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Painting Mistakes to Avoid in Montecito, CA; Don’t Match Paint Exactly to Curtains & Furniture & More

Painting Mistakes to Avoid in Montecito, CA; Don’t Match Paint Exactly to Curtains & Furniture & More

When you try to tackle a painting project, you will soon find how many different “whites” you have to choose from. Nothing will change a space quite like painting will, but you want to make sure you are doing it right so you don’t find yourself painting surfaces more times than necessary. McKay’s Painting is here to share some mistakes that you will want to avoid. If you follow these tips, you will find that you can completely transform a space with the right painting techniques.

Don’t Forget About the Ceiling when Painting a Room

Many people don’t take into account the fifth wall in the room; the ceiling. Painting your ceiling the right color can completely change the way the room looks. When you choose a flat white for the ceiling, there it will likely take on a grey look and that will make the room look closed in. Rather than a flat white, you should try a cream white instead. It will open up the space and be a fantastic addition.

Avoid Matching Curtains, Furniture & Accessories with Paint Colors

While you may think that matching your paint color to one of the shades in the fabric swatch for your favorite chair, this is often too strong. Rather than choosing an exact match, take that color and choose one that has more grey or white added to it for a muted affect.

Find Balance with Beige & Other Neutral Paint Colors

Bold paint colors can bring excitement and drama to your room. Don’t forget to add some neutrals in there though. Accessories are an excellent source of color, but you can use a beautiful neutral in some of the architectural elements in the room so that no one is overwhelmed when they walk into the room.

Room Flow Design; How to Decorate Your House Cohesively

It may sound fun to paint each room dramatically different in your home, but it can be too much. Choose a common theme you would like to incorporate throughout the house to create better flow. This doesn’t necessarily mean to use the exact same paint color throughout the house, but try to have a common theme.

Don’t Forget You Can Change the Paint Color

Sometimes there is a lot of pressure to choose the perfect paint color. Don’t forget that if you aren’t in love with this color, you can always change it down the road. Hardly ever do homeowners stick with one paint color the entire time they own the home. You will find that even when you love the paint color, styles and trends change and you will find yourself painting again down the road.

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Anytime you are getting ready to do a large paint project, consider giving the painting professionals at McKay’s Painting a call. With years of experience and using only the highest quality paint and supplies, you know that you will receive nothing short of quality service when you choose us. Call us today for more information about our painting services.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Trends in Carpinteria, CA; from Barn Red & Burnt Orange to Sage Green

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Trends in Carpinteria, CA; from Barn Red & Burnt Orange to Sage Green

Wanting to break away from the dull white cabinets is something a lot of people are pursuing for kitchens. With so many different interior designs, styles, and color schemes, there are quite a few choices that can represent your own tastes and personality. Generally, there are three colors used in a color scheme; primary, accent, and trim. Painting your cabinets can be including in the trim work or even as the accent color to offer cabinetry to the focal point of your kitchen. To help you on your quest, we at McKay’s Painting would like to list the top trending color for your kitchen cabinets.

Trending Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Barn Red: For those that want to energize their white and stainless steel kitchen, fiery red cabinets accented with silver hardware is an ideal way to reach your goal.
Burnt Orange: A marble or even a white subdued kitchen can use some excitement and with efficiently painted orange cabinets and rich finish, you can really make a unique statement.
Cottage Blue: If the deep blue is too much for you, use the soft blue for a natural calming effect to improve your culinary creativity in this charming environment. Pale creams, softer buttery yellow and dusty sage will compliment the soft blue cabinets in addition to the grandeur wood offers.
Eggplant Purple: A more refined version of the dusted violent; eggplant colors are also an optimal choice for smaller kitchens. Use with warm metal accents, creamy varieties, or off-white to liven up the muted tone.
Midnight Blue: A truly amazing display when done correctly despite the unconventional use if a bold blue color for the cabinets. To make a jaw-dropping look for your kitchen consider white trim with lighter blue variations strategically placed throughout the kitchen.
Onyx Black: A timeless classic, black imposes sophistication and class to your kitchen. Glass insets, silver or brass hardware paired with your onyx cabinets can give you that with some brightness you still need. Sandy colors used in the rest of the kitchen can really make your kitchen remarkable.
Pale Yellow: Enhance the kitchen’s energy and excitement for a hardy meal with soft yellow that influence happiness. White is ideally used for trimming, accents or even the primary color to get the contrast.
Rustic Teal: To really make your kitchen cabinets pop and a very popular trend this year is using the muted teal color for your cabinets. Even if you love the teal, but want it toned down with gray, the striking contrasts with white really make a statement.
Sage Green: A prominent trend that is here to stay is painting the kitchen cabinets a dusty green color. A pistachio green creates a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere that your guests can feel. For more splendors, utilize wood accents, white contrasts, and dark trims.
Soft Grey: If your kitchen is set towards industrial chic, urban class, country charm, or even a playful custom design flowing of lemon yellows or mosaics, bring balance and tranquility to the kitchen by using the classic muted gray for your cabinets.

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No matter if you are looking to refinish your cabinets to enhance your kitchen’s décor, or want to completely makeover your kitchen’s interior paint, the experts of McKay’s Painting are eager to assist in you ensuring your project is completed with superior quality.

Painting Over Dark Red or Other Color Walls with Light Colored Paint in Santa Barbara, CA

Painting Over Dark Red or Other Color Walls with Light Colored Paint in Santa Barbara, CA

There may have been a time you loved bold colors in your home, or perhaps you picked a color that look better in the store than on your wall. Sometimes it can be difficult to cover certain colors and even change the look of the new color you want to use in your home. Certain colors can’t be easily covered. For example; yellows, dark or bright blues, green colors, most reds and orange colors will bleed through and ruin your attempts to change the color in your home. McKay’s Painting will share how you can cover those bold colors properly and apply new color to your walls.

Using Primer to Paint Over Dark Colors

Dark paint colors often bleed through lighter paint colors and make the wall look streaky and uneven. Even bright colors with lighter colors have the same affect which is why it is never a good idea to simply paint over dark or bright colors. Additionally, when you paint over darker color paint, it changes the new color paint greatly. This is why your very first step, when it comes to repainting your home, is to use a primer first. A primer provides three basic uses.
1. Primer seals and protects drywall from water and other elemental damages.
2. Covers the wall and the original paint color which allows single coat coverage.
3. Primer will also enhance the new paints adhesion to the wall which reduces peeling or chipping.

Adding Tint to Primer to Cover Dark Paint Colors

When attempting to paint over dark colors you may want to consider adding a tint to the primer. Often professionals will use a gray color, or even tint the primer a similar color to the new paint color you have chosen. By tinting the primer it covers the darker color more efficiently. If you’re facing a really dark or bold color such as black, dark blues, brown and reds make sure to apply two coats–one being the primer and the second being a sealer. Before you begin applying the primer make sure to repair the wall by filling in any holes. Scrape off any chipping or loose paint and sand down any rough areas on the wall. Also wipe down the wall to make sure there is no dust or debris on the wall. Clean walls help provide more adhesion for the primer.

Use High Quality Interior Paint

There are many paint manufacturers that make a paint and primer all in one. In many situations these products will cover old paint colors. However those super dark colors don’t always cover completely or they alter the look of the paint color. Additionally, stains on the wall such as marks, crayons or even water stains can creep through over time. In this situation it is still better to prime and seal the wall before you paint. When you need to paint over darker colors or even stains, it is important to choose a high quality paint to ensure proper and clean coverage.

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If you need help painting over dark or bold colors, contact McKay’s Painting. With our experience we can help repaint your home and even properly cover those dark and bold colors. For all of your residential and commercial painting needs, contact McKay’s Painting today.

Pros & Cons of Interior Painting Before You Move Into Your New Agoura Hills, CA Home

Pros & Cons of Interior Painting Before You Move Into Your New Agoura Hills, CA Home

When you are looking for a new house there is usually a lot of excitement. You get to look for the house that you want that has the right amount of space and features you always wanted. You also get to find a home in the neighborhood that you want. Although you have some excitement there are some things that can be frustrating. That is why when the house finally goes through and you sign your documents most people want to get in the house right away. Some people love everything about the house while other can see past the things they know they will change. The top two things that most people will change when they move into a new place is the paint on the walls the flooring. These make up the base of the house and will give you a direction when you start to decorate. That is why it is important to have these things done as soon as possible. There are some people that take care of the painting before they move in while other do it after their home is set up.

McKays Painting Lists the Pros & Cons on Painting Your Home Before of After You Move In

Home is Vacant: The fist benefit that you will come across when painting your home before you move in is easy to see. The house is completely empty and that makes the process go much smoother. There is not any furniture that has to be moved away from the walls and you don’t have to worry about paint getting on your stuff. The painting company will be able to come out to the house and cover the flooring then tape off in a shorter amount of time. This is a great benefit when you need to paint a room.
Paint Has Time to Dry: One of the most anxious parts of painting anything from your nails to the walls in your home is that you need to be careful. The paint is wet and all it takes is a single bump into anything to cause a problem. That is why it having a house that no one is living in is an added benefit. The house being empty means that there is no one to keep away from the walls while they are able to dry.
Wall Dents: One of the problems you might come across if you do choose to have your home painted is the dings and dents that might occur. The walls are freshly painted and that means that they look great. When you start to move in beds, tables, couches and more in the house you could hit the walls. This will then lead to dings and dents in the fresh paint. You then have to have all these spots touched up after you have your house put back in order.

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McKays Painting offers professional painting services for before or after you move in; or any other time! Whether you want the same color, or whole new palette, we can help! Contact us today for a consultation.

Painting with Warm Color Paint Palettes & Schemes in Your Thousand Oaks, CA Bedroom & Other Rooms

Painting with Warm Color Paint Palettes & Schemes in Your Thousand Oaks, CA Bedroom & Other Rooms

The possibilities as to how you want to paint the interior of your home or business is truly endless. Between the combinations of neutral, warm, and cool palettes along with textures, stencils, and so forth, you can discover the unique result for your interior paint. People frequently repaint their homes and businesses when they crave a change or even to refresh the existing color. Between ageless classics, traditional designs, and modern trends, there are plenty of interior design options that someone can choose from that expresses their styles. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to expound on the warm color use.

Warm Colors Meaning & Examples

More often than not, people are naturally drawn to the warm colors and it is commonly found as the primary color in most color schemes. On one half of the color wheel is considered the warm hues, where the other side is cool colors. Warm colors include oranges, reds, yellows, and yellow-greens as well as the various colors in between that are made from mixing these colors. Having a contribution to the psychological influence, colors affect the mood, as most are familiar with. Warmer colors are frequently common due to the stimulation of feelings impacted by an increased breathing rate, adrenaline, and blood pressure. Depending on the depth the colors dictate the intensity of the feelings.

Painting with Warm Color Schemes

To complete your interior design with the use of warm colors, there are a handful of things to consider; below you will find a few suggestions.
1) Warm colors are useful in dark rooms and the north-facing rooms, as they will seem lighter and warmer. Additionally, warm colors can make large rooms appear cozier and more intimate.
2) Muted warm tones are especially useful for the primary colors for those drawn to the traditional interior design.
3) For those that have an introverted personality, or even more subdued one, a bright warm color scheme may not be the best choice. Soft, cool shades as the primary color, with the warm, bright accents would suit you better.
4) Appearing warm or cool, depending on the undertones, are black, white, and gray, among other such neutrals. Neutrals can harmonize well with a warm palette, no matter their undertones. Additionally, warm undertones in neutrals can equally blend well the cool colors, such as blues, greens, and reds.
5) The paint’s pigmentation can have subtle variations, contingent on the lighting and color factors established in the home, making them look differently then when in the store.
6) When the color scheme is heavily saturated with warm hues, bring balance to the color scheme by incorporating a couple of cool colors. It is most effectively accomplished by using opposite colors on the color wheel. An example of this tactic is when a soft lilac or a deep purple is used opt for a sunny yellow for the accent.
7) Quite a few people think of sunlight, sand and fire when referencing warm colors. To bring a little more flare to a neutrally colored room that is bland and boring.
8) There are rooms such as the bedroom, dining room, or other such rooms where you want to avoid stimulation, these rooms should avoid the bold and energizing warm colors.

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At McKay’s Painting, we are readily available to provide out interior painting services. We cannot only help you chose an optimal color scheme, but apply it thoroughly and efficiently as well. Call us today to get started!

2018 Paint Color Trends in Camarillo, CA; Black Shades, Neutral Palettes, Bold Colors & More

2018 Paint Color Trends in Camarillo, CA; Black Shades, Neutral Palettes, Bold Colors & More

While the new year often sparks the goal setter in everybody, there are also many others making plans for their home at this time of the year. For those that are ready for a fresh look in their home without a large amount of money to spend, the right paint colors can be the perfect change to any space. When painting your home, you want to use colors that are relevant and trending to keep your space current. McKay’s Painting is here to talk about some of the paint colors we see trending this year.

Who Chooses Popular Paint Color Trends

You may be wondering where these colors even come from? Who chooses what colors are going to be trending in 2018? There is actually some method behind this madness. Color forecasters are sent throughout the country and world to study rising trends in color, design, fashion and even nature.

Bold Paint Colors are Here to Stay

We suspect that we will start seeing a large amount of bold colors in 2018. People are finding they can connect with their inner bold personalities through the colors they paint their walls with. From bright oranges and blues that pop, you can plan to see an array of colors from the palette that are deep and rich with bold personality seeping from them.

Black is Making a Comeback

People are finding that black can be more than an accent color in a room. If you have a well-lit room, you can get away with painting a wall or two with black. There are several different black shades to choose from that range from an onyx black to charcoal and offer a bold beauty.

Technology is Playing a Role in Paint Color

There is talk of technology playing a role in the colors we paint our homes with in 2018. The ability to connect with people from all walks of life is making many homeowners want to recreate those vibrant, cheerful colors on their walls. There are rich, warm and vibrant colors coming our way this year.

Neutral Paint Colors

There is still an ever-strong market for a neutral pallete in many homes. This year you can count on seeing a lot more grey than tan or beige. This color is fresh and clean, while giving a cohesive look with any strong accent pieces you want to use in the room. You will also see muted colors like blush and taupe giving that calming sense of peace on many walls this year.

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If you aren’t digging the strong, bold colors that 2018 has to offer, there are several new neutral tones that will enrich your home this year. At McKay’s Painting, we offer color consultation to help you choose that perfect shade for your home. Using only the highest quality paints and supplies, we can provide you with high quality painting services in residential as well as commercial settings. It doesn’t matter if you are painting the interior or exterior of your home, we can help. Call us today!

What Rooms Should Have Architectural Crown Molding Installation in Westlake Village, CA

What Rooms Should Have Architectural Crown Molding Installation in Westlake Village, CA

Crown molding has been around for a long time. It can be used in so many ways and can create a beautiful look between the wall and the ceiling. There are numerous types and many options as to how you can use it.

What Rooms Should Have Crown Molding

Since the time of the Greeks and Romans, crown molding in a home has been part of building tradition. It can provide classic architectural details and can set the tone of a room. It can be simple and modern or ornate. You will find crown molding standard in higher priced homes but it is seen more and more in lower-priced homes because it’s so visually appealing. Using crown molding can enhance any room because it reflects light, adds dimension, creates visual interest and increases the aesthetic appeal of a home. The numerous styles and shapes available can create a look that is unique to your home. It can be used inside a room, on the outside of a home or on furniture to add substance and weight.

History of Architectural Molding

Ancient Greeks used molding to visually divide spaces into smaller units. These moldings were classical in shape and included ellipse, hyperbola and parabola. The Romans made the shapes simpler and shapes were based on circles, half-round and quarter-round shapes. You will find both the Greek and Roman versions of molding today. Before 1850, molding was handmade with hand planes, chisels and gouges, where you could see each little piece of dentil individually carved, sanded and nailed. In the 1850’s large planing machines gave molding a boost and made production possible for the masses. The price became more affordable and today there are 140 different styles or molding to choose from!

Types & Styles of Crown Molding

Crown molding is the term used for all types of molding but there are different types of molding that can be used in different ways. A single piece molding that is installed in an angle adjoining a ceiling and a wall is called crown molding and is the most popular type. This molding projects onto the ceiling and the wall and creates a beautiful transition between the two. Styles of crown include dentil, egg and dart, gulloche and cartouche. Crown molding also looks great along bookshelves and niches to add decorative support. More detail can be added with molding by combining other different moldings together. Frieze molding is installed horizontally. It has a wide band and can be adorned with ornamental details and is usually installed under cornice molding, 1/3 to ½ of the way down the wall. The area from the frieze up to the cornice molding is usually painted a different color than the rest of the wall. This molding works great in rooms that have high ceilings because it creates the illusion of bringing the ceiling closer. Crown molding can be stained, painted or left natural. If you’re using wood molding, you’ll need to use flexible caulk at the joints and the seams because wood tends to expand and contract with humidity.

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Crown molding can add a touch of elegance and can give plain walls depth and formality. With all the options available, choosing the type of molding can be difficult. Contact McKay’s Painting today to help you decide and for professional and installation. Give us a call today!

When Does Wood, Aluminum or Vinyl Siding Need to Be Replaced in Newbury Park, CA?

When Does Wood, Aluminum or Vinyl Siding Need to Be Replaced in Newbury Park, CA

The siding on your home gives it character and charm and can do a lot for the curb appeal too. The siding on your home is seen more than a reflection of the homeowners tastes as it serves another more important and functional purpose. The biggest job siding has is to protect the interior structure of the home from the elements it’s exposed to. These include humidity, rain, ongoing moisture, temperature fluctuations and pests that can cause damage. For these reasons, it’s very important to take care of the siding on your home. You also need to be aware of the signs that it might be time to replace it. If siding is neglected and problems are left unchecked, you may be looking at a more expensive replacement rather than repair and the cost can also sky rocket if there is damage to the internal walls and structure of the home due to neglect.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Siding

1. Siding that is peeling or cracking– If you notice a chalky texture on your siding or you see cracks chips or holes in it, it may be time to have your siding replaced. These signs can be an indication that there are more serious issues behind the siding from penetrating moisture, mold or wood rot.
2. Siding that is warped or buckling– If you notice bulging on your siding when you look at it for the side these are signs of warping and buckling and another indication it may need to be replaced. These problems are caused by moisture getting under the siding and then causes the boards on the underside to rot and push the siding out. When you see this, your siding isn’t protecting your home.
3. Siding that has fungus and mold– Moisture problems will cause fungus and mold to start growing and your siding will need to be replaced because if you see fungus and mold on your siding, chances are good that the problem is behind the siding too.
4. Siding where seams are separating– You may also need to replace your siding if you notice the seams in between the siding boards starting to pull apart. This can be caused by poor installation and aged siding. Rain and moisture can get into these separations and cause damage.
5. Paint and wallpaper that is peeling– An indication inside your home will be paint and wallpaper that is peeling or sagging. This can happen when there are moisture or water issues in the back side of the wall that is closest to the siding. Siding that is in need of replacement will allow moisture to have these affects on your paint and wallpaper.

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If you notice any of these issues, your siding is no longer doing its job and may need a repair or replacement. The longer you wait, the more damage your home can experience. Contact the professionals at McKay’s Painting to determine what needs to be done. Give us a call today.