look. Of course you need to consider the material that your door is made of. A good wood door is the best for painting or staining the door but you can paint other materials as well. Be sure that if you take this project on you are ready for it.

McKay’s Painting Outlines How to Paint Your Front Door a New Color

How to Pick a Front Door Color: When you are looking to update the look of your front door you are going to change out the color of the door. When you are ready to paint it you want to look at all the options when it comes to the colors. Do not be scared of color because having a fun and unique paint color is on the rise. More and more homes are choosing to have their door painted a color that stands out against the house. There are some common colors that people choose for good reason. A great color that is used often is a yellow door. This does not have to be a bright yellow door but a shade of yellow is a good choice. It is very inviting color. You can also go with the standard black door that is a great way to set off the rest of the house and is very chic. Another color that many people are also using is a blue door. The color is a part of nature and is also calming and inviting when your guests show up.
Surface Preparation Before Painting: When you are ready to take on painting your front door you need to make sure that you have the time to do it. The process will take some time and when you start you want to have enough time to finish. You will need to have the door pulled off the house and all the hardware removed. Then you can sand down the door and make any repairs. Then you can have the door ready to add your first layer of paint.
Paint in the Right Order: A door can be tricky because you will need to make sure that you get in all the cracks and crevices that make up the shape of the door. This can be tricky and if you are not careful it can lead to a spotty outcome. You want to make sure that you know how you want to lay out the paint and give it time to dry before you start the next section.

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McKay’s Painting can come out to your house and paint your front door saving you time and the headache. Call us today to meet with our expert painters.

Exterior Paint Maintenance in Newbury Park, CA from House Cleaning to Touch Up & More

Exterior Paint Maintenance in Newbury Park, CA from House Cleaning to Touch Up & More

No matter if you take it on yourself, or hire a professional painting contractor, repainting the exterior of your home is major project. Because of the involvement, it is only natural people want to take care of the paint and make it last as long as possible. Exterior maintenance is important for many reasons, some of which extends the paint job, others will keep the exterior looking immaculate. We at McKay’s Painting have included some maintenance tips for the exterior paint of your California home.

Exterior House Cleaning

Much like washing our cars extends the paint on the vehicles, washing the house will extend the paint on the surface. Cleaning the contaminants off the surface of your home such as the pollen, dirt, air pollutants, bird droppings, mildew, and mold spores, and so on, will keep the paint gorgeous. Additionally, the paint will look fresher and brighter without the residues dulling the paint finish. A long-handled sponge or soft brush, a sturdy ladder and mild dish soapy water with a garden hose and a pressurized attachment can get the exterior paint clean. If you come across mildew or mold issue, add a couple of tablespoons of bleach to the mixture. Another option to get the exterior of your home efficiently cleaned quicker is with a pressure cleaning service from a professional to ensure there is no damage in the process.

Touch Up Paint on Outside Walls

Every aspect of the exterior of your home has specific conditions that differ from others that can expedite paint quicker. For example, some walls have more hours of direct sunlight, or some are more exposed to high-winds. Other examples include different substrates such as wood, metal, vinyl, beneath the paint that has different coating applications. As a result, different areas may require a touch-up of paint sooner than the majority of the house. If you are a “all or nothing” type, it can be problematic as leaving areas exposed can cause damage and make the paint look unsightly or you will be repainting the whole house too soon. The best option is to simply touch up the paint as you need to in between exterior painting projects.

Maintaining Your Landscaping

The landscaping has a surprising impact on the longevity and look of the exterior paint. Keeping your house dry is essential to prevent moss, mildew, and mold growth. Watering your vegetation too close to the house continually keeps the paint wet. Not only so, but the wood can rot and insects will make their home in and damage any moist wood. To avoid the negative effect, trim bushes, shrubs, and trees near the house so that there is room for air flow and some sunlight. Ensure the sprinklers watering your landscaping are not in contact with the house and if so, redirect them. Do not let dead leaves or trimmed vegetation pile up next to the house as it invites moisture buildup as well as gives rodents and insects harborage that can damage the paint.

Ensure Gutters & Downspouts are Working

Moisture is channeled away from the home and our paint is protected when the gutters and downspouts are functioning correctly. The neglected or damaged gutters can cause blockage, leading to water overflowing and damaging the paint in certain areas as well as the materials beneath the paint.

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To ensure your exterior painting is completed efficiently, call McKay’s Painting and let our elite painting experts take care of the project.

Best Gray Paint Color for Your Ojai, CA Living Room, Bedroom & More Facing North or South

Best Gray Paint Color for Your Ojai, CA Living Room, Bedroom & More Facing North or South

If you are searching for ideas on how to remodel your home, you have probably come across a million options with gray paint. Gray is a hot decorating color right now! So you can just say “I have decided on gray paint” and head right to the store and simply pick one out right? WRONG! Gray paint has many different hues and undertones that you will need to factor into your decision.

View Paint Color Swatches in the Rooms of Your Home

You will want to make sure that you browse color swatches. Most lines of paint will have tons of different options for gray paint. Take the swatches home and evaluate them while sitting in the room(s) that you want to paint gray.
As you sit in your home and try to decide on a shade of gray, take the natural light in your house into consideration. First you will want to look at how much natural light comes in your room and which direction the light comes from. The gray shade will look either cooler or warmer depending on the direction of the light.

Best Gray Paint Color for Rooms Facing North

Northern light is cool while southern light is warm. The cool northern light creates a bluish hue while the warm southern light creates a golden hue. Western and eastern light changes throughout the day as the sun moves through the sky so you don’t need to base your decision on those lights as much as northern and southern lights. Interior decorators say that rooms that face north can be tough to decorate. The cool northern lights can make your room feel cold and icy. If you want to warm up your room, choose a gray with a brown undertone. Greige is a popular new color for a yellow or beige based gray. Greige paint will help make your room warmer. Grey paints with blue or green tones will make your room feel colder in a room facing north.

How Do Southern Lights Affect Gray Paint Colors?

As much as decorating a room with northern light can be challenging, room with southern light area pleasure! The light in southern facing rooms lets you use grey paint with warm or cool undertones. Personal preference will come into play more when you are picking gray for a southern facing room. Pale tones will make your room feel light and spacious. Grays with lavender undertones will appear softer and more feminine. Blue or green grays act more neutral. If you want a warm feeling room, pick a grey with brown or red undertones.

Test Paint Samples on Walls

Once you have narrowed down what type of undertone you want with your grey paint, you will want to select a few colors to test. Buying test sample pots is always an excellent idea! The sample paint pots are inexpensive. Buy several colors of paint pots and paint swatches of them next to each other on your wall. Look at the swatches at different times of day to see how it looks in different lights. Being able to sit with your options for a few days on your wall typically makes consumers feel more confident about their color choice.

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After you have selected a color it is time for the fun to begin! Transforming your home through paint is a magical process. Let McKay’s Painting join you in your journey. Give us a call at 805-746-0916 to set up an appointment for your quote today!

Psychological Effects of Paint Color on Human Behavior, Mood & More in Ventura, CA

Psychological Effects of Paint Color on Human Behavior, Mood & More in Ventura, CA

Choosing the right color scheme for your home can be a real science. Colors affect our moods and can influence our state of mind. Have you ever been in a space that irritated you? What about walking into a building and immediately feeling comfortable though you had never been there before. The colors in these spaces play a vital role in how people respond to the environment around them. Studies have shown that people who look at the color red for a prolonged period of time had increased heart rates which led to an excess in adrenaline being pumped into their blood streams. Warm colors such as red, yellow or orange can ignite a wide range of emotions in various people, from comfortable and warm, to hungry to hostile and angry. While cooler tones such as purple, blues or greens can make one feel calm or even sad. When considering which colors would work best for you and your home, take into consideration what type of tone you would like to set. Certain areas of your home would be better suited in cool tones, while others will benefit from warmer tones. McKay’s Painting has the 411 on the psychology of colors and how they can affect our moods, as well as which colors would work best in each area of your home.

Room Paint Color Psychology; Positive Colors for Bedrooms & More

White– Signifies purity, innocence, cleanliness, neutrality, protection, sense of space. Some people may be hesitant to paint their homes white for fear of it becoming dirty quickly. However, there are many benefits to painting your home white or off-white. White instantly makes your home feel bigger, more open and it presents an instantly cleaner appearance. White is a universal color and can go anywhere in the home. Painting ceilings white even makes them appear to be higher!
Gray– Timeless, practical, neutral, sophisticated, conservative. With multiple shades of gray available on the market today, this is a versatile color and depending on the shade can be considered a warm or cool tone. Pairing a nice shade of gray with a crisp white trim is a great addition to any room in your home to add a calm, neutral vibe to the space.
Yellow– Laughter, optimism, happiness, warmth, cheer, intensity, attention-getting. Kitchens and dining areas benefit from this warm, cheery color. Yellow brightens our mood and can give you a burst of energy. Having a pop of yellow next to the coffee pot in the morning is a great way to get the day started. Yellow captures the essence of sunlight and can leave you feeling lively and joyous.
Green– Natural, growth, cool, health, money, calm, fertility, tranquility, harmony, prosperity. Green is a go to color for an office space. While green is one of the most restful colors for our eyes, studies have shown that the color green can lower stress levels and curb anxiety making this a great addition to any space where concentration is needed. For those who love the outdoors, green also gives off a natural, outdoors vibe.
Blue– Serenity, calmness, truth, loyalty, wisdom. The color blue has been known to lower blood pressure and aid in steadying one’s breathing because of it’s serene nature. Blues are a great addition to rooms where people want to relax and lounge around. Blue comes in many different hues and shades and pairs well with home furnishings. Bedrooms, or living rooms are a great place to apply blue color schemes.

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McKay’s Painting can consult you on which colors go great together and help you to pick out the perfect color scheme for your home! Whether you want to liven things up or calm it down, trust the pros at McKay’s Painting to help you transform your home into a retreat suited just for you! Contact us today!

Painting Wood Trim in Calabasas, CA; Exterior House Cleaning, Sanding, Applying Primer & More

Painting Wood Trim in Calabasas, CA; Exterior House Cleaning, Sanding, Applying Primer & More

Time, effort, and money are expected when you want to replace the wood trim. However, painting the trim offers more dynamics and is a much better solution to the alternative of utter neglect and premature replacement. Professionals can make a quick project out of it and is most often cheaper than doing it yourself as we do it right the first time, have access to discounted materials as we buy in bulk and have the necessary experience. However, some homeowners prefer doing home improvement projects in their home to not always save money but to have the pride and ownership of accomplishing a project. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to relate some wood trim painting basics to help you on your quest.

Exterior Lead Paint Removal

Where professionals know the procedure for treating the old trim and preparing it for the new paint, there are some factors you need to consider before tackling the job to ensure the finished result is a high quality. Keep in mind however, if any element of your deck or wood trim inside or outside was painted with lead paint, which would be likely used before 1979, the process of removing it is a safety hazard and needs to be done professionally.

Exterior Trim & House Cleaning

Before anything else is to be done, the trim pieces will need to be cleaned. The dust or residue buildup will not allow the paint to adhere to the surface. A slightly abrasive sponge is adequate to clean the wood and remove stubborn buildup. Consider using 2 buckets and 2 sponges, one set for washing, and the other set to rinse the wood well. Change the water if necessary as it becomes grimy. The trim that experiences a lot of contact such as windows, door frames, around door handles and knobs as well as any surrounding plugs or outlets will need extra attention as seeing the most buildup. These pieces often become greasy and accumulate more dirt and debris.

How to Sand Exterior Wood Trim

Sanding is designed to remove the glossy surfaces to ensure the primer and paint are able to stick to the wood. Previously painted wood trim may need more labor with years of extra old paint buildup. In any area that seem gummy, use a no-clog sandpaper. A fine 180 grit sandpaper to smooth the surface is generally adequate and the coarse sandpaper is good on the large globs of old paint. Additionally, a sanding block or sponge can make the sanding easier, but this step is fairly labor intensive. The sanding dust will need be cleared from the surface; using a wet/dry vac that have extra suctioning power can make this step less tiresome. Use the brush attachment to loosen any stuck dust. Spackle and fill the minor holes and add wood fillers. Sand the repaired areas lightly to smooth the surface.

Do You Need Primer Before Painting Bare Wood Trim?

If you did not remove the trim for cleaning, sanding, and prepping, be sure to use the painter tape to cover the edges of the walls and ceiling and place protection around the flooring, such as a drop cloth or plastic. Select a 3” angled, or the size appropriate for your trim, and apply the primer. If you had stains on the wood that wouldn’t sand out, make sure your primer is stain blocking. After the primer is dry (allow at least 24 hours), apply 2 coats of paint. Keep in mind, the areas with spackling or wood filler may need another touch of primer. Once the paint is full dry, remove the painter tape and drop cloth and enjoy your master piece.

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McKay’s Painting can get your trim repainted quickly and efficiently, saving you hard work, time and money. Call us today to schedule your consultation!

Best Exterior Siding for Your Moorpark, CA Home; Vinyl or Wood Cladding, Stucco & More

Best Exterior Siding for Your Moorpark, CA Home; Vinyl or Wood Cladding, Stucco & More

If you are ready to update the look of the outside of your home it is a good idea to know what your options are. You can completely change the look but it is a good idea to know what is out there and what the benefits are. The type of exterior that you choose should last a long time as long as you take care of it and you also make repairs when needed. If you are unsure if it is time to update the exterior of your house there are a few ways you can tell. First is if you are just ready for something new. Others are if there are cracks and other problems with the finish that you have already on the house. If there is damage it can lead to damage to the homes structure as well. The structure can be damaged by water or pests that can cost you a lot to make the repairs. Be sure you know all about the new exterior that you choose.

McKay’s Painting Lists Different Types of House Siding & Exterior Wall Finishes

Vinyl Siding: One of the options that you can choose when you update the look of your home is vinyl siding. The siding is a great option for many reasons. The siding can be ordered in many different colors to match whatever décor you want to design around. It is also a very cost effective option and you know that the pieces will all fit well together because they are manufactured. The problems are mostly during the installation. If the siding is not installed properly there may be gaps that will lead to water damage and moisture. This will then turn to mold and mildew and the siding may need to be replaced. This is where there is a problem as well. If there is an area of damage and it has been a few years there can be problem finding a proper replacement piece.
Wood Siding: If you want a higher end look and you want to have a beautiful finish then a real wood siding is the way to go. There are several types of wood that you can choose from and it is best to talk to a professional about what is best for your home and your area. The wood siding needs to be cared for and inspected regularly. The wood has to be painted and sealed regularly and if there are signs of damage it is a great idea to have it repaired. You can paint, white wash or seal the wood siding if you want to. This should also be done by a professional to make sure that the wood is protected.
Stucco: You can also choose to have your home finished with stucco. This is a very common exterior finish that many homeowners choose. It is a standard color and can be painted whatever paint color that you choose. It can stand up to the elements and I there is damage it can be patched and paint and can be touched up.

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McKay’s Painting can come out and help to choose the right exterior for you. Call us today to set up an appointment.