2017 Home Paint Color Palette Scheme Combinations & Trends in Santa Barbara, CA

2017 Home Paint Color Palette Scheme Combinations & Trends in Santa Barbara, CA

Interior designs are magnified often with the way the rooms are painted, with many popular styles evolving; it’s only natural that painting trends get developed. More than halfway through 2017, many trends of been firmly secured and with growing popularity, these trends are sticking around for a few years to come at the least. With the impression the different compositions of color they are giving the commercial and residential property owners, more and more people are using these painting trends and modifying the application to make it their own unique reflection of tastes and personality. With that in mind, we at McKay’s Painting would like to expound a little bit on current 2017 painting trends. These painting trends are classified into three primary groups that include Composed, Comfort, and Confident.

Paint Colors for Different Personalities

You can easily narrow down the selections of the different colors trends that appeal to you by opting for the classification more fitting to your personality. For the traditionalist, contemporary colors such as taupe beiges and earthy greens colors are the trends. Muted shades make for sophisticated accents, while the introverts will feel the attraction to the comfortable classification colors that derive from yellow, pale and light pink, and blues that really enhance even small spaces. The confident palette consists of lime greens, spicy reds, and dusky blues really capture the attention of the social types.

Confident Paint Color Class

Sunshine Yellow: Sunshine yellow, a brighter choice can be risky, but well worth the gamble if done right. For example, painting the floor yellow stimulates feelings of happiness and energy that when combined with neutral whites, subtle grays, and even pale oranges can be very complimentary.
Dusky Blue: Recalling origins of the ocean and accenting in colors of the beach to highlight the high ceilings, flooring, or other places, dusky blues are a classic trend of 2017.
Blue-Green: Envisioning a beautifully saturated blue-green space is an attractive combination that creates a dramatic statement. This trend is really getting popular and used in modern styles enhanced with a vintage textures and accents.

Composed Paint Color Class

Taupe Beige & Earthy Green: For peace, quiet, and a state of calmness, and the trendy colors of earthy greens and taupe beiges are helping achieve this atmosphere. Incorporating white, these colors working in harmony to create a beautiful yet peaceful space.
Mineral Gray: Using rich dark grays with softened textured walls and solemn shades really emphasize spacious styles. Being a neutral color, any level of gray can be easily paired with a variety of shades to add kick to the traditional styles.
Light Blue-Green: Many interior design styles call for black and white accessories and to add a burst of color with the robust teal and colorful aqua blues really to add a playful element.

Comfortable Paint Color Class

Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is a little bit of a feminine approach that accentuates natural light combine pale color or white accents; it delivers sophistication with elegance.
Powdery Blue: Tones of powdery blues paired with dark browns are frequently used with brass accents emphasize class.
Dusted Yellow: Energizing a room muted gray walls and accent with soft yellows area very appealing.

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