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Ideas for Baby’s Nursery & Children’s Bedroom Paint Color Palette Schemes in Santa Barbara, CA

Ideas for Baby’s Nursery & Children’s Bedroom Paint Color Palette Schemes in Santa Barbara, CA

Before a baby is born, the desire to clean everything, set up baby furniture, boil bottles, and wash baby clothes is understandable. Most parents to be want everything perfect in time for the baby’s arrival. Decorating the baby nursery is often Mom and Dad’s favorite part. After all, no nursery is complete without a custom color scheme! Unfortunately many learn the hard way that DIY tutorials on pinterest make prepping and painting look a lot easier than it actually is. Painting just one room can take hours of time and patience, when you could have just hired a professional like the good folks at McKay’s Painting to save you the trouble.

Kid Friendly Room Paint Ideas

As amateurs, we are only capable of doing so much. That is why it’s always smart to have a list of companies you trust on a list on the fridge. The big projects that we so lovingly conjure up in our imaginations are done everyday by professionals and by trying to save a couple of bucks we are actually doing ourselves a disservice. This we often learned by experience. Even after achieving the perfect nursery, your baby is going to grow into a toddler, you will likely want to change the theme in the nursery to a big boy or girl theme. At this age the cutesy stuff kind of goes out the window and the new paint needs to hold up as long as our kids do. And there are exciting innovations to consider such as chalkboard paint! What a perfect solution to the age old problem of toddlers wanting to color and draw on everything in sight! It can be applied to metal, paperboard, hardboard, plaster, and wood! It will give you an actual writable surface and is easily cleaned with soap and water. Chalkboard paint doesn’t have to be black either. It’s available in a variety of colors. As if it couldn’t get any better, it has a superior hardness and is scratch proof!

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There are so many fun things you can do with your kids’ rooms these days. So whether you are looking to do a basic or custom paint job, McKay’s Painting can help you achieve anything your heart desires with ease! From easy jobs, to the tough ones having a friend in the painting business will give you peace of mind. Our bedrooms are an expression of who we are. Help your child explore their creativity today and give the good folks at McKay’s Painting a call when your ready for your next painting adventure!

In the Moment Interior Paint Colors in Agoura Hills, CA; Yellow, Purple, Orange & Green

In the Moment Interior Paint Colors in Agoura Hills, CA; Yellow, Purple, Orange & Green

Are you looking for a new paint color for your home? One that will show just how unique you are? With all the do’s and don’ts out there about paint colors, most of us go with a safe option. But if you want to shake things up a bit, then there are some colors you should consider. There are ways you can safely experiment with paint colors that won’t make your home look crazy wild.

Underrated Interior House Paint Colors

Yellow. Yellow makes people feel happy and is a color that is very adaptable. This is because yellow can be bold without being too overpowering. Yellow can also be light without being too boring-. Yellow adds a cheerful tone regardless of the shade you go with and will make any space feel cheery. Yellow can also be used on accent walls to add a splash of color without having to paint the entire room-. Accent walls can take a deep yellow if this is the way you want to go. Your home will be more welcoming and a happy place to be when you add yellow.
Purple. Purple is a color that is loved or hated as it is an eccentric color. Purple is flexible, so it can be used on a small area or large. It can be used in many ways depending on the way you use it and the shade you go with. Violet is a deep color but not too dark and can be a relaxing choice for a bedroom. If you have a large space with a lot of natural light, then you can go with a lighter shade like lavender. Lavender is a great shade of purple to refresh a space. Using purple in your home will make you a trend setter!
Orange. Orange probably isn’t in your top few choices for paint color as many people find it obnoxious. This is true with a lot of shades of orange, but warmer shades can look great in your home. Try repainting a room with a burnt orange to make a room feel welcoming without being too stimulating. Tangerine can a softer, more subtle option. If you want your friends and family to feel welcome, then give a shade of orange a try.
Green. Another color that isn’t likely to come into thought with paint is green, but green can add tranquility much like blue can. Green is a unique choice because it’s a soothing color and can make any room feel peaceful. Green can also create a traditional mood when lighter shades are used and a more eccentric and bold mood when darker shades are used. You can also try a lime green paired with other citrus colors or mix it with beige and white.

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These four colors can be hard to pull off. They can be overwhelming and an eyesore when done poorly. McKay’s Painting can provide you with a color consultation to determine which colors will work best in your home to achieve the look and feeling you’re going for as well as all paint preparation, painting and much more. Contact us when you’re ready to make a color change in your home.

Benefits of Repainting Commercial Buildings in Thousand Oaks, CA; Fresh Start & More

Benefits of Repainting Commercial Buildings in Thousand Oaks, CA; Fresh Start & More

A fresh coat of paint goes a very long way, in both homes and commercial settings. It is recommended that commercial buildings receive a fresh coat of paint about every five years to maintain a clean and professional atmosphere. There are a number of benefits in repainting a commercial building and center. Depending on the nature of the business, repainting will benefit you in different ways. However in general, all businesses can benefit from a fresh coat of paint. McKay’s Painting would also like to share how your business can benefit from our services.

Painting Your Commercial Storefront Invites Customers & Clients

Depending on the nature of your business for you to be successful, you probably rely on a regular flow of customers or clients. A clean, fresh and meticulous building and offices, often reflects the way your business is run. When a business building looks old and run down with dirty walls, chipped paint, or damaged walls and ceilings, it affects the mindset of the customers. Everyone judges a book by its cover and the same is true about a business. Whether you’re inviting customers or clients in by maintaining your building, fresh paint provides a clean inviting setting. When repainting a business you will want the color match the nature of the business. Bright bold color grabs the attention of customers, whereas calm, neutral colors are great for a professional setting.

Fresh Coat of Paint Increases Employee Productivity in Workplace

It’s been proven that a maintained, clean environment improves the productivity of the employees. When the work environment is properly taken care of, the employees also feel taken care of and this improves customer services and productivity. Office workers that toil in a rundown environment tend to be less productive. Office settings benefit from fresh paint especially when the colors help improve the work atmosphere. When repainting, keep in mind that office settings in green hues are known to help stimulate the mind and promote positive moods. Again, depending on the nature of the business will dictate the best color used.

Painting Improves Commercial Structure’s Integrity

For commercial property owners it’s not only good for business and productivity but the simple fact of maintaining your building. Paint protects both the inside and outside of the building. During repainting some basic repairs are also done such as drywall repair, siding repair or replacement. Water damage is also repaired and treated. When these basic building maintenance isn’t done, major structural problems can begin to occur. The building and property owner can ensure that the building is maintained as well as the longevity of the structure. Another additional benefit for commercial property owners is that repainting can help increase the property’s value.

Painting Creates a Fresh Start

When a new business or company moves in, changing the look of the building helps advertises your new arrival. When an old business seeks to make a few changes and change product lines, again new color palettes helps to promote the new changes. Again, this will help invite new customers or clients to your business.

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If your commercial building or business center looks a little old, rundown, or it just needs a new look, McKay’s Painting can help. We provide many quality painting and related services that can help revive your business. Contact McKay’s Painting and schedule our services today.

Spring Paint Colors 2018 in Camarillo, CA; Bright or Pastel Color Schemes for Different Ages

Spring Paint Colors 2018 in Camarillo, CA; Bright or Pastel Color Schemes for Different Ages

Along with the traditional annual cleanup, ponder a spring spruce up with some new color combos. The typical vanilla paint schemes are designed to be neutral and generally make a home more sell-able without imposing the tastes of the contractor. But if you’ve decided to settle for awhile you likely want something, well something that is more you than just plain off-white!

Psychological Effects of Bright Colors

Color combos, or color choice can affect mood. Bright colors work well in a child’s or infants room as the colors stimulate visual development. But given the stress that most adults deal with daily they may profit more from a subdued color scheme, more relaxing and less demanding than what bright colors convey.

Pastel Colors Palette

Pastel absorb light, providing a relaxing environment and can stimulate a calm. Light blues and greys. Reds, pinks, yellows and oranges for some will provide the relaxing mood but these colors are the stimulating colors. Beiges, tans, greys, blues and earth tones are more relaxing.

Color Schemes for Different Ages

Color combos can help in generating a positive mood, dark greys, blues and blacks can be depressing for some. The color wheel can help pickup appropriate complimenting or contrasting colors that will provide positive mood enhancement. Age can influence decisions. After a life time of visual stimulation, as we mature, our tastes tend towards the subdued. Younger we crave stimulation and want our surroundings to pump our energy and mental activity.

Room Color Feelings

The subliminal impact of color is striking, and in choosing color we are making judgments that will affect our attitudes and moods. Generally living rooms should be stimulating, while the bedrooms a bit more secluded and subdued.

Colorful VS Monochrome

The human eye has been blessed with the ability to discern over a million different colors, hues, tones and saturations. Color is how we interpret the world around while many of our fellow creatures are consigned to a monochromatic world. Monochrome is great for night vision but being visual creatures, our interpretation of the world is visual and colorful, a survival mechanism.

Decorative Painting Patterns

Given the importance of color and visual context as our primary sense it is important that we surround ourselves with the proper paint and patterns. Patterns? Even using pastels patterns can be visually stimulating. Anything that challenges the mind can be invigorating.

Paint, Stain & Other Treatments

Wainscoting, wall coverings, paint, stains and other treatments, the only limiting factor is your imagination. Blending wall and floor treatments, door trim and ceilings. Stains are revealing in that they bring out the natural beauty of wood, while paint is covering providing visual contrast. With all the choices for floors, walls and ceiling the decorating has an array of options and sometimes we should exercise restraint and subtlety.
But of all the treatments of a homes or office the primary contributor is paint and/or stain. Through the ages nothing has contributed more to the art of decorating as paint. Decorating creates and contributes to our productivity, mental acuity and mood.

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If you’re not into DIY projects consult with a paint and wallcovering contractor or a decorator for ideas and limitations of materials applications and methods. Much can be accomplished with paint alone. Include a room for a make over incorporated into your spring cleaning. McKay’s Painting offers professional painting services and much more. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Painted Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Westlake Village, CA … Without Making a Mess!

Painted Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Westlake Village, CA … Without Making a Mess!

Popcorn ceilings were fairly common in homes over 15 years old. This trend didn’t last long, but many people have only begun realizing that they are not stuck with it. Luckily, you can remove the popcorn ceilings but it does take hard work and can be hazardous. We at McKay’s Painting would like to share hot to remove popcorn ceilings. You will need the following:
– Sanding pad (with handle)
– Rosin paper
– Rags
– Putty knife
– Pump up sprayer
– Protective equipment
– Plastic sheeting
– Painter’s tape
– Liquid dish washing soap
– Drywall joint compound and tape
– 6” or wider floor scraper

What to Do Before Removing Popcorn Ceilings

Due to the messy tactics involved, preparation and organization are important to avoid damaging your walls or floor. Start by covering up all the furniture in the room or remove it from the area you are working in. Use plastic and painting tape to cover the vents. Use painter’s tape and plastic to cover the floor, outlets, and switches. Line the edges of the ceiling with the painter’s tape as well.

How to Remove Popcorn Ceiling

Wear protective clothing, goggles, and even a face mask or bandana to avoid breathing in the debris. If the ceiling is not painted use a pump sprayer filled with warm water and add 2-3 tbsp of liquid dish soap for every gallon of water. Generously spray 4-6 foot sectioning of the ceiling with the solution, but do not overly soak. You just need it wet enough to loosen the popcorn texture but not enough that the moisture seeps into the drywall under the texturing. Let it soak for about 15 minutes. Using a floor scraper, or something similar with a wide blade, gently scrape the popcorn texture away, carefully so you do not gouge the drywall. If it becomes too difficult, apply more of the solution and let it sit for 15 more minutes and scrape. Any lingering residues can be scraped clean with a putty knife. Repeat this procedure until ceiling is completely popcorn free.

Drywall Repair and Cleanup

Any minor damage can be filled in with a joint compound or if you find the drywall needs replacing cut out the size of the damage and fit it with fresh drywall. Secure with drywall tape and the joint compound. Once it is dry, gently sand it down to make sure its level and smooth with a sanding pad. Prime the ceiling and paint it to your choice of color.

Safety tips; Does Your Popcorn Ceiling Have Asbestos?

It is important that you are aware that homes built before 1980 could have asbestos in the ceilings and walls; get them tested before you start the project. Where it is not a health risk if left untouched, removing the texture will create dust from the materials which if asbestos is present, will become airborne and the fibers will stick in your lungs. Removing the popcorn from ceilings that have been painted can pose a potential issue. The popcorn cannot soak up the water solution that enables for removal. To remove the texture a harsh chemical is required to breakdown the paint.

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If you are tired of your outdated popcorn ceilings, let the professionals of McKay’s Painting help you. Not only can we paint it afterwards, but we can install variations of molding or other textures to create a decorative display. Call us today to learn more.

Answers to Exterior House Painting Questions in Newbury Park, CA; Best Time to Paint & More

Answers to Exterior House Painting Questions in Newbury Park, CA; Best Time to Paint & More

When you are ready to start updating the look of your house weather will usually play a huge role in when it happens. The warmer the weather the more likely people will feel motivated to make some changes. Warm weather and more sunshine makes your body and mind think that there is more time and that means those home projects might make the list. One way to make a big change to your home’s interior and exterior is a fresh coat of paint. Even if you don’t make a huge change in the actual color the fresh look and feel of paint makes a huge impact. When you want to paint the exterior of your home most people realize that it is a huge undertaking and will have a few questions. The questions seem to be the same with most homeowners.

McKay’s Painting Answers Some Common Questions About Exterior House Painting

Best Time to Paint House Exterior: One of the most common questions people ask is when is the best time to paint your home. That is really a two part question. One is when in terms of the condition of the existing paint. If your paint is starting to chip, crack and peel you want to have your home painted right away. These areas of damage will actually cause damage to the under portion of the home as well. The second part is what time of year is best. This is a little harder to say because it has a lot to do with weather. The best time of year to generally to have your home painted is in the spring or fall but it has more to do with the weather during the days that you plan it. You want to avoid days that have wind blowing so that debris does not stick to your wet paint. You also want to avoid direct sunlight during the drying process so that is will cure properly.
Steps to Painting a House Exterior: When you are ready to have your home painted most people want to know what actually will be happening. It is a good question because some of the work might seem slow going because it is prep work. The house needs to be cleaned off and any repairs to stucco or siding done first. Then the house can be primed which will give a good even starting point. This is the best way to get the finished color that you wanted. After that has been done the home will be taped off and painted with the color that you chose.
How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors: This is a great question and it all boils down to what you want? You will be choosing a color that best suits the look that you want your home to give off. You also want to be sure that you find out if you are restricted in any way based on where you live. Some homes are part of a homeowners association that has a list of colors that are acceptable. The other problem that you might run into is if you have a historic home that should stay within the colors of that time period.

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McKay’s Painting offers painting services to have your home looking its best with a fresh coat of paint. Give us a call today!

Energy Efficient Replacement Windows in Ojai, CA; Window Frame, Glass, Design & More

Energy Efficient Replacement Windows in Ojai, CA; Window Frame, Glass, Design & More

Windows give our homes light, warmth and ventilation, but they can also have a negative impact on the energy efficiency of our home. Windows account for 25%-30% of residential heating and cooling energy use, making them an important part of new and existing homes. 40% of existing homes in the United States have single-pane windows. To make your home more energy efficient and help you save money, you should consider replacing single-pane windows with newer, more efficient windows. Windows that are energy efficient are designed to prevent heated or cooled air escaping from your home. The increased insulation will reduce your homes energy use and your energy bills! Another benefit of energy efficient windows is that your home will be more comfortable. It’s good to know which window upgrades will give you the biggest bang for your buck without blowing the bottom line.

Factors in Choosing Energy Efficient Windows

1. Window Frame. Wood windows have the best insulative value but require more upkeep. Wood frames may not be the best choice for humid or rainy climates due to the potential for rot. Vinyl windows are less expensive, but they don’t have to be “cheap”. Vinyl can be a practical choice and still offer energy efficiency. Aluminum windows are the best at efficiency but are practical on rainy and humid climates. Wood-clad windows give you a low-maintenance exterior of vinyl or aluminum encased in a temperature-transfer-resistant wood interior.
2. Window Glass. The material that windows are made of is important but what inside the frame is too. One of the best choices are those that have Low-E glass, with a vacuum-sealed argon fill. These are more expensive but can do a lot for a home’s utility bills. These windows work by keeping UV rays out in the summer and prevent heat escape in the winter. Two numbers you need to look at are the U-value which measures a windows resistance to heat loss and the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) which measures how much heat enters a home through the glass. The lower the numbers, the better the windows will perform.
3. Window Design. There are window designs that are more efficient than others. Double-hung windows are windows where the bottom slides up to open it. They can be efficient choices in cold climates but may not be the best choice because of air intrusion between the sliders. Casement windows are popular when wind is an issue. These have a crank that swings the window out to open it. These seal tighter in windy conditions because the wind pulls the window towards the house. These windows require maintenance with the seals and hinges. Picture windows are those that don’t open. They come in many shapes and sizes and can still be efficient. Look for ones that have gas-filled interiors.
4. Window Installation. Proper installation is important. Buying expensive windows that aren’t installed correctly doesn’t make much sense. Avoid contractors that want to use sealants or foams to make a window fit as these materials are not waterproof and can cause problems the future. The best option is pre-installation waterproofing that is done before the window are installed.

Window Installation & Replacement in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills & Santa Barbara California

If you’re ready to install or replace windows in your home, contact McKay’s Painting to discuss the options available.

Office Paint Color Schemes for Productivity, Focus & Concentration in Your Ventura, CA Workplace

Office Paint Color Schemes for Productivity, Focus & Concentration in Your Ventura, CA Workplace

Employees that are happy and energized lead to high productivity. There is a variety of ways you can positively impact your staff. Topping the list, however, should be creating the right working environment they are subject to on a daily basis. The different paint colors have proven to have a psychological affect on how they affect our moods. Utilizing the right color scheme will not only properly influence your employees, but your customers as well. For both your clients and staff, you can reach optimal work environments, by simply learning the basics of color psychology. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to briefly share some of the fundamentals of paint color effects in the workplace.

Color Psychology to Motivate Staff in the Workplace

Blue: In jobs where there are high levels of stress, blue can help ease it. The staff and customers can use some peace and a dose of serenity and tranquility when the business is a demanding one. Choose to paint the interior of your commercial space with blue is the primary color to neutralize the chaos and edgy mood. It can be especially helpful where employees regroup, such as the break room or other such quiet areas where they have an opportunity to collect their thoughts.
Green: Green is known to enhance creativity and thinking, thus really contributing to productivity. Optimal for boardrooms and work areas, green can help get the creative juices flow towards innovating thinking.
Orange: According to the experts, orange is associated with a great value. Use tasteful shades of orange to accent your retail space to communicate to your customers that your product or service is not only the right.
Red: Red should really only be utilized as a subtle accent color if your business involves physical activity. Otherwise, red generally promotes anger, aggression, as well as untidiness and should stay out of the workplace. The bolder reds have been linked to an increasing heart rate and blood pressure as well. Do not let your workplace become a place of conflict and hostility and avoid it.
Yellow: Yellow can help give professionals a burst of positive vibes as it lends to nurturing idea thinking, boosts energy, optimism, and happy feelings. Again, keep yellow as an accent color instead of the primary color because it can stimulate hunger and feelings of anger.

Male & Female Color Perception

It was found that color can also affect men and women differently in a study performed by the University of Texas. Men were triggered with sadness in offices that were painted in oranges and purples where women would experience those feelings in offices paint in white and beige.

Blue & Green Personality Paint Colors

Shades of blue and green can increase focus and efficiency, keeping employees on task in order to meet deadlines. Green is optimal as it doesn’t cause eye fatigue and it sill effects the calmness when the staff has to put in long hours where blue is a stabilizing color. However, avoid the darker tones of greens and blues as they have been known to create feelings of sadness.

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We hope this was an insightful look to get you started painting the interior of your business. At McKay’s Painting, we can get your commercial space painted quickly and efficiently to contribute to the overall presentation of your pristine business. Call us today to get started!