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Dangers of DIY Painting Over Peeling, Chipping or Cracking Lead Based Paint in Oxnard, CA

Dangers of Painting Over Peeling, Chipping or Cracking Lead Based Paint in Oxnard, CA

Homes that were built before 1978 often used lead-based paint and is the way many people were exposed to lead. It was in 1978 that the Federal Government banned its use in residential structures and federal regulations require homeowners to provide lead disclosures when they are selling their home if it was built before that year.

Long Term Effects of Lead Poisoning

The reason disclosures are required is because lead can be a potential health risk. The extent of the health risk will depend in the amount of lead that one is exposed to. These risks can include headaches, high blood pressure, slowed growth, pregnancy difficulties, digestive problems, muscle and joint pain and damage to the brain and nervous system. These health risks can affect anyone in the family, but children are more likely to have issues. More so for smaller children because they put everything in their mouths and paint chips can contain lead.

Lead Paint Disclosure

• Anyone selling their home needs to disclose, in writing, if they know about lead paint and test results need to be shared if they were performed.
• Buyers have up to 10 days to check for lead. While they don’t have to test for it, they have to be given the opportunity to do it.
• Real estate agents and sellers bust provide a copy of the EPA publication “Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home”.
• Landlords also need to provide this information to their tenants for buildings built before 1978.

How Do You Get Lead Poisoning from Paint?

Lead paint is unlikely to cause any health problems if it’s intact but there may be health risks if the paint is peeling, chipping or cracking. Areas that experience a lot of wear and tear can be problematic. These areas include banisters, stair railings, window sills, door frames, porches and fences. These areas can expose layers of paint underneath that may have lead in them. Lead paint that is sanded of scraped can produce lead dust. Lead can also be found in the soil outside your home if exterior lead paint flakes and/or chips and can then be tracked into the home.

How to Prevent Lead Pollution in the Environment

• Clean paint chips up
• Clean painted surfaces once a week and rinse tools thoroughly
• Try and prevent children from chewing on painted surfaces
• Have your children wash their hands often
You can temporarily reduce lead hazards by fixing any painted surfaces that are damaged and plant new grass to cover soil that may have high levels of lead. It’s also a good idea to eat nutritious meals that are high in iron and calcium because healthy diets absorb less lead. if you live in a home built before 1978 and are planning to remodel or renovate, you will need to follow EPA guidelines. Lead paint removal needs to be done by a certified lead abatement contractor to remove the lead paint and seal it with special materials.

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You can still live in and love a home with lead paint, you just need to know what to look for and how to deal with it. Contact McKay’s Painting to answer any question about lead-based paint.

Benefits of Home Renovations in Vista, CA; Increase Property Value, Reduce Maintenance & More

Benefits of Home Renovations in Vista, CA; Increase Property Value, Reduce Maintenance & More

You can hardly turn on the television without seeing a commercial for a show that touches on the subject of home renovations or remodeling. Tabloids include stories of celebrities made famous with their innovative design skills. Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, Trading Spaces, Love It or List It, and many more shows have viewers hooked on the dream of renovating their houses. The nation is buzzing with talk of how homeowners can change their houses to make them their own individual style.

Create a Home for Your Lifestyle

Every family has a way that they prefer to live. Even if you purchase a home that you love there will be some things about it that don’t fit the needs of your family. Maybe your family would prefer an open floorplan and your home has walls cutting into your available open spaces. Maybe you need an extra room for your expanding family and you need to add an extra bedroom. Maybe you have a chef in the family that wants an updated kitchen to prepare their delicious food in. Whatever your motivating factors are, changing your current home to best suit the needs of your family can be easier than moving.

Home Improvements Often Increase Property Value

Many homeowners choose to remodel their home in an effort to increase the value of their property. Upgrading your home can be a profitable decision since it will add value to your home. When new homes are built they follow the current style of the time. Over the years the trends change and homes become outdated. Upgrading your home can make it so that you can enjoy whatever improvements you make while you live in it. When you are ready to sell you can continue to reap the benefits of your remodel by making more money on sale of your home.

Remodel to Reduce Maintenance & Utility Costs

The older a home is the more outdated and inefficient it is. Windows and appliances have become significantly more energy efficient over the years. Including new windows and appliances is that are energy star rated will help reduce utility costs. Home repairs frequently increase significantly in cost when maintenance is ignored. Many remodeling projects are spurred by the need for some home maintenance projects needing to be attended to.

Home Renovation Can Improve Safety

Outdated appliances, particularly in the kitchen, can cause injuries or damage that can be avoided by replacing them in advance. Ovens, stoves, dishwashers, microwaves, water heaters, and more can all cause physical damage to your house if they begin to malfunction. Kitchen fires due to appliances shorting out can cause serious structural and physical damage to both your home and your family. Replacing appliances before they become a danger can help keep your family safe.

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No matter what your reason for starting the remodeling process is, we hope that you enjoy the journey you are getting ready to embark on. Remodeling can be stressful! Here at McKay’s Painting we want to join you in your endeavors. We offer interior and exterior painting services, power washing, drywall services and more that may come in handy as your turn your house into the home of your dreams!

How to Choose What Color I Should Paint My House Exterior in Goleta, CA; Tan, Gray & More

How to Choose What Color Should I Paint My House Exterior in Goleta, CA; Tan, Gray & More

When you are looking to update the look of your home picking out the right paint color can be the perfect way. The exterior of your house does not have a lot that you can change out to make a big impact except the color of the house. Although paint can really help the look of the house out if you make a bad decision it can be bad as well. You want to make sure that you take time to make the right decision. There are some colors that are always going to be a good decision and are timeless. Of course you need to also take into account the neighborhood and the time period of the house you are painting.

McKays Painting Lists the Best Exterior House Paint Colors

Tan Exterior House Paint Color: When it comes to the best paint color for your home inside or out a good tan or khaki color is a great option. The best thing about choosing this color for your home is that you can pair it with so many other colors as a way to accent. The color combinations are endless when it comes to painting your trim and eves. You can also take a lot of liberties when you landscape the yard and property. It is a very neutral color and is not trendy or modern which means it can stand the test of time.
Pale Yellow Exterior Paint: If you are looking for a color to paint your home that is not just your standard neutral color then a pale yellow is for you. This is a great option to add some fun and presence to the house. The color yellow has always lent to it feeling warm and inviting as well. You don’t have to use a bold yellow because even a buttery soft yellow will give the same feeling. This is a great color to use if you want to pair with a bright white as a way to accent your trim work.
Paint Your Exterior Gray: The next color that you can look into when choosing a great color for your home is grey. There are lots of options when choosing grey whether you want a very subtle light color or a color that is a little deeper. You can use a grey that has blue undertones or one that has purple undertones. Similar to choosing a tan color you can use this a way to beautify your home but leave it neutral enough that you can decorate any way you want around it. Using grey is a more modern option but has withstood the test of the time and will continue to fit in for a long time to come. Gray paint shows off a nice sleek look and looks amazing on siding, stone, brick and stucco.

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McKays Painting is able to come to come up with a plan to paint the exterior of your home. Call us today to meet with our painters.

Best Paint Brands for Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets in Hope Ranch, CA; Dunn Edwards & More

Best Paint Brands for Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets in Hope Ranch, CA; Dunn Edwards & More

To help renew the look of your bathroom and kitchen, you can always repaint the walls and cabinets. When painting cabinets it takes a few extra considerations for a few reasons. You want a paint that will give the cabinet a beautiful color and shine. At the same time, the paint needs to be durable so the paint doesn’t smudge or wear away from hand and water exposure. This is why you want to find a paint that is the designed for or works best on cabinets. McKay’s Painting will share some of the best types of paint to use for cabinets.

Dunn Edwards – Aristoshield Eggshell

Aristoshield is an ultra-premium ultra-low VOC enamel formulated with advanced water-based urethane alkyd technology that provides an oil like finish. Dunn Edwards offers this paint which is well suited for high end residential, commercial, and industrial projects where durability and superior performance are needed on cabinets and other surfaces.

Farrow & Ball – Full Gloss Paint

Farrow & Ball is a great brand for cabinets that provides a beautiful mirror like finish. Farrow & Ball provides about 132 colors and is designed for wooden furniture and cabinets. It also provides a great protective finish that makes wiping water or other liquids away without disturbing the paint or wood. The high gloss is great for making cabinets look shiny and stand out, but most importantly it can withstand interactions. This paint is hard to find and only recently has been sold here in the States. Some major paint suppliers are beginning to carry this brand of paint but it is not found everywhere.

Benjamin Moore – Advance Interior Paint Satin

This paint product is also highly recommended, especially if you’re looking for a silky solid or smooth look to your cabinets. For those who want a touch of shine, then consider using the semi-gloss. With over 3500 color options you can create the perfect color theme for your kitchen or bathrooms. Benjamin Moore paint looks great and is also durable and prefect for cabinets. Benjamin Moore is a well established brand in the U.S. and can be found in most painting and hardware stores.

Valspar – Cabinet Enamel Semi-Gloss Latex Interior Paint

When looking for oil based paint, Valspar is another recommended brand for cabinets. Valspar is widely distributed through the U.S. It is also easily cleaned up. Do keep in mind this product is considered oil based paint and is only found in quarters. However for bathroom and smaller cabinet sections, a quarter goes a long way.

Rust-Oleum – Cabinet Transformations

Designed to completely renew your home cabinets, Rust-Oleum is a complete cabinet kit that colors and protects cabinets. One perk for using this product is that it removes much of the work by bypassing the need to strip and sand down the cabinets. After two coats (bonding and glazing) you have all new cabinets. This product is designed to be hardy.

Behr – Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel

Another widely distributed brand is Behr. This product is designed to create a durable surface that may require frequent cleaning or washing such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets. One of the most affordable brands, this product also comes in a wide variety of colors providing plenty of choices.

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If you’re planning to refinish your home cabinets with paint, these are some of the top recommended paint brands that are best for cabinets. If you find you need help renewing your home cabinets, McKay’s Painting can help. If you’re ready to begin your painting protect and want help, contact McKay’s Painting and schedule our services today.

Home Improvement & Painting Ideas for How to Update an Old House in Summerland, CA

Home Improvement & Painting Ideas for How to Update an Old House in Summerland, CA

It doesn’t take a lot of money with interior and exterior painting projects to make a big difference. The right paint can go a long way, especially if you’re on a budget. All paint projects can be done on your own, but you’ll save money in the long run by hiring professionals. You’ll also have the best possible results because a small paint job can be done poorly without paint know-how. There are steps that professional take for different projects.

Paint Quality

Using cheap paint may just cost you more in the long run. We all want to save money, especially when we decide to improve our home in some way. Buying cheap paint isn’t really a good deal because you’ll need to use more of it and the quality won’t last as long as you’d like it to. So, the money you saved in the beginning will quickly disappear when you find yourself buying more.

Low Budget Interior Design & Painting Ideas

1. Use a bold color in a small bathroom. Consider the amount of natural light in the bathroom and how certain colors will look when choosing the color. Once painting is done, finish the look with decorative accents.
2. Paint an accent wall. You can add class or excitement to a room by creating an accent wall because rooms don’t need to be painted entirely to get a finished look. Chose a wall that will become the focal point and get creative. Colors can come from pillows, fabric or artwork already in the room.
3. Paint the ceiling. Pick a color and paint the ceiling in a white room. This will softly add color to a room and can have a striking and elegant effect.
4. Use wall stencils. Your personal style can show when you paint a room or accent wall with stencils. Pick one up at the store or create your own.
5. Use dry erase paint. Premium dry erase paints can be used to create sketching surfaces that will keep things creative and might keep you organized too!

Exterior Painting Home Updates on a Budget

1. Paint the shutters– clean the shutters on your home and pick a new color to paint them
2. Paint the trim– you can instantly add curb appeal to your home by painting the trim on your home
3. Paint the stairs– the stairs of entire walkway to your home can be painted for an instant upgrade
4. Paint the front door– paint the front door with an exciting color to make it pop and add curb appeal
5. Paint House numbers– choose new house numbers and paint them the same color you painted the front door

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Painting projects can be a lot harder than you think they’ll be. Many paint professionals will get calls from customers that started a project and don’t want to finish it. They either don’t like the results, or they don’t have the time to finish it. The best call to make is to McKay’s Painting to give your home a new look inside or out. Call us today!

Exterior Paint Discoloration, Peeling, Bubbling & Other Problems in Mission Canyon, CA

Exterior Paint Discoloration, Peeling, Bubbling & Other Problems in Mission Canyon, CA

A fresh coat of paint can breathe a breath of fresh air into the appearance of your homes exterior while also increasing the curb appeal of your property but only if you take the time to prep the surface and do it right. According to the knowledgeable experts at McKays Painting, exterior painting problems can occur for a number of reasons including inexperience, bad prep work, DIY painter error, and a variety of weather-related issues. Some of the most common exterior paint problems are as follows.

Common Exterior Paint Problem

Blistering Paint: Small to medium sized blisters or bubbles under the paint are typically caused by painting in direct sunlight when the intended surface is hot. Blistering can also occur when painting over wet wood, the wood traps moisture causing the paint to bubble as the wood begins to expand. Low quality latex paint, excessive rain, and high humidity can all cause blistering paint
Peeling Paint: Is one of the most common exterior paint problems, and it is often caused by moisture on the surface or by the paint failing to adhere properly to its intended surface. In some cases, the previous layer of paint can be seen curling beneath the newest layers giving it the appearance of shedding. Other potential causes include: applying oil based paint over a moist surface, painting over a surface that has not been properly cleaned or using poor quality paint.
Alligatoring and Checking: Alligatoring is the term used to describe a cracking pattern in the paint that looks very similar to the skin of a reptile. Some of the most common causes of alligatoring include applying the second coat of paint before the first coat of paint has completed dried or the second coat of paint was painted over a surface that was not properly prepped. Checking on the other hand can be described as long shallow cracks in the paint which are most often caused by natural aging of oil-based paints.
Sagging or Running: This is one of the most easily identifiable paint failures due to the appearance of drips within the surface of the paint. Some of the most common causes of sagging include a layer of paint that was applied too heavily, thin paint, paint that was applied during cold or moist weather or the surface was not properly prepared before the paint was applied.
Mildew: Mold and mildew is a gray, green, brown, or black fungus that often grows in patches particularly in areas of the home that are exposed to constant moisture, areas that are poorly ventilated and those areas of the exterior that lack sunlight especially direct sunlight. Some of the most common causes of mildew include using low quality paint, painting over a surface already exposed to mildew that was not properly prepared, and painting over bare wood without the use of a primer.
Rust Discoloration: If you have reddish-brown to black stains on the surface of the paint it is probably due to rust discoloration. Some of the most common causes include steel nails that have become loose from the surface, steel nails that have come into contact with the air, and excessive weathering which has worn away the protective coating on the nail heads.

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To learn more about residential exterior painting and to schedule your exterior paint color consultation and inspection, contact the knowledgeable experts at McKay’s Painting today.

How Do You Know when it’s Time to Replace Windows with New in Montecito, CA

How Do You Know when it’s Time to Replace Windows with New in Montecito, CA

Windows are the soul of our homes. They are our gateway to see outside, to admire the beauty that surrounds our homes. They also provide aesthetically pleasing features and allow for natural sunlight to radiate into our homes. Older homes often have outdated, drafty, single pane windows which do little in keeping out the heat or cold. They are likely to be hard water stained or have been pounded by the elements. Having windows in our homes serve more of a purpose than just aesthetics though. Having windows in good working order can save lives in the event of an emergency. Building codes require windows and doors to have the ability to open quickly, so if a fire or other emergency occurs, you and your family have sufficient means to escape unharmed. Maintaining your windows requires very little upkeep. Ensuring they stay sealed will keep not only the elements out, but unwanted pests as well. Windows show signs when it’s time for them to be replaced. Here are a few signs your windows need to be replaced.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Higher energy bills– If you’re energy bill seems to be higher than the rest of the neighborhood’s, this may be a tell-tale sign your windows are allowing the cooled, or heated air to escape, which will surely skyrocket your bill. On a day when there is a breeze, light a candle, or an incense stick and hold it by your window’s frame. Slowly move it around the window and pause at each corner, if the fire from the candle flickers, or the smoke from the incense blows, your windows are letting drafts in.
How soundproof are your windows? – Newer, more energy efficient windows absorb sound waves before they reach the inside of your home, muffling loud noises and making your home more peaceful. If you can hear a car driving by while standing by your window, it’s probably time to replace them!
Leaky windows or decaying frames– This is a major sign that it is time for a replacement. Over the years, wooden window frames are exposed to a lot of water. This causes the wooden frame of your widows to warp, making it difficult, if not impossible to open freely. This is a major safety concern. Another issue we see frequently is water entering the home due to leaky windows. The most common causes of water entering a home through a window is due to the window sealant failing, or poor installation. If the windows are out of date, it may be best to have them replaced and save yourself extra repairs down the road!
Condensation build up between dual paned windows– If your multiple paned windows appear to be foggy or misty with moisture building up in between them, this mean the seal that has been put in place to protect the window assembly has failed and it may be time for a repair or replacement.

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Improve your home’s appearance and save some cash on your energy bills. Recent advancements in energy-efficient technology have made window construction better than ever. Whether you’re buying a home that needs newer, cleaner, more energy efficient windows, or are simply looking to spruce up your historic home’s appearance, trust the pros at McKay’s Painting to take care of all your home’s decorating needs. Give us a call today for a consultation!

What Does Wood Dry Rot & Termite Damage on Decks Look Like in Carpenteria, CA?

What Does Wood Dry Rot & Termite Damage on Decks Look Like in Carpenteria, CA?

The last thing you want to discover is rotting wood and termite infested wood. While you can ignore peeling paint, you cannot ignore wood rot. Minor damage will always turn into major damage if left untreated. Dry rot damage happens when water penetrates the exterior of your home. This penetration comes through roofs, around doors, windows, gutters, trim work and downspouts. Subterranean termites will come into buildings where the earth has contact with wood. This is common in older stucco homes where the sheathing contacts the ground level. Foundation that is close to the existing grade can be replaced. If it can’t be replaced, a termite curb can be installed. When the leaks and grading issues have been taken care of, repairs can start.

What is Wood Dry Rot

Dry rot happens when spores of fungi grow on timber or other wood used in construction. Dry rot affects areas of wood that have a moisture content of 20% or more. When the fungus gets settled, it will feed on the wood and causes the wood to lose stiffness. This makes it brittle and fragile. Signs of dry rot include a quick appearance of fungi, wood that is shrunken or distorted, cracks in wood, loss in wood strength and a musty smell. Ignoring signs of dry rot can put the structural integrity of a building in jeopardy because it can totally disintegrate wood. Dry rot can also spread from one area to another if it can find sources of nutrition to promote growth. The source of the problem needs to be found as quickly as possible and taken care of. The wood will need to be dried and any affected wood needs to be removed to prevent it from spreading. The rest of the structure should be treated to make sure there isn’t a chance it will be affected in the future.

Wood Termite Damage

Termites will attack any items that have cellulose in them. Wood is typically 40-50% cellulose. It can be hard to see minor termite infestations. The signs you need to look for are a powdery substance called frass which is digested wood residue, termite feces, eggs and dead termites. You can take care of minor termite damage by using a wood hardener. The damaged area needs to be removed with a chisel and the gaps can then be filled with wood hardener. You need to make sure it’s completely dry and then it can be sanded down to match the rest of the wood. Damaged wood that has long, hollow grooves needs to be filled with wood filler instead of wood hardener. The steps are the same and air bubbles can be removed with putty knife. If you don’t want to deal with wood hardener or fillers, the wood can be replaced or restructured by installing a new piece next to the rotted wood. The only problem with this option is it might change the way the original work looks.

Dry Rot & Termite Repair, Deck Refinishing & Restoration & More in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills & Santa Barbara California

If you suspect dry rot or termite damage, time is of the essence. McKay’s Painting has skilled professionals that can identify, treat and repair dry rot and termite damage. Give us a call today!

House Exterior Wall Options in Mussel Shoals, CA; Stucco, Wood & Vinyl Siding & More

House Exterior Wall Options in Mussel Shoals, CA; Stucco, Wood & Vinyl Siding & More

When home buyers go house hunting there are lots of things they may consider. Buyers look at the amount of space the house has, how many bedrooms and what the kitchen looks like to name a few. They of course want to feel good about the look of the houses exterior. Some of the aspects of the exterior happen to be the garden, grass, patio and the finish of the homes exterior. The home often is assembled in the same manner with wood framing and drywall. Then the house can be finished with a specific exterior material. The material depends on what the neighborhood looks like and what will work best with your particular climate. Each of the exteriors can be finished with paint to get the look and color you really want.

McKay’s Painting Lists Some of the Most Common Exteriors For Residential Homes

Stucco: There are many types of siding that can be used on your exterior walls. If you have a home that is going to have stucco it is a very traditional option. The stucco is a material that is mixed out of sand, lime and cement and of course water. This will make a wet mixture that can be applied to the walls and allowed to dry. Then the stucco can be painted with whatever color that you choose. It is not placed on the walls until after there has been a layer of paper and screen that is first affixed. The stucco can be repaired if there is any areas that are damaged or broken off.
Wood Siding: Using a real wood siding is a great way to tell a story with your house. It means that you are willing to keep up with the care and maintenance of the house. It is also a beautiful option for a period home as well. You can use a stain or even a paint on the wood siding to match the rest of the homes color scheme. You want to make sure that you are aware that maintenance is required and needed to allow the wood to last.
Vinyl Siding: One of the up and coming options that people have when having their house finished is a vinyl siding. This is a great way to give your house a beautiful and even finish that is cost effective. One of the added benefits is that the vinyl siding is affordable and will not require a lot of maintenance to keep it looking great. The material is man-made and that means that you will have a smooth and consistent finish. The vinyl siding can come in many colors as well so that your options are nearly endless. You want to make sure that you have the siding installed correctly to have a good tight fit. You also should know that can have the vinyl siding painted over if you choose.

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McKay’s Painting can send a painter out to your house and paint it with a color that fits your style. Call us today to make an appointment.

Choosing the Best Exterior Paint Grade & Colors for Your House in Santa Barbara, CA

Choosing the Best Exterior Paint Grade & Colors for Your House in Santa Barbara, CA

Your house is a large part of your daily existence. You sleep, eat, relax, entertain, and more in your home. When people come into your home you are welcoming them into your world. That being said, paint selection, both interior and exterior, is a decision to truly ponder before ultimately making your decisions. So how do homeowners make this important decision?

Buy Premium Grade Paint

Before we get to color, let’s talk about cost. Investing in premium paint for the exterior of your home is a wise choice. The outside of your home has to be able to endure the harsh elements caused by the weather. Purchasing low quality paint in an effort to save a few bucks typically only results in the paint job having to be redone sooner than if you had spent the money on better paint in the beginning. Having to buy the paint twice definitely doesn’t end up saving money! You also need to remember that dark exterior walls absorb up to 90% of the radiant energy from the sun. Light and bright exterior color schemes can keep the temperature down inside your home. If you live in an extremely warm area, you may want to consider what shade you are painting the exterior of your home not only from an aesthetic view.

Choose Paint Colors Based on Home’s Architectural Features

You will want to plan around parts of your home that are permanent when choosing your color palette. Brick, roof shingles or tiles, stonework, front porches, and driveways should all be taken into account when picking your paint colors. Designers recommend considering your home’s architectural style and era when you are selecting colors. Your exterior paint scheme should feel appropriate to the style of your home. If you aren’t sure what colors would best suit the style of your home, many paint manufacturers offer historically accurate color collections. If you home is in a newer area, historically accurate colors won’t come in to play. You may want to consider the visual effect you want your home to have. Lighter and brighter colors will make your home stand out, while darker hues will make your home appear to recede. Many homeowners will choose to incorporate an accent color to an area of their house to make a statement. If you home doesn’t lend itself to an accent color, consider painting your door with an accent color.

Dominant, Accent & Dominant Paint Colors

When picking exterior paint you will typically choose three paint colors. One paint color will be the dominant color, or field color. An additional color will be your accent color for shutters, doors, and other smaller areas to help bring to life. Your last color will be for trim around windows, door casings, rood edgings, railings, and any other trimwork. The trim color and filed color typically contract each other.

Paint Sample Test Patches

Once you have narrowed your color schemes to a few options, buy test sizes of the paint colors you are considering and paint a few portions on the exterior of your home. Since lighting on different sides of your home can differ dramatically, be sure to put some color on different sides of your house. Going outside and looking at the paint samples at different times of day may help you decide which color scheme represents you and your family the best.

Exterior Painting & More in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills & Santa Barbara California

After you have officially decided on your color you need to make the decision to paint your house yourself or if you are going to hire a professional painter. Exterior paint requires more prep work to ensure that the paint will properly hold up to the weather. Painting outdoors also presents unique problems due to the height of your home. Most people choose to hire a professional painting service for their home’s exterior. McKay’s Painting can’t wait to come and talk to you about your home and give you a quote. Give us a call today at 805-746-0916!