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Importance of Cleaning & Prepping Interior Walls for Painting in Carpinteria, CA

Importance of Cleaning & Prepping Interior Walls for Painting in Carpinteria, CA

When we decide we are ready to paint we want to just jump right in and start. We can’t wait to see how that color we picked is going to look on the wall. There is one step you should make sure you don’t skip and that’s making sure the walls are prepped properly. Prep work helps you avoid problems and delays along the way as well as achieving a professional finish. Applying the paint is the final step in a list of things that should be done before you start to get that smooth finish you want. Professional painters take this prep work seriously. For this reason, you can almost tell when the interior of a home has been painted by a non-professional. Once you realize that the walls need proper preparation, you’ll be painting like a pro.

Wall Preparation Before Painting

· Inspect & Clear the Wall. If you can, remove all the items in the room you’re going to paint. Large furniture can be pushed to the center of the room so it won’t be in the way. Take all the items off the walls. Don’t be lazy and leave electrical plates on the wall. No matter how careful you are you’ll get paint on them. Remove all the nails from the pictures too.
· Repair Dents, Holes & Cracks. Once you’ve removed all the clutter in the room you can start the inspection. Look for all the imperfections that need to be repaired like dents, holes and cracks and fill them in with lightweight spackling. Be sure to blend the edges and lightly sand once it’s completely dry until it’s smooth.
· Clean & Wash Walls. Then you can wipe the walls ow with a damp cloth or sponge and let the walls completely dry. After the wall is completely dry, you need to take a tack cloth or duster to remove all the dust from the walls.

How to Prep & Tape Off a Wall for Painting

· Use Painters Tape. Apply short, overlapping strips along any trim and the ceiling. Make sure you press firmly at the edges so the paint wont seep through.
· Use Drop Cloths. To make sure you don’t trip over them, it’s a good idea to tape them down.
· Prime Walls. Make sure to prime any parts that have been repaired because spackle that isn’t primed will soak up the paint and you will clearly see these areas if you don’t prime them. Don’t ruin all your prep work by skipping this step.
· Paint Walls. To get those professional results make sure you work one wall at a time. The perimeter should be cut in on the wall you’re painting and then the paint should be rolled on while it’s still wet and then move to the next wall. To get a truly seamless finish it’s important to work with wet on wet paint so the edges will blend together.

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Prepping your walls makes all the difference. It will be the difference between a great or poor finish. Use these tips the next time you’re ready to paint to ensure you get those beautiful results that you want. You always have the option to hire the professionals at McKay’s Painting to do it for you. Call us today for an estimate.

How to Tell if You Need New Replacement Windows in Santa Barbara, CA

How to Tell if You Need New Replacement Windows in Santa Barbara, CA

Most homeowners don’t really think about their windows and believe that new windows aren’t really necessary but there will come a time when you’ll need to think about replacing them. Old windows have many hidden costs other than the huge heating and cooling bills. The biggest reason you should think about replacing your old windows is the danger that older windows can pose. Older windows are more likely to break than newer ones and the panes in older windows are also thinner and can shatter with even a slight pressure change or a change in the temperature. Should this happen you’ll be dealing with a large hole in your home, not to mention shards of glass everywhere. Home inspections include looking at the windows and many times problems with the windows are discovered, leading to more hassles. New windows are also a great way to increase the value of your home. Window replacement isn’t always completely necessary but going over a simple checklist will help you figure out if your windows have run their course.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Windows

Are your windows hard or impossible to close? If you need to use a chair propped up against it or using tape to keep it closed you have a fire hazard in your home. It may be more difficult getting it open if you’ve jerry rigged it shut and you also have the risk of unwanted entry if your windows don’t shut properly.
Are the windows painted shut? If you can’t open your windows it makes it very hard to have airflow in your home on days you can have the windows open. This also poses a fire hazard and can trap fire victims in the home and become a devastating situation.
Do you need to crank-open your windows? Windows with a crank-and-gear opening mechanism will break down after awhile. If you’re using a lot of force to open the window chances are the mechanism is breaking down.
Is it drafty near your windows? Feeling a draft means there is inadequate insulation. Older windows have poor insulation. Replacing them with newer ones will save you money as the air you’re paying to be cool or warm isn’t getting out.
Do your windows get frosty? While they look pretty in pictures, if it’s happening to your windows that the one sheet of glass on your older windows isn’t working as well as a newer windows that have two sheets with a small gap to moderate the temperature of the glass.
Can you easily hear outside noise? Sound moves easily over the air. If your neighbor’s barking dog sounds like it’s in your home then your windows aren’t doing their job.
Are there signs of wear and tear? Do the window jambs, sill and frames look worn out? The glass isn’t the only thing that needs to be looked at. As these other parts start to get old, gaps will be created along with other problems.

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If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your windows, contact McKay’s Painting to determine options when it comes to window replacement. Call us today!

Importance of Exterior Painting of Your Agoura Hills, CA House; Reasons for Why We Paint Buildings

Importance of Exterior Painting of Your Agoura Hills, CA House; Reasons for Why We Paint Buildings

When you go out and look at the exterior of your home you might start to see cracks in the paint, chipping or even fading. The homes exterior is important and when it is in disarray, the look of your home can be less than appealing. You might overlook the paint on the exterior of the house because you don’t normally sit outside looking at it. When the painting is done right the paint should last several years without any problems. If you are looking for reasons to move forward with repainting your home there are some great benefits.

McKay’s Painting Outlines Benefits for Why You Should Have Your Homes Exterior Painted

Exterior Paint is Protective: When your home is built there are several types of materials that are used on the outside the house. It can be anything from wood siding, vinyl siding, stucco and even brick. These are all things that need to have some protecting so that they are not damaged. The best way to do that is to have them painted with an exterior paint. When it is done correctly the paint will act as a barrier against water, snow and other debris that could potentially damage the materials. If the material that your home is built with is damaged the repairs can be quite costly. When the paint is dried out, damaged or chipped it can let the elements in and potentially cause damage.
Increase Your Curb Appeal with Exterior Paint: When you think about curb appeal most people go straight to the lawn and garden. The lawn is a major part of the curb appeal but so are the walkways, driveway and the house itself. When the house has cracked and peeling paint, the curb appeal will decrease. The new fresh paint will increase the curb appeal and make your home stand out among the neighbors.
Exterior Painting Adds Value to a Home: When you pull up to a home that you are interested in purchasing you look at everything. Although the main areas that sell a home are the kitchen and bathroom there is much more. A good painted and finished exterior can increase the immediate reaction that a person has towards the house. When it is painted nicely it can lead a buyer to believe that any and all repairs that were necessary have been addressed. They can rest assured that there is less damage that needs to be worked on once they move in. The more move in a home the better it will sell and for more money.
Exterior Painting Helps Detect Termite Damage Early: One area of concern for homeowners is the stress of potential termites and other pests that cause damage to your home. They are often hard to recognize because they hide inside the walls. When you have your house painted they can help to identify the problems and make the necessary repairs prior to the paint going on.

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McKay’s Painting offers interior and exterior painting for homes and businesses. Contact us to schedule a consultation today to discuss your next project.

Easy Interior Wall Mural Painting Ideas in Thousand Oaks, CA; Using a Projector & More

Easy Interior Wall Mural Painting Ideas in Thousand Oaks, CA; Using a Projector & More

Have you ever dreamed of painting a mural in your home but have no artist abilities whatsoever and that holds you back? What if you were told you can paint a mural without being an artist and still have a beautiful mural anyway? Today McKay’s Painting will share how you can paint your own mural without any hassle. Follow this simple method to paint your own custom mural in any room in your home.

Using a Projector to Project an Image for Tracing & to Paint Wall Murals

To paint a mural like a pro, the best way is to use a projector so you can literally trace and color the image. Yes, projector art is an easy and common way for amateurs to create their own custom mural in their home. To use this easy method, start by obtaining the following list of items.
• An overhead projector and image you want to paint on your walls or ceilings.
• A pencil and eraser to trace and outline your image.
• Painter brushes of various sizes.
• Acrylic paint of the colors you will be using to create the image.
• Paper plate or cups, a drop cloth, and of course a wall.

How to Paint a Mural on a Wall; Step By Step

Step 1. Make Copies– You will want to make two copies of the image you wish to use for your mural. Make one black and white so it is easier to trace the lines of the image. Then create a color copy that you will use later to paint in the colors.
Step 2. Position the Projector – With your projector ready with your black and white image loaded, position the project where you want to paint your mural. Make sure to lock the projector in place. If it gets moved or bumped, it can be hard to realign the image perfectly again. Once the image is the right size and in the right spot, you can begin drawing your mural.
Step 3. Tracing the Image – Now you can begin tracing the image. With the black and white image loaded, follow the lines with a pencil just dark enough to follow, but not too dark that it bleeds through the lighter color paint. Use the eraser as you make mistakes.
Step 4. Prep for Painting – Once you’re finished tracing out the image, make sure the image is the right size and in the right place. If you aren’t happy, erase it and redo it. If you like what you’ve done, prep for paint. Start by laying a drop cloth in case you drip paint. Get a table to place your paints if you’re using multiple colors. Note: some people “pen art” meaning it’s just a black outline of an image instead of a full color mural. If that’s what you’re trying to achieve, all you need to do is follow the pencil line with a black paint. Choose the paint brush of the thickness you want to use to create your mural and don’t over saturate the brush to prevent drips.
Step 5. Mixing and Preparing the Paint Colors – Mix or pour all the colors your mural will be using into cups or paper plates. It is recommended you do one color at a time and let it dry before doing the next area.
Step 6. Painting your Mural – Can you color in the lines? Just like a coloring book, all you have to do is stay in the lines. However, if you accidentally do bleed into the other side of your lines, you can paint over in most cases. That’s why it is recommended you paint one color at a time. It is best to start with the dominate color first and do the smaller patches or the finer colors last for this reason. Congratulations! You’ve just created an oversized coloring page and perhaps along the way, found your inner child and had some fun painting.

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With this method you will find you will have a beautiful mural you will be proud to have in your home. McKay’s Painting hopes you enjoy bringing murals to life in your home. If you need any of the many services that McKay’s Painting provides, contact us today!

Feng Shui Interior House Paint Color Bagua North, East, South & West Elements in Camarillo, CA

Feng Shui Interior House Paint Color Bagua North, East, South & West Elements in Camarillo, CA

There are different methods people use when selecting the right colors for their home or business. Some look for guidance through a specific interior design, where others look for inspiration elsewhere. A popular new method slowly becoming a trend is utilizing Feng Shui and applying the colors accordingly based on that concept. We at McKay’s Painting would like to cover the basics of Feng Shui as you set out on your project.

Feng Shui Elements Compatibility

There are five elements that include Water, Earth, Fire, Metal, and Wood when utilizing feng shui colors. To help you design the overall look and compliment the right energy, the elements provide specific energies that can inspire productive or destructive cycles and the pairing colors. It is surprising how many homes, and even businesses, that are starved for light. To remedy such atrocities, you can use the feng shui color system by applying the elements of Feng Shui. Each of these elements represents specific colors, which is the easiest way to bring more harmony into your home. The five elements and their colors include the following:
Fire: Red, Purple, Pink, Orange, and Bold Yellow,
Earth: Light Yellow, Light Brown, and Sandy-Earthy Tones
Wood: Green and Brown
Water: Blue and Black
Metal: White and Gray

How to Use Feng Shui Bagua

Because Feng Shui painting can get complex, we will start with the basics; where the most optimal way to start is to get an understating of the color and balance the energy. The Feng Shui energy map of your space needs be rightfully placed of Feng Shui colors is defined by the bagua. Let us start in the South Feng Shui bagua area, which is connected to your fame and reputation energy as well as to how you project your image towards others and how well you are able to maintain your own identity and personal values. For the South Feng Shui bagua area, find your favorite shade of strong yellow, and orange, along with red, purple, or pink, as they are the best colors resembling the element and energy affiliated. To avoid the destructive cycle in the South Feng Shui bagua area, which is the fire energy, of your space, bypass the water energy or the blues and blacks.

Feng Shui North, East, South & West Paint Colors

To easily utilize Feng Shui Color in your home, use this general guide found below.
1) The South feng shui bagua area should be painted with a strong yellow color, to positively influence happy gatherings and good times.
2) The West feng shui bagua area is where white should be covering the walls as supportive energy for all your creative endeavors that also impacts creativity and children.
3) In the East feng shui bagua area of your home, paint the walls green to improve health and balancing family.
4) In the North bagua area, blue is an optimal feng shui choice as it supports the energy of your career growth.

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When you have feng shui colors for your interior painting selected, call in the experts of McKay’s Painting and let our artisans get your home painted efficiently and quickly.

Should You Paint Interior Before or After Moving Into a New House in Newbury Park, CA

Should You Paint Interior Before or After Moving Into a New House in Newbury Park, CA

Are you almost ready to move into your new home? Before you take the plunge consider painting your home before you move in. Not only will it make your life easier it could save you money in the long run. According to the knowledgeable experts at McKay’s Painting completing your interior painting before you fill your home with furnishings and personal belongings makes a lot of sense and here’s why. Getting your ceilings, closets, and trim painted is easy when you don’t have to worry about stepping over drop cloths and re emptying your closets. It also allows harmful fumes and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) to dissipate before your begin moving in. Even low or zero VOC products contain some chemical compounds and carcinogens which are known to cause asthma and other respiratory ailments.

Items to Include on Your Pre-Painting Checklist

• Install your permanent light fixtures before selecting your paint colors.
• Match your paint colors to your furniture, floor coverings and decorative items.
• Consider rich neutrals and offset them with a dynamic focal wall to add depth and dimension to your space.
• Once you have made your selections, tape the samples to the walls and monitor them throughout the day to see how they respond to the changing light.

Six Reasons to Paint Interior Before Moving into Your New House

1. Interior painting is a simple undertaking when you don’t have to worry about moving furniture and trying to maneuver around your belongings trying to get ready for work and out of the house without making a mess
2. It saves a lot of effort. Painting before you move in will save your energy especially when you consider the amount of time and effort it takes to rehang your art work and other decorative items.
3. It saves you time. The experts at McKay’s Painting can work faster when the rooms in your home are empty making it easier for you when you begin the move in process
4. It protects your furniture. Regardless of how careful you are, there is always the chance that you will inadvertently brush up against the wet paint damaging your clothes and any other items that you brush up against.
5. It can simplify your interior decorating efforts. If you are planning on purchasing new furniture there is nothing better than a fresh coat of paint to help you choose your new furnishings, decorative items and carpeting. You will have the luxury of selecting the correct shades, tints and tones to make your new space look like a million dollars.
6. A fresh coat of paint in your favorite decorator colors will ensure that your home is not only fresh and welcoming it will also have your own personalized touches. The experts at McKay’s Painting will select paint that is specifically designed for the different spaces throughout your home to ensure that your new paint looks fresh and stays resilient for years of service.

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To learn more about residential and commercial, interior and exterior painting for your Greater Ventura, California home, contact the knowledgeable experts at McKay’s Painting today.

What is the Correct Height for Wainscoting Chair Rails in Ventura, CA? Moulding Ideas & More

What is the Correct Height for Wainscoting Chair Rails in Ventura, CA? Moulding Ideas & More

Is your home looking a little shabby? Are you ready to add some décor that freshens the look and feel of the home. You can always start with a beautiful coat of paint on the walls to makeover the room. The paint on the walls needs to be redone on occasion which is a great time to add other elements of décor. One area that you can add to and make a big impact on your home is the trim work. The trim can be found at the ceiling line which is called crown molding. This is a great addition to any home and adds a level of elegance that doesn’t exist otherwise. It is often painted a gloss white that helps to separate the wall from the ceiling. Your home also has baseboards that come standard in homes and connects the floor to the wall. The baseboard can be simple or more extravagant but upgrading it can add that extra oomph that you are looking for. The doors and windows have trim as well that can be upgraded but that is not where the trim work ends. You can also have chair rails added to your home as well.

McKay’s Painting Explain What Benefits Chair Rails Offer When Installed in a Room

What is a Wainscoting Chair Rail?: A chair rail is part of the trim work that can be placed in a home. Originally people had chair rails installed in dining rooms to act as a bumper to protect the walls from chairs bumping into them. They also have used chair rails to trim out a room and add proportions to the room. Now they are installed in many different rooms for many addition reasons. The chair rail is a piece of molding that is made from wood or other type of composite material. It can be a simple or intricate as you want but when installed it offers a beautiful addition to a room. The rail is placed up the wall and is usually set about the level that a chair would hit the wall if it were to be pulled out. Although this is the natural height, all chairs are different and would not hit at the same point. The better rule is to know what proportion is best for your home. Depending on the height of the room you want to place the chair rail around 28 to 36 inches from the floor.
Chair Rail Adds Décor to Your Bedroom, Dining, Living or Other Room: When you have a chair rail installed in your home it opens up the type of paint and décor you can have. The paint can be separated with one particular color below the line of the wall and a different color above the line as well. The chair rail is a great way to add a beautiful elegance to a room and give the eye somewhere to go.

Chair Rail Installation, Interior Painting & More in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills & Santa Barbara California

If you want to have chair rails installed in your home, you really want to contact a professional that has experience in installing trim work. McKay’s Painting can direct you to which chair rail options are best, where to have them installed and some great paint color combinations to complement your current color schemes.

What Home Improvements Adds the Most Value to a House Appraisal in Calabasas, CA?

What Home Improvements Adds the Most Value to a House Appraisal in Calabasas, CA?

Increasing the value of your home is a goal many homeowners have; whether it is to sell it in the near or distant future, or simply to keep your home up to par for whatever might come your way. No matter the why’s, there are several things you can do to achieve your goals, and today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to share a handful of tips to do just that.

Best Home Improvements for Resale

1) Adding a Sunroom, Deck, or Patio: Adding on an extension to the living space will certainly increase the home’s value if done correctly. Extending the living space into a deck, patio or sunroom to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air appeals to many. When choosing the design, be sure to incorporate the home’s style so it blends. Having an addition that looks like an afterthought will decrease the value. Select quality materials for the new add-on and a dependable contractor.
2) Exterior and Interior Paint: Because paint fades over time, it is important to stay on top of interior and exterior painting and have it done as often as it needs it. If you are looking to sell your home, stick to neutral colors. The more custom the paint is to your tastes, the fewer will agree. Opt for high-quality paint and do not be content with a sloppy job. If you take on this project yourself, ensure the coverage is even and smooth and the lines are crisp and straight. Professional paint jobs are often a better quality as painters by trade have much more experience and superior equipment.
3) Upgrade Flooring: The overall presentation of any room is completed with the floors. Despite an immaculate room, if the floors look decayed, dingy, and worn, it can bring the whole room down. Moldy grout, cracked tile, damaged wood planks, or stained carpets will decrease the value. If you cannot budget upgraded floors; consider replacing the grout, repairing cracked tile as well as any wood planks beyond repair. Wooden floors should be sanded and refinished as well to improve the value. Don’t cut corners in your endeavors; use quality products and invest in professional services to ensure a quality result.
4) Bathroom Makeover: Bathrooms are used multiple times a day and are exposed to humid conditions and other abuse. They will often have the most deterioration and damages. Completely gutting the bathroom and starting fresh with luxury options will definitely increase your home’s value, but budget may not be there. If that is the case focus on the important things. A new coat of quality high gloss paint can do wonders. You could also replace cracked tile and moldy grout, upgrade fixtures and towel racks and if the space is available, consider installing new storage space. Additional storage space is very attractive to many buyers.
5) Kitchen Renovation: Like the bathrooms, kitchens experience a lot of wear. Upgrading the appliances, replacing outdated countertops, sagging cabinets, and so on will increase home’s value and impress buyers if you are trying to sell. The important thing is to invest in quality, so assess the budget limit and prioritize; anything damaged and deteriorated should be handled first. And again, a new coat of fresh paint goes a long way to re-energizing any space.

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There are many different options to increase a home’s value. These are just a few of the examples and typically, the most important. If you are looking into increasing the value of your home, the artisan’s of McKay’s Painting can help you achieve your goals, call us today to get started!

How to Paint, Remodel & Renovate an Old House on a Tight Budget in Moorpark, CA

How to Remodel & Renovate an Old House on a Tight Budget in Moorpark, CA

Craving a change in your home leads to the desire to remodel, but when wanting to do so, it can get pricey; and when the funds are not available, the thought of remodeling can be frustrating. However, there are a few things you can do to get the remodel you need in the individual rooms without a heavy bank roll. We at McKay’s Painting would to offer some tips and advice on how you can get that remodel while keeping within the budget.

How to Save Money When Remodeling & Renovating an Old House

Fixtures and Hardware: Another expense that can get out of hand depending on your tastes! But with discipline you can select a plethora of upgrades that will alter the décor of a room with little cost. Overall, these little upgrades can add to a whole new look. From light fixtures, lampshades, the handles on cabinets and drawers to light switch plates and outlet covers as well as towel racks, sink/shower/tub faucets can completely update the look of any room in your home. Consider using energy efficiency and go green if you decide to change the faucets or replace toilets and such. With the latest features and technological advances, you can opt to have these commodities designed with energy and water efficiency to save you cash on utility bills in the long run.
Tile: Tile can be pricey to replace, but when the budget is restricted, there are a few options; minimize the use of tile for the high-impact areas such as the floor and shower and instead of indulging on the finer stones, use a cheaper selection that still offers beauty and durability.
Caulk and Grout: An essential aspect to complete the appearance of a room, but often overlooked, the grout and caulk are a smaller detail that can compliment any design. Replacing the grout and caulk can easily make a difference when the budget isn’t enough to cover the cost of complete tile and grout replacement. Caulk, and especially grout, is porous materials that absorb a lot of debris, soil, and moisture, which also breeds potential mildew and mold. By replacing the grout with the existing color, or even altering the color as grout is available in many different colors, you can make the replacement pronounce a vibrant shine.
Interior Painting: Painting is the number one low-cost option for completely renewing the look of a room. When it comes to the choosing the color scheme, there are typically three colors used; one color is the primary color, the second is for the trim work, and third is for the accent. Light colors will help enlarge a space, contrasting colors are a bold statement, and you can even break from traditional colors, for example, and paint the ceiling as the accent piece instead of using white. There are other consideration when selecting the paint that can contribute to your new look that include sheen; gloss, semi-gloss, and matte. Additionally the paints available offer different options like mildew resistance ideal for bathrooms.

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When it comes to remodeling or reshaping a room or multiple rooms, call McKay’s Painting and let our team of experts perform the various services to change the look of your home’s interior design. Contact us today!

What Paint Colors Make Small Rooms Look Bigger & Brighter in Oxnard, CA?

What Paint Colors Make Small Rooms Look Bigger & Brighter in Oxnard, CA?

If you live in a small space, you likely want to maximize it any way that you can. One of the ways to dramatically control the feel of your space is with paint color choices. Color has a great influence on the way we feel and the mood that your room emanates. McKay’s Painting is here to talk about paint colors for small spaces, and how paint can impact the design of your room depending on what you are going for.

Warm & Cozy Living Room Ideas

If your goal for your space is somewhere that you and guests feel cozy and warm, you want to choose a warm tone for your walls. Choose a color like yellows and browns, even reds to give your space that cozy feel. Think the colors of a fire and the warmth you feel from the flames. Those same colors will give your room a warm feeling.

Light & Airy Pastel Paint Colors Make a Small Space Feel Open

White is always a popular choice for small spaces. Some people feel like white can be boring though. There are many colors that still make your room feel light and airy. If you choose from a long list of pastels, your space will feel more open and offer a bright, cheerful space.

Paint Walls & Ceilings the Same Color to Create Flow

When you are choosing your paint colors, you want the room to have flow. When you choose a light color like pastels or white and cream, you should consider painting the walls and the ceiling the same color. This will create a seamless flow to your space and make it appear larger. If you have chosen a color that would be too bold on the ceiling as well as the walls, consider painting the ceiling white with the baseboards and trim the same color as well to create that flow.

Why White Tones are Popular in Small Spaces

You may want to consider white and cream tones for your small space. There is a reason this is the most popular choice for tight spaces. White has a way of reflecting any natural light that comes in through windows and tricks your eyes into thinking the room is larger than it really is. You can choose more than one neutral hue on the walls and the baseboards and trim which will create a nice transition from one room to the other as well as outdoor to indoor.

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Choosing the right paint for your small space can seem like a challenge. If you don’t have much experience in colors and their effects on the mood and appeal of a room, you may want to consider the help of one of the professional color consultants at McKay’s Painting to help you make the right choice. With years of experience and interior painting knowledge, we are the perfect people to help you create flow and beauty in your small space. Call us today!