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How to Dry Out Water Damaged Sheetrock & Repair Drywall on Walls & Ceilings After a Leak in Ventura, CA

How to Dry Out Water Damaged Sheetrock & Repair Drywall on Walls & Ceilings After a Leak in Ventura, CA

Drywall easily absorbs water. Once water has penetrated your drywall you only have a short amount of time to dry and treat it before it becomes too damaged and needs to be replaced. Drywall repair can be a sufficient solution if you’re able to dry the drywall quick enough. However if moisture sets in your drywall too long, it is best to replace it. For those who have detected the water damage soon enough, McKay’s Painting will share how to dry the drywall fast before any damage or mold occurs.

How to Dry Out Walls & Ceilings After a Leak

Step 1. Your first step is determining how bad the water damage is. Surface damage is obvious, but your main concern is how deep the water penetrated. Additionally, you will want to locate the source of the water damage. Sometimes the water can be fed through carpet to drywall so you may need to look for the source of the water around the carpet. To help determine how deep the water soaked into the drywall, you can use a moisture meter.
Step 2. If the water damage is minimal, in most cases you can just repair by painting the walls with flat or a semi-gloss paint. This way you reseal and protect the drywall. If the water damage is minor and near the floor, it will help speed up the drying process if you remove the baseboards. Once the drywall is dry you can repaint the wall.
Step 3. If the water soaked deep into the drywall you will need to use fans and dehumidifiers to dry and remove all of the moisture locked inside the drywall. Before you begin drying the drywall, spray the drywall down with bleach to kill any possible mold or fungus that may be developing inside the wall. You will most likely need to rent the higher grade dehumidifiers and fans to properly remove all of the moisture inside the drywall. For drywall moisture damage you will want to set the dehumidifier at 115 degrees Fahrenheit and around 14% humidity to dry the drywall properly. Place the fans near the drywall that was wall exposed to the water. When you’re using the dehumidifier and fans, you will want the room that was affected airtight. This means to seal up all windows and doors with masking tape and plastic sheets. Depending on how much water exposure the drywall received and how many walls were affected, you may need to run the fans and dehumidifiers for three days.
Step 4. After the wall appears to be dry, use the moisture meter to ensure that the drywall is completely dry. Once the drywall is dry and is not bulging or looks damaged, you can repaint the wall. Make sure to prime the wall first before applying paint over the drywall. Anytime drywall is exposed to water you will always want to prime the wall to prevent damages and mold growth.

Drywall Repair, Replacement & More in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills & Santa Barbara California

If the drywall has been exposed to moisture for an extended period of time, call a professional drywall repair and clean up specialist. In most cases the drywall will need to be removed carefully and replaced. If your home has drywall damage from water or fire contact, McKay’s Painting can repair or replace your drywall as well as mud, texture, finish and paint it! Contact us today.

Neutral Interior Paint Color Palettes & Schemes Look Good with Everything in Calabasas, CA!

Neutral Interior Paint Color Palettes & Schemes Look Good with Everything in Calabasas, CA

Among the different experts in the related industries, designers have their own take on what colors qualify as neutral. A rather confusing definition, the exact neutral color definition has gone through a transition that has widened its range. Subtle hues have been added that have a definitive color but traditional neutral colors are still included in this category. These shades are recognizable as colors used as traditional neutrals. With that in mind, we at McKay’s Painting would like to take the opportunity discuss the basics neutral colors.

Benefits of Neutral Paint Color Palettes

The advantages neutral color present is why so many people frequently turn to them. These options are ideal for people who have trouble selecting colors because they offer more flexibility and are more livable as they optimize any classic look. For those that prefer to express their tastes with busy upholstery, colorful accessories and décor as well as those prone to preferring a strong accent wall, the neutral color use is especially favorable. Where neutral color palettes are subtle yet stylish, the options in such scenarios can leave a room restful and soothing or even warm and energized.

Neutral Paint Colors Meaning & Definition

Colors that didn’t fall into any standard color family associated with the color wheel such as blacks, grays, browns, and whites was once the basic definition of neutral color. Additionally, are colors that lack definitive color, like the taupe, off-white, and light gray are not at risk to clash with any color scheme or current furnishings are considered neutral. Making them a simple color to work with, they also support deep, bright, or subtle accents with ease. Correlating with sophistication with modern grace as they gray tones generally do, the lighter shades have a tendency resemble off-white colors and freshness and refinement and the darker shades grays have the grounding attributes of black and offer dominance with less weight.

New Modern Neutral Paint Colors

The new additions to the neutral family consist of soft, muted tones that are lighter alternatives to other colors as far as the modern neutrals are concerned. But because of the color make-up, sometimes they can be noted as complex color. The new hues, rich undertones, and minimized vibrancy are achieved by these colors by mixing together multiple colors. To create the atmosphere the compliments your current décor the subtlety of color the newly designed neutrals still provides safety and livable options. Dissolving the traditional boundaries that encompass all the color categories, the new neutral ideology perception is sweeping over the design world.

Neutral Paint Colors Look Good with Everything

To support all interior decorating styles including the furniture, accessories, and color scheme, neutral colors carry versatility and can be used for such. Neutral color schemes work in any room and/or style as it maximizes with pure sensibility. Independently setting its own style trend for a flexible and long lasting look, neutrals are exceptional at working in harmony to give a feel of comfort and elegance.

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With the versatility for both exterior and interior applications that still produce beauty, using neutrals are tasteful and timeless. Neutral colors transcend style, harmonizing effortlessly with bright colors but still blending in perfectly with neighboring homes as holds on to its own distinction. If you are looking to incorporate the neutral palette into your home’s exterior or interior, call in the experts of McKay’s Painting and let our specialists assist you in your project.

Can Dry Rot Spread in Moorpark, CA & How Does it Differ from Wet? Causes, Early Signs & Treatment

Can Dry Rot Spread in Moorpark, CA & How Does it Differ from Wet? Causes, Early Signs & Treatment

Do you have a home that has wood used in the exterior? Even if you don’t have wood paneling on the outside of the house there is often wood in use. There is wood usually used for the eaves of the home, around windows as a decorative treatment, decks and under the home as well. The wood is a great structural material but it needs some work and upkeep. You need to be sure to have the wood sealed or treated and inspected on a regular basis. These are all ways to keep your wood from become damaged and staying strong and sturdy. You want to keep your home in good condition and that is why knowing about dry rot and what you can do to prevent it is a great idea.

McKays Painting Explains What Dry Rot is & What Can Be Done Do to Prevent & Repair it

What is Dry Rot?: Dry rot may not seem like such a bad thing but it is a very serious issue. The rot occurs when the wood is infected with a fungus that breaks down the wood. The cellulose is being digested by this fungus and that will cause the strength of the wood to diminish. The required equation is actually moisture in an area that is lacking in ventilation. These two things make the perfect storm for that wood eating fungus to exist. The wood will start to dissolve down and turn a browner color. It can happen to the wood that is behind stucco, siding and paint. All dry rot needs is to have access to the wood from a small hole or gap. Dry rot is something that can occur in any area and to old or new wood alike.
What Causes Dry Rot?: The ingredients are fairly simple and can happen under many circumstances. This can be when you have leaking gutters that is getting in a gap or soaking the eaves. It can be caused from rain water that is not being routed to a location that is away from the base of your home. You need to be more aware of areas that may happen to have water or moisture that is allowed to sit.
Wet Rot Turn VS Dry Rot?: Since you need moisture to get dry rot, what is wet rot? The rot outcome is really going to end up being the same. The moisture that is needed for the rot to be wet is more than 50% moisture. Wet rot is still going to cause the wood to be eaten away but the look of the rot will be different. Dry rot looks like cotton where wet rot looks saturated with moisture.
Dry Rot Treatment: If you are concerned about dry rot be sure to have your home inspected. You need to have the source of the dry rot repaired. Then the wood that has been damaged has to be removed and replaced. There is not a way to salvage wood that has been dry rotted away.

Dry Rot Repair & More in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills & Santa Barbara California

McKays Painting offers expert painting related services including dry rot and termite repair of decks and porches. Contact us for a consultation and inspection today!

Pros & Cons of Painting Interior Brick in Oxnard, CA; Low Maintenance, Brighten a Room & More

Pros & Cons of Painting Interior Brick in Oxnard, CA; Low Maintenance, Brighten a Room & More

Brick surfaces, whether they are exterior or interior, add architectural beauty to any building. There are some cases that bricks become dated and aren’t cohesive to the rest of the décor in the space any longer. Many home and business owners may consider painting the brick when this happens. McKay’s Painting is here to share some of the pros and cons that come with painting both interior and exterior brick surfaces.

Pros of Painting Brick

Before you paint any brick surface, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons that come with the process. Here are a few of the pros of painting brick.
Low Maintenance– When you paint brick with care, the results are low maintenance beauty for years to come. Painting exterior brick isn’t as low maintenance. You can plan on adding a new coat every 5 years or so.
Update a Space– If that fireplace in your living space looks tired and outdated, painting the brick is a great way to update the space.
Brighten a Room– Sometimes brick surfaces can be dark and make the room feel small and closed in. Painting that brick can lighten the space and bring a breath of fresh air into the room.

Drawbcks of Painting Brick

Just like anything else, where there are benefits, there are also disadvantages to painting a brick surface. Here are a few obstacles you may face in the process.
Porous Surface– Brick is made to have color built into its porous surface. Because it is so porous, it is difficult to prepare to paint. If you don’t prepare well, it will soak up paint like a sponge.
Irreparable Damage– For many, the reason for painting brick is to cover up damage. Sometimes, when the brick is damaged with cracks, crumbling or has sustained water damage, painting it will only exasperate the problem further. If there is any moisture damage present, the brick won’t have the ability to break and mold will be a problem.
Irreversible– If you decide to paint your brick, there is no going back. The porous surface makes removing paint impossible.

Tips to Paint Brick

The number one rule when painting a brick surface is moisture. The brick needs to be completely dry before starting the process. The next biggest detail that shouldn’t be missed is the quality of the paint you are using. Only high quality paint should be used to yield the best results. If you are painting an exterior surface, be sure you are using porous paint so it will be breathable.

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If you have decided that you want to paint or stain you brick surface, it is important that the job be done right. The experts at McKay’s Painting are trained and have the resources to make your brick beautiful. We use only the highest quality paint to provide our customers with high quality results every time. Call us today for more information on our interior and exterior painting services.

How to Make a Narrow Room Look Wider, Bigger & Brighter with Paint Colors in Isla Vista, CA

How to Make a Narrow Room Look Wider, Bigger & Brighter with Paint Colors in Isla Vista, CA

If you have been thinking about upgrading the interior of your home and are not sure where to begin you may want to consider a fresh coat of paint. Your walls are essentially a blank canvas to highlight your redecorating efforts. Your paint color selections along with your lighting are especially important, not just for the visual appeal and atmosphere of your interior, they can also change the way that the size of the rooms are perceived. The knowledgeable experts at McKay’s Painting understand the importance of color and can offer advice to help you make the most of your interior space.

What Paint Colors Make a Small Room Look Bigger & Brighter?

If you own your own home chances are you have at least one smaller sized space that you want to make feel larger. According to the experts at McKay’s Painting, lighter color palettes are the best way to make the most of natural light sources. As a general rule, you should select one shade of paint for the entire room in order to blend the room’s edge which tricks the eye’s perception into giving an impression of increased height and length to make the room appear larger.

How to Make a Narrow Room Look Wider with Paint Colors

If you have a large long room that just doesn’t seem functional when entertaining guests regardless of how often you change the layout you should consider selecting dark paint colors with a warm color base. Warm shades on the most distant wall will give the illusion that the wall is much closer than it really is especially if you use a lighter tone on the long walls.

Low Ceiling Decorating Solutions

Higher ceilings are coveted because they make a room appear larger but if you happen to have a low ceiling you can achieve the same effect by painting the walls and ceiling the same shade. How does it work? In essence you are creating an illusion of space by treating your ceiling like a fifth wall, your eye does not immediately discern where the wall ends and ceiling begins.

Other Painting Tips & Tricks

• Vertical stripes will add height to a room and horizontal stripes can make the room appear longer.
• In in a smaller sized home paint the interior rooms the same color to allow the eye to continually travel giving the illusion of more space
• Use paint colors to your advantage by disguising features such as heating vents by painting them the same color as the wall so they blend in to their surroundings
• If your space has a lot of different angles paint all surfaces the same color so they blend together.
• To highlight decorative or architectural details paint them a different color than the walls.
• When selecting your paint colors consider your natural light sources and make the most of your homes best features by following the advice of your McKay’s Painting professionals.

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To learn more about residential interior painting services and painting consultations, contact the knowledgeable experts at McKay’s Painting today.

What Interior Design Elements & Paint Colors Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger in Goleta, CA?

What Interior Design Elements & Paint Colors Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger in Goleta, CA?

Do you wish you lived in a home with a larger kitchen? The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home and when you really stop and think about it your kitchen is the one room where you and your family members spend a considerable amount of time. Creating a well-organized and inviting kitchen area can improve your mood and give you a space to create and perfect meals. Kitchen remodels can be expensive, but there are other options that can make your space appear larger and more luxurious. According to the knowledgeable experts at McKay’s Painting, selecting the right color palette can make a world of difference to the appearance of your kitchen and in turn improve your sense of well-being.

Small Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Light Paint Color Palette – Using a light color palette can visually open up your space. White for example is a great way to add a sense of brightness, make the walls appear to recede and make the room appear larger. Mixing whites, creams and varying shades of taupe will add depth to your space. You may also consider adding texture for visual interest in the room.
Consider adding a neutral color such as gray to paint cabinets and trim and blend with a darker shade for the backsplash. This play on color value works to trick the eye by visually expanding the space and giving the illusion of creating more room.
Clear Cabinet Doors – Consider removing your old cabinet doors and replacing them with glass. This simple adjustment will make the walls appear as though they are receding, which in turn makes the room appear much less cramped.
Horizontal Stripes – These may not be for everyone but if you are open to something unique they are definitely worth considering. Horizontal stripes on the floor for example, give the illusion of making the space appear larger than it actually is.
Accent Walls – These are perfect for small kitchen spaces. Consider painting one wall a deeper shade than the rest of the walls. This simple trick can make the wall appear as though it is receding, making the room appear larger than it really is.
Same Color Wall & Trim Paint – Another decorator trick is to use the same color on the trim as you use on your walls. This will make your ceiling appear taller, opening up the space and making the room appear much bigger than it actually is.

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If painting your cabinets and walls in a neutral color palette is not for you, consider adding pops of color to add interest. Sharp colors mixed with neutrals can also give the illusion of expanding the size of the room. One idea is to remove the cabinet doors and paint the back of the cabinet a bright color or paint your kitchen island an interesting color while leaving the rest of the kitchen neutral. Paint windowsills a bright color to interest or add decorative items in bright colors for a touch of fun. To learn more about residential interior painting services for your Ventura, California home, contact the knowledgeable experts at McKay’s Painting today.

Causes of Drywall Damage in Hope Ranch, CA; Repairs for Small Nail Pops, Picture Holes & More

Causes of Drywall Damage in Hope Ranch, CA; Repairs for Small Nail Pops, Picture Holes & More

Now that the craze of the holiday season is over most people are getting their home back in order and cleaned up. This is often the time that people start to notice their walls don’t look as great as they thought. There are usually new dents and dings that should be repaired. When this occurs and you are not happy with the look of your walls you should have the drywall repaired and new texture and paint applied. The walls in your home are not indestructible and sometimes even the smallest bump can cause damage. Now throw in the mix a house full of people that live there and are moving about on a daily basis. The top causes of drywall damage might even surprise you.

McKay’s Painting Offers A List Of Causes Of Drywall Damage To Your Homes Interior Walls.

Nail Pops: This is a very common problem you might find in the walls of your home. When the home is being built or remodeled the nails are supposed to be placed in the center of each board or joist. When the nail is not in the center of the board it can and often will start to pop out of the wood. The problem is that the nail is in the wood then covered with texture and painted over. When the nail starts to back out of the wood it will cause a bubble on the surface of the wall. The texture can break off and the top of the nail can show. If you just add texture and repair the spot the nail can continue to come back out. You need to move the nail out of the space that it is in then make the drywall repair.
Picture Nail Holes: This is another common problem that people come across. We all want to get in our home and decorate it so that it feels like a place you want to live. That means hanging paintings as well as pictures and shelves on the walls. While the items are hung on the walls there is no problem but when you take the items off now you are staring at tiny holes from the nails and hooks. When you are ready to take the décor down and start over you will need to have the drywall repaired before.
Large Drywall Holes: These are not something that is caused by one specific kind of issue but can happen. If you have a rowdy child that is jumping around the house they can fall into a wall. With that amount of pressure the drywall can cave in causing a large hole. Another reason that a large hole can exist is when you are moving a large piece of furniture and it tips over. Whatever the reason that a large holes gets there it is important to have them patched and repaired.

Drywall Repairs, Patching, Texture, Painting & More in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills & Santa Barbara California

McKay’s Painting offers a wide range of painting and related services. Contact us to schedule a consultation today and discover the interior decorating options available to you!

Color Psychology in the Workplace & Office Paint Colors for Productivity in Summerland, CA

Color Psychology in the Workplace & Office Paint Colors for Productivity in Summerland, CA

It has proven over and over again that there is an associate psychology to how color influences people’s mood, and it is no different in the workplace. When employees are generally happy, productivity stays high, increasing revenue for your business. There is a plethora of resources at your disposal to increase the ideal mood at work. A subtle approach is to paint the interior in colors that will positively impact your employee’s as well as your clients or customer’s mood. Some colors can create hostility, irritability, and hunger where others can offer more calming, serene and happy feelings. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to relate the colors commonly used and how they influence your employee’s demeanor.

Paint Colors that Motivate You & Increase Productivity

Blue: Blue eases stress found at work. Demanding jobs can create a lot of stress among the crew, some peace and a dose of serenity and tranquility can be offered and the customers can also feel the lessened edginess. Opt to paint the interior blue for a nice calming effect to neutralize the chaos and anxious. At the least, paint the break rooms or the designated relaxing areas where employees can regroup, blue.
Green: Green is connected to encouraging broader creativity and thinking; leading to higher productivity. Boardrooms and work areas should be painted green to elicit the creative juices flowing towards innovating thinking.
Orange: According to expert studies, a good value is often associated with orange. Use orange as an accent color to communicate to your customers that your product or service is not only the right price.
Red: Red should be avoided in the work place because it is linked to aggressions, anger, and even untidiness. The heart rate and blood pressure can also increase with bolder reds. To prevent your work place from becoming a place of conflict and hostility stay clear of primary reds. However, red as accent, minimally, can b useful if the workplace involves physical activity.
Yellow: To really provide the workplace with a burst of positive vibes, use yellow as it sparks happy feelings and nurtures idea thinking, and brings energy as well as optimism. Because too much yellow stimulates hunger and feelings of anger, it is best used as an accent color.
Additional Information: It was discovered that color can also affect men and women differently according to a study performed by the University of Texas. For example, in men offices painted oranges and purples would trigger sadness and the same moods affected women with white and beige office spaces.

Paint Colors for Focus & Concentration

The interior paint to be in shades of blue and green to increase focus and efficiency among them can contribute to employees keeping on tasks to meet deadlines. When the staff has to put in long hours where blue is a stabilizing color, green is optimal as it doesn’t cause eye fatigue and contributes to the calmness. Keep in mind, however, that darker tones of greens and blues can induce feelings of sadness.

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Painting your business can be challenging; between creating an optimal environment for your employees and balancing it out with the right mood for your customers as well. At McKay’s Painting, our specialists can help you achieve the perfect color scheme that will maximize revenue with a productive staff and enthusiastic customers. Call McKay’s Painting today to get started!

Is Chair Rail Molding In or Out of Style in Mission Canyon, CA? Benefits of Installing this Trim

Is Chair Rail Molding In or Out of Style in Mission Canyon, CA? Benefits of Installing this Trim

Does a room in your home lack visual interest? Are you looking for ways to enhance the look of your home but are not sure how you can achieve the look you want? McKay’s Painting would like to suggest the addition of chair rails. Chair rails add many benefits to a home including adding visual interest. McKay’s Painting will share how your home can benefit from adding chair rails in various rooms within your home.

What Are Chair Rails?

As the name suggests, chair rails are usually a strip of wood or trim that is installed at the height of chairs and sofas. Originally, they were designed to prevent chairs from rubbing or damaging the wall. Chair rails also bring a great visual affect to a room. Chair rails can add a classy touch to any room and they are super fast and easy to install for those with the experience and the right tools.

Benefits of Chair Rails

Additionally, chair rails have several benefits such as:
– Most interior designs use floor boards and even crown moldings to sections of the ceiling and floors along the wall. However, they often get missed since the eye doesn’t always travel up or down so they go unnoticed. Therefore, you miss out on the visual interest of the trim work.
– Chair rails can be installed at any height and typically, they are around eye level. This draws the eye to the trim work. Most people love the visual division the chair rails add to the room. Chair rails provide the opportunity to have an upper and lower color which helps bring more color into each room. Some prefer a single colored wall. In such cases, the trim work allows for a more elegant design.
– Chair rails come in many design options or patterns. Chair rails are created from different materials, the most common being made of composite materials. Other material options can be from wood or even plaster. Depending on how fancy you want to be with your chair railing, you can find ornamental, royal, or more basic designs such as a millwork design. With a number of options, you can enhance your home in any way you choose.
– Chair rails are becoming more and more in demand. Because of the demand or interest of chair rails, they can add to the value of a home. For those who may consider selling their home, this addition can also increase the sale of a home. Studies have shown the combination of floor boards, chair rails, and crown molding increased the value of the home and the sale time. For those looking for home improvement ideas to increase the sale of a home, fresh coats of paint and trim work are an affordable and quick way to increase the sale of a home.

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For those who are ready to increase the visual interest and value of their home, McKay’s Painting provides many services that can help. We can paint your walls as well as add chair rails, baseboards, crown molding, and offer many other valuable services that will enhance you home. Contact McKay’s Painting and begin your home’s make over today!

Interior Paint Sheen Finishes in Montecito, CA; Satin, Semi-Gloss, Flat, Eggshell, Gloss & More

Interior Paint Sheen Finishes in Montecito, CA; Satin, Semi-Gloss, Flat, Eggshell, Gloss & More

A rather overwhelming decision is finding the right color scheme for any particular room in your home. There is much to consider including the furniture, flooring, accessories, and which type of interior design you are going towards as well as the overall dynamics of the room. Finally, after much turmoil over selecting the color has been concluded, you now have to determine the best sheen for the finishing touches. With the many different options you have for sheen, selecting the most optimal choice might be difficult. We at McKay’s Painting would like to share some basic information concerning sheen to help you as opt for the right one.

Best Paint Sheen for Bathroom, Kitchen & Other Interior Rooms

Eggshell, flat, gloss, satin, and semi-gloss are the available sheens. When it comes to sheen, the more shine to the finish is, the easiest it is to clean and is also the most durable. The amount of light that can reflect off the paint is what dictates the sheen reference. As you decide which sheen is best for your needs, consider what the room is used for and the overall look you are trying to achieve.

Latex & Oil Based Paint Sheens

Latex and oil base paints have several different sheen available. Paint that is matte or flat has zero amount of sheen. These paints will absorb all the light, where gloss or semi-gloss reflects the light; making it look shinier. Generally levels of sheen can be used in any room of the house you want; however, the different sheen can be optimal in different rooms. Below gives the basics for each level of sheen so you can better choose the right application for the look you are trying to achieve.

Paint Sheen Chart

1) Satin: Light scrubbing for cleaning purposes is acceptable and this sheen is applicable for both interior and exterior use. For rooms that is more active, this finish is ideal and has a soft and elegant result.
2) Semi-gloss: Simple-cleaning nature, semi-gloss is exceptional for high-traffic areas. Applicable for both interior and exterior uses, the smooth sheen reflects light. On one note, it does have issues with sticking but it is an optimal solution for moisture resistance.
3) Gloss: Displays very reflective and brilliant sheens with a smooth finish and high-shine, gloss cleans very easily. Requiring perfect surfaces, gloss can show the imperfections on surfaces that are unclean and not smooth.
4) Flat / Matte: A great choice for concealing the imperfections in fresh construction or drywall repair as it leaves a subtle and smooth finish. Flat or matte sheens are good for both high and low traffic areas; however, it absorbs dirt easily, it can be a challenge to clean and not burnish the finish.
5) Eggshell / Low Luster / Low Gloss: Better for low-traffic areas, it’s a smooth finish much like that of an eggshell. Makes it easier to clean than the flat sheen with the smooth surfaces and it resists stains and scuffs.

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When you are looking to get your interior or exterior painted for your home, call in the experts of McKay’s Painting and our specialists can not only find a fitting color, but we can help you decide on the most optimal sheen to maximize the overall aesthetics.