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Should I Have Quietrock Soundproofing Drywall Installed on Walls & Ceilings in Oxnard, CA?

Should I Have Quietrock Soundproofing Drywall Installed on Walls & Ceilings in Oxnard, CA

Do you live in a neighborhood plagued by heavy traffic? Are you looking for a comfortable space within your home to relax reading, listening to music, watching a movie or simply getting a good night’s sleep? If you live in Santa Barbara, California or the surrounding areas, the knowledgeable experts at McKay’s Painting can install a product called sound reduction drywall to effectively block out the noise you don’t want to hear while improving your listening experience inside your home. Does sound reduction drywall really work? The answer is yes. Sound reduction is also referred to as quietrock soundproof drywall. It is a fairly new product which offers many advantages to home and business owners. Although sound reduction drywall costs more than traditional drywall it is well worth the extra expense.

How Does Soundproof Drywall Work to Reduce Sound?

While there is no drywall available on the market that is considered 100% soundproof, noise reduction drywall does exactly what it promises to do, reduces outside and ambient noise. The drywall is designed by combining a special formulation of sound absorbing polymers that are wedged between two regular layers of drywall. The resulting product absorbs the energy found within the sound waves by diminishing the transmission of ambient and outside noise. Soundproof drywall looks and feels the same as regular drywall and can be painted or wallpapered in much the same way.

Advantages of Soundproofing & Sound Insulating Drywall Materials

According to consumer reports, sound reduction drywall has some amazing benefits including its ability to cancel out noise better than eight layers or regular drywall combined. With professional installation by your McKays Painting experts, you will experience the peace and quiet you have always longed for, especially if you decide to upgrade to a premium product, which promises even better results.

Which Areas are Best Suited for Sound Reducing Drywall? Bedrooms, Home Offices, Media Rooms & More

Drywall that blocks sound transmission has hundreds of possible applications that are considered desirable in both a home and commercial setting including:
• Creating a peaceful home office that blocks out the day to day sounds
• Insulate a media room to reduce distracting ambient noise
• Ensure privacy in a medical setting or corporate area
• Provide privacy for guests
• Get a better night’s sleep by reducing sound in your bedroom

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If you are interested in learning more about soundproof drywall installation for your home, office, storefront or other corporate or commercial setting, the professional drywall installation specialists at McKays Painting are available to assist you. We have experience and training with a wide variety of drywall installations and can take care of your project from beginning to end including your interior painting needs. When you work with the experienced professionals at McKays Painting, you can rest easy knowing that your finished product will be completed to perfection. To learn more about professional drywall installation for your Greater Santa Barbara home or business, contact the knowledgeable experts at McKays Painting today.

How Do You Know if You Have Dry Rot in Isla Vista, CA; Causes & Treatment for How to Stop it

How Do You Know if You Have Dry Rot in Isla Vista, CA; Causes & Treatment for How to Stop it

Does your deck or porch have dry rotted wood? Most believe as wood gets older, dry rot occurs. Although this is true, there is another cause as to why dry rot will occur in any wood, regardless of its age. For those wondering why dry rot occurs in their home, deck, or porches, McKay’s Painting will share the causes of dry rot in wood and how you can treat or repair dry wood when it occurs.

How Long Does it Take for Wood to Rot from Water?

The most common cause for dry rot to occur is when wood is exposed to water. When wood and water sits on each other, or is constantly exposed to water or moisture, fungus will begin to grow and spread through the wood. As the fungus is left unchecked, it will take over and create weak spots in the wood. As the wood begins to dry out, and the fungus has had time to do its work, the result will be dry crumbling wood, which is what creates that dry rot appearance. When one area becomes affected by the fungus, often it will create cracks and expose the surrounding wood which then leaves the intact wood exposed to the fungus and moisture. This is a prefect recipe for further wood damage. Once dry rot settles in our on deck or porches, it will become dangerous to walk on the surface and especially on infected areas leading to minor or serious injury.

How to Prevent Dry Rot

It is always best to prevent dry wood from occurring. Preventing dry rot is maintaining the wood’s integrity by keeping the wood properly sealed. When a deck or wood feature is built around your home, a wood sealer or stain is used to protect the wood from UV and water damages. About every three to five years the deck or porch will need a fresh coat of sealer. This will include stripping the old sealer, sanding the wood, then resealing or refinishing the wood. This will extend the life off any wooden outdoor feature. This can be done by the homeowner or a hired contractor or refinishing services.

How to Repair Rotted Wood

Once dry rot occurs in wood, it truly can’t be repaired. It is instead removed and replaced. The damaged wood or the wood infected by the dry rot is cut out and fresh wood is put back in its place. If the dry rot is severe and most of the deck or porch has been infected by dry rot, you may need to rebuild the entire deck or porch all over again.

Dry Rot Inspections

Dry rot is typically easily seen. However sometimes dry rot can occur internally, inside a structure. When this occurs, it can become hard to detect. Hiring an inspector is one option if you suspect that there is dry rot underneath the floor or within the structure. Or you can begin removing the external wood in the areas you believe dry rot to be occurring.

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If you need your deck refinished to prevent dry rot, or need dry rot inspected for and repaired, call McKay’s Painting

Paint Accent Wall First or Last in Goleta, CA? Color Schemes & Painting Rules of Thumb!

Paint Accent Wall First or Last in Goleta, CA? Color Schemes & Painting Rules of Thumb!

Painting an accent wall may not seem like a challenging task, but considering the details that are involved with it, the project can be a little more involved than you may suppose. Deciding which wall should be the accent wall, the color, and the most optimal application. With that in mind, we at McKay’s Painting would like to discuss tips for painting an accent wall.

Which Wall Should Be the Accent Wall in a Bedroom, Living or Other Room?

Choosing the accent wall might be confusing to some, but contrary to belief, you do not just pick a random wall, there is a method to selecting the wall. The first step to shifting the balance of the room is by adding a splash of color and the accent wall is the perfect opportunity. The accent wall, should be the wall you see first when you walk into the room. There are also alternatives and that is painting the accent wall that features a distinctive architectural characteristic such as a fire place, a purposeful architectural nook, built-in book case, or wainscoting. The wrong wall selected for the accent wall can disturb the balance and harmony of the room, so be very methodical when choosing the accent wall.

Paint Color Psychology; Colors that Affect Mood

When fine tuning the details, account for the room’s purpose because it is proven the psychological affect colors have on people. For decades, advertising agency has taken advantage of color schemes effecting moods and feelings. For an example, red influences a few effects on people; one being it energizes and influences alertness to potential danger. Because of that, red is used for traffic lights, stops signs, and fire trucks. On the other hand, red is known to engage the metabolism that increases heart and respiratory rates; as well as make you feel hungry. As such, red is a better choice for a kitchen as opposed to the bedroom. Not only should the psychological affect be accounted for, but the accent color needs to harmonize with the primary color and trim color. The accent wall is often used in contrast, but it can also blend with the primary color.

Supplies Needed to Paint an Accent Wall

The accent wall is typically done after the primary colors are painted, and saving that wall for last makes it a fairly quick job. Below you will find the steps to make the project smooth and efficient. Collect the following:
– Sponge
– Paint Tray
– Paint Roller and Roller Brush
– Drop Cloth
– Color of Paint
– Bucket
– 2″ Painter’s Tape
– 2″ Paint Brush

How to Paint an Accent Wall

Buying the color paint should also be of high-quality and make certain the same sheen is used as the primary color.
Painting the Accent Wall:
1) Pull the furniture away from the wall. Ensure the wall is bare, removing all art, and other accessories and make certain any outlet covers and light switch plates are removed.
2) Wipe away any dust, cobwebs, or spots with a damp cloth and then make sure the wall is completely dry.
3) To avoid spreading the paint on extended surfaces, tape off all the edges.
4) Secure the drop cloth on the floor below, ensuring it is well covered.
5) Paint the edges with the brush around the room.
6) Working toward edges, immediately fill in the wall. The W and Z painting technique with the roller will offer more coverage.
7) To cover any thin spots, repeat steps 5 and 6 with a second coat.
8) Remove all the tape and replace the light switch plate and outlet covers along with the wall’s accessories and furnishings after the paint is completely dry and the area is cleaned up.

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To make your painting project all the more simple and ensure quality results, call in the professionals of McKay’s Painting and let our experts get started painting your interior along with the accent wall.

How to Choose Paint Types, Finishes & Color Schemes for Your Home in Hope Ranch, CA

How to Choose Paint Types, Finishes & Color Schemes for Your Home in Hope Ranch, CA

Are you ready to update the look of your home? The best way to do that is to use a fresh coat of paint! A new coat of paint is a great way to increase the cleanliness and appeal of any room. One of the steps of having your home painted is trying to decide on the color that will best fit your décor. If you are repainting it is a great time to look at the existing colors that you have and decide if a different color is better or more modern. Although the color that you choose is a huge part of the process the decisions that you need to make do not end there. There are several other aspects to the paint that you choose that need some considerations.

McKay’s Painting Offers Several Aspects of Choosing Paint Colors for Your Home

Is Oil Or Latex Based Paint Better: One part of choosing the paint is if you should use an oil based paint or a latex based paint. If you want to go with the majority of people then the latex paint is best. The latex is a water based paint and it actually has just a good if not better finish when painted on your walls. The problem that you will come across when you choose an oil based paint is that the smell from the paint will linger for some time. When you hire a company to paint your home it is a great idea to let them know that your preference for paint is a latex paint.
Best Paint Finish for Room or Surface: The next decision that you need to make is what finish you want when the paint has dried. There are several options and for the most part it does have to do with personal preference. If you want a flat finish, then a matte option is great. The problem is that flat paint is extremely hard to clean. You can choose a satin or semi-gloss that leaves the walls with a partial shine. The shine is not overdone and is a great choice and actually the top choice for most people. It helps to hide some small flaws in the wall and is easy to clean. You can use cleaning products in the wall to remove scuffs and even marker when necessary. The other option that you have is to use a high gloss finish. This has a major shine and is usually left to be used in trim work from baseboards, door trim and even your beautiful crown molding.
How Many Paint Colors in a Room?: You might have thought about the main color of your home but if you look around the house there are areas that could use a separate color. This are called using color schemes in your home. It can be several colors that are found throughout the house and used in smaller accent areas. Make sure you have a plan before the project starts for the best results.

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McKay’s Painting offers expert painting and related services. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

Uses for Extra, Leftover Paint in Summerland, CA; Painting Wood Furniture, Inside Cabinets & More

Uses for Extra, Leftover Paint in Summerland, CA; Painting Wood Furniture, Inside Cabinets & More

After a major repainting project often you’re left with excess paint. Where some might want to store leftovers for future touch ups, others don’t have the room or desire to keep the excess paint. For some, proper disposal is the only thought. However, before throwing away the paint you bought, McKay’s Painting has a few suggestions on what you can do with your leftover paint.

What to Do with Leftover Paint

Furniture – You may have some worn down or old furniture in need of some renewing. Especially if the furniture piece is inside the room that was just repainted, one great way of bringing your furniture to flow with the color scheme of the room is to repaint the piece with the left over paint. End tables, coffee tables, and shelving look great painted and integrated with left over paint. You may even want to consider buying enough paint to paint your old, worn furniture to match the color of the room.
Décor – Another great use for left over paint, especially if there isn’t a lot left over, is to paint décor items. Picture frames, lamps, vases, and other small décor items inside the room can be painted. You can get pretty creative when painting decorative items so it will match the rest of the room harmoniously.
Interior Storage Cabinets – Some great uses for leftover paint is to paint storage areas and cabinets. However, you don’t want to paint the exterior because too much of the same color could make it too bland. Instead, use the leftover paint to paint the inside cabinet and other storage areas to give them a clean, fresh look that flows with the rest of the room color and design.
Kids Crafts – Moms are always looking for little craft projects to entertain their kids. One project is to make hand and foot prints of your children. Hand prints are a fun activity and at the same time moms will love to decorate rooms and halls with the foot prints. Imagine using an accent color for the frame with the color prints to match the wall. This looks great when using the same color. However don’t over expose your kids to paint. Some of the chemicals can become harmful through extended exposure. Keep the arts and crafts to a minimum when using interior paint.
Electronics – There are homes where there are electrical equipment–namely speakers or security equipment–spread throughout the home. Sometimes they can ruin the look of your home and is distracting to the eye. When you have leftover paint, you can paint the speaker case or security sensors that are found throughout your home to help blend them with the rest of wall. Make sure when you paint these items that you don’t impede on the device’s functions. Just paint the outer shell.
Storing Paint – If you’ve run out of ways to use leftover paint, or you want to store some for later touch up, you can store it in a variety of ways. One is to use the original can it came in. However, if you do this, make sure to seal the can tightly. When storing it on the shelf, store it upside down, the paint will create a natural seal and will prevent the paint from drying out. If there is not a lot of paint left over, and you don’t want to waste space, use a fruit jar. Use plastic wrap on the top before twisting the lid shut. This will help seal the top better.

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After your painting project, don’t feel like you have to toss or store an abundance of paint. Instead, find creative ways to use it. McKay’s Painting is ready to help you with your entire interior and exterior painting project, along with many other services. Contact McKay’s Painting to begin your painting project today!

Modern Medieval Interior Design Style Elements & Characteristics in Mission Canyon, CA

Modern Medieval Interior Design Style Elements & Characteristics in Mission Canyon, CA

Interior designs have many different subjects where nearly anyone can find something that appeals to their nature. Through paint colors, textures, accessories, furnishings and even adding architectural enhancements, anyone can stylize their home to something more that suits them. With the endless amount of options that belongs to each interior design, customizing the details can truly make your home unique with a look that still makes a statement. There is a plethora of interior designs, but today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to take the opportunity to discuss modern medieval interior design.

Medieval Interior Design History

To understand the style, medieval interior design was composed following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire and began with the merging from both Renaissance and the Age of Discovery. The Middle Period of Europe during the 5th century through the 15th century was the inspiration as the medieval design adopted many of the characteristics. Enhanced with a sprinkling modern elegance, the grand stone castles and wooden dining halls of that era embrace the medieval idea to present charm and beauty with a dramatic, yet sophisticated attributes.

Modern Interior Design Elements

Focal Points: A remarkable focal point that really completes the medieval interior design is a time period stove and/or fireplace. Providing you can cover the expense and there is plenty of extra space in your home, this is definitely a characteristic that capture the essence of the medieval interior design.
Furniture & Accessories: Accent pieces and accessories with oxidized copper, brass, or iron; like a chandelier will contribute to the overall atmosphere the medieval interior design in conjunction with wooden framed furniture in dark finishes constructed from oak or reclaimed lumber.
Ceilings, Floors & Walls: Dark chunk oaks or other such woods crafting wood beam ceilings is a nice touch for the medieval design. Hardwood floors in like materials can enhance the charm along with wooden panels for the walls for those that enjoy the wooden finishes. Granite or limestone surface are also perfect applications for flooring, walls, and other surfaces found in the home. Alternatives could also be faux painting techniques or laminate coverings to still capture the effect of these colors and textures without the inflated expense. Additional floor option is polished concrete of earthy or stone colors, or using the stone or tile as well.
Paint Colors: The richer and bolder palettes associated with medieval interior design are colors such as radiant gold, deep dark reds and greens, or piercing blues. These colors are perfect for painting the interior walls as well as in the accessories and upholsteries. If the darker and bold hues are not appealing to you, an alternative is the lighter tones of these shades such as pale blues and greens, dusky pink, rusty colors, and creams. Be creative with the color scheme and combine both deep and light colors together in a harmonious blend. If you lean to wallpaper instead of painting, impose the colors already mentioned but incorporate prints with striking patterns such heraldic design, foliage, tapestry-style of floral, or the fleur-de-lis.

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When getting your home set for the medieval interior design, call the professionals of McKay’s Painting and let our specialists consult with you goals and through our many painting and other services, we can help you establish the medieval interior design.

Interior Painting Tips & Tricks; How to Apply Paint Primer to Walls in Montecito, CA

Interior Painting Tips & Tricks; How to Apply Paint Primer to Walls in Montecito, CA

When it comes to painting, the ideal situation is to get it done quickly and with beautiful results. You want the finished product to be worth the time and effort it took. Many people ask themselves, “Should I use primer, or can I forget this step?” Primer is a relative of paint and gets overlooked a lot. The idea of primer can be confusing and has only gotten more confusing with the creation of paints that include primer. Just like makeup foundation allows for a flawless finish of your makeup, paint primer does the same for surfaces. It works to seal the surface so the paint will adhere to the surface rather than soak into the wall. McKay’s Painting has provided a list of what you need to know about primer.

What Should I Know About Paint Primer?

1. Paint primer acts like glue. When primer is applied it’s not so much about the coverage, it’s more about the adhesion. If you want the paint to stick to the walls then primer is what will make it happen. If you are painting surfaces that are cracking or peeling then you’ll need primer first. You will also need primer if you’re painting a surface that hasn’t been painted before. If you’re trying to cover a bold color you may need primer.
2. Paint primer can hide flaws. Primer works great to cover stains and smells. It will block the smell of grease and cigarette smoke. Choose a stain blocking primer regardless of the color you’re trying to cover. These primers will ensure your walls not only look good but smell good too.
3. Paint primer hides drywall repairs. Areas that have been repaired with spackle or new texturing will need primer before they are painted because spackled areas will be noticeable. To get a seamless look with the paint you’re using you’ll need primer.
4. Different paint jobs and primer. The paint project will help you determine whether or not you should use primer. Is there a lot of moisture in the area? Is the area glossy? If so, primer is needed. There are different types of primer depending on the project so consult with the experts at the store about the kind of primer you’ll need.
5. What about all in one paint and primer? Paint + primer became popular about a decade ago. The idea was to have an all-in-one paint. These formulas of paint have gotten better with newer technology and can save lots of time while also providing a beautiful result.
6. Have umber added to primer. When you buy your primer ask them to add a little bit of umber to it. This will make the primer a light gray color and will accentuate any imperfections. This gives you one last shot at fixing it before the final coat of paint goes on.

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Using primer can be confusing. If you want a professional result, it’s best to hire professional painters. McKay’s Painting can handle any painting job and give you a flawless finish. Give us a call today!