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Is Bright White High Gloss Paint Your Only Choice for Trim in Agoura Hills, CA; Baseboard Painting Color Trends

Is Bright White High Gloss Paint Your Only Choice for Trim in Agoura Hills, CA; Baseboard Painting Color Trends

When you think about changing the look of a room many people choose to go for a new paint color. Changing the color of the walls in a room is a great way to freshen up a room. Another way to add more depth or personal style is to add an accent wall. These are wonderful additions to any home and can change the entire look of the room. One area in many homes that is over looked is the ceiling which is actually considered the fifth wall. The ceiling is a great way to continue to color of the room rather than having a distinctive stopping point. Many people are choosing to paint the ceiling to make the room feel more homey and comfortable. It can also make a room feel larger and more complete. Still another way to make a bold change to a room is to paint the baseboards and trim work around the house. The trim and baseboards in many homes are often painted the same boring gloss white color. The white color is a great way to have a nice clean line but if you are ready for a fun and different look than color is the key and the possibilities are endless!

McKay’s Painting Lists Paint Color Choices & Methods When Painting Your Trim & Baseboard

Baseboard Color Trends: The thing with painting baseboards and trim is that many people think white is the only option. Although it is a great option it is not exactly fun or original. If you want to add a level of excitement to a room that has white or light color walls you can use bright yellow to use on the trim and baseboard. Another option for a room that is more modern is to use a grey or black gloss to trim out the entire room. The color that you choose is really limitless and your personal décor is the factor that you need to consider. The color can be anything that is an accent color to the room. It is best to go with a shade that is darker than the main color to have that great trimmed out look.
How to Paint Baseboard Without Brush Marks: The thing about painting baseboards and trim is that it is meticulous and will take some patience if you are not a trained painter. The process will start with a lot of tape. You need to tape the top of the baseboard as well as the bottom. The taping process needs to be done carefully. You don’t want gaps where the tape was too close but you also don’t want a mess on the wall either. The tape is the most important part. You will also need to have a drop cloth to help protect the carpet and flooring. Then you will be on your hands and knees going down the room. The best way to ensure that it is painted correctly is to hire a professional painter.

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Interior Painting Mistakes in Santa Barbara, CA; How to Avoid a Bad, Uneven Paint Job on a Wall, Ceiling or Trim!

Interior Painting Mistakes in Santa Barbara, CA; How to Avoid a Bad, Uneven Paint Job on a Wall, Ceiling or Trim!

It takes time and effort to paint your home; especially if you want a professional-quality finish. There are many common mistakes that people make that need to be avoided to achieve the expert results licensed and experienced painting contractors achieve. McKay’s Painting presents some common painting mistakes to help you avoid them.

Interior Painting Mistakes to Avoid on Ceilings, Walls & Trim

1. Don’t skip the preparation before painting. This is the biggest mistake made when it comes to painting. The amount of time spent prepping your home for paint is the key difference between a subpar result and superior professional results. When you hire professionals, chances are you’ll notice that the amount of time we take prepping far outweighs the time spent applying the paint. It’s important to look for imperfections in the surface to be painted; and then fix them seamlessly. Walls must be cleaned thoroughly and allowed to dry to give the paint the best chance to adhere optimally. The surrounding area needs to be kept safe from errant paint splatter too. When you consider how much time you need to set aside to complete the paint job, you’ll also need to factor in the amount of prep work. Doing this will significantly increase the amount of time it will take to complete the job.
2. Don’t pick cheap paint brushes and rollers. With the myriad of brushes and rollers to pick from ,it can be daunting to know which are the best. You would think they all work the same, but don’t be fooled. Premium brushes are designed to hold the right amount of paint, transfer smoothly and seamlessly onto the wall; and also also work to conceal minor imperfections. Cheaper brushes will make the process harder because you’ll end up using more paint than you really need to and the end result won’t be as good as it could have been.
3. Don’t choose just any tape; choose painters tape. There’s a reason that painters tape is called painters tape. It’s simply because that’s what its designed to do. Using any other tape will allow paint to seep through and possibly damage surfaces you’re trying to protect in the first place. It costs a bit more, but the investment will be well worth it.
4. Don’t skip priming before painting. You can use two-in-one products that have paint and primer on surfaces that are in good condition, but on some surfaces, it’s important to prime it first. Primer is available for purchase for a reason. It’s good to use on glossy surfaces or on wood, plaster or concrete. You can’t make up the difference in skipping primer with more layers of paint. The result will not be the same.
5. Don’t use matte finish paint in high traffic areas. Matte finish paint is more affordable, but using matte paint in high traffic areas is a mistake. It’s harder to clean and will show dirt and grime. Cleaning surfaces with matte finishes too vigorously will lead to taking the paint right off the wall. Dirt and grime on high-gloss paint can be wiped off more easily.
6. Don’t paint over a high gloss paint without sanding first. Paint needs to have a good surface to adhere to. If you are painting over a high gloss paint, it’s important to use some light sandpaper to scuff the surface a bit. This will ensure the new paint will have a surface to settle into.
7. Don’t start painting at the bottom. This is an easy mistake to make. If you start painting your walls anywhere other than the top, you’re going to be dealing with drips and run-off. The best way to paint is to start in a top corner and work your way across the room and down.

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What Preparation, Time & Work Goes Into Professional Exterior House Painting Projects in Thousand Oaks, CA

What Preparation, Time & Work Goes Into Professional Exterior House Painting Projects in Thousand Oaks, CA

Repainting the exterior of your home is a major project and should not be taken lightly. New paint on a home is a great way to spruce up the look of a home and increase the value at the same time. The best time of year to make a change in your exterior paint color is coming up fast. The spring weather is a great time to take that leap and make a change. The color that you choose is up to you but a lot goes into the decision. You need to consider the styles of the homes in the neighborhood that you live. You also want to be sure that you know what you are getting yourself into and what it takes to ensure that paint color will last. The best thing you can do when painting the exterior of your house is to hire a professional painter. We have the expertise to do the job right and to leave you with great quality work.

McKay’s Painting Explains What Goes into Painting a Homes Exterior Professionally

Importance of Surface Preparation for Painting: If you talk to a professional painter about what the biggest part of an exterior paint job is we would say that preparation is a huge portion of the work. Extensive preparation needs to be done to make sure the paint will take hold and last. And this prep is a serious amount of work. The surface of the home needs to be prepped which includes making any needed siding repairs, sealing cracks, sanding down wood and any other areas that need to be fixed. Not only does all that need to be done but then the walls need to be washed clear of any dirt and debris that may have built up due to weather. Another area of prep work is to cover any plants and other surrounding areas that are not being painted.
Exterior House Painting: The next step is actually painting the house and it is definitely best to have done by a professional. You want to be sure that you use a professional so that the job is done right. There is a lot that goes into the actual painting process. You need to know what primer to use if any is necessary. You also want to be sure that you use the right type of paint that is best for the exterior of your house. If you have vinyl siding, metal siding or stucco as well as wood trim, there is a particular type of paint used for each. The professional company also knows the amount of paint that is needed to paint the entire house and how many coats of paint it will take to do the job. You don’t want to run out during the painting process – or have drips or missed areas. You want a nice even coat of paint and the finish to be smooth and precise. That is what you get when you hire a professional painter.

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If you are ready to update the look of your home with a fresh coat of paint call a professional painter right away. McKay’s Painting offers expert painting and related services!

How to Restore & Protect Your Old Wood Deck from Sun Damage in Westlake Village, CA; Best Stains & Sealers

How to Restore & Protect Your Old Wood Deck from Sun Damage in Westlake Village, CA; Best Stains & Sealers

There are two major contributing facts when it comes to outdoor elements that destroy wooden decks. One being water damage and the other is sun damage. UV rays beam on decks all year long. It is this damage that McKay’s Painting would like to discuss so the next time your deck needs some restoration or repair, you know how and what you can do to better protect your deck form UV damage.

Structural Deck Maintenance

If your deck is looking old, weathered or weak, it is time to do something about it. To start you will want to do an inspection of your deck’s structure. It is most important thing to check is if the framing and structure of the deck is still sound and intact. Check for any wood that seems softer which is common with UV damage. Other signs of UV damage are discoloration. The wood may begin to look gray, which isn’t just a cosmetic problem. It is also a structural problem. If any framing or deck flooring seems to need to be repaired, now is the time.

Pressure Washing Deck Cleaning

It is common when the time comes to refinish a deck that you will need to first use a pressure washer to prepare the deck for refinishing. Where this is true when wood has been damage by the sun, you must be careful on how much pressure is actually used. One benefit of using a professional to help with your deck restoration is they will know exactly how much pressure will be needed to clean and strip the deck. Additionally a professional will have and know the exact detergents to use that will kill or slow down mold and mildew growth. We can also detect if any water damage might be present. However for the DIY homeowner, if you are going to do your own pressure washing, then always stick with one rule: start with the lowest pressure and water flow and gradually increase the pressure or water flow to find the proper amount to clean the deck correctly.

Best Pressure Treated Wood Deck Sealers & Finishes for UV Protection

For the longevity of your deck, it is important to protect the wood from any further UV damage. You will want to do this before the summer where the UV ray is at its strongest. After you have attended to the deck structure and it has been sanded and washed, you will need to pick the right finish to give your deck the best protection from the UV rays of the sun and especially the summer sun.

Types of Deck Sealers & Stains

Clear/Transparent Deck Stains – These are considered to provide excellent UV protection as well as water resistant. This type of sealer is also mildew resistant. These types of stain are one of the most affordable and easiest to apply. They will last up to two years before you will need to refinish your deck again.
Semi-Transparent Deck Stains – These stains have an even higher UV protection rating. This type of stain protects the wood from UV rays and repels water as well as molds and mildews. There is the added benefit of these types of stain where you can choose from a wide range of colors. This type of finish will protect your deck for two to three years before the need to refinish your deck arrives.
Solid Deck Stains – For top UV protection as well as water, mold and mildew prevention you will want this type of stain. Additionally it will also help retain the color of your wood. You can apply this finish on your entire deck. Solid stains can last for four years before the need to refinish. This type of stain may be more pricey initially but most claim it is a well worth investment.

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Restoring a deck can become a major task to undertake. It is suggested if your deck won’t last another season, now is the time to refinish before the next summer season comes and destroys it even further. McKay’s Painting provides deck restoration and repair services. If you find that you are in need of help in refinishing your deck, contact McKay’s Painting today.

How to Prepare to Paint a Room in Ventura, CA; Clean Walls, Use Drop Cloths, Fill in Nail Holes, Tape Off & More

How to Prepare to Paint a Room in Ventura, CA; Clean Walls, Use Drop Cloths, Fill in Nail Holes, Tape Off & More

When you are wanting to freshen up a space, there is no better way to do it than with a fresh coat of paint. Even if you aren’t planning on changing the color of the room, your room will look crisp and clean once you have painted over scuffs and other marks on the walls. You don’t even realize they are there until they aren’t. There are several things that need to be done before you can begin painting a room. McKay’s Painting is here to talk about some steps that you should make before starting a painting project.

How to Prep a Room for Painting; Remove Furnishings

When you are getting ready to paint, you want to get everything you can out of the room. When furniture is left in the room, you run the risk of it getting damaged. If there are furnishings that cannot be removed, they should be moved to the center of the room and covered with thick plastic to protect them.

Remove Wall Hangings, Paintings, Photos, Decals Switch Covers & Outlet Plates Etc Before Painting

There have been instances where people have left paintings and other wall hangings on the wall and simply painted around them. This is not a good idea. You will most likely get paint on it and if they shift at all you will be able to see that the area behind them hasn’t been painted. Along with wall hangings, the switch plates and outlet covers should be removed so that you don’t get any paint on them. It is an easy job and well worth the time. If you have any window treatments around your windows, they should be removed as well.

Clean Walls Before Painting

It is a good time to give the space a deep clean. You will want the flooring cleaned as well as the walls. Over time, the walls of your home start to collect dust and you don’t want anything to keep the paint from adhering to the wall.

Protect the Flooring with Drop Cloths When Painting

Using either plastic or paper, you need to get your flooring completely covered. This is especially true if you aren’t planning on refinishing the flooring as well. Even the most careful painters don’t risk painting a room without drop cloths as accidents can always happen and you don’t want paint dripping on the floor.

Fill in Nail Holes, Gaps & Cracks

Before you begin painting, you want to fill in any nail holes or cracks in the wall and trim. This will make your new paint look flawless. You don’t want a bunch of holes left behind after you have finished painting the room.

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Painting your home is a big job. It takes a lot of preparation and hard work. To get the job done right, it’s a great idea to leave it up to a professional painting company like McKay’s Painting. We will properly prepare your space and leave you with a flawless paint job that is sure to give your house the crisp finish you have been looking for. Call us today!