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Should I Paint My Windowless Room White in Ventura, CA; Wall Painting & Decorating Tips

Should I Paint My Windowless Room White in Ventura, CA; Wall Painting & Decorating Tips

The interior room that has no windows for natural light might be overlooked when you design and decorate the home. You might just leave these areas unfinished which is really just wasting the space. You want to be able to not only use the space you have in your home but also enjoy it as well. To enjoy any space in your home you need to put some time and effort in decorating and designing the space. This can be tricky when working with a dark windowless room and you might be concerned about what route you need to take. You don’t want to make the space look even darker or cluttered so using some design tips will help guide you.

McKays Painting Lists Tips, Tricks & Hacks to Design, Paint & Decorate Your Windowless Room

Should I Paint My Walls White?: This may seem like the perfect space to use a bright white paint. It is often used as a way to increase the feel of a room and make it roomier. The reason that white paint works in those instances in because the white paint along with the natural light from a window work in unison. When you take the windows away, white is not the best option. The reason is because the white paint will display the colors of the lights in the room. Sadly artificial lights don’t work the best with white paint and can actually send a hue of yellow or green on the walls. This may clash with the decor or look that you are going for. Instead of a bright white paint color you can go with a grey hue. Be sure that it is a soft grey which works great with natural light as well as artificial lights too.
What Colors Do Your Light Bulbs Emit?: When you are looking into what lights you should use in your windowless room it is more than just add more lights. Although you do need to increase the amount of lights that you have in the space you also need to research the light bulbs. The lights should be in the form of can lights as well as lamps in the room. The bulbs need to give off the right color to increase the openness of the room. A bulb that is too blue is cold and a bulb that is too yellow is too warm. That means that you need to find a bulb that is in between and balanced out.
Add Colorful Décor to Windowless Rooms: When you choose pieces of furniture and décor for the space don’t shy away from color. You can add small splashes of color with tables, chairs and pillows in the room. It is also a good idea to add some plants to the space as well. The nature brought in to the area will increase the openness and add an inviting feel to the room. Don’t be afraid of adding color in the room with your décor and paintings.

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Creative Crown Molding Trim Install Ideas & Solutions in Santa Barbara, CA

Creative Crown Molding Trim Install Ideas & Solutions in Santa Barbara, CA

Crown molding is a great way to add a little bit of elegance to any room in your home. One major benefit of crown molding is all the different ways or styles that can be used to create the feel and atmosphere of the room. With so many options you can have crown molding for any style or theme to fit your taste. McKay’s Painting will share some creative crown molding ideas and see if one of will fit your home design, style, or theme.

DIY Plaster Crown Molding

One idea for crown molding is to use a plaster for your own custom idea with your design. You can pick from many different types of plaster molding. However as plaster crown molding is more versatile, it can be a bit more pricey, especially on the more plaster or elaborate moldings used to create your preferred texture or design.

3 Piece Crown Molding Installation

For a classic Shaker-style there is a simple three piece crown molding that adds layer and basic style. It is cheap and easy to install. Any type of material can be used to create this style of crown molding. Additionally, natural for a rustic look can be used or even painted for a slicker cleaner look to fit about any style as well. For those looking for a little bit of dimension to a room or to break up the flatness on the wall, a three piece crown molding is a great way to achieve more dimensions to any room.

Crown Molding with Lighting Effects

Another great idea, especially for homes with really tall ceilings is to have a two piece lighted crown molding. Typically the bottom piece of the crown molding is the one that has the light mounted on it. When using lighted crown molding, it is best to use a soft light molding that has a lighter hue to help keep the atmosphere less abrasive. For homes with taller ceilings the night and make a home feel dark and closed in. By using lighted crown molding, it will help to light up your entire home and keep a warm, inviting feel to your home.

Flexible Molding for Arches & Curves

Most people with rooms in the home that have a curve often think crown molding is not an option. However this is not the case. Rooms with curved walls still can have crown molding. There is a flexible polyurethane material used in these cases. Due to the flexibility it can form to any shape. This type of molding is also great for curved window seals and keep the molding or trim the same so the molding or trim work can match. Additionally this type of molding can be painted to fit your design preferences.

Hollow Crown Molding Track for Running Wires

For homes with a wired speaker system, cable lines, or exposed cords throughout their home, hollow crown molding track is a great way to hide those wires and still give your home a clean and beautiful look. This type of crown molding gives your home a great look as well as function. You can feed all of the cranky cords and wires into the molding where it will not be seen. This is a great way to keep your home orderly and clean.

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There are so many ways crown molding can be used to help improve the home’s look and feel. These are but a few ways crown molding can be used in your home. If any one of these types of crown molding can fit your home, McKay’s Painting can help install crown molding as one of our many services. If you find you need help installing crown molding, repainting or any other of our many services, contact McKay’s Painting today.

2017 Home Paint Color Palette Scheme Combinations & Trends in Santa Barbara, CA

2017 Home Paint Color Palette Scheme Combinations & Trends in Santa Barbara, CA

Interior designs are magnified often with the way the rooms are painted, with many popular styles evolving; it’s only natural that painting trends get developed. More than halfway through 2017, many trends of been firmly secured and with growing popularity, these trends are sticking around for a few years to come at the least. With the impression the different compositions of color they are giving the commercial and residential property owners, more and more people are using these painting trends and modifying the application to make it their own unique reflection of tastes and personality. With that in mind, we at McKay’s Painting would like to expound a little bit on current 2017 painting trends. These painting trends are classified into three primary groups that include Composed, Comfort, and Confident.

Paint Colors for Different Personalities

You can easily narrow down the selections of the different colors trends that appeal to you by opting for the classification more fitting to your personality. For the traditionalist, contemporary colors such as taupe beiges and earthy greens colors are the trends. Muted shades make for sophisticated accents, while the introverts will feel the attraction to the comfortable classification colors that derive from yellow, pale and light pink, and blues that really enhance even small spaces. The confident palette consists of lime greens, spicy reds, and dusky blues really capture the attention of the social types.

Confident Paint Color Class

Sunshine Yellow: Sunshine yellow, a brighter choice can be risky, but well worth the gamble if done right. For example, painting the floor yellow stimulates feelings of happiness and energy that when combined with neutral whites, subtle grays, and even pale oranges can be very complimentary.
Dusky Blue: Recalling origins of the ocean and accenting in colors of the beach to highlight the high ceilings, flooring, or other places, dusky blues are a classic trend of 2017.
Blue-Green: Envisioning a beautifully saturated blue-green space is an attractive combination that creates a dramatic statement. This trend is really getting popular and used in modern styles enhanced with a vintage textures and accents.

Composed Paint Color Class

Taupe Beige & Earthy Green: For peace, quiet, and a state of calmness, and the trendy colors of earthy greens and taupe beiges are helping achieve this atmosphere. Incorporating white, these colors working in harmony to create a beautiful yet peaceful space.
Mineral Gray: Using rich dark grays with softened textured walls and solemn shades really emphasize spacious styles. Being a neutral color, any level of gray can be easily paired with a variety of shades to add kick to the traditional styles.
Light Blue-Green: Many interior design styles call for black and white accessories and to add a burst of color with the robust teal and colorful aqua blues really to add a playful element.

Comfortable Paint Color Class

Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is a little bit of a feminine approach that accentuates natural light combine pale color or white accents; it delivers sophistication with elegance.
Powdery Blue: Tones of powdery blues paired with dark browns are frequently used with brass accents emphasize class.
Dusted Yellow: Energizing a room muted gray walls and accent with soft yellows area very appealing.

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No matter which color trends are more to your liking, McKay’s Painting is readily available to help you achieve your goals, call us today to get started! If you are looking to incorporate any of these trendy colors in your home or business, contact the experts at McKay’s Painting and let our professionals get it done.

Paint Bathroom First? Correct Order of Rooms for Interior Painting Projects in Agoura Hills, CA

Paint Bathroom First? Correct Order of Rooms for Interior Painting Projects in Agoura Hills, CA

Few people tackle painting the entire house in relatively one time frame. More often than not, when someone takes on this kind of responsibility, they are either trying to get the home painted to ready it for sale, or because they just bought a home and they want it more to their liking. Whether you are of the many, or included in the few, painting the interior of your home should be mapped out in a methodical application to avoid chaos and to make the overall process easier. Consider prioritizing the order of the rooms first while making the preparation arrangements.

Best Order of Interior Painting Rooms

With that in mind, we at McKay’s Painting would like to suggest the most effective order to painting the different rooms in your home.
1) Bathrooms: The bathrooms are generally the smaller of the rooms in the home. Tackling these rooms first will allow you to keep the rest of the house free from the paint fumes while still seeing the progress commence. Allowing yourself frequent breaks to avoid too much exposure to the fumes will help you find relief if the rest of the house isn’t freshly painted just yet.
2) Bedrooms: The bedrooms should be next. It will contain the mess into the isolated sections of the house to keep the other rooms feeling comfortable and homey. The bedroom doors can be closed off to minimize the smells of paint in the rest of the house, while still giving you a larger space to escape the fumes f they ever get too intense.
3) Kitchen/Dining Room: The kitchen is the next priority. Being the heart of many homes in the larger living space, the kitchen is where many family events are hosted; from family meals, to school projects, to good conversation. Ensuring this room is exclusively tackled next will help prevent perishables from going bad because you are trying too hard to spread yourself out in the rest of the home, and having it complete can put a lot of the daily routine back in your life as the home interior painting project continues.
4) Living Room/Play Room: One of the largest rooms of the house, getting this room in order will probably take you the longest to complete. Moving as much of the furniture out as possible and the remaining piled in the center and well protected will have this room in a bit of a disheveled state, but with the kitchen and dining room completed, you will have a place to move your furnishings, while still have a resemblance of an organized retreat. After you have finished, putting the living and/or play room back together can give the opportunity to rearrange the setup and enjoy a freshly painted room.
5) Laundry Room/Mud Room: The laundry room is often the most used area, especially in large families where the washer and dryer are on daily. Doing this room last will allow you to keep the laundry routine going and by the time you get to this room, you will have a rhythm and more practice to knock it out quickly to get the laundry back in rotation.

Additional Tips: Open the windows and doors if the weather permits, utilize exhaust fans, and ceiling/portable fans to keep the fumes to a minimum. Create a station in each room as you go where all your tools, equipment and paint is in location to help you find what you need and when you need it. It will also help you contain the mess.

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If you lack the time, physical capacity, or even ambition but want the interior of your home painted, call McKay’s Painting today and let our specialists get your painting done with great coverage, crisp lines, and detailed craftsmanship.

How Much is Too Much Lead Paint Exposure in Homes Built Before 1978 in Thousand Oaks, CA?

How Much is Too Much Lead Paint Exposure in Homes Built Before 1978 in Thousand Oaks, CA

Before you make any moves to knock down walls, or start on any other home improvements, you need to be aware of the risks that could be present if there is any trace of lead paint in your home. There are high risks for any children in your home if there is lead that is stirred up in dust during renovations on your older home. McKay’s Painting is here to talk about the dangers of lead in the paint of your older home.

Lead is a Risk in Homes Built Before 1978

Up until the year 1978, lead was added into the paint that was used on interior and exterior walls of homes. It was in this year that the government made it against the law to add lead into residential paint any longer. This is the main way that children are exposed to lead in the U.S. today. This old paint chips off or gets stirred up in dust and is a true danger to infants and young children. Studies have shown that when young children and infants are exposed to lead, it can damage their brain development even if the lead levels are very small. It has been shown that their IQ can drop as well as attention behavioral problems may be present.

How Much is too Much Lead Exposure?

In recent years, the CDC has lowered the amount of lead that one can be exposed to safely. It used to be 10 micrograms and now has been lowered to 5. There is no way to cure lead poisoning; the only thing you can do is remove the problem to discontinue contamination.

How to Prevent Lead Poisoning in Paint

In order to avoid lead poisoning in your older home, it takes some initiative.
Know the Age of Your Home– Knowing the age of your home can tell you whether or not you should have your home tested for traces of lead.
Use the Right Painting Contractors– Before you start any renovations in your home use lead-certified contractors who know and understand the EPA requirements that will keep you safe from lead.
Fix Peeling Paint– If you notice any areas that have peeling paint, it needs to be repaired promptly. If you are renting, contact your landlord right away so the problem can be taken care of.
Landscape Wisely– The soil surrounding your home is one of the places that lead is most prevalent. Before starting a new landscaping project, cover the dirt to protect yourself from unsafe levels of lead.
Wet Scraping– Before you dig into any walls with a hammer or screw driver, EPA suggest you try wet scraping which consists of misting paint before you remove it to keep dust levels down.

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If you live in an older home, you should always be aware of the risks of lead poisoning in old paint. It can be deadly in severe cases. The professional painters at McKay’s Painting offer interior and exterior paint for residential and commercial settings. Call us today!

Components & Formula of Paint in Camarillo, CA; Best Interior & Exterior for Painting

Components & Formula of Paint in Camarillo, CA; Best Interior & Exterior for Painting

One of the hardest decisions to make when painting your home, inside or out, is the color. A very important decision to decide on right from the start is to use only top-quality paint. It is totally worth it to use a good quality paint regardless of cost. You need to do some homework because price alone does not determine if a specific paint brand or type is the right one for the job.

Components of Paint

Paint is made up of different components. The pigments in paint are finely ground particles and they give the paint opacity and the ability to cover the surface the paint is being applied to. The resins in paint work to hold the colorants and pigments in place after the paint has dried. Additives in paint are chemicals that are added to the paint and will affect resistance to mildew among other things and the solvents in paint are there to help get the paint for the brush to the wall. Solvents will evaporate as the paint dries.

Best Exterior House Paint Types

Paint on the exterior is under constant stress because it’s exposed to the elements such as extreme weather. Some top quality paints are so much better than they were a decade ago. It’s more durable and less likely to fade and crack. Testing is done to figure out which exterior paints are best and will stand up to the weather conditions. There are qualities that good exterior paints have. They have more solids; that means pigments and resins and lower quality paints have fewer solvents. They also have more additives that works to improve the application and protective qualities. 100% acrylic paint is the best quality of paint you can use for the exterior of your home. When you buy the best quality paint, you’ll get the best results and results that are durable. If you opt for cheaper paint, it may only last for three to four years. Better quality paint will last for ten years of more.

Acrylic Latex Interior Paint

100% acrylic latex paint is best for interior jobs and are worth the extra cost. It’s better than the cheaper options because the resins are higher quality and will help them grip to the surface. It will also cover the color underneath with fewer coats and it’s resistant to splatter during application. Roller and brush marks are unnoticeable because the flow of application is smoother and it’s more resistant to stains. It’s also easier to clean up because it’s scrub-resistant and won’t damage the paint. Further, it won’t get shiny after it’s scrubbed, making touchups are less noticeable and it’s more resistant to marks being left behind after they are placed on it. Acrylic paint is more resistant to mildew and fading and it also won’t stick like other paint which is good around windows that need to be opened.

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While cheap paint is better for your wallet, it won’t save you money in the end. “You get what you pay for” is totally applicable to purchasing paint because cheaper paint means cheaper quality. Top-quality paint guarantees the paint job will look great and will last a long time, which means you won’t have to repaint sooner than expected; saving you money! If you’re looking for the best paint and the best painters, give McKay’s Painting a call for a consultation.

Putting Your House on the Market in Ventura, CA? Best Interior Paint Colors for Staging

Putting Your House on the Market in Ventura, CA? Best Interior Paint Colors for Staging

Selling a house can be quite the experience. With so much to do, it can be hard to decide what projects to undertake in preparation for the home to be sold. Many homeowners smartly choose to revitalize the walls with a fresh coat of paint. Where this is an optimal, inexpensive option to glam up the home, many homeowners make mistakes in painting. With that in mind, McKay’s Painting would like to offer some tips and advice on painting the house effectively to attract potential buyers.

Best Interior Paint Colors for Staging & Selling a House

Living Room Paint Colors: A balanced combination of neutral and warm tones is an exceptional use of colors that most experts agree on for the living space. These tones can be incorporated easily with current trends and popular styles. As the buyers go from house to house, they have a tendency to visualize their art pieces, furniture and other accessories of theirs throughout the rooms. Considering that, if your living space is neon purple or florescent orange it will be difficult to imagine the space as their own, which ultimately influences their decision. Keep the living room and halls in neutral colors such as creamy white, light beiges, soft grays, and use complimentary darker hues minimally as accents, but still in keeping with the neutral or earthy tones.
Kitchen Wall Paint Color Ideas: Experts recommend using the kitchen to play with the brighter colors and capture the attention of buyers. Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, where many mundane activities transpire such as the cooking, slicing, dicing, chopping, mixing and baking, school projects, bills, and so on, drab and dull only adds to the mood. Utilizing the brighter colors, you can influence the moods and increase the excitement and enthusiasm when conducting the same old routine. Brighter and lighter colors are also ideal in the kitchen as they help illuminate the room, allowing the grand chef to see the difference between a rare and medium rare steak, or the kids to select the right color green or blues for the class project. If you opt for white, avoid painting the room in all white, as people naturally shy away from the sterile feeling of a hospital. Consider the flooring, countertops, appliances, and cupboards and if you choose white, select a rich color to accent the space and add color. Primary colors of the kitchen can be pale yellows or olives hues as well as the faint warm shades of beige or creams.
Bedroom Paint Colors & Moods: Bedrooms are a safe haven where people seek refuge from the stress of day to day life and get the much needed rest and relaxation. If the bedroom is painted in eccentric animal prints and/or exotic colors, it can turn off a lot of people. The last thing a bedroom needs is added stress or anxiety. Neutral colors or even the calming effect of blues are ideal in the bedroom. Whichever color option, whether you lean towards the cool or warm undertones, pale or soft hues are a good choice in any bedroom.
Bathroom Paint Colors: Bathrooms painted in bold paint and loud prints are obnoxious to most. Homeowners often make the mistake of using such ideas and dark colors. When you are trying to sell the house you want to maximize space. The bold, the dark, the loud prints all make a traditionally small bathroom look smaller yet. Avoid the chaos and keep bathrooms soft. Again, lighter neutral colors with pale tones are ideal to make the already smaller space look larger.
Exterior House Paint Color Visualizer: If you decide to enrich the vibrancy of the exterior of your home, experts suggest avoiding colors that clash in the natural environment; for example, wooded lots should be paints in earthy colors as opposed to bright colorful options. When selecting the final color, consider the home’s exterior surfaces like any existing brick or stone work, the rooftops materials and coloring, as well the landscaping. If for example, you have an abundance of greens with shrubs, trees, vegetation, and grass; painting the house green will not be very conducive to the eye. Keep the exterior painted in neutral colors and opt for the earthy tones pertinent to your surroundings, remember you want it to stand out, but in a positive way.

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Preparing the home for the market has a lot of details and arrangements to be made. Leave the painting to McKay’s Painting and our experts will get the walls painted with crisp edges, full coverage, and detailed results. Call us today to get started!

Best Paint Color Schemes & Interior Designs for Hotel Lobby Areas in Santa Barbara, CA

Best Paint Color Schemes & Interior Designs for Hotel Lobby Areas in Santa Barbara, CA

The lobby of your hotel is the first thing your customers see as they step in through the doors. You want this area to really take their breath away. Seems like a lot of pressure to get the colors right! McKay’s Painting is here to share some tips for getting the paint colors right in your lobby so your guests are wowed as they walk in the doors.

Hotel Lobby Design Ideas

One of the very first steps you will make when choosing paint colors for your hotel lobby, is choosing the theme or design. Maybe you don’t want the lobby to have a theme and want to choose a more neutral pallet. Some hotel owners may want to wow their customers with a Vegas style or oasis theme. Possibilities are endless, so have fun with this process.

How Small is Your Hotel Reception Area?

The size of your lobby will play a key role in the paint colors you choose for the space. For those that have a small lobby, you will benefit from choosing lighter paint colors to help the space feel open and airy. If you have a large lobby, you may want to choose richer, darker colors that will help the space feel grounded.

Consider Other Design Elements in the Lobby

Choose paint colors that will accentuate the other design elements in the room. For those that have a dazzling water feature, play off of it with your paint colors. Make the lobby feel like an oasis using blues, greens and sandy tones. Your hotel might be more rustic and have a lot of natural wood in the lobby. Choose organic colors that will bring the outdoors in and give your hotel a unique vibe.

Don’t Forget that Lighting Affects Paint Colors

Lighting plays a huge role in choosing paint colors. Because of metamerism, during different times of the day, color looks drastically different. Natural and artificial lighting make colors look different as well. Before choosing the paint, look at samples at different times of the day and in natural as well as artificial light, so you know you are choosing the right color.

Paint Color Palettes that Flow with Adjoining Rooms

You more than likely have several rooms that need to flow together such as banquet rooms, dining areas, exercise rooms and more. Choose a color that can flow throughout the entire hotel so your building doesn’t feel choppy.

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Choosing the perfect colors for your hotel lobby takes vision. Sometimes it is hard to capture that all on your own. The experts at McKay’s Painting offer color consultants that can help you pinpoint the perfect colors and design of your hotel lobby so that it takes your breath away every time you enter it. We will take the stress out of picking the perfect design for your lobby so you can enjoy the process completely. Call us today for more information about our color consulting and painting services.

How to Choose Paint Colors, Types & Finishes for Your Santa Barbara, CA Home Interior

How to Choose Paint Colors, Types & Finishes for Your Santa Barbara, CA Home Interior

We ask ourselves many questions, such as does my home need a makeover? Should I repaint to give my home a fresh new look? What color or types of paint should I use? These are all good questions. If you have already answered these questions and decided it is time to refresh your home and give it a makeover with a new coat of paint, then the only question left is what kind of paint or color you should use. McKay’s Painting has a few questions of our own to help you answer those last basic questions.

Odorless or Low Odor Interior Paint

Are you sensitive to the smell of paint? If you are sensitive or dislike the smell of paint, you
may want to consider using water-based latex paints. The water-based latex paints have far less odor then oil-based paints. Latex paints are also easily cleaned and works well for interior uses.

Best Paint Finish; High Gloss, Semi Gloss, Eggshell, Satin, Flat etc

What kind of activity is expected in the room being painted? Especially those with little ones or pets, walls can become easily soiled and dirty. If the room your painting receives a lot of activity and will be exposed to children or pets you may want to consider using a high gloss or even a semi-gloss paint. These types of paint are much easier to clean and the paint won’t wear off. They are also more resistant to cleaning and moisture. However if you don’t expect much activity in the rooms you are painting, flat or sheen paints can be used.

Relaxing Cool or Welcoming Warm Paint Colors

What kind of atmosphere do you want in the room you are painting? If you want a room to feel more cozy or welcoming, consider using warm colors such as yellows, oranges and reds. If you want rooms to feel more relaxed, blues, greens, grays or cooler colors will create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Do you wish certain rooms would feel bigger or smaller then they are? Certain colors such as lighter colors can help make a room feel more open where darker colors create a tighter or smaller feel of a room, making it cozier.

Longest Lasting Paints

How long do you want to put off the need to repaint? Depending on the type of paint you use, it may require you to repaint sooner than other paints. If you wish the paint to last longer use a high quality paint that is 100% acrylic latex interior paint. However if you like to alter the look of your home with frequent changes in the paint color of your wall you can use cheaper kinds of paints. How much time do you want to spend on a painting project or how much time can you put toward a repainting project? If your time is limited, you may want to use a paint that is both a primer and paint so you only have to paint your walls once. If you have more time, it is best to prime the wall separately and then paint it with your chosen color for a fresher and cleaner look. However there are short cuts that can be taken if time is limited.

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By asking these questions you should have the answer to what colors you should use and what kind of paint will suit your needs best. If you find you don’t have the time or you need assistance with your home makeover, contact McKay’s Painting today.