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Plan for How to Paint the Rooms in Your Agoura Hills, CA House; Painting Bathrooms First & More

Plan for How to Paint the Rooms in Your Agoura Hills, CA House; Painting Bathrooms First & More

When you are ready to get the interior of the house painted it can be exciting and refreshing. Being able to plan a remodeling project such as painting the house is a great way to add a new fun and clean look to your house. If you want to start painting the interior of the house it is a great idea to paint the entire house at the same time. If you are choosing to use the same colors around the house it is best to do it at the same time to ensure that the color matches all the way through. Painting the entire interior of your house is a huge undertaking and it is a great idea to have a plan on which rooms to paint first. That way you are not put out too much at any one point. You can make a plan so that it is done quickly and efficiently.

McKay’s Painting Outlines Where to Start when Painting Rooms in a House & Why

Paint Bathrooms First: If you think about the room that everyone in the entire house use and need it is the bathroom. That is why it is a great idea to start with these rooms at the start of the project. You want to try and get them cleared out, tapped off and painted first so they can get dry. The room is needed by the entire family so the faster it is done the better. You can avoid the room for a few hours but not for too long. You want to have your painters get the room done all the way at the start of the painting project. Then you can move on to the rest of the house.
Paint Kitchen Next: The next area that people are concerned about is the kitchen. It is another room that you can’t take in another space because of the uniqueness of the needs. You want to make sure that you plan out the painting of the kitchen so you are not stuck eating out for days. It is best to plan it in the morning and grab some breakfast on the run for the family. You likely will have the walls dry and back in working order by dinner. Then you are not eating out too many meals while waiting for the paint to dry and set.
Paint Fast & Easy: Lastly you want to make sure that you think about the layout of the house and what color each room will be getting. It may be a great idea to hit the rooms that are getting the same color paint at the same time. Then move on to rooms that may have a unique color. You can have the painters then paint the baseboard, trim and molding in the house at the same time when the color has had some time to dry.

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McKay’s Painting are professional painters that can come out to your house and paint your home efficiently with impeccable results. Call us today to meet with our experts.

How to Pressure Wash a Deck Before Staining & Maintenance Tips in Thousand Oaks, CA

How to Pressure Wash a Deck Before Staining & Maintenance Tips in Thousand Oaks, CA

Deck maintenance is generally a job tackled when the weather is nice, spring is optimal but some get it done in summer too. In any case. A big part of the maintenance is pressure cleaning, whether you need to refinish or not. Pressure washing offers your deck a superior level of clean that removes the dirt, dust, mud, and even mold buildup. Today we at McKay’s Painting would like to discuss maintenance of your deck.

Power Washing Deck to Remove Stains etc.

As mentioned, pressure washing is the most effective method to reviving your deck and getting to the maximum level of clean. A simple pressure washing can rejuvenate your deck. If you are also looking to refinish, pressure washing is an important step to ensure the refinishing is of hi quality. When doing the pressure cleaning yourself it is important you do so carefully. Some equipment, depending on the size, can produce 4,000 psi of water pressure. If the settings are not correct, you can cause severe damage. Before you start, ensure the trash and surface debris swept off and removed and all the clutter is clear off. If you choose to conduct the pressure washing, apply the following tips.
1) Use as low as pressure as possible that is still effective. Soft wood, like cedar for example should be around 500-600 psi where hard wood cab as high as 1200-1500 psi.
2) Utilize the fan tip, if not available, carefully opt for the rotating tip.
3) At least 24″ and never closer than 12” away from the wood deck, and away from people and glass, start the water pressure by depressing the trigger and feathering it into range of about 12-18″ from the deck.
4) Test the pressure washing in an inconspicuous area, such as a stair tread, if the strength is too much and you etch the wood, the stair tread is easier to replace.
5) Work with the grain of the wood and work from the house outward. Spraying lengthwise with the deck boards and slightly overlapping each area to avoid obvious seems. Though the goal is to clean the wood without ruining it by etching or eroding the soft wood fibers, keep in mind that when wood get s wet the fibers will create a rough surface. Handrails can present a real problem if this occurs because people will get splinters easily. If after your power washing service you did a decent job without causing damage, you can spot sand where you might have had a minor mistake. In the event you are refinishing, you will need to sand the whole wood deck.

How to Restore a Weathered Deck with Refinishing

For refinishing, sanding will give you smooth boards, remove the splintering, and open the wood spores to let the finish soak in. Sanding is important when reapplying a new finish, especially if you are changing the color or the type of finish. There are paints, stains, and sealer options for your deck and if you use grit sandpaper too fine, the finish will not absorb easily and look sloppy in the end. Sanding guidelines:
– Do not use higher than 100 grit sandpaper for handrails.
– Use 60-80 grit sandpaper for the deck surface.
– For more efficiency, use a 5” pad random orbital sander.

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To ensure your deck is maintained with best quality and superior results, call McKay’s Painting. Not only can we ensure the power wash cleaning is immaculate but that the sanding is done correctly and if you need a refinish that will be completed with perfection, especially if any repairs are needed. Call McKay’s Painting today.

How to Restore a Weathered Deck or Structure in Camarillo, CA; Old Paint Removal & More

How to Restore a Weathered Deck or Structure in Camarillo, CA; Old Paint Removal & More

Many property owners have that structure in the backyard that has seen better days; old play houses, children’s swing sets, old equipment sheds, and other such constructs that have seen years of neglect. Wanting to give the little building a facelift can be on your mind, even if it is the 130 year old barn or something not quite as old. No matter which exterior structure it is that needs some tender love and care, we at McKay’s Painting would like to offer some tips and advice to restoring it.

Tips for Restoring Weather Wood Decks, Pergolas & More

1) Old Paint Removal: Restoring the old structures involves a lot prepping. Collecting the essentials is part of it, but to restore the old exterior building, the wood needs to be assessed and to that, removing the old paint is the first step. Using a durable paint scraper, if the wood is fairly aged, scrape away the old paint. If the wood is fairly new, a sander can be used for this task. After the paint is completely removed, asses the wood; check for excessive damp wood, or any wood that is soft, brittle (known as dry rot) or decaying planks. The boards that are exhibiting any expedited deterioration or damage should be replaced; wood that is cracked, warped, or twisted should also be replaced. All the screws and nails should be replaced if they are rusted, loose, or damaged as well. Large areas that need replacing can be replaced with sections of lap siding to make the job easier.
2) Sanding: After the paint is removed and the replacement to damaged materials is finished, the all the wood to the structure should be completely sanded and brushed. Using a wire brush and electric sander can quicken the process and make it easier physically as well. Don’t be tempted to skip the sanding; it will remove any leftover paint remnants, the rough would is removed along with any other unwanted anomalies. Sanding will also enhance the aesthetics of the final result and contribute to the longevity of the structure.
3) Apply Caulk: To prevent water seepage, apply the caulk in the needed areas. A high-quality acrylic caulk should be used along the seams of the trimming around doors and windows along with in the corner joints. The caulk will offer more protection and durability as well as sharpen the overall look.
4) Clean Off Surface: Before the painting or finish is applied, use a pressurized nozzle for the hose, or a better option, rent a pressure washer if you know how to use one, or the best option and invest in a professional pressure washing. This process removes any leftover sanding debris, dirt, mud, and other particles on the surface that will mar the paints smooth application. Ensure any stains and spots are also removed and allow the wood to fully dry.
5) Stain or Paint Finish: Apply your preferred finish; ensure the one you chose is designed for exterior use and for the average climate in your area. If you are painting, be sure to use an oil-based primer first to enrich the paint job. To offer the structure increased protection, consider applying 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint; not only will the finished project look amazing, but the wood is better protected.

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There are many hours dedicated to restoring the little structure on the premises and the more experience you have can dramatically impact the end result. To make certain the project is completed quickly and efficiently, call in the professionals of McKay’s Painting.

Bright Interior Home Paint Colors to Make a Bedroom or Room Look Lighter in Westlake Village, CA

Bright Interior Home Paint Colors to Make a Bedroom or Room Look Lighter in Westlake Village, CA

Many people will repaint their home, especially when it begins to look a little run down. Paint has a way of rejuvenating your home’s age. However, a new coat of paint isn’t enough when it comes to following the newest trend used in today’s modern homes. Now there are new methods to help hide a home’s age. One trend is using bright colors instead of dull or flat colors. McKay’s Painting would like to share the new bright color trends and why more and more people are adding color to their home.

Tips for Painting with Bright Paint Colors

It became popular years ago to paint wall white, off white or light dull colors. This is what is referred to as “color shy.” However the latest trend is using brighter bolder colors. Using brighter colors helps add more personality into a room and especially when two or more colors are used in the same room. When you’re not sure about using bright colors, go online and start doing some research and look at pictures of those who have used bright colors and which colors match best together. This will help you imagine what colors will look better in your home and fit your personality best.

Using Bright Paint Colors for Interior & Exterior

When it comes to using brighter colors on your home’s exterior, you don’t want to paint the main color of your home in a bright color for a few reasons. You will want to paint your home in a nice color but one that reflects the sunlight to help keep your home cooler in the summer. This is why most home’s exterior are off white colors or light browns etc. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use bright colors to help your home look more colorful outside. Use bright colors for accents. You will often see doors, door and window trim, and shutters painted in a bright red, blue, green, and other bright colors to bring more personality to your home’s exterior.

Bright Primary or Accent Paint Colors

When painting with bright colors inside the home you can go a little more inventive with color. Some people like the brighter color as accents just like the outside of the home, while others will reverse the concept. Many will use a bright color and use a dull color as accent, most often a white or gray is used as an accent color. Once again for both interior and exterior painting ideas, put in your color choice and see what other people have done with these colors. You may find something you like.

Dark Paint Color Accent Walls

Sometimes dark colors don’t always work out. Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to use dark colors. Many people will say it makes a room feel smaller. Dark colors as accents can actually make the room feel bigger. When using a dark color, use them behind a piece of large furniture or wall décor piece. This helps create a theatrical backdrop and can make a room feel bigger. Dark color is best used as an accent wall and accents such as doors, trim, and floor boards.

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When you find the right colors to repaint your home, contact McKay’s Painting. We can repair walls, decks, and painting along with many other services. To schedule our services contact McKay’s Painting today.

Advantages of Using Drywall in Newbury Park, CA; Fire Resistant, Energy Efficient & More

Advantages of Using Drywall in Newbury Park, CA; Fire Resistant, Energy Efficient & More

You walk by drywall every day. It’s in your home, your office and any other building you visit. The word “drywall” refers to the fact that walls made of the material are installed without the use of water. This eliminates drying time that comes with plaster. Other names for drywall include wallboard, sheetrock, plasterboard and gypsum wallboard. Drywall is a type of board made from plaster, wood pulp, or other material, used especially to form the interior walls of houses and buildings. The U.S. Gypsum Company (USG) invented drywall in 1916. It was first sold in small, fireproof tiles and it only took a few years for it to be sold in multi-layer gypsum and paper sheets. Just a few years later it turned into the single layers of compressed gypsum sandwiched between two sheets of heavy paper we see today.

Plaster Was Used Before Drywall

Before drywall, walls were made from layers of wet plaster over thousands of wooden strips called laths. The wet plaster would harden to form the walls. This was time consuming and difficult to perfect because the plaster walls needed several coats and long drying times between coats. Plaster walls could take weeks to create versus a couple of days with drywall that lasts longer and costs less. Drywall is used in almost every construction project and is one of the most common building materials in the world.

Benefits of Using Drywall

1. Appearance. Drywall makes wall construction a lot easier. It’s faster and looks much better. Proper drywall installation provides endless possibilities to use anywhere in your home and when drywall is installed the right way it looks beautiful. Drywall installation also ensures an increased value in a home when used instead of other materials.
2. Energy efficiency. There have been other materials used in the past but when it comes to energy efficiency, nothing beats drywall. It makes insulation better and keeps room temperatures more stable than other materials, like paneling for example.
3. Fire resistance. Added to the fact your energy bills will benefit with the use of drywall, it’s also more fire resistant than other materials. Fire will not spread as quickly, and it can also contain fires better than other materials. This can save your home.
4. Cost and maintenance. Besides the fact that drywall is more attractive than other alternatives, its also more cost effective. It’s affordable on any budget to beautify your home. The look of a room can be easily changed by simply painting the walls. When other materials are used, sections may need to be replaced, or entire walls. Drywall is easy to get and can even be done yourself for simpler jobs. Drywall is easy to repair, and you won’t need to replace an entire wall. This makes drywall installation and upkeep easy for you and your wallet.

Drywall Installation, Replacement & Patching Repair in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills & Santa Barbara California

There are great benefits when choosing to use drywall in your home. Contact McKay’s Painting to learn more about these benefits and to answer any questions you might have.

Types of House Paint & Their Uses in Ojai, CA; Oil & Latex Finishes from Flat to High Gloss

Types of House Paint & Their Uses in Ojai, CA; Oil & Latex Finishes from Flat to High Gloss

Our nation’s #1 home improvement project happens to be our favorite subject… PAINTING!! You can change the whole look of your home just by adding some paint to it. Outdated furniture? No problem! Just add paint! Have you ever gone to your neighborhood home improvement store and looked at all the options of paint you had to choose from? The color selections are never-ending, and on top of that there are different finishes and types of paint in each color to choose from. It can be a bit overwhelming to make the right choice when you don’t know what you’re dealing with. McKay’s Painting would like to explain the differences and benefits of each type of paint to make these choices a little easier.

Differences in Oil Based & Latex Based Paints?

Oil based paints are the most durable of the paint choices. Oil-based paints are made with natural or synthetic oils. Synthetic oil-based paints are the most common because they are more cost-effective and is the tougher of the two options. Great for houses that need to have walls cleaned often. Oil-based paints are great for baseboards and trim because it takes abuse well and holds up against time. The downside is that the paint clean-up can be tricky and requires turpentine or paint thinner to remove it. It can also be a little bit trickier to work with as opposed to latex paints and requires a bit more dry time. Latex based paints are easy to work with and will dry relatively quickly. It is not as durable as its counterpart but works great as a general paint for ceilings and walls!

Paint Finishes from Flat to High Gloss

Flat paints– Has no shine. Hides flaws well and is more forgiving against painting flaws. Not easily washable.
Eggshell– Has a nice, soft finish and works well in households that will require a bit of washing from time to time.
Satin/Semigloss– Great for busy households and are great for frequent washing. Finish comes out slightly shinier than eggshell.
High Gloss– Just about the easiest to maintain and easy to wash stains off of. Has a beautiful high shine but will show painting errors and wear imperfections.

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When considering which paint will be right for your house, keep in mind that washable and scrubbable paints are very different. Washable paints should only be cleaned with a soft damp sponge and a gentle rub. Scrubbable paints can be washed with a brush and will hold up fine. Some paints contain enamel which will harden the surface it goes on and make it less porous. Always start your painting projects with properly prepped paint spaces and when using a primer remember that oil-based primers go with oil-based paints, while latex-base primers go with latex-based paints. When it comes to paint, you get what you pay for, paints range anywhere from about $8 a gallon to $30-plus per gallon. The quality will show in the price you pay for your paint. Always choose the best quality paint that you can afford and don’t skimp on quality if at all possible. McKay’s Painting can make this process super simple for you and handle the hard work for you. Just give us a call today and book your paint day!

How to Choose an Accent Wall in Bedroom, Living Room or Other Rooms in Ventura, CA

How to Choose an Accent Wall in Bedroom, Living Room or Other Rooms in Ventura, CA

When you are ready to make some changes to a room in your house, paint can make quite an impact. It is a great way to freshen up a room and tie in some color that you have been wanting to. When you are ready to make a change you want to make sure that you take time in picking the right color. Some people want to have their room painted with a single color which is a very standard option. You can use a single color if you plan to spruce up the rest of the house with bright and fun colors. Although a single color is good, a better option is to use accent colors as well. Most rooms will look their best when there is a trio of colors. The main base color, a secondary color and the accent color as well. This will bring out the architecture of the room. Although a trio of colors is great it is also important to know where to place these colors.

McKay’s Painting Offers Tips for Which Wall Should Be the Accent Wall

What Wall Draws Your Attention: When you walk into any room in your house there is an area of the room that will naturally draw the eye. You can even determine which wall that is if you have no furniture in the room. If you are not sure which wall it is or you are second guessing yourself have a few friends check. Have them walk in and point at the focal area that draws them in. If you are sure where the focal wall is you want to make sure that you paint it the accent color that you chose. The color should accent the rest of the colors in the room.
Make Focal Wall: The next aspect of the accent wall that you want to look at is which wall is the focal point. There are times that there might not be a specific wall that draws the eye and you are met with the task of making one. You want to be sure that you choose a wall that has no windows or doors to make the accent wall stand out. You can choose a wall and with the arrangement of the furniture and the décor. You just need to be sure that there is something that will draw that eye to the area like a beautiful piece or art, a shelf or plants.
How Far is the Wall from the Door: An accent color can be used in any room in the house but many people choose to have it in a bedroom. One of the best walls to accent is the wall that is furthest from the door and is the shorter wall. You may want to adjust your bed so that the headboard is in the center of the wall.

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McKay’s Painting can come out to your house and make a plan to make to add accent colors to the interior walls of your home. Call us today!

Home Office Paint Color Scheme Ideas in Calabasas, CA; Pastels, Neutral, White & More

Home Office Paint Color Scheme Ideas in Calabasas, CA; Pastels, Neutral, White & More

Balancing your home life with work is more challenging than people may think. It takes a lot of discipline to focus on work with all of life’s personal distractions all around you. When you have a home office, locking yourself inside is the best way for many to focus on work and leave the personal stuff aside. But when you do that, you want the work space to be comfortable and inspire productivity. Before dive into organizing and decorating, selecting the right paint for the walls that will energize your senses is ideal. We at McKay’s Painting have listed a few of the top trending colors for home offices to help you pick a color for your home office, or at the very least get the creative juices flowing.

Popular Home Office Paint Colors

White: For some, the less distracting the better. You can have the walls a crisp color white, such as eggshell, and contrast it with inspiring photos and artwork that keeps it simple, yet cultured. If you want to add flares of color, you can do it with carpeting or rugs, or with the furniture to spice up the room.
Brown: A bold dark chocolate brown offers sophistication for a straight forward and focused professional. It will give you the modernized neutral color that can be paired with nearly anything. For a pristine look, include a sharp desk, linear artwork, and brighten it with lighter colored floors.
Blue: Balancing work and kids’ activities is no easy feat. Having your home office painted pale sky-blue hue can help bring down the stress levels. Add white accents or decorations to enhance the calm feeling.
Green: Creative personalities need small doses of chaos in their surroundings to help them stay on task. A creative energy color of a green variety will contribute to such and add a few random interesting decorations such as a lamp or desk feature to break it up.
Purple: A Moroccan-style office space that has a deep shade of plum paired with a patterned rug will make the place inviting and spacious. Iconic black and white photos encased with black frames will add the chic design taking your office space to the next level of glam. Where this may be too much for some, others will get charged with the energy and be productive daily.
Neutral: Neutrals are always safe. They can make any room feel welcoming without the overwhelming busyness. Paired with wood furnishing, the home office will have a strength to it that will impress any guest or colleague. To brighten it up, add a hint of color with the drapes that easily open to allow natural light envelop the room.
Pastels: Pastels are becoming a very popular choice and it allows hints of color without the overwhelming colors bearing down on you. A pale pink color, for example, coupled with clean white accents, organized books, perfectly placed sculptures, and tasteful art on the walls will give a nice home office you can relax in and still focus on the tasks.

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No matter which colors you decide, McKay’s Painting can get your home office painted efficiently and quickly so you can get back to work and enjoy your home work environment. Call us today to get started!