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Ideas to Update Your Camarillo, CA Kitchen Cabinets, Walls & Ceilings with a Fresh Coat of Interior Paint!

Ideas to Update Your Camarillo, CA Kitchen Cabinets, Walls & Ceilings with a Fresh Coat of Interior Paint!

One area of the home that people are always hoping to add some excitement to, and which can add value to your home, is the kitchen. The kitchen is the area of the home that people tend to spend a lot of time as a group or family. If you have a get together or a dinner many people are going to spend time around the kitchen while the meal is being prepared. If you are looking to put your house up for sale one major selling point is the kitchen. A good and well thought out kitchen can add some real value to your home and help to get it off the market fast. With all that being said many people cannot afford to have a kitchen remodel and are looking for ways to update it and modernize it for much cheaper. One way that you can really show some cool fun and look to your kitchen is to use paint.

McKay’s Painting Lists Ways to Use Paint to Update Your Kitchen to Make it More Modern

Paint The Outside Of Kitchen Cabinets: The cabinets are a major component of the kitchen and they can really make a statement whether it is a good one or bad. If you are sick of looking at the same cabinets in your kitchen and you want a makeover, you can use paint. Some people think that the only way to make a change is to pay to replace them altogether. That is just not true. Paint or stain is a great way to give your kitchen cabinets new life. You can sand down the outside of the cabinets and add a new level of paint to make a big improvement.
Paint the Inside of the Cabinets: Another way to show off a new looking kitchen is if you have cabinets that have glass doors. You can move out all the items and use a fun accent color to paint the inside of the cabinet. When you come in the room it is a fun peak of color that can really go a long way.
Paint or Wallpaper the Walls: If you want to add a level of fun to the room, you can go with a pop of color. The color can make a big transformation and can brighten up the house and that can really change the entire look of the kitchen. Use a new, fun color or even go with a fun wallpaper pattern to show off what you are going for with your new kitchen.
Use Paint To Tie In The Dining Room: Another way to make the kitchen look and feel more functional is to use paint to tie in the kitchen and the dining room. The colors don’t need to be a perfect match or even the same color but colors that will co-ordinate and accent the rooms. The accent colors are a great way to tie the rooms together and that can make the area look and feel better.

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McKay’s Painting offers expert interior painting for kitchen remodels and other projects. We also offer professional exterior house painting and commercial painting. Call us to talk about your next project!

Paint Colors that Sell Houses in Westlake Village, CA. Can Color Really Affect the Sale Price & Value of Your Home?

Paint Colors that Sell Houses in Westlake Village, CA. Can Color Really Affect the Sale Price & Value of Your Home?

It’s no secret that we are greatly affected by colors. They can depress, inspire, exhilarate, and even relax someone. It is also common knowledge that the colors you paint your home can have a direct effect on someone that is looking to buy your home. When you are choosing paint colors for your home, remember that the colors you choose may have an effect on the sale price of your home later down the road. McKay’s Painting would like to talk about how paint colors have the ability to change the sale price when selling your home.

Paint Colors that Sell Homes & Houses

When you are searching for a product, marketers know that color will greatly affect your choice in the end. They spend several hours choosing the right colors for their products to appeal to a wide variety of people. There are some colors that might do very well at selling a product, but only in small doses. The paint color of your home, is the first thing a buyer will see when they pull up to your home. You want it to have the right effect on them. It makes perfect sense that if marketers put this much effort in understanding the psychology of color and the affects that it has on their buyers, the same consideration should be made when getting ready to sell your house. Color really does matter in selling your home.

What Paint Colors Help Houses Sell?

White House Paint Color

Studies have shown that when your home is painted white, it exudes a feeling of safety. This color is widely known to help buyers feel like the home signifies a feeling of a safe haven or shelter from dangers.

Brown Paint Color Schemes

There are many shades of brown, and when dealing with lighter shades of brown, including tan, it can give your house a very earthy feel. Brown tends to help buyers feel a sense of security about the home. They have a way of working with the landscaping to create a feeling of tranquility. Earthy tones are warm and inviting.

Blue Paint Color Palettes

Through recent studies, blue paint colors has been found to appeal to a wide variety of buyers. When you are using blue, stick to lighter tones. They have a calming effect on people and have an overall soothing nature to them. Deep and dark blues can turn off buyers when they are too dark. To play it safe, stick to lighter shades of blue.

Red and Orange Paint Color Combinations

If you are thinking of using red or orange paint color on the inside or outside of your home, use it wisely. These colors can be too strong and overpowering when they are overused. Red is better used in small doses than large ones.

Warm Yellow Paint Colors

Yellow is a very bright and cheerful color. It often has the ability to cheer someone up and make them feel happy. It is a great option for your home inside and out. There of course, is danger in using too much yellow. If you are planning on using it on the exterior of your home, look for yellows that are softer and subtle rather than bright.

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If you are getting ready to paint your home, take into consideration the affect your paint color choice might have on future buyers. This is especially true when you aren’t planning on living in your home forever. McKay’s Painting can help you choose just the right color for your home and do all the prep, painting and finishing today! Contact us today.

Understanding Oil, Water & Latex Paint Types & Flat, Satin, Eggshell, Semi Gloss & Gloss Sheens in Newbury Park, CA

Understanding Oil, Water & Latex Paint Types & Flat, Satin, Eggshell, Semi Gloss & Gloss Sheens in Newbury Park, CA

When you undergo a painting project, most people dwell on colors, patterns, and the theme of the room they want to paint. This can become an overwhelming task. As you make up your mind as to themes and colors, you’ll have to decide what type of paint you want to use. This is where it can get confusing. You will find there is flat paint, satin or eggshell paint, semi gloss and gloss paint. Not to mention the latex or oil based paints. McKay’s Painting will cover the difference and the proper use of the different types of paint.

Oil or Latex Paint for Interior & Exterior Painting Projects

– Latex is a water based paint with many advantages. It is durable, fast-drying, has low odor, and is easy to apply. You can use soap and water to clean any messes that get on your wall without damaging your wall or paint. Latex is most often used in kitchen or bathrooms due to its resistance to mildew. It also holds its color longer then oil base paints.
– Oil Paint is a higher quality base paint. It does have better abrasion resistance then latex paints. The oil in the paint produces a higher glossy surface. It is easy to apply to surfaces and is very durable. This makes it a good choice for living rooms and bedrooms. The downside to oil base paint is that it has a stronger smell that can linger, and you can not use water or soaps to clean up messes.

Types of Paint Sheens in Order From Flat to Gloss

Paints have different levels of glossy surfaces. You will find that most paint will have a flat, satin or eggshell, semi-gloss and gloss choice of sheen. Choosing the right sheen will depend on the look you want each room to have.
Flat paint is the lowest grade of sheen. As it dries it will have a non-reflective smooth surface. Flat paints are great when it come to hiding imperfections on the walls. It will continue to hide those blemishes that occur over time. Due to its ability to hide unwanted blemishes on the wall, flat pain is very popular. This is why it is used in a lot of homes and businesses. However, flat paint can be rather porous, which makes it difficult to clean. It is recommended that you use flat paint in low traffic areas.
Satin, or Eggshell paints are low-luster paints. Although this grade of sheen is considered low-luster, it does have a more lustrous coat than flat paints. Many like to use satin or eggshell paint to add warmth and depth to the rooms. Satins and eggshell paints are easy to clean and can be used anywhere in the home. We recommend that you paint a small area of the wall and let it dry. Satin and eggshell paint can dry differently than what you want or expect.
Semi-gloss paint is the easiest of all paints to clean up. You will want to use this kind of paint in living rooms; children’s play areas, and bedrooms because of its ability for easy cleaning. If you are going to use a semi-gloss in the kitchen or bathrooms, be sure to use 100% acrylic latex paint. This makes it more durable in those moist areas. Semi-gloss does have a reflective surface. This will show the imperfections on the walls. If there has been any extensive work done on your wall, semi-gloss will show the wall’s past scars.
Gloss paint is great because it is the toughest and most durable paint on the market today. It also has the shiniest surface of all the paint types. Although the gloss paint can be used anywhere, it is most commonly used on doors, door frames, base boards, and molding—in and outside the home.

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McKay’s Painting wants to help you understand the different types of paints so the next time you are talking with painters, you will know what type of paint you want to use. You no longer need to feel lost in the conversation, and can make the right choice for your next painting project! If you are still not sure, McKay’s Painting can offer great advice on everything from colors to finishes. Contact us today!

Easy Home Makeover Interior & Exterior Painting Ideas to Help Sell Your Ventura, CA House at a Higher Profit Margin

Easy Home Makeover Interior & Exterior Painting Ideas to Help Sell Your Ventura, CA House at a Higher Profit Margin

Many homeowners think about putting their home on the market this time of year. The end of summer is a busy time for real estate and one way to boost the curb appeal of your home and its interior as well is with new paint. A simple new coat of the existing color of your home can give it a new shine, or by choosing new colors you can make certain areas of your home pop that looked dull and boring before. There are specific steps you can take when it comes to preparing your home for painting and to put on the market. McKay’s Painting knows exactly what kind of paint job will benefit your home the most and make it stand out from other homes that are on the market.

Exterior Painting Shows Potential Buyers You Have Maintained the Property

First appearances count … and you better believe potential buyers will judge a book by its cover. Curb appeal can invite potential buyers or it can turn them off so that they will have already decided not to put in an offer before they walk through the front door. A new coat of exterior paint can make all the difference!

Best Kitchen Wall Colors & Cabinet Stains for Home Resale Value

One of the most important areas of a home to potential buyers is the kitchen. If they don’t like the kitchen, chances are they will not put an offer in on the home. If your kitchen hasn’t had a makeover in a while then you may want to consider new paint. Replacing appliances and knocking out cabinets can get very expensive, but new paint is very affordable. If your kitchen cabinets are in good shape, you can even repaint those. A new bright color on the kitchen walls can make a world of difference and really catch the eye of the next potential buyer.

New Interior Painting in Neutral Colors Gives Potential Buyers a Clean Slate

A home shows much better when it has been freshly painted with a nice easy neutral paint color. By repainting the inside of your home, every room, every area the same neutral color, you are giving the potential buyer a clean slate to work with while at the same time clearing out your personality. Potential buyers find it difficult to fall in love with a home that has bright purple paint in one room and Star Wars wall paper in another. Take the time to make all rooms look the same with a fresh new coat of neutral paint from McKay’s Painting.

Touch Up Interior & Exterior Wall Paint

Another great way to improve the look of your home and prepare it to be put on the market is to touch up any scuffs or damage to your home’s wall paint or trim. Baseboards can become easily scuffed with dark marks and streaks that are hard to scrub off. Touching up these areas will make a big difference in the overall look of your home. Bedroom doors are another area that will greatly benefit from some touch up paint or an fresh new coat of paint on the entire door. Closely inspect corners in the hallway, bathroom walls and other areas that could benefit from touch up paint.

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If you are ready to give your home the face lift it needs before listing it on the market this fall, contact McKay’s Painting today.