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Using Dark Wall Paint as an Accent or Primary Hue in Isla Vista, CA? Tips & Ideas for Painting a Room Black

Using Dark Wall Paint as an Accent or Primary Hue in Isla Vista, CA? Tips & Ideas for Painting a Room Black

Generally, when it comes to painting homes and business interiors, people have a tendency to play it safe. Sticking with varying degrees of white and lighter tones that we all know maximizes the space, reflects the light, and induces feelings of welcoming. We often find creativity with grays and pale colors and so forth, but what people shy away from is the dark colors, especially black despite that people a drawn to the sophistication and beauty it has to offer. With that in mind, we at McKay’s Painting would like to offer some tips and advice on painting the interior with black.

Black Wall Paint Ideas

Using black for the interior of any home or business should be mixed within a color scheme and not solely used. Too much black is harsh on the eyes and never stimulates the senses positively. Consider where you want to use the black such as the primary color, trim work, and accent colors are all options. Also keep in mind which colors you will want to utilize in the scheme; gray and white are ideal choices. However, no matter how you opt to use black overall consider the applications of the following:
1) Black Accent Color: If you are not ready to take the plunge, and paint black for the primary color, but simply adore black, use it as an accent color on a single wall. Using it to make a bold statement in your color scheme will also help you discover if you like it well enough to eventually use black as a primary color.
2) Balance Accessories with Black Paint: Black needs contrast. Like any dark color, without the contrast, the room is enveloped in a monochromatic nighttime. Vanilla, creams, and other such whites tend to be the natural choice, but the options are truly endless when deciding the colors for accessories.
3) Paint Sheen. Flat paint is easily handled when it comes to touchups and is super simple to apply, but it is not known for its durability and does not reflect any light. Opting for high-gloss paint requires extensive prep work, but the end result is a stunning liquid finish, but the sheen is equally important.
4) Light Availability: Black absorbs light, naturally making a room feel more closed and dark. Black will make it feel like an enclosed box, but black is used in an illuminated room and has the potential to create a classy, cozy charm, whereas in a small room that has little natural light.
5) Emphasis: Every other detail pops out when dealing with black paint. Black also compliments natural wood as well as contrasting colors, particularly white, which is always stunning too. Just keep that in mind when deciding where all the focus should be.
6) Bend the Rules: Most experts agree that dark rooms in a small space should be avoided, back to the boxed in feel. The hallway or bathroom dark colors we tend to shy away from can be unique and gorgeous when used in conjunction with contrasting colors.

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The black is fun and when used right, can be extremely gorgeous. If you want help getting your home or business painted in black, call McKay’s Painting and let our experts help you.

How to Paint Like a Professional Painter in Goleta, CA; Preparation, Primer, Trim & More

How to Paint Like a Professional Painter in Goleta, CA; Preparation, Primer, Trim & More

When it comes to painting a single room or the entire house, there are steps you want to take so that your final result has a professional finish. For those with limited experience and who plan on undertaking a painting project themselves, McKay’s Painting will share the proper steps that even the professionals take when they provide their clients with painting services.

Professional Painting Tips & Tricks

Step 1. Paint Preparation
The very first step is, of course, the preparation. You will want to have all the tools, paint and the time needed to complete the project. After the room you are painting is empty, and you are ready to begin your project, you will want to examine each wall for holes and defects. Once found, take some wall putty and fill in the holes and dents in the walls. While the putty dries use painter’s tape and begin taping off the edges that you don’t want your fresh paint to go or bleed onto. Lay plastic or canvas drop cloths on your floor in the areas you’re planning on painting to protect your floor from accidental spills or drips. Professional painters often favor canvas over plastic.
Step 2. Apply Primer Before Paint
After you have prepped the walls you will want to next use a primer, and most especially if you are painting a lighter color over a darker color or you’re painting the wall for the first time. You can apply a primer separately before you paint. However, many brands of paints come with the primer included within the paint itself. So if you’re using a primer with a paint based paint, you can skip priming the wall.
Step 3. Painting
Before you begin rolling the paint onto the walls, do all your trim work first. With a paint brush or other edge painting tool, paint all the edges from the floor to the ceiling and even the corners where the roller sometimes has a hard time painting. When painting make sure for the higher areas on the walls as well as ceiling painting that you have an extension pole to make it easier to reach. This will make for less stress on the project. When rolling the paint onto the walls don’t ever put too much pressure on the roller in order to squeeze more paint. This will only damage the roller and actually makes it harder to spread the paint. If you are using up to or over 5 gallons of paint, and you have a five gallon bucket, it is much easier to use a grid that hangs inside the paint bucket. The grid makes it much easier to apply and clean than pouring the paint into a painter tray. After you have finished painting, use a utility knife and run it across the edge of the painter tape and the wall. This will help prevent the paint from peeling off with the painter’s tape.

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By using these steps, you will find that your next painting project turns out cleaner with a professional touch. However, not everyone is able to undertake major repainting projects. If you’re in need of a professional painting company, McKay’s Painting can help. McKay’s Painting comes with an experienced team of professional painters. If youneed assistance in repainting your home or business, contact McKay’s Painting today.

How to Repair Termite Damaged Wood in Hope Ranch, CA; Filler, Hardener, Polisher & More

How to Repair Termite Damaged Wood in Hope Ranch, CA; Filler, Hardener, Polisher & More

When termites damage wooden fences, decks and even structural wood within the home it will require repair or even replacement of the wood. Depending on how long termites were feeding and chewing through the wood will determine whether or not you can simply repair the damage, or if you need to replace the wood altogether. McKay’s Painting will help explain how to repair termite damaged wood that is minor to mildly damaged, as well as severely damaged, and which method you should use.

Wood Filler & Hardener for Termite Damage

This first method is for wood with minor termite damage. If the damage done by termites is only on the surface and they haven’t penetrated deep into the wood’s core, then the wood can be easily saved. However, none of these methods will amount to much if you still have termites present inside the home. Be sure to treat your home with a professional termite specialist to prevent future damage. Typically, termites will create a trail on the surface of the wood that will need to be repaired. These trails are considered to be just minor damage. To begin repairing the minor termite damage, start by using a hardener that fills in the grooves and even protects the wood from future termite damage. The hardener is specific to treating damaged wood caused by termites. Additionally, any holes and tunneling systems can be covered by this hardener as well. This will cut off the oxygen to the rest of the colony and kill them.

Repair Termite Damaged Wood with Filler & Polisher

This second method is if the termite damage is a little bit more severe. Often when termite damage is a little bit more severe, we mean that the grooves are deeper and they have more irregular patterns. When this damage occurs you will need to first sand the wood down to help make it smooth. For the deeper cavities, fill them in with wood filler. Again there are termite damage wood fillers that come in a kit. They will have both filler and a polisher. Follow the directions on the kits. If an area has been infested during the cooler, wetter season, make sure to keep the area dry. You can use a dry cloth to keep the area wiped down and dry.

Replacing Severely Termite Damaged Decks

If a termite invasion was left unchecked for too long a period of time, and the damage becomes severe, meaning the wood has become hollowed out, then unfortunately, you have a much bigger problem. When wood becomes too damaged and the wood is no longer structurally sound, you will need to replace the wood. When a major termite infestation occurs and you need major repairs done, it is best to use a professional contractor. We are able to properly determine what can simply be repaired versus full restoration and how to protect your deck and other exterior wood from future damages.

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If your home, deck, fence or any other wooden structures on your property have been victimized by termites and you need help with termite damage repair, contact McKay’s Painting. We perform termite repairs and deck refinishing and restoration along with many other valuable services. Call McKay’s Painting today!

How to Sponge Paint a Wall with Two Colors in Summerland, CA; Painting Color Combinations

How to Sponge Paint a Wall with Two Colors in Summerland, CA; Painting Color Combinations

When you are looking to change up the look and feel of your homes interior you can switch out some décor but painting the walls is a perfect start. The walls really help to set the look and feel and will give the room a color to start with. Everything else in the room will then have some way to incorporate the color or the color scheme. The paint doesn’t have to be boring and plain you can use texture to add some fun and design to the room. One of the ways that a painting company can use texture is by sponges. We are not talking about your sponge on your kitchen sink and the outcome is not the old sponging crafts that you used to do. The new much more modern look of sponging leaves a beautiful textured finish and can accent a home.

McKay’s Painting Lists Ways Sponges Can Be Used to Add Paint Texture to Your Homes Interior Walls

Sponging Paint On & Off: When you want to have the look that sponging gives you then the most common technique that is used is called sponging on and sponging off. The first one is sponging on and that is when you have your wall painted a base color. You can actually sponge on any color that you want depending on what you are looking for. IF you want a more dramatic look you can use a bold color on top of a simple or natural base color. If you want to have a more subtle look you can use a color that is just a shade or two off of the base color. Once the base is dry you use a painting sponge to apply the new color in small areas. You want to ensure that the base under color is still visible. The sponging off is using the same style sponge but in a different order. The base color is added and allowed to dry on the wall. Then the secondary color is painted on usually in sections and with the sponge you remove a little of the paint at a time. The main base color will not show through as much when you use this technique.
Low & High Contrast Painting: Now that you have decided on using a sponge technique you need to decide on what level of contrast you want to have in the end. The lower the contrast the more subtle the difference is between one color and the next. You also want to use the same level of finish when you want to achieve a low contrast wall. If you want a high contrast you can use a base color and the sponged on color will be a drastic difference to the base. This will give a much more drastic overall appearance.
Illusion Sponge Painting: You can also choose to have your walls textured with a sponge to create an illusion. The most common look that can be accomplished with a sponge is stone. The look of a nice clean granite is easy to get to with the technique.

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Mckay’s Painting offers expert interior and exterior painting for both residential and commercial applications. Contact us to schedule your next appointment today.

Paint Cracking, Bubbling, Flaking or Peeling When Drying in Mission Canyon, CA

Paint Cracking, Bubbling, Flaking or Peeling When Drying in Mission Canyon, CA

Painting sounds like it should be simple job. You just paint the surface and you have this great transformation fit for any budget, right? If the job is done right, yes. If you don’t take the appropriate steps in a painting project, you will find yourself greatly frustrated with bubbling, peeling or even cracking of your newly painted surface. McKay’s Painting is here to talk about some of the reasons these things happen and what you can do to avoid them.

Surface Being Painted Can Cause Paint to Bubble

When it comes to these issues with a painting project, it usually has something to do with the surface that is being painted. You need to take the time to prepare your surface and be sure you are painting in the right conditions. The weather can greatly affect your paint; especially when you are painting outdoors. There are a few conditions that cause your paint to do different things. Here are some of the surface problems:

Paint Bubbles on Wall from Moisture

If you painted your surface in extreme heat or extreme cold, you will most likely experience bubbling. The ideal temperature to paint is within 60-80 degrees. Humidity and moisture also play a role in this problem. You need to avoid painting on days that are too humid so you can ensure the surface is completely dry before you start painting. And last, but not least, you should always clean a surface thoroughly before starting to paint. Watch the weather before starting your project and you should be fine.

Peeling & Flaking Paint

When paint peels shortly after completely the project, you didn’t prepare the surface well enough that the paint could adhere to the surface properly. That along with humidity play a huge role in peeling. To avoid this problem, you need to sand the surface and make it rough so the paint has a better chance of adhering to the surface.

Paint Cracking on Interior & Exterior Walls

The problem with cracks, is when you find one, it is sure to grow. Small cracks often lead to large flakes of paint coming off the surface painted. The list of reasons for cracking paint is long, because there are so many things that could cause it. You could have not cleaned the surface enough before starting the project, or used a low quality paint. Applying a second coat before the first has had a chance to dry can also cause premature cracking. When you find cracks in your paint, the best option is to sand down the surface and repaint over it. If the crack is severe enough, you may have to completely remove the paint with the use of a stripper and reapply.

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Painting is a large, time consuming project. Not everyone has the time needed to dedicate themselves to painting. Luckily, the painting experts at McKay’s Painting are here to lend the help you need. We offer a wide range of painting services including exterior and interior painting. Call us today for more information on our painting services.

2018 Paint Color Trend Predictions for Your Home in Montecito, CA; Black, Bright & Neutrals!

2018 Paint Color Trend Predictions for Your Home in Montecito, CA; Black, Bright & Neutrals!

It’s hard to believe that 2017 will be over in just a few months. The new year will be here before we know it with new paint colors to inspire us. It’s always exciting to see what the color predictions will be. These new colors have a lot to do with the furniture and décor we choose and the overall mood for a space. Shades of white were popular in 2016 and 2017 gave us shades of taupe. What will 2018 give us?

2018 Paint Color of the Year Prediction; Black?

PPG Paints has predicted shades of black as the go to color for next year. This may feel gloomy but black can create a silent feeling in an information-heavy world. Shades of black evoke feelings of privacy, hope and classic modernism. Are you having a hard time wrapping your head around the thought of painting your walls black? All-black rooms are sleek and trendy. Shades of black that give a chalkboard-like look don’t seem as harsh on your walls. The best furniture for shades of black are light colored or natural colored. Shades of black if chosen right can be the perfect mix of masculine and feminine when paired with the right lighting and white trim. Black should be considered as the new neutral color for next year-as it compliments almost any theme or color palette; and can be the perfect way to add some drama to your space. They have also chosen a twilight color palette that consists of greens, dark blues and charcoal tones paired with mute pinks and warm golden yellows. This is a good indication that warm neutral aren’t going anywhere.

Neutral Paint Colors with Charcoal Tones & Bright Color Palettes

Sherwin William’s is predicting warmer, neutral paint colors paired with charcoal tones for next year. They’re also predicting three bright color palettes for next year- Affinity that includes blue, fuchsia and brown, Connectivity that includes blue, green and high-def yellow and Sincerity consisting of neutrals, green and pink. Some of these combinations seem a little odd but are a nice surprise and something new to consider.

Calm Blue Paint Color Trend

Behr paints has predicted that tech-free sanctuaries will be desired to find some relief and relaxation in a stress filled world and has predicted their color of the year as In The Moment. It’s a casual and calm blue that will bring feelings of peace to a room and pairs well with other subdued colors.

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Benjamin Moore hasn’t announced their picks for 2018 yet. We’ll have to see if it stays a deep, dark neutral or goes a completely different direction. We all know that changing the paint color in your home is the easiest way to totally transform it. White and neutral colors are the safe way to go but if you’re looking to take a risk then consider a bold color for your walls. Are you thinking about a painting project? Don’t wait for the new year to paint your walls and consider this early information to get ahead of the game with one of these trendy options. McKay’s Painting can provide you with a color consultation to help you pick the perfect color. Give us a call today!

Interior Painting Color Guide in Carpinteria, CA; Overview of Warm & Cool Colors

Interior Painting Color Guide in Carpinteria, CA; Overview of Warm & Cool Colors

Painting your home is the most effective and inexpensive option to giving your home a boost. When homeowners crave a change, painting the walls is a reasonable project to take on. As a cost effective method that doesn’t require a long period of time to complete, many people choose to go this route but sometimes hit a wall when planning which colors to use. Whether you are creative artists looking to stay within guidelines or someone who needs a little direction, McKay’s Painting has put together an interior painting color guide to help you get started with the basics.

Paint Colors for Different Rooms & Surfaces

Dark Rooms: For rooms that don’t get a lot of sun, they already appear a lot darker. To help counter the dark, utilize light and even bright colors. Yellows are a perfect example to use in a darker room. For reserved, a pale yellow is beautiful yet adds light where bright yellow for the more color confident can instantly make the room bolder and brighter.
Bathrooms: Light colors are more preferable in a bathroom for a number of reasons. One reason is that it better conceals the moisture buildup that is inevitable in a bathroom. Paired with a glossy paint that is mildew resistant, the moisture buildup is easily camouflaged. Another reason to stick with the lighter colors is that traditionally, the bathrooms are designed small; using light colors will help them appear a bit more spacious.
Trim and Woodwork: White is a classic choice and with a variety of shades it is fairly versatile and is fitting with any modern style and color scheme. Keep in mind the cool or warm undertones when selecting the white if you choose to stick to tradition and paint the trim white.
Ceilings: Ceilings are classically painted in variations of white. Ceilings can be left traditional, used an accent as well or even an accent peace is all acceptable. But keep in mind, that there is no rule stating they must be white.

List of Warm Colors

Below are the basic concepts when it comes to color. Whether you are attracted to the rich colors of autumn, the playful bright colors, or soft pastels, warm tones is welcoming and inviting.
Orange – Orange is a very vibrant color; no matter if it is a light soft orange or a dark bold orange and is often used to express the rustic, yet modernly projection of romance.
Red – Red often represents passion and people either love it or hate it when it is used to color interior walls, accent trims, or even the accessories. When applied correctly red is a dramatic statement that can be used as a timeless beauty.
Yellow – Yellow promotes a friendly fee and with the wide range of yellows, they can be paired with many different options.

Cool Color Overview

Cool tones are generally utilized to help promote calm feelings and no matter if you favor the light or dark cool color family, the rich warmth of most wood tones on trim is complemented.
Blue – The plethora of blue shades can help you the peaceful calmness of the water.
Green – Greens are used to energize and stimulate the sense, much like visiting an isolated meadow. In addition to the warm and cool undertones greens cane really create an inviting atmosphere and is easily incorporated in both modern and traditional designs.
Purple – Lavender in particular is growing trend, often paired with gray or even variations of yellows for those recreating relaxing garden in your home.
Neutral Colors –Neutrals are a safe choice whether you opt for cool or warm undertones into your color scheme, they go with any color whether it is for primary use or as an accent color.
White – A fresh coat of crisp white paint can’t be wrong and suggest cleanliness.
Tan – Tan is very versatile; a timeless color that coordinates well with most stained and painted woodwork, whether you use warm beiges or a cool taupe, it is a right fit.
Gray – A gray takes over the trends in recent years, it is safe to say it is here to stay. Grays can be paired with any color and enhances the sleek, classy design.

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No matter what you are trying to accomplish with one or multiple rooms, McKay’s Painting has the experience and skills to get the rooms painted with crisp lines and excellent coverage.

Best Interior Paint Colors When Staging & Selling a House in Mussel Shoals, CA

Best Interior Paint Colors When Staging & Selling a House in Mussel Shoals, CA

When you decide to put your home on the market you’ll do all you can to make it stand out from the crowd. There’s the trick of baking fresh cookies before an open house or brewing a pot of coffee. You may spruce up the landscaping, maybe plant some pretty flowers to make your home more attractive. These tactics can all help make your house feel like a potential home to buyers. There is one trick that might work better than the others. Refreshing your interior paint can do wonders for your home but don’t just slap on a paint product haphazardly. Doing it strategically and with the right colors will always maximize your return.

Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

Choose neutral paint colors. Now this doesn’t mean that you need to go with white. Try a color that sits on the warmer side of neutral, and putting resale aside, it’s also an extremely populate paint trend. Try to choose a color that isn’t cold or boring, but has the feel of a clean slate to any potential buyers. This allows the buyer to transform or customize it or simply leave it the way it is.
Prioritize spaces to be painted. Always paint any surfaces that are tired or worn first but if all the surfaces to be painted are in the same condition then it’s smart to give the bathrooms and the kitchens top priority. These are the rooms that buyers will view most critically. A family room that looks less than perfect will be tolerated buy a prospective buyer but if the kitchen or bathrooms look dated or feel dingy it can send buyers in another direction.
Paint all the shelves and cabinets. Professional cabinet painting can do wonders for your kitchen or bathroom. It’s a low-cost way to totally transform the room and can bring a warm and fresh style to the space that will work in your favor. Don’t forget to paint your entertainment center and any built-in shelving too!
Use professional painters. Hiring experts to do the job will save you time and energy. This is an added bonus if you’re moving and will guarantee a finish that is marketable. Getting a few friends over to your place to quickly throw a coat of paint on the walls probably won’t do your home justice and won’t show buyers the professional touch they’re looking for.

How Can Paint Colors Affect Resale of Homes?

Sellers need to consider how paint colors can affect the selling price of their home. They also need to consider the shades that are more likely to raise the selling price. The real estate website Zillow looked at pictures from 50,000 home sales across the country to analyze how colors in rooms correlated with selling prices. They concluded that some colors helped buyers make a premium of $5,000 on the sale of their home. Soothing colors for bedrooms worked best, neutrals for living rooms, shades of purple for dining rooms, tans like oatmeal and beige were found to be best for bathrooms and yellow kitchens yielded a better selling price.

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If you’re looking to get a better resale price for your home then consider contacting McKay’s Painting to give it a fresh coat of paint to attract potential buyers. Give us a call today.